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CBinder - MIcrophones.indd
Microphones | Installed Sound
Kit Includes:
ME 36 Capsule
MZH 3015 Gooseneck
MZT 30 XLR Receptacle
MZS 31 Shockmount
General Description
Sennheiser’s modular Installed Sound Series microphones kits for podium,
hanging, boundary layer and table stand applications facilitate all possible
installation configurations at affordable prices. At the heart of the series are
three superbly engineered capsules: the ME 34 cardioid, the ME 35 super cardioid
and the unique lobar-patterned ME 36 mini shotgun. Each capsule can interface
with three different goosenecks: the 15 cm MZH 3015 (6"), the 40 cm MZH 3040
(15.75") and the dual flex 40 cm MZH 3042 (15.75"), all designed to maintain
proper capsule placement. Each system requires 12-48 volt phantom power.
All contact points are gold plated and corrosion resistant. All components have
anti-reflective matte black surfaces.
Lobar patterned mini shotgun condenser microphone capsule.
Provides added “reach”in miking applications.
ME 36
Technical Data
Acoustic operating principle
Frequency Response Graph
Polar Pattern
MZH 3015
Ø .74"
Pressure gradient transducer/
interference tube transducer
Pick-up pattern
Frequency response
40–20,000 Hz
Sensitivity (free field, no load) @1kHz 18 mV/Pa
Electrical impedance
50 Ω
Min. terminating impedance
1 KΩ
Equivalent noise level
26 dB-A
37 dB-CCIR
Power supply
P 12–P 48
.322" x 3.78" (8.178mm x 96.01mm)
.6 oz
The MZH 3015 is a metal gooseneck for use with the ME 34, ME 35
and ME 36 microphone capsules and is 15 cm (6") in length.
It features a rugged anti-reflective matte black coating and uses
a balanced floating XLR-3 connector with standard polarity.
[75.2mm] [49.5mm]
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MZT 30
The MZT 30 is a rugged metal XLR female receptacle for panel
or chassis mounting manufacturer by Switchcraft. Its flange
has three .140" (3.57 mm) diameter holes for #5-40 mounting
screws (not supplied). Mounts from front of panel or chassis
in 0.953" (24.21 mm) diameter hole. Rugged press release tab
insures a secure fit and sound connection.
MZS 31
The MZS 31 is a quick installation shockmount for
MZH 3015(L), MZH 3040(L) and MZH 3042(L) goosenecks.
It requires a 50 mm (2") mounting hole.
1.96" [42.2mm]
Architects Specifications
The podium mic system shall be modular and facilitate integration of different polar-patterned capsules with goosenecks of varying lengths. It must
utilize a condenser transducer element operational with 48v phantom power and have a frequency response of 40 H–20,000 Hz. The transducer
must have shotgun directional characteristics, utilizing interference tube technology and also be small and streamlined, no longer than 96 mm
(3.78") with a diameter no larger than 6.6 mm (.26"). The gooseneck must also be streamlined in appearance, with a boom diameter of 8 mm (.31")
and an overall length of 15 cm (5.9"). It must also be finished with a durable anti-reflective matte black coating and have a pre-amp housed within
its XLR connector housing. The podium mic system must be mountable using either a direct to surface receptacle or via a silent shockmount system.
The system must be a Sennheiser i15-L.
Limited Product Warranty/Service
Sennheiser Electronic Corporation extends the following limited product warranty for Sennheiser products:
The warranty period for all covered Sennheiser products is two years from the date of purchase. Not covered by this warranty are accessories and other consumables;
for example, items of wear and tear, such as cables. During the warranty period, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation warrants that the Sennheiser equipment will be
free from defects in materials and workmanship used in making the product. Abnormal conditions, deliberate abuse and damage due to accidents, operator’s error, or
unauthorized service attempts are excluded from any warranty claims.
Under this warranty, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation will repair, or at its option, replace free of charge the covered defective Sennheiser product, provided it is returned
(postage paid, with proof of purchase from the original seller) to a Sennheiser Service Facility. Products should be returned in their original package, or otherwise suitably
protected to avoid shipping damage. Either product registration or a valid, dated proof of purchase is accepted to establish the warranty period. The Sennheiser Service
Department will be the sole authority to determine the validity of all warranty issues.
This Limited Product Warranty is Sennheiser Electronic Corporation’s only warranty, and the customer’s only remedy concerning Sennheiser products. All other representations and warranties, express or implied, written or oral, including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or
non-infringement, are expressly excluded. As a result, except as set forth in the previous paragraphs, the product is sold “as-is” and the customer is assuming the
entire risk as to the product’s suitability for his needs, its quality and its performance.
In no event will Sennheiser Electronic Corporation be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the product or
from its use, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.
Sennheiser Electronic Corporation • 1 Enterprise Drive • Old Lyme, CT 06371
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