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Volume 27 • Number 3 • Issue 653 • Mendocino County’s Own Real Estate Publication • September, 2013 • Published monthly
c o l l o q u i e s
the extraordinary collaborative arts of Ricia Araiza and Michael Leventhal
colloquy (plural: colloquies) A conversation or dialogue
It's rare enough to find a husband-and-wife team who can work together collaboratively in
any one medium, but long-time Coast residents Ricia Araiza and Michael Leventhal have been
sharing their passions for interior design, architecture, and art since 1995. Inside, see some
of their tandem enterprises and experiments in all three creative media —
amazing two-way conversations of trust and surpassing beauty.
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Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013
c o l l o q u i e s
the extraordinary collaborative arts of Ricia Araiza and Michael Leventhal
story by Zida Borcich
But yield who will to their separation,
My object in living is to unite
My avocation and my vocation
As my two eyes make one in sight.
Only where love and need are one,
And the work is play for mortal stakes,
Is the deed ever really done
For heaven and the future’s sakes.
—Robert Frost,
Two Tramps in Mud Time, st. 9
The first synchronization occurred in 1985,
when house-hunting architect Michael Leventhal visited a certain house he wanted to
buy in Mendocino. When he arrived for his
RIGHT: A painting of trees
that had been mowed down
in their infancy and actually
saved by Ricia and Michael.
They loved these alders,
which grew across from
their Mendocino studio, and
now this large canvas, called
Alders, of course, covers most
of one wall in their Clearlake
media room, a reminder of
their beloved coast life.
appointment, there, answering the door of the house she had bought and remodeled,
stood beautiful, sparkly-eyed interior designer Ricia Araiza. Well then…could we say
that sparks flew? We could extrapolate something like that, according to Ricia, “Yes!
It was love at first sight when I opened the door, for both of us! Even though we had
both lived in Mendocino for years, we had never seen each other before,” says Ricia,
her voice rising a half-register. She punctuates her speaking with expressive hand gestures, emphases sounding a bit like audible italics.
That instant attraction and related careers, plus a mutual avocation as painters, led
Colloquies — Continued on Page 4
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ON OUR COVER: Animal House, one of the canvases RAML will bring to their show at Glendeven Inn
Mendocino, in Little River, on September 6. Work has centered on Lake County themes.
ABOVE TOP BANNER: The couple’s home at Clearlake, which overlooks miles of lake vistas. Photo by
Ricia Araiza. ABOVE: Diptych, Clearlake Summer.
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Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013 Page 3
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Page 4 Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013
to the task instantly: he turned it 90 degrees, drew two vertical
black lines that turned it into a horizontal triptych, and…shall we
say, sparks flew? “Michael’s move changed everything about the
piece, and we had so much fun finishing the collage together. That
was in 1995…and we’ve never stopped.”
Colloquies — Continued from Page 2
to conversations about aesthetics and artistic passions. That led
to dates and lots more conversations, which led to—one year later
—a wedding.
Fast forward: this was the day of the second synchronization, the
life-changing result of Michael’s innocently asking Ricia what she
wanted to do to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary. Ricia
surprised even herself when she replied that she wanted to make
art together. Michael agreed, thinking that meant they would be
working on separate paintings, side by side. But no, actually, Ricia
meant she wanted to work on the same painting together – a novel
idea, and possibly a risky one. “We’d never painted together; we’d
never even thought of it,” Ricia says. That first time, they started working on a two-foot-by-six-foot-eight-inch vertical collage
Ricia had started and felt was going nowhere. Michael jumped
ABOVE: Tango — referring, no doubt, to the dance they did to make this triptych. They listen
and respond to music all the time while they work.
Best Deal in town!
Sunny location for this spacious, 3 bedroom,
2.5 bath, manufactured home on Georges Lane.
Landscaped yard with rhododendrons, ferns, and
various trees. This property offers privacy, large
deck, greenhouse frame, water tank, large storage
shed, paved driveway, and two-car garage with
work area. In the back, there is a large covered deck,
sitting area, sink, counters, and storage cabinets
for those evening barbecues. (24042) $269,500
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ABOVE: Michael and Ricia in the zone...Their process includes working in the same spot
at the same time, erasing one another’s last strokes, dosey-doe-ing, interrupting, twirling
the pieces upside-down or sideways. LEFT TOP: Edge of America, mixed media collage that
includes maps. Photo provided.
Art is generally considered a solitary arrangement, often accompanied by bouts of angst and moody reverie. In the case of these
two, though, making art — and designing houses — has become an
adrenaline-charged tandem ride into creative dialogues that could
not have occurred if each had stayed in his or her separate studios
— and their work together is anything but lonesome or angst-ridden. This is a marriage of dynamic possibilities that build upon each
other, inspire flights into surprising regions, amplify (and sometimes
obliterate) each one’s contributions, so the final whole amounts to
way more than the sum of its parts. In the end, nobody remembers
which stroke belonged to whom. Nobody cares. Dedication to creation trumps ego and everything that would get in its way.
Their work is influenced primarily by each other (with nods to Bay
Area painters, Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff, and David Park
in particular), and the ambient current: “Conversations — that is
what our paintings are. They are a reflection of our mood and our
experience of the moment: the music, light, birds, colors — all affect
how we respond to the canvas.” And the canvases vibrate with their
personalities and resonances — exuberant strokes, stimulating colors, unique forms, swipes with a sponge and occasional glued-on
junk. They explain: “We work in mixed media with a base of acrylic
paint, often adding collage materials, particularly recycled cardboard and found objects, finding beauty in the discarded.”
The enjoyment they experience, in both working and living together, is palpable on a video they posted on their website, ramldesign.com. It’s a peek into the intimate, intense, and very fun-filled
process they share. It looks like a dance, a ballet that is made up
of movement, color, intuition, humor, energy, and, fittingly, a lot of
Colloquies — Continued on Page 7
Real Estate Magazine May 31, 2013 Page 3
Real Estate Magazine
August 30, 2013
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In the last twelve months, MCCF has invested $125,000 in essential resources and experiences for local children so that every child on the coast knows their community cares about them.
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The money for the Children’s Fund comes primarily from donors on the North Coast and
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located in the sunbelt with plenty of
room to have a tractor size garden
or just enjoy the mature landscaping and fruit trees. There is storage and shop area in the detached
garage. MLS 23934 Listed for
panoramic views from its 12.9 acres,
is located approximately 1 mile south
of the quaint town of Elk. There is a
small comfortable studio on a slab
foundation as well as a two-story,
1,600 sq. ft., Dutch barn with living
quarters above. MLS 23281 Listed
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office, open space kitchen and living room
area, fireplace, and solariums on west
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A must-see! $695,000
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Colloquies — Continued from Page 4
Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013 Page 7
ally grabbing a shovel and digging in the dirt, swinging a hammer,
and ripping out shag carpeting and fake wall paneling themselves.
The result of their labors is a light-filled showcase overlooking vast
Clearlake for miles. Ricia’s use of mirrors, even mirrors on the outside of outbuildings, brings gorgeous lake views into every corner
of the yard, main living space and master suite: the sun rising on
the lake, sunsets on the lake, the moon shining on the lake, stars
twinkling on the lake, the lights from houses on the other shore
spangling the vista…and inside, an understated palette supports
their vivid tandem art, antique Asian or African pieces standing beside bold stripes, sleek surfaces played against intriguing textures,
and, everywhere, chic, modern touches that seamlessly, ingeniously merge in- and outside.
ABOVE: Living, playing and working together as intensely as Araiza and Leventhal do would
seem to require some rules beyond the aligned vision they share, but, Michael says, ‘There
is only one rule: The painting’s not finished till we both say it is.’ More of their paintings,
architecture and interior design can be viewed on their website: [email protected]
trust, all of which infuse the project — and their relationship — with
constantly mounting vitality and spark. In fact, the main vibration
evident when in their presence is a deep, abiding feeling of pure
happiness and fulfillment.
“Our work is about a certain sense of order and design combined
with intuition. We push and play until it starts to say something —
and then we go with it, often not knowing until much later what the
piece is saying. That is the joy of our process. It is our private language. But hopefully it is also universal.” Like a jazz improvisation,
the soul, the wildness of the solo depends on the underpinning of
the tune’s structure and trust in the other players. In the video, when
the painting is finished, they stand back, Michael’s arm draped
companionably over Ricia’s shoulder, and admire their handiwork.
“Not bad,” they agree, laughing it up, “if we do say so ourselves.”
ABOVE: Araiza and Leventhal in the light-filled kitchen of their Lake County aerie. They are
not only consummate designers and artists, but grow their own tomatoes and love to entertain, with a well deserved reputation as ‘hosts with the most.’ Michael’s gourmet cooking is
just one more place where the creativity of the two finds an outlet, to the delight of Ricia and
any guests who happen to turn up at dinnertime. Photos above and below by Zida Borcich.
