Ultimaker 3 - Source Graphics

Ultimaker 3 - Source Graphics
Ultimaker 3
Ultimaker 3
accuracy and
Achieve astonishingly complex geometries and intricate
designs with the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended.
With a fully integrated system of hardware, software and
materials, it’s the most reliable, innovative dual-extrusion
3D printer on the market. Additive manufacturing has
never been more accessible.
Dual extrusion with water-soluble support
– for complete design freedom
Material-matching swappable print cores
– for higher uptime, faster changeovers
Enjoy more design freedom than ever before, with the
most reliable dual-extrusion system available. Create
intricate mechanical parts with water-soluble support
materials, and quality prints with a unique automatic
nozzle lifting system. With the Ultimaker 3, you can print
with a huge range of materials: Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE,
and PVA – with more to come.
The Ultimaker 3 is designed for speedy changeovers,
increased uptime, and consistent, high-quality results.
Swap print cores in seconds and quickly switch between
different material combinations for a more time-efficient
workflow. The custom inner nozzle geometry per material
type means more reliable 3D printing experience.
Live camera and WI-FI connectivity
– for remote 3D printing and control
Integrated 3D printing solution
– for unmatched 3D printing experience
Send prints quickly and easily to your Ultimaker 3
via Wi-Fi, LAN or our Ultimaker 3 app, then monitor
progress via the live camera. Integrated Wi-Fi lets
multiple users control and monitor prints, and LAN
and USB connection ensures uninterrupted printing
around the clock.
The Ultimaker 3 features a cohesive system, seamlessly
blending hardware, software, and materials. This improves
the workflow efficiency and print quality. The NFC scanner
lets the printer know which materials are loaded. Via the
network, Cura is aware of the print cores and materials
being used, and since Cura comes with optimized printing
profiles for each combination, it delivers impressive
results with minimal hassle.
Learn more at ultimaker.com
Engineered for
setup and reliability
Active leveling
Dual geared feeders
The print head’s capacitive sensor measures distances
between the nozzle and the build plate, then the tilt
angle is compensated by adjusting the z height in the
first layers. This ensures improved build plate adhesion
and reliable remote 3D printing experience.
Geared feeders mean more force on the filament, and no
heat exposure from the motors. Change materials easily,
then choose the correct pressure in an instant, using
the lever to manually insert or remove a filament. This
improved control means more reliable, successful results.
Heated glass plate
Powerful print head cooling system
Ultimaker 3’s build plate is stiffer and lighter, reducing
vibrations and resulting in a better-quality print. The
glass plate is removable for easy print access, and it’s
also heated, which means you can print with a wider
range of materials.
Ultimaker’s triple fan system, with two new radial fans
and fan shrouds, creates more pressure and better
airflow. The result? Efficient cooling, higher-quality
bridging, smoother surfaces and faster print runs.
Automatic nozzle lifting system
Ultimaker 3’s unique auto-nozzle lifting system ensures a
smooth, professional finish with every print.
dual extrusion with
Ultimaker 3
print cores
Achieve high-quality results – quickly and easily.
Boost print performance and printer uptime with
material-matching, swappable print cores. Our
reliable build / support material combinations
allow for greater design freedom, not to mention
visually striking dual-color printing.
Material-matching. Customized nozzle geometry
means superior results, whether it’s engineering
build material or water-soluble support.
Accurate temperature reading. Accurate automatic
temperature readings ensure the perfect temperature
for an even better print quality.
Quick-to-change. Quickly swap print cores and switch
between different material combinations for a more
time-efficient workflow.
Reliable and strong. Better 3D printing results,
with new silicone cover to protect the extruder.
Wide range of materials. Choose from a huge
selection of materials: Nylon, ABS, PVA, PLA and CPE;
with CPE+, PC, and TPU 95A coming soon.
