Ipad FAQ - Latin School of Chicago

Ipad FAQ - Latin School of Chicago
Q: Do I need to purchase an iPad?
All students in grades five through eight will need an iPad
dedicated for their personal use. If your child already owns
an iPad, he/she is welcome to continue using it, as long as it
meets the requirements of the program. The school requires
at least an iPad 2 because it has a camera and its processor
that can handle the applications we will be running.
If purchasing a new iPad, the school strongly recommends
getting one with at least 32GB of storage. Students must
limit their use of audio and video files on the iPad to ensure
that there is sufficient storage for classwork.
If purchasing an iPad is an excessive burden for your family,
the school has a limited number available for long-term loan.
Please contact ipads@latinschool.org for more information.
Q: Why does each student need his or her own Apple
ID/iTunes account?
Apple uses Apple ID accounts to license software. The
school will provide special “download codes” for various
pieces of required software such as Pages that must be
licensed to this account. Since the license is intended for the
student, a generic family account cannot be used. However,
since iPads support multiple Apple IDs on a single device,
you can also load apps your family has already purchased
on the device.
Students under the age of 13 are unable to sign up for their
own Apple ID. We recommend that parents setup up a new
account for their student, and hand it over to them when they
turn 13. Each Apple ID requires a unique e-mail address.
The school has documentation on how to setup an Apple ID
if you need it.
All existing middle school students already have Apple IDs
as well as and many of the apps the school plans on using.
Existing students should continue to use these accounts next
Q: Will my child need any other accounts?
Depending on the apps used in your child’s classes, you will
need to assist them in opening additional accounts, such as
a Google Play account. The school will provide information
on obtaining and setting up these accounts before the new
school year begins.
Q: What other hardware/software are required?
The school will provide licensing for required applications,
however, your child may wish to purchase other software for
special projects. You may also need to purchase e-books
and/or online textbooks.
A case that protects the iPad and wraps around all sides is
required. A keyboard is optional based on comfort with using
the on-screen keyboard. The ZAGGfolio provides a case,
stand and keyboard for $99. The school used the Griffin
Survivor ($79) case during the pilot, which did an excellent
job of protecting the iPads from damage.
AppleCare+ ($99) and/or accidental damage insurance is
strongly recommended. The school requires that Latin’s
administrative software is installed to help distribute
applications and to manage the iPad.
Q: Do I need a data plan or Wi-Fi for the iPad?
Apple offers iPad models that work on AT&T, Verizon or
Sprint’s cellular data networks. All iPads have built in Wi-Fi
and can utilize wireless networks like the one at Latin. We
strongly recommend that all families utilize a Wi-Fi network
at home. Some assignments will assume that students have
access to the Internet. If you do not have Wi-Fi at home,
many commercial establishments such as Starbucks offer
free Wi-Fi.
Q: Do I need to purchase any other accessories?
There are a variety of peripherals and accessories made for
each iPad model. The only additional item we recommend
purchasing is an iPad case and possibly an extra charger.
All other accessories (keyboards, adapters, etc) are not
required at this time.
Q: What happens if my child forgets their iPad at home?
If a loaner is available, the IT department may be able to
provide an iPad for the day. However, the iPad will not have
your child’s files on it and students may not take it home.
Loaner iPads will be available on a limited basis.
Q: Can my child charge their iPad at school?
Students are expected to bring their iPad to school fully
charged. Most classrooms are not equipped with enough
outlets for students to charge their equipment during the
school day. Students are welcome to use outlets in common
areas during breaks, but must not leave their iPad
Q: How do I keep my student safe while using their
At school, faculty and staff work to supervise technology use.
The middle school also works to regularly educate students
about Internet safety. You can learn more about how to
protect your child at http://www.commonsensemedia.org. In
addition, Latin utilizes a web content filter to limit access to
objectionable sites.
Care should be taken when deploying content filtering
software or parental controls. It is important that the software
does not block legitimate use of the iPad. Notably, Apple’s
built-in Parental Controls has blocked the Latin school
website. Students also need to be able to install apps during
the school day.
Q: What happens if the iPad is damaged/broken?
The IT department is unable to repair iPads. Broken iPads
should be taken to the Apple Store for repair. AppleCare+
covers two cases of accidental damage to iPads with a $50
Q: I have a fourth grader. When should I create their
Apple ID?
We will send Apple ID instructions and communication to
current 4th grade parents toward the end of the school year
Q: What if I have additional questions?
Please contact ipads@latinschool.org.
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