The move to Lake County
Michael and Ricia decided a few years ago to expatriate from
Mendocino to Lake County to live in the second home they had
remodeled there. It was a surprising turn in their lives that has made
them happier than ever: “We’ve fallen in love with Lake County —
the beauty, warmth, and friendly people,” says Ricia. Still, they have
retained ties with children, grandchildren, and myriad friends on the
coast while establishing themselves in their new community, even
to the extent that several of their friends on the coast have bought
property nearby.
The deep connections between the couple and the coast will
bring them back to the area on September 6, ticketed for an exhibit
of recent work at Glendeven Inn Mendocino, in Little River, showing until November 1, 2013. They have been working feverishly on
paintings that reflect their newfound home, the style slightly more
representational, but still full of all the color and irrepressible energy
of previous works.
Nobody in the world could have predicted the transformation
they have accomplished on their present Lake County aerie. Before
and after photos show how they took it from frumpy to fabulous in
a few years, not merely designing and directing a crew, but actu-
ABOVE: Wall-to-wall windows in the living room showcase spectacular vistas of the lake
and the dreamy yard. The pool is salt water, kept ‘at about the temperature of amniotic
fluid.’ A hot tub nearby ensures maximum relaxation, and comfy rope swings off the deck
provide lazy-day seating for before-dinner drinks, quiet reading or kibbtzing with friends.
They looked for this house off and on for eighteen years and when they found it, they knew
it immediately and bought it that same day, despite the huge commitment it meant in terms
of the remodel. As with any makeover, going from frumpy to fabulous takes elbow grease
and a lot of moxie.
Colloquies — Continued on Page 17
Page 8 Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013
Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence While Serving the Coast Since 1963
Automatic e-mails available for new listings, price reductions and foreclosures. • To access our listings and to view all listings in the area go to www.mendorealty.com
MENDOCINO  1061 MAIN STREET 707 9375822
FORT BRAGG  690 SOUTH MAIN STREET 707 9643610
CONTEMPORARY CAPE COD — Inspired by the owner’s vision of a
Cape Cod-style home, this beautiful ocean-view, brown shingle, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath residence was built in 2004. The stunning open kitchen
features a spacious quartz-topped center island, limestone countertops,
custom cabinets, a six-burner DCS range, a Fisher & Paykel two-drawer
dishwasher, and an adjacent breakfast room that is ideal for today’s casual dining. This chef’s kitchen flows into the fireplace—warmed dining/living room with French doors that lead to a private deck. Custom cabinetry, beautiful joinery
and a spare aesthetic with great attention to detail are hallmarks of this serene home. In addition to
the upstairs family room that separates two bedrooms with ensuite baths, a master bedroom complete with a double shower, deep soaking tub, and cathedral ceiling can be found on the main level.
(23884) $1,125,000
CAFE BEAUJOLAIS — Set in a beautifully restored 1893 French Saltbox,
this highly successful restaurant is revered and loved by both visitors and
locals alike. Boasting its own wood-fired bakery on site, the property is a
wonderful mix of commercial and residential uses. The restaurant features
two different dining areas: the bustling elegant main dining room, which
can seat fifty-five, and the glass enclosed garden atrium, which overlooks
the back garden and is accessed using a separate entrance, seating twenty.
There is a one-bedroom rental and the wine cellar has plenty of room for an extensive collection. The
restaurant is surrounded by half an acre of wonderful well-established exotically planted gardens and
is located in the heart of Mendocino village. The owners are retiring and want to pass on the helm of
this landmark. Sale includes business, property, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment. $895,000 business only/$1,995,000 business and property.
VINTAGE CRAFTSMAN — Cared-for, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, Craftsman home has been in the
same family since 1947. Many upgrades over the
years with enough left for a buyer to add their own
personal touches. Great location often outside the
fog line but having the coastal influence that so
many enjoy in this community. Otis Johnson Park
is just a few doors down the street. Fantastic garden
area with a lot of potential. Enjoy the convenience
of living close to many services and living in the Craftsman-era home you have always
dreamed about. (24035) $310,000
MIXED-USE INVESTMENT — A mixed-use gem one block from the
heart of Fort Bragg and its cafés, shops, and galleries. This fully rented
building provides six renovated apartments resting on the second floor
including two with ocean views. Four well-established commercial tenants share the property and prosper with their destination businesses.
Excellent location includes a neighborhood playground, park, and public library just around the corner. (24049) $1,100,000
CHEF’S DREAM KITCHEN — Calling all chefs! This lovely home showcases a recently remodeled kitchen designed by the owner of the Café Beaujolais for his own personal use. Kitchen features include stainless appliances,
commercial-grade range, jazzy high-gloss red cabinets, and sun-filled dining
area. The bathrooms are also recently remodeled and include custom tile
work, and modern sinks and fixtures. The house is located on a quiet cul-desac with great neighbors in the sunbelt area of Fort Bragg, and the backyard
is fenced, private, and ready for a gourmet dinner on the deck! (23986) $359,000
MENDOCINO SUNBELT HOME — Entering the private driveway, past
the giant redwood groves, the tranquility of this location envelops you.
The 2 bedroom, 2 bath redwood home, lovingly built and lived in by the
same family for the past thirty-three years sits alongside a picturesque
meadow with a backdrop of more redwoods, pines, and rhodies sprinkled
throughout the property. There is a quintessential Mendocino-style watertower with full guest cottage accommodations nearby. The owners had
horses up until recently and with the large barn, training area, and arena
it could be a fine place for horses adjacent to Jackson State Forest. The
sunbelt location adds to this opportunity, close enough for coastal influence yet warm during some of
the foggiest days. Zoned for application to divide but why bother? Enjoy life. (24038) $599,000
THE OLD AND THE NEW — Walk to the village from this historic Victorian! Versatile property includes a turn-of-the-century Victorian in great
condition, a beautiful modern two-story studio/guest residence, numerous
outbuildings and decks, fruit trees and gardens, even a chicken coop...and
all just a stroll from historic Mendocino village. Loads of living space for a
very fair price! (24024) $485,000
CASPAR INN — The Caspar Inn night club has provided entertainment,
libations, and food for over a generation. Upstairs—a ten-unit “railroad” hotel, downstairs—the night club and café. Additionally, there is one residence
and a cabin. NOTE: This is a foreclosure of the Real Property. The sale does
not include business license, permits or furnishings. (23688) $975,000
PACIFIC COVE — Elegant old growth redwood gates open the way to
your beautifully landscaped oceanfront estate. Winding drive leads to
the recently remodeled home perched above the Pacific. From the home
enjoy views of the dramatic ocean, jagged cliffs, year-round waterfall,
woods, and gardens. The westerly exposure of the home is out of the
north wind and offers sunset views everyday of the year The main living
area from the natural stone fireplace on one end to the fully equipped
gourmet kitchen on the other end is finished in comfortable elegance. Old growth redwood paneling
and ceiling in the living room blends perfectly with off white marble floors. The mood blends to light
and airy in the kitchen with a drop-dead ocean view through arched windows while cooking or entertaining. Wander through the gardens to a private guest cottage. Ocean views, private deck with hot
tub, and full kitchen make this perfect for your guests to enjoy. (23726) $3,795,000
Barry Cusick, Broker Assoc. 937-4010
Cheri Osborne, Broker Assoc. 357-4414
Jim Eldridge, Realtor® 937-6070
Sarah Schoeneman, Realtor 937-1183
Johanna Hopper, Realtor® 937-1671
Ted Tanner, Broker Assoc. 813-7425
Bob Jetton, Realtor® 734-0417
Phyllis St. John, Broker Assoc. 937-5822
Art Love, Realtor® 972-6585
Greg Burke, Broker 489-7027
VIEW — Great fixer home needs TLC. This
unique house offers hilltop setting of redwood forest with a blue water ocean view. From your deck
enjoy ocean sunsets, watching the offshore fishing boats or spotting the blows of migrating gray
whales. Located in Pacific Redwoods Subdivision
with end-of-road privacy. Detached library/artist
studio is approximately 576 sq. ft. Fruit trees and
redwoods. (24026) $274,000
STARTER HOME — Nice starter home with
landscaped yard. Great weekend home for
those waiting to get to the coast. Close to
schools, nine-foot ceilings, built-ins, detached
garage, and extensive flower garden covering
the entire property. Wide oak plank flooring
in living room, stainless steel kitchen counters,
and a new roof in 2011. Redwood lap siding.
(23935) $240,000
CITY HOME — Great. 3 bedroom, 1 bath
home close to schools and aquatic center.
Bamboo flooring in living room and bedrooms, tile pavers in dining, and kitchen area.