Learn more at ultimaker.com
Cohesive 3D printing
solution for superior
3D printing experience
Ultimaker 3’s integrated system of hardware, software and materials
is designed to ensure unrivaled quality. Our open source slicing
software (Cura) features extensively tested preconfigured profiles,
automatically adjusting the settings for your materials and print
cores. It also recognizes the print core used, ensuring easier setup
and smoother, quicker print results.
Optimized Cura profiles
EEPROM print core chip
Cura features a number of thoroughly-tested,
preconfigured material profiles. It automatically
recognizes the material used, making the necessary
setting adjustments to ensure a consistent,
high-quality print.
The print core’s EEPROM chip memorizes the size and
type of your nozzle, alerting you in the event of misuse.
This means less errors and greater printing success.
NFC material scanner
The Ultimaker 3 detects and identifies your chosen
material, then checks the corresponding filament
and print core type being used. This ensures your
printer is primed and ready for action.
Remote 3D printing
and control
Ultimaker 3 app
Better controls and connectivity
The Ultimaker 3 app for iOS and Android lets
you commence printing and monitor your prints
via your smartphone or tablet. The integrated
camera makes print monitoring simple, and our
online slicing service means models can be
sliced with ease.
Connect to your local Ultimaker 3 printer
Create prints with profiles for Nylon, PLA,
ABS, CPE, PVA and more
Slice models with our online slicing service
Monitor progress via your printer’s integrated
Remotely control your Ultimaker 3 via your
phone or tablet
Print without network connection using a
USB stick (16GB included).
Send your print project quickly and easily to your
Ultimaker 3 by connecting to your Ultimaker 3
Wi-Fi or via LAN.
Monitor your 3D print through the live camera
and enjoy more accountability and control than
ever before.
Learn more at ultimaker.com
With the Ultimaker 3, you can choose from a huge range
of materials. For advanced dual-color printing, simply
combine two build materials, or achieve astonishing
complexity with build / water-soluble support material
combinations (such as Nylon and PVA or PLA and PVA).
Through a seamless blend of hardware, software, and
materials, you can enjoy remarkable results, and a
simpler, more enjoyable printing experience. Our open
filament system makes it possible to test existing or
custom-formulated materials with ease.
Ultimaker materials
Ultimaker 3’s wide range of materials include PLA,
Nylon, CPE, ABS and PVA. In the future, this will be
extended to include CPE+, PC, TPU 95A, and other
materials. Achieve unrivaled complexity with build
and water-soluble support material combinations,
or create dual-color prints with two build materials
of your choice.
Auto-material recognition
Your printer’s NFC scanner identifies the Ultimaker
material being used, then Cura auto-optimizes the
settings based on the filament and print core.
Open filament system
Ultimaker doesn’t recognize limits. As a result,
the Ultimaker 3 features an open filament system,
letting you print with any material type. This allows
for greater innovation to help you develop custom
solutions to meet your requirements.
Water-soluble PVA:
Ultimaker 3’s dual-extrusion system is the most reliable
on the market. Create intricate geometries and complex
designs, then simply remove the supports by resting the
print in water. It’s custom-made for detailed structures
and complex mechanical parts.
Ultimaker’s PVA is fully water-soluble, making it ideal
as a support material for even the most complex Nylon /
PLA models. If you need support for deep internal
cavities, large overhangs or complex geometries, it
performs to perfection.
Learn more at ultimaker.com
Select the
perfect build
All Ultimaker materials have been specially selected to deliver top
quality prints. The preconfigured Cura profiles ensure optimal
material print settings, intuitively identifying which print core and
material you’re using.
Nylon (polyamide) is a fantastic all-rounder. It offers a
high strength-to-weight ratio, plus excellent durability and
low friction. Handling up to 176˚F, it’s a great choice for
functional prototypes, end-use products, and tools.
ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) can withstand
temperatures of up to 185˚F. It has great mechanical
properties, making it suitable for complex end-use
products and functional prototypes.
