Guitar Tracks Pro 4 Guitar Tracks Pro 4 USB

Guitar Tracks Pro 4 Guitar Tracks Pro 4 USB
Designed for guitarists and singer-songwriters, Guitar Tracks Pro is the
recording solution that takes your music from riff to hit easier than ever.
With Guitar Tracks Pro you get much more than just recording software. You
get an amazing virtual guitar amp for inspired, arena ready tones—without
disturbing the neighbors. You also get an entire backing band of virtual
instruments—always ready to accompany you. Plus: precise editing tools to
comp the perfect solo or vocal track, a mixing Console, effects arsenal, even
burn CDs and upload your music directly to the web—all for less than a few
hours in the recording studio. Get it all in Guitar Tracks Pro.
Guitar Tracks Pro 4
Guitar Tracks Pro 4 USB
Guitar Tracks Pro includes recording software,
a virtual guitar amp, a complete backing band,
tons of effects, and more—all for less than a
couple of hours in a recording studio.
• Simple multitrack recorder interface
• Record and playback up to 32 audio
• NEW! Record and playback up to 64
virtual instrument tracks
• NEW! Track Templates help you set up
to record
• NEW! Over 2 GB of new content from
Digital Sound Factory™, Groove Monkee™,
Smart Loops™, and Sonic Reality™
• NEW! Studio Instruments Bass, Drums,
Electric Piano, and Strings—your virtual
backing band
• NEW! Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3
LE virtual amplifier
Record all your guitar ideas quickly
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 LE
Easy–to-use interface puts key features
just a mouse click away, while precise
editing tools help you tweak your tracks
to perfection. You don’t have to be a
professional recording engineer to create
your own high-quality tracks.
Great tone, right inside your PC – just
plug in your guitar and go. Access
authentic sounds, from classic country
to arena rock, and everything in between.
Guitar Rig 3 LE has all your virtual amp
needs covered.
• Create, edit, and print your own
notation and tablature
Studio Instruments: Your backing band
• Familiar mixing Console view makes
getting a great mix accessible to any user
No band? No problem. Cakewalk Studio Instruments boasts top-quality Bass, Drums,
Electric Piano, and Strings – it’s like having session players at your disposal 24/7.
• Get amazing sounds with almost every
effect imaginable: Classic Phaser,
Modfilter, Chorus/Flanger, Tempo Delay,
Bit Decimator, Studioverb, HF Exciter,
Compressor/Gate, Para-Q, and more
• NEW! Get that radio ready punch from
your final mix with Boost 11 Peak Limiter
• Add more new sounds and instruments
with tons of third party VST plug-ins
• NEW! Cakewalk Publisher and Burner
allows you to share your music with
friends, family, and fans online
• Arrange and edit music with point and
click ease
• NEW! Perfect your chops with a
collection of Guitar World instructional
videos featuring Steve Morse, Dave
Mustaine, Jimmy Herring, Paul Gilbert,
Joe Bonamassa, and others.
Also available: Guitar Tracks Pro USB
which includes Guitar Tracks Pro 4 and the
Cakewalk UA-1G USB audio interface
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