Large backyard with workshop. Redwood
deck. (23818) $249,000
CONTEMPORARY OCEANFRONT HOME — Incredible views, spectacular sunsets, beautiful moonlit
evenings. This exclusive gated oceanfront property features an architecturally stunning contemporary home
with four bedrooms, 3.5 baths. This home is perfect for
entertaining with its open floor plan along with an outdoor barbecue kitchen area in the enclosed patio. Views
are seen from all major rooms of this spectacular home.
Large kitchen, granite tiles, game room with custom
built-in entertainment system, pool table, indoor sauna,
outdoor hot tub, vaulted ceilings, skylights, security system, and generator backup. This is a must-see home.
(23767) $1,375,000
meadow land close to ocean and beaches. 11± acres.
Property is lotted with redwood groves, pine and
cypress trees. Property is fenced and has an old
intriguing farmhouse and outbuildings. Zoning may
allow an application for the possibility of a property
split into two parcels if all county and coastal zone
requirements can be met. Or this property would
be perfect as a mini ranch or fine estate. (23042)
John Kruzic, Realtor® 357-0354 Dale Simpson, Realtor® 530-859-0964
Gary J. Roach, Realtor® 489-1136 Chuck Meissner, Realtor® 684-6388
Linda Simpson, Realtor® 813-0964 Kara Zilboorg, Realtor® 357-4279
Greg Burke, Broker 489-7027
Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013 Page 9
Pamela Hudson Real Estate
Dear Readers:
Dear Pamela: Over a three year period, you handled a difficult Mendocino real
estate transaction for me, with impeccable good taste and sensitivity,requiring
serious litigation moves in court against a tenant at will, who was trying
for many months to upset any sales transaction, with arbitrary demands
to keep for herself key fixtures, and systems in the property, and evasive answers to serious prospects, who were chilled by her behavior.
Other real estate agents could not have handled each wasted prospect visit
with the grace and maneuvering ability you brought to our work together. You
also went far beyond your normal duties to keep me informed, and ended
up as one of my most trusted advisers, when the right deal was in contract.
I have been practicing business law for clients all over the U.S. for nearly
sixty years, and never met a broker who could provide the late-stage advice
to keep a deal on track, as effectively as you did for me—providing excellent photos and online explanations, practical repair choices, and an interim
lease approach, which the buyer found reasonable, and quickly adopted.
Throughout your opinions were sharp, candid and very productive, and your
choice of co-brokers reflected your own high standing in your community for ethics and reliability. I wish that the next real estate deal I become involved in, could
arise where you were practicing your profession. I know our friendship would continue and result in an orderly transaction, good for both the buyer and the seller.
I also want to thank your key assistant Michelle McCoard, Manager/Escrow
Coordinator for her efforts throughout. I was protected each step of the way.
Warm good wishes to you and your business family, Larry Powers
PAMELAHUDSON.NET WEBSITE • [email protected] EMAIL • (707) 937-3900 OFFICE • (707) 813-0813 BROKER’S CELL
BEACH ACCESS Own your own beach and stream
flowing to the magnificent Pacific Ocean. First time
on the market and a very special opportunity. Four
plus acres on two separate parcels. Custom-built
ranch-style home Level property has abundant potential. Located just south of the Fort Bragg city limits
provides easy access to amenities, yet has ultimate
privacy. (23083) $2,400,000
BEST OF BOTH WORLDS will greet you when you
arrive at this pristine residence, newly completed in
2008. Ranch-style, single-story, spacious floor plan,
gleaming wood finishes throughout, and warm colors
with views to the ocean and neighboring horse ranch.
Second unit above the garage for guests or longer term
resident. (23605) $799,999
to the Navarro Beach…main house and guest house
on over two acres of prime view property perched
above the river as it enters the Pacific Ocean. Stand
on your deck and take in the blue and white water
to the south, the rugged coastline, and the Point
Arena Lighthouse. This is the location of a lifetime.
(23470) $1,099,000
VIRTUALLY AN OCEANFRONT location—eyepopping views from every room created by floorto-ceiling windows and Fleetwood doors, taking
advantage of this incredible private location minutes
from Mendocino. Completely remodeled in 2012 with
additional new construction added to make this
an ideal vacation home or permanent residence.
(23657) $949,999
MINUTES FROM FORT BRAGG OR MENDOCINO, yet completely private surrounded by
the beautiful Jackson State Forest. Custom-built home with second home for a rental
or guest quarters. Completely professionally landscaped. Gardens and patios, fenced
and gated entry. The interior has a beautiful relaxed environment, open floor plan and
lovely windows to the flowering trees and bushes, pond, hot tub, and fountain. The
entire upstairs is an intriguing master suite. Multiple small rooms off of the bedroom
that include luxurious bathroom, closets, exercise room, and sitting room. The second
home is approximately nine hundred square feet, with two bedrooms and one bath.
Tenant has lived there more than sixteen years and is willing to remain. (24012) $859,000
OF THE NAVARRO RIVER, Navarro Beach and the
Pacific Ocean south to the Point Arena Lighthouse
are now available. The parcels together exceed 8.5
acres and are immediately adjoining another available listing that includes an existing residence and
2.3 acres. . Quite an estate could be created at this
unique location! (23693) $565,776
SURFWOOD GEM Classic design with a welcoming single-story
floor plan, beautiful windows allowing sunshine and warmth
throughout. Nestled amongst just enough trees, level near-acre
lot, lots of space in the front and rear of this lovely home. Adjacent
to the Russian Gulch park for hiking and easy access to the ocean.
Three ample bedrooms, sumptuous master bath with door out to
the deck and hot tub. Large laundry room. Gas fireplace in the
living room for those romantic evenings. Warm wood floors. Loads
of closet space. This home is ready to live in! (23800) $637,000
WANT TO GET AWAY? Here’s the best way to do just that. A spectacular split-level
EXQUISITE seven-plus acres of oceanfront land,
located just south of the town of Elk. Sweeping
views of the rugged Mendocino coastline. Absolutely
gorgeous land with many mature trees, as well as
the original farmhouse that is currently a successful
vacation rental. Reports for the future building site
exist and are available for review. Priced to sell at
(23649) $1,099,000
ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE of Little River in this newly remodeled
1870 farmhouse and barn. Located close to fine dining, golf,
abalone diving, kayaking, beaches, and the village of Mendocino.
Viking appliances and Silestone countertops, and quiet double
insulated windows. New custom self-closing cabinets in kitchen,
new foundation, solid oak flooring, plumbing, bathroom and stone
wall, high Speed wi-fi and on-demand water heater. Barn can be
another bedroom, art studio or home office; it has sweeping views
of the fruit trees and meadow beyond. Southern exposure and a
sunny deck make for warm living all year around. Peek of the
ocean. Perfect second home or vacation rental! (23847) $495,000
RENTAL HOMES IN 2013-- ‘’Same Time Next Year” is a profitable
house, located near beaches, fishing, and all the year-round
Mendocino events. Spacious house is situated near all, yet quiet
and secluded on over an acre-and-a-half of privacy. Japanese
touches including sunken soaking tub and laminate bamboo flooring. Beautiful carpentry finishing throughout. The open floor plan
from the kitchen and living room invite warm gatherings. Three
stories high, there is plenty of privacy even with a large family;
sleeps eight easily. (23231) $499,000
HISTORIC VICTORIAN elegantly restored in the heart of
Mendocino village. Beautiful grounds with professional landscaping. Classic carriage house detached from the main house with
luxurious bedroom, office/library downstairs with doors opening
onto a private garden. Main home has large chef’s kitchen,
walk-in pantry, living room with crackling fireplace, and formal
dining room. Upstairs has two ocean-view romantic bedrooms
each with their own baths. New forced-air heating unit keeps
your Mendocino getaway warm and comfortable. Commercial
zoning affords lots of potential opportunities! (23738) $1,299,000
TRANQUILITY AND OPEN SPACE under skylights make this doublewide manufactured home in The Woods a serene sanctuary. Tile entry
opens to a large living room with ceiling fan and wood stove. Move-in
ready with plenty of storage space, two-car garage and walk-in closets.
Lush landscaping, full-size deck and fenced-in yard complete this pleasant property. Just painted. New roof put on two years ago, along with
new heater. Kitchen amenities in this delightful community include
recreational facilities, indoor swimming pool and spa, clubhouse, and
library. (23904) $155,000
LITTLE RIVER HOME located on over an acre. One
bedroom and one bath. Just the right size for a
getaway bungalow near everything that matters:
beaches, good food, festivals and the village of
Mendocino. (24018) $349,000
oceanfront residence secluded on the bluff overlooking a panoramic view of the
Pacific. A dramatic cliff-side path winds its way to the beach. In Williamson Act for
lower taxes. Organic meadows ready for organic herd to insure tax break. Sixty-plus
acres of blufftop land surround the home buffering it from the highway and neighbors.
Separate guest wing for maximum privacy. Loft observation room. Gourmet kitchen.