Optimized for Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 2+ series
Optimized for Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 2+ series
PLA (polylactic acid) features good tensile strength
and surface quality, which makes it ideal for creating
high-resolution parts and prototypes that require
aesthetic detail.
CPE (co-polyester) is chemical-resistant and offers great
dimensional stability, tensile and flexural strength, and
it can handle temperatures up to 158°F. Choose CPE for
functional prototypes and mechanical parts.
Optimized for Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 2+, and
Ultimaker 2 series
Optimized for Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 2+ series
Flexible, strong, corrosion-resistant
Safe and fast to print
Durable and tough
Chemical-resistant and tough
10 — 11
Even more
With exceptional toughness, CPE+ is the preferred choice
for both functional prototypes and mechanical parts, and
it features a temperature resistance of up to 212°F.
With PC (polycarbonate), you can print strong and tough
parts that retain dimensional stability when subjected to
temperatures as high as 230°F.
Optimized for Ultimaker 2+ series, to be optimized for
Ultimaker 3 series soon
Optimized for Ultimaker 2+ series, to be optimized for
Ultimaker 3 series soon
Heat-resistant and tough
Strong, tough, and heat-resistant
Semi-flexible and resistant to wear and tear
Ultimaker’s TPU is durable, resistant to chemicals,
and semi-flexible. It boasts a Shore-A hardness of 95
and an elongation of as much as 580% at break.
It can handle up to 212°F.
Optimized for Ultimaker 2+ series, to be optimized for
Ultimaker 3 series soon
Learn more at ultimaker.com
Ultimaker’s free, open source slicing software is renowned
for producing impressive results. Cura’s extensively
tested preconfigured profiles auto-adjust settings for each
material and print core, ensuring great print success. The
open, flexible system lets you customize values, creating
a 3D printing experience that’s tailored to your needs.
Optimized profiles. The optimized Cura profiles,
plus dual-extrusion printing mean a more seamless,
hassle-free printing experience.
Powerful settings. You can print multiple objects
(each with different settings) and achieve better
printing results, with over 200 settings in total.
Free open source software. Open source technology
means the worldwide community can contribute
features and improvements for other users.
Customize with ease. Adjust print settings to suit
your model, test the latest developments and save
personalized printing profiles.
Dual-extrusion 3D printing. Cura’s optimized profiles
intuitively adjust settings for each material and
print core. Ultimaker 3’s integrated system means a
smoother user experience and improved 3D printing.
12 — 13
Our dedicated
– your global
support team
Ultimaker places quality at the heart of our company. As a
result, all our 3D printers and software come with lifetime
technical support and customer service – wherever you are,
and whenever you need it.
We select, train, and certify our service partners carefully,
ensuring they have the right industry expertise and
knowledge to provide you with the right level of support.
You can be sure, whenever you get in contact, you’ll be
talking to someone with the credentials to help you, in
your own language and time zone.
We care. Your Ultimaker experience matters,
and we’re dedicated to ensuring it’s a great one.
We train. Every Ultimaker service partner is fully
trained and certified, without exception.
We collaborate. Ultimaker work closely with all
partners, focusing on improving and perfecting
our services.
We educate. We constantly update our already
extensive knowledge base with useful print
resources, handy tips and informative guides.
Professional help in your time zone and language
Spare parts and materials always in stock
Local warranty ensuring you’re well protected
Learn more at ultimaker.com
You don’t have to take our word for it …
Global 3D printing
“That is not the only smart feature either, since the
Ultimaker 3 includes automatic bed-leveling, for helping
to prevent and correct any printing mistakes which might
occur along the way. The 3D printer additionally has the
ability to automatically detect the print material you chose
and adjust its settings to fit.”
“…the printer is capable of delivering a wider range of
models made with industrial-grade materials (including
dissolvable material). The impact: users can think
differently and bigger about their designs when using
the Ultimaker 3. They have the freedom to make their
model as complex as they’d like.”
