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And there are some unexpected surprises such as
realising, as your child hits their teenage years, that you
already know their friends and their friends’ parents.
You can feel confident when your children spend time
with a friend’s family, safe in the knowledge that they
are with people who generally share similar values to
your own.
There are, too, the many times when parents are
contributing together, and an informal chat about a
particular issue with their child can result in helpful
support and wisdom from other parents who have
experienced similar things themselves and survived.
Or there are the times when parents leave the
College and realise that their close friends are those
people they met while making sandwiches together,
digging a garden bed together, planning a Ball together
or one of the myriad other ways in which parents meet
at Overnewton.
The expectation of family commitment and parental
involvement is central to who we are as a community.
We believe the emphasis on the important role of
family in our community is essential for the future
wellbeing of our students and, indeed, our country.
Nevertheless, the College is well aware that giving
time to a school is demanding on parents and families.
Therefore, revisiting the family contribution scheme to
ensure that it is meeting the needs of both the College
and its families will be a priority in the next year.
Jim Laussen, Principal
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