Owner originally created an environment for meditation and enjoyment of the ocean
and wildlife. Several graded locations overlooking the water are ready for deck areas,
including conduit that exists for bringing utilities to the bluff edge (24011) $ 1,749,000
PERFECT RETREAT! Multi-dwelling complex on 9.6 acres, with
a meadow in the redwoods, this Middle Ridge Road location includes two homes, plus two art studios and a large well-designed
shop built by guitar maker Roger Fritz. Newer addition on main
house with tile bathroom, spa on deck to distant peek of ocean.
Wi-fi. Majestic redwood trees and a large clearing for entertaining
and flowers. Pond across the street for summer swimming. Septic
design on file. Fruit trees and landscaping in, and on-demand
generator. Take long walks and enjoy the peace and quiet of
country living in the sunbelt. (23859) $595,000
RARE OPPORTUNITY now exists in Mendocino with the offering of an incredibly
OPPORTUNITY AWAITS Beautiful location. According
to Brooktrails there are twenty water hookups available. Call Brooktrails to find out the process. This land
will need a septic, as there is no sewer in the area.
New owner will need to test to see if septic will work.
Current owner has no knowledge and has not been on
the property in many years. (24037) $49,000
beautiful single-story custom home with a view of the Mendocino village. Completed
in 2006. Gracious entry with formal living and dining rooms, private conference room,
an entertainer’s kitchen with every appointment provided. Separate master bedroom
wing offers quiet and escape from the main home. Two large bedrooms and a third
room opposite of the master wing. A dream laundry room, large garage with space
for two vehicles and easy storage of a small third car or other toy. Two-zone heating
system. In-ceiling surround sound Two-plus acres with partially fenced yard. Just a
moment’s drive or hike to the beach and town! (23891) $1,780,000
FORT BRAGG COMMERCIAL building is the perfect
location for a live-work situation that offers convenience and practicality. Two large downstairs
storefront retail shops, two upstairs apartments, and
owner’s quarters that are comfortable and welcoming. This building has had many different types of
businesses in the past! Don’t miss out on this great
opportunity. (22552 ) $775,000
COMMERCIAL PROPERTY The first grocery store
after a thirty-minute drive through the redwoods on
Highway 128. Large free-standing building, upgraded
refrigeration throughout, meat department, deli
department, small gift store with fishing and diving
equipment, two gasoline pumps. Ocean view. Turnkey operation. Immediately adjacent to the local
post office and hardware store. (23164) $2,200,000
BUSINESS FOR SALE Full-service packing and shipping
company; boxes of all sizes, shipping supplies, copy and fax
service, mailbox rental, DHL, Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS, document
shredding, courier service…just to name a few of the many
services available now. Wine storage license number 14
subject to transfer approval by the ABC. Owner will train.
Please do not disturb business owner and customers
Thank you. (23821) $199,000
BROKER, DRE #01036573
MOBILE: 707.813.0813
Realtor®, DRE #01841638
MOBILE: 707.937.9999
Realtor®, DRE #01743161
MOBILE: 707.291.7159
Realtor®, DRE #01262172
MOBILE: 707.357.1801
Realtor® DRE #00958541
MOBILE: 707.591.1211
1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges
Foreclosure Sales • Legal Department
Probate Sales
Page 10 Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013
Seascape Realty
45050 Little Lake Street • P.O. Box
583, Mendocino, CA 95460
707 937-2121
Lic. #01300756
QUIET AND SERENE location for this unique oceanfront home.
Short walk to either white sand Caspar Beach, the historic Point
Cabrillo Lighthouse, or enjoy the ever-changing white water
views from your own private point. This south-facing bright and
sunny architectural gem is filled with light even on a cloudy day.
A hot tub and sauna add to that relaxing feeling. High-speed
cable helps you keep in touch with the rest of the world. Enjoy
the sunsets along with the ospreys, falcons, hawks, songbirds,
and whales. This well-cared-for home shows pride of ownership.
Includes granite countertops, birdseye maple hardwood floors,
a custom staircase, gated entry, and artist studio. Mutual water
and septic for care-free utilities. Become an oceanfront homeowner on the beautiful Mendocino Coast. (23835) $1,200,000
ONE OF THE AREA’S nicest and newest subdivision. This corner
location has added privacy and is move-in ready. One-story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with large open kitchen and living area. Sitting
room, laundry room, large garage, and very nice landscaping.
Fully fenced rear yard with a nice patio area. (23914) $349,000
AMAZING ARTS AND CRAFTS oceanfront home located in the
historic Mendocino village. You will be enchanted every time you walk
through the handcrafted
entry door and into this
awe-inspiring sanctuary.
From the expansive great
room with soaring vaulted vertical grained fir ceilings, two grand
stone and clinker-brick masonry fireplaces, thick Brazilian
cherry hardwood floors, and a gorgeous and roomy chef’s kitchen
to the spacious and relaxing master suite featuring an ocean
view breakfast nook, gas fireplace surround, one-and-a-half
baths, a separate vanity/dressing room, steam shower, and
much more, this home is all about beauty and comfort. Savor
your trip up the Craftsman-designed grand staircase while taking in the white water views, or take the elevator if you prefer.
(23880) $3,700,000
PASS THROUGH THE GARDEN GATE, under an arbor covered
with wisterias and encounter
the beautiful and professionally designed grounds that
hold an impressive collection
of mature shrubs. Spring time
blazes with color from countless rhododendrons. Enter
this quality, custom-built
home through a light-filled south-facing solarium. A large living
room features a fireplace, vaulted open-beam ceilings, and large
windows that let in views of the gardens and forest beyond. A formal dining room is next to the cheerful kitchen. Hardwood and
tile floors. Spacious master bed suite. Everything is conveniently
located in a single-story floor plan. Surrounded by natural beauty
and located adjacent to a golf course, this home is conveniently
located close to great restaurants. (24023) $599,000
UNEXPECTED JOB OFFER necessitates seller to part with
nearly new dream home
in desired Middle Ridge
location. Let their loss be
your golden opportunity
— enjoy sweeping canyon
and partial ocean views and
memorable sunsets. This
highly-customized factory-built home has details too numerous
to mention: spacious open floor plan maximizing view, hardwood
and Italian tile floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and solid wood cabinetry. Elegant master bath features
large soaking tub and Indian limestone floor. Energy-efficient
gas furnace and newer Jotul woodstove. Extended eaves and
custom-milled cypress decking. Property has gated driveway
and lots of privacy. This home is a must-see! (24041) $435,000
Fort Bragg Realty
THIS DELIGHTFUL property has so much. A spacious threebedroom home with an attached four-car garage plus a fully
separate one-bedroom apartment over another two-car garage.
The main house has hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, and good
natural light. A comfortable and open floor plan includes living
room, large kitchen, and dining room/great room. Upstairs are
three bedrooms, an office, large laundry room and huge bathrooms. The master suite includes a balcony facing the morning
sun, a wet bar and a bathroom with spa tub, and double granite
shower. Next door with its own address is a very well-appointed
one-bedroom apartment with large bathroom and generous
kitchen and living space. A wrap-around deck makes outdoor
living comfortable here. (24010) $750,000
FABULOUS REDWOOD home updated with gorgeous granite
countertops, Travertine floors, and custom cherrywood cabinets
built by Ron Vanassan. Enjoy the sunset from your ocean-view
deck or snuggle up to one of the two grand fireplaces. Your
horses will also love this property. They will find a 80 ft. x 150
ft. all-weather engineered arena, wood-fenced pastures, a 60 ft.
x 60 ft. covered arena, four-stall shed row barn with tack room,
rubber mats in the stalls, Nelson heated automatic waters, wash
rack with hot water, and more. The barn stalls open up to the
fenced pasture. You can ride forever from this rare private horse
facility. Keep an eye on the horses from your deck while watching
the whales. Perfect for residence or retreat. (23832) $665,000
809 North Main Street,
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
707 964-2121
Lic. #01300755
UNOBSTRUCTED and fantastic white water ocean views
from this well-landscaped, 3 bedroom,
2+ bath home just
south of Fort Bragg.
One of those few
hidden areas with
little traffic on this
street. Now used as
a vacation rental,
this home has it all! Solar design aids in heat, and the
solarium views can not be missed! Heather hedges and
some very beautiful landscaping make this a must-see.
Whale watching is easy from your many ocean view locations for this home. Well-designed floor plan. Also there is
an attached garage large enough for your RV, shop, and lots
of storage, too. (23795) $799,000
THIS UNIQUE STUNNING 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, Craftsman
home is on a 125
ft. X 150 ft. lot.
Beautifully landscaped yard. Large
living room with
large fireplace,
large dining room,
kitchen with an
eating area and
pantry. Bedrooms are large, so room for all your furnishing. One bedroom is being used as an office. Many built in
bookcases, drawers plus corner cabinets in the dining room.