Luke Dormehl
Daniel O’Connor
“The Ultimaker 3 is a class act — a very solid 3D printer
that can produce excellent-quality 3D prints. It’s also
easy to set up and print with, supports a lot of materials
and has flexible, easy-to-use software. New features,
such as the dual material support and camera for
monitoring prints in progress, are welcome additions
that increase the usability of the printer.”
“To be more attractive and valuable to people like
engineers and designers, the Ultimaker 3 is both more
powerful and automated than its predecessors, with the
idea that a user can upload a design, click print and pick
up a finished part without any issue.”
Michael Molitch-Hou
Richard Baguley
“The guts of the machine have been upgraded …
bringing advanced geometric printing capabilities
and a print bed that actively levels itself to help avoid
common print errors.”
Brian Heater
14 — 15
Ultimaker 3
Ultimaker 3’s integrated system of hardware, software, and
materials ensures a smooth, straightforward workflow,
not to mention unparalleled results. The innovative
dual-core print head features print cores for build and
support materials, and the auto-nozzle lift system results
in reliable, intricate dual-extrusion prints.
Printer and printing
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Print head
Dual-extrusion print head with a unique auto-nozzle
lifting system and swappable print cores
Build volume
Ultimaker 3
Ultimaker 3 Extended
215 x 215 x 200 mm
215 x 215 x 300 mm
(8.5 x 8.5 x 7.9 inches)
(8.5 x 8.5 x 11.8 inches)
(left or right nozzle)
(left or right nozzle)
197 x 215 x 200 mm
197 x 215 x 300 mm
(7.8 x 8.5 x 7.9 inches)
(7.8 x 8.5 x 11.8 inches)
(dual extrusion)
(dual extrusion)
Filament diameter
2.85 mm
Layer resolution
0.4 mm nozzle: 20 - 200 micron
XYZ resolution
12.5, 12.5, 2.5 micron
Print head travel speed
30 - 300 mm/s
Build speed
0.40 nozzle: up to 16 mm³/s
Build plate
Heated glass build plate
Build plate temperature
68ºF - 212ºF
Build plate leveling
Active leveling
Supported materials
Optimized for: Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE, PVA
Future optimizations: CPE+, PC, TPU 95A
Physical dimensions
Power requirements
Nozzle diameter
0.4 mm, 0.8 mm to be introduced soon
Nozzle temperature
356ºF - 536ºF
Nozzle heat up time
< 2 min
Build plate heat up time
< 4 min (68ºF - 140ºF)
Operating sound
50 dBA
Material recognition
Material recognition with NFC scanner
Wi-Fi, LAN, USB port
Live camera
342 x 380 x 389 mm
342 x 380 x 489 mm
(13.5 x 15.0 x 15.3 inches)
(13.5 x 15.0 x 19.3 inches)
Dimensions (with bowden
342 x 505 x 588 mm
342 x 505 x 688 mm
tube and spool holder)
(13.5 x 19.9 x 23.1 inches)
(13.5 x 19.9 x 27.1 inches)
Nett weight
23.4 lbs
24.9 lbs
Shipping weight
34.2 lbs
37.0 lbs
Shipping box dimensions
390 x 400 x 565 mm
390 x 400 x 680 mm
(15.4 x 15.7 x 22.2 inches)
(15.4 x 15.7 x 26.8 inches)
100 - 240V
4A, 50-60Hz
221 W max.
Ambient conditions
24 V DC, 9.2 A
Operating ambient temperature
59ºF - 89.6ºF, 10 - 90% RH non condensing
See material specifications for optimal conditions
Nonoperating temperature
0 - 89.6ºF
Supplied software
Cura, our free print preparation software
Supported OS
macOS, Windows and Linux
File types
STL, OBJ and 3MF
1530 North Harmony Circle
Anaheim, CA 92807
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