P-500Xb Brochure
50 0W ( B r i d g e d ) C l a s s -D S t e r e o Amplifier
• This high current amplifier delivers power and clarity in an efficient low-profile design with extraordinary flexibility.
Designed by an international engineering team, the P-500Xb had just two goals in mind: –– Support the highest levels of music reproduction performance
–– Create an outstanding amplifier with flexibility and power for building better-sounding systems
• The P-500Xb easily bridges two channels of amplification into a single, high-power channel, while the Performance-Calibrated
Control Panel lets you dial-in the performance of your subwoofer(s), with precision:
4. 0-180 Phase Control precisely blends sub(s) with speakers 1. Subwoofer Input optimizes high / low frequency levels
5. 0 to -9dB Power Limiter prevents overpowering your subs 2. 30 Hz Boost for max low frequency output
6. 40-160Hz Xover (Low-Pass Filter) blends sub(s) and main speakers
3. 10-50Hz Subsonic Filter controls bass extension
• The P-500Xb has additional system management controls for even better performance:
–– 3 on/off modes: manual, voltage or signal
–– Separate Full-Range and Sub Inputs to isolate signals for maximum signal integrity
–– Less than 0.5W Standby Current Draw
–– LFE Switch to bypass the low pass filter
–– Switchable 115V or 230V operation • The design team that created the P-500Xb are confident this sleek, 1 U high powerhouse will
provide the power and musicality to bring your system to life, and the control flexibility to
get the best performance from your speakers and room.
• 17.75" W x 2.2" H x 14.6" D
(450W x 55H x 370D)mm
Efficient class d design
Powerful, Yet Runs Cool
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Product Line:
Rear C ontrols
Frequency Response: 4Hz – 30kHz
Crossover Frequency Variable: 40Hz – 160Hz (+ LFE mode)
Variable Bass EQ: 0 to 9dB boost @ 30Hz
Subsonic Filter: 10-50Hz
Phase Adjustment: 0 – 180 degrees (continuously variable)
Limiter: 0 to -9dB variable
Output Power: Stereo: 2X 90W @ 8 ohms, 2X 150W @ 4 ohms
Bridged: 1X 300W @ 8 ohms / PEAK 440W, 1X 500W @ 4 ohms / PEAK 700W
Performance-Calibrated Control Panel: Subwoofer Input, Low Frequency Boost,
Subsonic Filter, Phase Control, Power Range & Crossover Frequency
Removable Rack Ears
Distortion (at 1/10 rated output power): <0.05%
AC Power Modes: Auto-Power (audio sense), 12V Trigger & Manual
Standby Power Switch with LED ring
5-way binding posts
Weight: 10.4lbs (4.7kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 21.5" W x 4.9" H x 17.1" D, (545W x 125H x 435D)mm
Shipping Weight: 13.3lbs (6kg)
The international team of home theater and custom installation experts that created the P-500Xb are confident this sleek, 1 U high amplifier will provide you with extraordinary power and clarity to bring your speakers to life, and the control flexibility to get the best performance out of your speakers and your room.
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Product Line:
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