There is a guest room upstairs. Patio. You can take your walk
every morning in the beauty of your own yard. Two furnaces,
Bosch system. Roof was done approximately fifteen years
ago with a forty-year roof. Recent exterior paint. Newer
plumbing, electrical. The upstairs has not been finished.
Sixty percent redwood original hardwood floors upstairs.
This area could be finished off as more living space that
could add approximately 1,500± sq. ft. (24000) $750,000
SUNNY LOCATION for this spacious, 3 bedroom, 2 bath,
manufactured home on Georges Lane. Landscaped yard with
rhododendrons, ferns and various trees. This property offers
privacy, large deck, greenhouse frame, water tank, large storage
shed, paved driveway, and two-car garage with work area. In the
back there is a large covered deck, sitting area, sink, counters,
and storage cabinets for those evening barbecues. This property
is a delight! (24042) $269,500
GREAT SOUTHERN EXPOSURE surrounded by beautiful, majestic redwood trees. This is
a 3 bedroom, 2 bath
home with two-car
detached garage
with room for a
workshop. This
home has vaulted
ceilings in the living room with a
wall of windows
facing south. Nice
deck off of living
room. Deck wraps
around to the backdoor. Fireplace
with a wood insert. Two bedrooms on the main floor with
the master bedroom upstairs with an open loft area adjoining which could be used for den, office or master suite. There
is one bath downstairs and the master bath upstairs. The
views out of this home to the forest are beautiful. Great
location in the country, but close to Fort Bragg. Privacy. Oil
forced-air heating system. (24029) $309,000
THIS BEAUTIFUL HOME sits on 4.4 acres on a ridge with
great forest views. Built in 2006, this 2,600 sq ft. home has two
bedrooms, three baths, stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings, and a
loft that overlooks the living area below. Granite countertops
throughout, top-of-the-line appliances, and 2.5-car detached
garage. A fantastic home for a good price! (23518) $499,000
COMPLETE PRIVACY and spectacular views from this
ridgetop home with newer, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, second
unit. 26.88 acres with two separate parcels and RR1 zoning. Over a quarter mile of beautiful Noyo River frontage
with easy access and gorgeous meadows. South-facing
property in the sunbelt with a short, straight drive to
town. Older cabin near river with electric, water and
septic (condition unknown). Lots of redwoods. Did I say
private? (23475) $999,000
FAMILY HOME for many years. Safe area with 2.5 acres
to enjoy. Make your own family memories here. End-ofroad privacy in a convenient location between Mendocino
and Fort Bragg. Big deck and backyard for entertaining or
hanging out. Downstairs room for kids or guests. Newer
roof and paint. Relax in your hot tub while you watch
your kids romp in the backyard. Nice garden area with
room for expansion. (24050) $439,000
CLASSIC, WELL-MAINTAINED city home located at the end
of a quiet lane in north Fort Bragg. This comfortable threebedroom home has much to offer. Naturally bright and cheery
with corner windows in several of the rooms. A propane fireplace
in the living room adds warm ambiance to those chilly, foggy evenings. Private landscaped backyard with a detached studio with
a wood stove to keep cozy while you work. Full attached guest
unit converted from a garage. This property also has a detached
two-car garage. This home is a must-see! (24013) $389,000
CHARMINGLY RESTORED saltbox classic with sweeping ocean views.
Nice-sized backyard set at the
base of gentle
foothills. Home
feels old and
vintage but has
dual-glazed windows, forced-air
heat, and perimeter foundation. Roof is only about sixteen
years old. Westport is a small coastal community located
about a half hour from Fort Bragg. (24052) $419,500
CUSTOM-BUILT home with beautiful and immaculate
interior, vaulted ceilings, plentiful mature redwoods,
and forest atmosphere. Water treatment system on well
and holding tank, shop building, and detached storage
shed/workshop, garage. Heavily insulated and storage
and walking space under home and furnace for central
heat located under home. Large windows for view and
ambiance and airtight freestanding stove with gorgeous
brick work. Septic, pest and well inspections on file.
Nice pantry and laundry area with wash and dryer.
(24046) $329,500
NICE NEIGHBORHOOD, this fixer upper was two lots
and will be again soon as a Certificate of Compliance
has been approved. Good investment for buyer to live
in existing home while building on second lot or selling
separately. Hand dug well could be used for irrigation.
(24053) $185,000
From Westport to Gualala • We have Century 21 Agents living and working in Westport, Fort Bragg, Caspar, Mendocino, Albion, Elk, Manchester and Anderson Valley/Boonville.
With the ability to serve you with all of your Real Estate needs! Come in to either of our offices and see our 62 residential, 4 mobile in park, 31 land, and 9 commercial listings. • E-mail: [email protected]
® and ™ trademarks of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation. Equal Housing Opportunity.
Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013 Page 11
Gale Beauchamp Realty 345 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, California 95437
Telephone: 707 964-5532
Gale Beauchamp, Broker [email protected]
Ron Eich, Broker Assocate, [email protected]
Carol Ann Walton, REALTOR®, [email protected]
Maureen Petersen, REALTOR®, 272-0748 [email protected]
The focus here is the hub of
Noyo Harbor and our beautiful bridge as river meets
ocean. The protected and
natural setting for this acre
parcel amongst redwoods
and fine homes offers endless entertainment. Watch
the fleet, the seasons, amazing sunsets and the annual
fireworks from this rare and
exceptional spot along the
coastline. So close to conveniences, too. (23940) $297,000
In the heart of beautiful northeast Fort Bragg, this delightful
home has great appeal. A 3 bedroom, 2 bath with ranch/cottage-style exterior and a warm
interior with oak plank floors
throughout and a charming mix
of wood in the living and dining rooms. The brick fireplace is
uniquely large and there is an indoor kitchen barbecue as well. The mature surrounding yard is beautifully maintained and features a sunny patio and generous
fenced side yard. There is an attached double garage with quarter bath. Old world
charm in living areas and classic feel in bedrooms. (24027) $416,000
At “The Woods” in Little
River: Lovely private setting at west side of park.
Backs up to forest with
wild rhododendrons,
huckleberries, and big
trees. Nice sunny decks
off front and back. Large
storage room at rear of
garage. Double-pane
windows, pantry, china
closet, and large master
bath tub. On-demand generator and other extras add to the comfort of this
home. A great setting with lots of sunshine and beauty (24001) $155,000
The ideal home for enjoying
the finer things—wonderful, light and open living
and dining rooms are adjacent to the perfect entertainer’s kitchen and all
overlook lovely landscaped
grounds. Private rear gardens frame the patios,
greenhouse, and the gorgeous, 516 sq. ft. studio with
vaulted, skylit ceiling, fireplace, and bath. Set back off a cul-de-sac in a natural
setting, the home has two bedrooms, two skylit, tile baths and a charming office
(that was a bedroom) with oak floor and French doors to the garden. Tasteful
and impeccably maintained, this home is a delight with a 720 sq. ft. attached
garage. (23918) $778,000
This ten-acre Cleone property has
a well-built 1,900 sq.ft. classic fifties ranch-style home and borders
Mill Creek and state-owned land.
Excluded from the coastal zone,
there is division potential for this
rich parcel as well as being the perfect equestrian property. Ride up
Ten Mile Beach or walk down to
MacKerricher Park to enjoy the
coast. Built for entertaining with a
large living room with flagstone fireplace and adjacent bar that open to a full
length sundeck with benches and arbor. Double garage plus carport, lots of
parking and storage in this well placed home. (23868) $599,000
Great room style home with
large open living area adjacent to kitchen and separating the master bedroom
from the other two bedrooms. Warm wood flooring,
abundant granite countertops in large kitchen and
vaulted ceiling are the main
features of this newer and
stylish home. Welcoming
front porch and rear deck
for outdoor pleasure. Nice,
sunny east Fort Bragg location. (23924) $400,000
For a photo album of these and all our residential, land & commercial listings, please see www.gbrealty.com Page 12
Real Estate Magazine
August 30, 2013
New work
open daily 8 – 8
ricia Araiza + Michael Leventhal
sep teMber 6 — N oveM b er 1
g L e N d e v e N w i Ne b A r [N]
HigHwAy oNe | LittLe river
Hearts and Hands at Cider Creek in Albion
Sea Cottage Real Estate
SINCE 1975
RED CHURCH with the
BRE# 01261496
uintessential 5
bedroom, 2 bath
farmhouse (built 1860-1880)
on 5+ beautiful acres, with
mature landscaping and
fenced gardens, heirloom
orchards and a creek.
Also includes a 2 bedroom,
1 bath cottage, a large
residential barn containing
1 apartment, sauna house,
and storage/outbuildings.
Call: 707-937-3223
$895,000 (MLS # 24051)
David Coddington, owner/broker—BigRiverRealEstate.com
45015 Ukiah Street
10483 Lansing Street P.O. Box 762
Mendocino, CA 95460 800-942-6300
937. 5345
Leaders in Real Estate ... Leaders in the Community!
Beautiful Ocean View Vacation Rental
Quiet and Peaceful on 5 Acres Near Town
Beautiful bright and comfortable four bedroom home has been a very successful
vacation rental. Great blue and white water
ocean views can be seen from every room.
Two-story house, nice and bright cedar
home on 5+ acres, just two short miles to
Mendocino. Master bedroom/bath on second floor. Nice deck and hot tub. Separate
guest cottage.
Walk to the Village
Oceanfront Lot
Mixed construction near the Mendocino
village. OWNER WILL CARRY!! Main structure is an expanded mobile home. Includes
apartment extension near the carport. On
about 0.81 acres.
Oceanfront lot with some of coast’s most
amazing views. The owner created house
plans for a two-story, 2 bedroom, 2 bath
home home.
Three Contiguous Parcels
$199,000 Each or All Three for $550,000
3 contiguous parcels, of 3.5, 2.2 and 2.1
acres. Wooded with some lovely, millable
redwoods. Existing well on the west parcel. Each parcel is priced at $199,000 or all
three available at a total of $550,000.
Vacation Rentals
Sweet Home with Room to Grow
Luxurious Homes & suites
— Romantic Getaways —
on the beautiful Mendocino Coast
This 2,800 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home,
set on one acre has a bonus area which
can double as guest quarters or home office with its own bath and private entrance.
Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013 Page 13
Kids Corner
Ananse Village is proud to offer the finest traditional crafts produced in a fair trade environment.
A portion of our profits helps provide medical care
and educational opportunities to the communities
we work with.
17800 North Highway One
Fort Bragg
Be seen in all the right places!
Real Estate Magazine
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102,000 readers a year. Our readers are your customers: home owners
and buyers, realtors, business people. Both locals and visitors love the
cover stories and discovering what’s moving in Mendocino County.
| call for rates and info: 707.9 6 4 .1318
Office: 707 964-0865
Mobile: 707 357-0865
Fax: 707 964-0860
[email protected]
DRE #01341814
in desirable Mendocino. This house is brand new, and awaiting the
discerning purchaser. If you have ever thought of building your dream
home on the Mendocino Coast, look no further. The details thoughout this
build would be difficult to replicate and require your careful review. Upon
arriving you will find a beautiful cedar clad home with premium Jeld-Wen
windows and IPE Decking. Enter the house and you will be immediately
impresseed by the soaring 14 ft. ceilings and open design of the living,
kitchen, and dining areas. A Rumford brick fireplace is a centerpiece, and
floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outdoors in. Radiant heating, maple
cabinets, KitchenAid appliances, fir doors and trim. Hardwood, carpet,
and tile floors. (24019) $995,000
“Land is the only thing that lasts.” — The Secret of Roan Inish
Compare Us to ANY National Lender!
Real Estate Sales • Mortgage/Trust Deeds
365 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg
Page 14 Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013
Specializing in
Short Sales
and Distressed
18300 Old Coast Highway, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 Across From The Botanical Gardens
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated
Office: (707) 964-1888 • Fax: (707) 964-8408 • Property Management: (707) 964-2841
Robert Armitage, Realtor® — Gregory Menken, Broker
Margaret Perry, Realtor® – Carol Gilmore, Realtor® – Donna Withers, Realtor®
shoreline properties
W e a r e t h e C o a s t ’s F o r e c l o s u r e E x p e r t s • C a l l A b o u t U p c o m i n g L i s t i n g s !
Pri k-ow
TIDEPOOLS, rocks and islands combine to
create mesmerizing oceanfront scenery. Open
floor plan with centrally located gas fireplace.
Updated kitchen and baths, radiant floor heat
and upstairs studio/bath underscore this masterpiece. (23790) $1,187,500
IT’S JUST A FEW STEPS from a lovely redwood park in sought-after neighborhood.
Vaulted ceilings and a huge master suite.
Bring elbow grease! (23146) $239,000
Custom-built, fully furnished, 3 bedroom,
3 bath home filled with light. Perfect for
turnkey vacation rental. This treasure is
a “must see.” (23718) $895,000
IN THE REDWOODS Twenty-foot-high
living room, inviting interior, and great
flow. End-of-road privacy, and additional
building pad for granny unit or greenhouse. (23614) $339,000
2010—excellent floor plan, his and her
custom baths. Kitchen has stainless steel
appliances. Lap pool, greenhouse, and
two garages. Seller is licensed real estate
broker. (23472) $529,000
a beautiful pond next to a redwood forest. 2.93 acres across from MacKerricher
State Park. Out of coastal zone! Sellers
may finance (23645) $204,000
view home through a custom leaded
glass door. You will be greeted with a
sunroom and ample windows and decks.
(23981) $275,000
IN THE SUNBELT Highly sought-after
Navarro Ridge property with huge garden area, lots of decks, and customdesigned art/guest studio. Privacy and
sunshine plus a year-round spring
(23615) $499,000
to town
Jug Handle Hideaway
pending lot #1
in escrow taking backups
coastal cottage
NEWLY PAINTED inside and out, this sweet,
3 bedroom, 2 bath home with big front yard
has just had over $16,000 in upgrades. Home
is on a quiet street and features a detached
garage and workshop. It’s just a short walk to
the harbor, shopping, and medical services .
(23747) $239,000
HOME perfect
Hills Ranch
for families,
carpet and
roof in make
affordable homewith
ft. desirable
x 50 ft. RV
to the
is one
up doors
for RV,
the best
deals in the Mendocino school
district. (23277) $298,500
40 ACRES OF PARADISE across from
Jug Handle State Reserve. Two dwellings and an art studio, two barns, 20+
GPM well, big pond, year-round creek,
and market garden. Owner may carry.
(22831) $930,000
Snug Harbor Estates Lots located on
Todd’s Point, close to city, shopping and
the ocean. A must-see! (23739) $127,000
(23740) $135,000 (23741) $130,000
(23742) $127,000
NEWLY REMODELED Hills Ranch townhouse. New carpet and lighting make this
a desirable and affordable home within
walking distance to the village. This is one
of the best deals in the Mendocino school
district. (23277) $298,500
CLOSE TO TOWN and shopping. Located at the very end of the road with drilled
well and septic in place. (23838) $99,500
BIG FIR AND HEMLOCK TREES frame this magnificent 1+ acre ocean view knoll
with a 5 GPM well and septic plan that will need updating. Sellers will consider
financing. (23644) $249,000
Tote Fete is an established business in the heart of Mendocino
village. With an excellent ocean
view location this business offers
excellent goodwill. It generates an
outstanding income year-round.
(23186) $175,000
THIS HIGH-VISIBILITY 3+ acre parcel is on the west side Highway 1
just south of the Mendocino Coast
Botanical Gardens. Well is in and soils
work for septic has been completed.
Owner may carry. (23690) $349,000
GREAT PRICE for these two parcels historically used for grazing land. Fenced and
level. Currently leased for cattle grazing. Year-round creek. Two wells. (24045)
SECLUDED PARCEL NEAR PARK This secluded parcel backs up to Otis Johnson
Park in an excellent part of town. Flag lot to this property is accessed on the south
side of 840 E. Laurel. (23980) $69,000
MANCHESTER OCEAN VIEW HOMESITE Beautiful ocean view homesite for your
dream home. Quiet west of Highway 1 location with remarkable long-range vistas.
(23915) $169,000
Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Foreclosure • Call Us Now For Help! • 964-1888 x 105
Real Events Calendar
Ongoing, 2013
Mondays—Weekly vigils at Mike Thompson’s
office, Franklin Street, Fort Bragg, 10:00 a.m.
6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., C.V. Starr Community Center,
300 South Lincoln Street, Fort Bragg; $6 at the door.
Mondays—Drop-in T’ai Chi Chih class for all ages
and conditions, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., Fort Bragg Senior Center, 490 North Harold Street; sliding scale fee,
Wednesdays—Drop-in T’ai Chi Chih class for all ages
and conditions, 1:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m., Fort Bragg Senior Center, 490 North Harold Street; sliding scale fee,
Wednesdays—Mendocino Figure Drawing Collective,
1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mendocino Art Center. Professional models; $12 fee. Drop-ins welcome. For more
information, call MAC Open Studios, 937-5818 ex. 10.
Thursdays—Support group for grandparents raising
grandchildren, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Safe Passage
Family Resource Center, 208 Dana Street, Fort Bragg;
964-1931 or 964-3077. With holidays, some meeting
days change.
Thursdays—Bingo; snacks and beverages provided;
7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:00 p.m.), 490 North Harold
Street; 964-0443.
Fridays—Noyo Food Forest learning garden hands-on
experiences, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Fort Bragg High
School; 964-0218.
Fridays—Swing Dancing, 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.,
Caspar Inn; Free and open to the public.
Saturdays—Noyo Food Forest community garden,
10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; grow food for the Food Bank;
Mendocino Community Garden next to the recreation
center; 964-0218.
Fourth Wednesday—The Noyo Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society meets at 6:30 p.m. from
September through April at the Fort Bragg Presbyterian Church. Short business meeting followed by a
speaker. All with an interest in rhododendrons are
encouraged to attend. More information is available at:
First Fridays—Women in Black Peace Vigil,
5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Town Hall, Fort Bragg. All are
welcome to come and stand in silence for Peace. You
are welcome to bring a candle.
First and Third Fridays—Irish Set Dance Workshops,
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., 307 East Redwood Avenue, Fort
Bragg; $5 at the door; 964-7525; social dances of rural Ireland, Irish sets are danced by four couples in
a square formation, to lively reels, jigs, polkas, slides,
and hornpipes; the figures are not difficult, though the
dance is fast-paced; musicians familiar with Irish music are invited to come and play; “drop-in” basis; newcomers always welcome, no partner necessary; please
wear clean, soft-soled shoes.
First Saturdays—SHARE (Simply Happy About Raw
Eating) network’s Raw Food Potluck, 6:00 p.m.; bring
an organic, raw vegan dish for eight people to share, a
plate, eating utensils; upstairs of the Company Store at
Living Light, Fort Bragg; 357-2030.
Second Wednesdays—Odd Fellows potluck and open
stage. Bring music, food, and poetry; 428 North Main
Street, Fort Bragg, behind PAWS; doors open by 6:00 p.m.;
961-6099 or 964-2511 on Wednesday.
Second Thursdays—Women In Business Network; conversation, new ideas, connections:
8:00 a.m., Caspar Community Center. More
information at: http://coastwibn.org/
Second Fridays—Pub Night: open mic, games, food,
conviviality, beer and wine. All ages welcome. Guest
chef. Free for the fun; fees for food and beverages. 6:30
p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Caspar Community Center; 964-4997.
Fourth Sunday—Grange Pancake Breakfasts: Inland, Little Lake Grange, 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Little
Lake Grange #670, 291 School Street, Willits; $6 for
pancakes, eggs, ham or bacon, juice, and coffee or
tea; Thanksgiving coffee and real maple syrup. Coast,
Whitesboro Grange, 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.; ham and
eggs, pancakes, juice, milk, coffee and teas (herbal
and regular), homemade berry syrup; three miles up
Navarro Ridge Road, just south of Albion village.
Fourth Sunday—Breakfast in Caspar, featuring local, organic and gourmet food, 9:00 a.m. to 11:30
a.m., Caspar Community Center, 15051 Caspar Road;
menu varies with the seasons; book sale takes place
in conjunction; call 964-4997 for more information or visit casparcommons.org for monthly menu.
2013 Mendocino County Farmers Markets
It’s time—Farmers Markets are open! Experience the
bounty of Mendocino County’s finest farmers, artisans,
and food purveyors. Get the freshest food available in
our county. WIC and EBT accepted at the markets
Fort Bragg: Wednesday, 3:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m., downtown,
Franklin and Laurel streets
Willits: Thursday, 3:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m., Willits City Park
Mendocino: Friday,12:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m., in the village,
Howard and Main streets
Boonville: Saturday, 10:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m., Boonville
Ukiah: Year-round Saturdays, 8:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.,
Alex Thomas Plaza (School and Clay streets)
Laytonville: Monday, 3:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m., Good Food
Store, Highway 101
Redwood Valley: Sunday, 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m., Lion’s
Club Park
Contact Mendocino County Farmers Market Association Angela Novak Harney, Office Manager for more
information, 964-6718.
August, 2013
Fri 08/30–Mon. 09/02
Paul Bunyan Days
Paul and babe showcase our community spirit. The festival celebrates the history of he community and pays
tribute to the strength of the people who live here. Logging show, parades, games, cute kids, ugly dogs, oldfashion dresses, gems, barbecue, and more!
Sat. 08/31–Sun. 09/29
An eclectic grouping of media from a group of longtime
coastal artists, friends who know how to work together.
Featured artists are John Fisher, sculpture and painting; Sandy Oppenheimer, collage; Mitch White, sculpture; Margi Gomez, painting; Mina Lev, fiber arts; Tangerine Steinbrecher, stained glass; Leslie Campbell,
ceramics; and Wayne David Hand, paintings.
The show will be open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and
Mondays from10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Artists will host an opening party on Sunday, September 1, 2013 with live music from Trio Pura Vida and
fine wines poured by Lula Cellars from 5:00 p.m. to
8:00 p.m. There will also be a Second Saturday reception, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 14,
with more music and light refreshments.
Oddfellows Hall, Kasten at Ukiah Streets, in downtown
September, 2013
Sun. 09/01
All About Sally Concert
All About Sally presents tight vocal arrangements of
an eclectic selection of American Roots Music, ranging from traditional American ballads and folk songs,
through new-grass material and modern renditions of
old style material by such artists as Gillian Welch and
Old Crow Medicine Show, to covers of great singer/
songwriters such as John Prine, Cheryl Wheeler, Roy
Orbison and John Fogerty.
Tickets $15. MAC members (with valid membership
card) $10.
5:00 p.m.
Mendocino Art Center, 45200 Little Lake Street.
707-937-5818. www.MendocinoArtCenter.org
Sat. 09/07
Mendocino Stories and Music Series
Ira and Zida, Jazz Standards with keyboard and vocals.
Come take a musical journey in mood and time. All
ages welcome!
Reserved seating, $15; $10, general admission at the
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for bistro menu and full bar.
Music starts at 7:30 p.m.
Mendocino Hotel
Call Pattie at 937-1732
or www.mendocinostories.com/events_info.html
Sun. 09/15
A Thousand Grandmothers for Peace
Join, the Emandal Chorale, to walk or ride in the Mendocino County Fair parade. Bring a large picture of
your grandchild or grandmother to carry. You will be
helping bring peace to our community and our world.
Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013 Page 15
Information about your event must be written copy… E-mail, FAX, mail or delivered to our
office. To limit errors and omissions phone messages about events will not be accepted.
A telephone number for information must be included.
Public Service Announcements Courtesy of Real Estate Magazine.
Everyone is encouraged to sing along! Emandal Chorale, based in Willits, will be singing songs of peace as
we walk along. Inspired by Holly Near’s song, “A Thousand Grandmothers.” Check out www.emandalchorale.
org for a video of the 2012 Willits Fourth of July Parade
entry, or for more information.
Meet at Anderson Valley High School in Boonville at
11:00 a.m. Wear a hat for the sun, and bring water.
There will be a truck and trailer, for those who would
rather ride. For more information, call Dobbe at
367-5946. Grandfathers, grandchildren, anyone who
yearns for peace, you are welcome, too!
Mon. 09/09 to Sat. 09/14
Mendocino Open Paint Out
The Mendocino Art Center hosts the first Mendocino
Open Paint Out (MOPO), a plein air festival. The festival includes five days of plein air painting, with wet
paint sales each day in the Mendocino Art Center’s
galleries, daily demonstrations and presentations and
nightly community barbecues. The festival will culminate on Saturday, September 14, with a Quick Draw
competition and sale, followed by a celebratory reception and awards presentation. The public is welcome at
all events, including watching the artists paint.
Over sixty participating artists are coming from
throughout California, as well as Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont and the United Kingdom.
Eight celebrity artists—Michael Gibbons, John Hewitt,
Dale Laitinen, Clark Mitchell, Juan Pena, Camille
Przewodek, Margot Schulzke and Dennis Ziemienski—
will paint throughout the week and judge the paintings
created during MOPO.
Artists in watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel will compete for over $5,000 in cash and merchandise awards
in this open competition.
Mendocino Art Center, 45200 Little Lake Street,
707-937-5818; www.MendocinoArtCenter.org/pleinair
Mendocino Open Paint Out Schedule
Monday–Friday, September 9–13
All Day: Watch celebrity artists paint, observe
without interfering
10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.: Wet Paint Sale
5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m. BBQ at MAC—food and
beverages available for sale
Monday, September 9
2:00 p.m.: Karen Bowers opening demonstration,
“Watercolor: Wet on Wet”
7:00 p.m.: Bob Rhoades opening presentation,
“Plein Air Painting: A Bit of History”
Tuesday, September 10
2:00 p.m.: Dale Laitinen demonstration,
“Painting the Shore”
7:00 p.m.: Natural Pigment’s George O’Hanlon
presentation, “Rational Approach to Color
Wednesday, September 11
2:00 p.m.: Margot Schulzke, “Design is Doable”
7:00 p.m.: A chat with Camille Przewodek, Dennis Ziemienski & Michael Gibbons, “Oils on
Thursday, September 12
2:00 p.m.: Natural Pigment’s George O’Hanlon address, “Traditional Oil Painting Materials and Mediums”
7:00 p.m.: The acclaimed hit “FDR vs. TR –
Dueling Presidents: Watercolor,” featuring John
Hewitt and Juan Peña
Friday, September 13
2:00 p.m.: Clark Mitchell, “Vibrant Underpaintings and High Contrast Make Exciting
6:00 p.m.: BBQ and music at MAC—food and
beverages for sale
Saturday, September 14
11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.: Quick Draw on Main Street
2:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.: Quick Draw Sale at the
Mendocino Art Center
5:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m.: Reception, awards presentation and celebration
Sat. 09/14
Mendocino English Country Dance
English Country Dance is fun, relatively easy, community-oriented
dancing with live music. All dances are taught. No partner is required. Beginners are encouraged to participate. No special dress is required. Please bring potluck
snacks and beverages to share during the break. Elizabeth Zekley caller.
$10; free for high school students
Newcomer instruction at 7:30 p.m.
Caspar Community Center
Sat. 09/28
Mendocino One World Festival
Community Center of Mendocino is producing this
fund-raising event. Music and dance, food and crafts,
kids’ area, healing tent, Circus Mecca, and more.
11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
998 School Street, Mendocino
Sat. 09/28
Mendocino Stories and Music Series
Dgiin, a high-energy gypsy-style band, will top off Mendocino One World Festival weekend. Put the icing on
the fabulous weekend with great dance music. Dgiin
(pronounced GIN) is known as a band with a unique
style encompassing various cultures and influences
and songs sung mainly in French. The FlamencoDjango-esque band’s performance is not to be missed!
Front man, Gabe Pirard, strums and picks the guitar in
a seriously French-Roma-Flamenco style with a twist.
Singing in French, Gabe is joined on stage by long-time
rotating members of Dgiin on bass, drums, saxophone,
violin, guitar and occasionally by his wonderful sister,
Mimi, on vocals. All ages are welcome.
$20 for reserved seating; $15 general admission at the
Doors open at 6:00 p.m. with dinner menu and full bar.
8:00 p.m.
Hill House of Mendocino
For more information, call Pattie at 937-1732
or visit www.mendocinostories.com
October, 2013
Fri. 10/04
Mendocino Stories and Music Series
Mendocino Community School graduate Teja Gerken is
no stranger to those familiar with contemporary steelstring fingerstyle guitar. Weaving together influences of
folk, jazz, classical, and world music into a style that is
uniquely his own, Teja’s playing reflects these diverse
musical interests. Many of his composition employ
alternate tunings, two-handed tapping, percussive effects, and other extended guitar techniquest. Teja has
shared the stage with guitar visionaries such as John
Renbourn, Alex de Grassi, Peter Finger, and Henry
Kaiser, as well as with his mentors, Duck Baker and
Peppino D’Agostino.
Advanced tickets—Reserved table seating: $20; $15,
general admission.
Doors open at 6:00 p.m. for bistro menu and full bar.
The music starts at 7:30 p.m.
Mendocino Hotel
For more information, call Pattie at 937-1732
or visit www.mendocinostories.com
for the
Total Rainfall 2005–2006 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52.18”
Total Rainfall 2006–2007 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.20”
Total Rainfall 2007–2008 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32.59"
Total Rainfall 2008–2009 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.17"
Total Rainfall 2009–2010 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46.89"
Total Rainfall 2010–2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50.75”
Total Rainfall 2011–2012 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.82”
Total Rainfall 2012–2013 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.11”
Total Rainfall
To Date 0.41”
Total Rainfall
July 24, 2013 to August 27, 2013
This rainfall data was gathered at
Mendocino City
Community Services District
*Total rainfall is measured from July 1 of the preceding
year to June 30 of the current year.
Page 16 Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013
H O N E S T Y • K N OW L E D G E • E X PE R I E N C E
“Sara was patient, listened well, and asked good questions… she was an excellent advocate for
us through a difficult escrow… We would strongly recommend her to our family and friends.”
—Buyers in Anderson Valley
Mendocino: (707) 937-1565, ext. 13
Anderson Valley: (707) 895-2255
Toll free: (800) 454-1565, ext. 13
E-mail: [email protected]
Seniors Real Estate Specialist®
Real Estate Magazine
Colloquies — Continued from Page 7
Jazz StandaRdS
Vocals | piano
August 30, 2013
Page 17
saturday, september 7
— doors open at 6:30 pm
mendocino stories and music series
Mendocino Hotel Garden Room
$15 reserved table | $10 General admission
— Bistro Menu & Full Bar
main street | mendocino | 707 937 1732 | mendocinostories.com
ABOVE: Dramatic entrance to the Chapman Point House, a Leventhal Schlosser rammed
earth home. Doors, posts and beams are all made from sinker logs, reclaimed from Big
River. Doors made by George Lawrence. Photo provided.
And then, there are all those houses
Although they are both semi-retired, Michael says “We think we
have another couple of houses in us.” While waiting for a really
great design project, though, painting is the main concentration
of the creativity they evince in everything they do, from choosing floor treatments, fence materials, and landscape elements, to
what Michael grows in their garden and cooks for dinner. It’s all art
and it’s all them.
The residences and commercial projects they have worked on
together over the years echo this resonance as well, pulling exterior, interior, and landscape design into a cohesive whole.
They lived on the Mendocino coast for many years and collaborated on projects separately as well as together. Michael worked
with business partner Robert Schlosser for over twenty-five years
and their long partnership has enriched architectural style up and
down the coast and beyond. Ricia’s design erudition affords comfort and glamour to some of Mendocino and Sonoma Counties’
most sophisticated homes.
Working with Michael and Ricia is reported to be a singular pleasure. Almost all of their clients become friends, and often one job
leads, by word-of-mouth, to other projects for family and friends.
This became the case after
they finished The Cliff House,
showcased here, when the
brother of the client had them
design his vacation home at
Lake Almanor.
Additionally, many clients
opt to purchase RAML paintings once the home is complete. The Cliff House clients’
LEFT: The fireplace of the Chapman Point
rammed earth house is made of cast
concrete and holds up the whole roof. It
was tinted and hand finished by Araiza
and Leventhal. Photo provided.
San Francisco house, which Ricia and Michael also designed, is
filled with their art. In fact, a polyptych (four-part) piece in the dining room was painted specifically for that room by the couple. This
is emblematic of a sort of continuum in the life of two artists who
work as one, an almost unimaginable arrangement to most couples. As Ricia points out, “The creative interaction between the
two of us is the electricity that keeps the momentum.” Well, yes.
It reminds me too of the Arts and Crafts Movement that flourished between 1860 and 1910, during which time design was nev-
LEFT: Surprising juxtapositions,
like boldly striped lampshades
that frame an inlaid Chinese headboard, inherited from Michael’s
grandmother, in the guest room of
the couple’s Lake County home, are
a trademark of Ricia’s eclectic sense
of style. Graphic stripes show up on
pillows or frames, and are echoed in
architectural features like the shadows laid down in the entrance of the
home in the photo at left. Photo by Zida
er considered a separate function, but rather was a context that
directed everything. The designer, like William Morris, conceived
the house, yes, but was as likely also to design the furnishings,
the wallpaper, the lighting fixtures, the decorative elements, the
landscaping — even monograms and stationery, tiles, jewelry, and
clothing were under the influence of this coordinated artistic approach to total lifestyle. Similarly, Michael and Ricia can apply their
artistry to so many corners of existence, and when allowed free
rein, can and have enhanced and aesthetically intensified huge
swaths of their clients’ lives.
“We paint many conversations,” they say, “We interrupt, finish
each others’ sentences, or change the subject” Indeed, the overheard colloquies of Ricia Araiza and Michael Leventhal, on canvas
and on three-dimensional projects, too, do literally fill many books.
And, like great conversations anywhere, can leave lasting influences, even life-changing ones, on the lives of those lucky enough
to be in the vicinity. REM
More photos — Continued on Page 19
Page 18 Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013
For more detailed information and photos, and to search
the MLS, visit www.BigRiverRealEstate.com
BEAUTIFUL VIEWS OF THE NAVARRO RIVER converging with the Pacific Ocean are easily enjoyed from this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home perched four hundred feet above sea level on Navarro Ridge in Albion. Situated
on 18 private acres, this lovely house is wrapped with decks on two stories allowing for easy viewing of the river and sea. The upper story hosts an open floor plan with a kitchen and a living area with a fireplace.
There is also a bedroom and a bathroom on this level. The lower level has a second living area with a cozy woodstove, two additional bedrooms, and a bathroom. There is central heat throughout this octagon-shaped
home. Outside on the deck is a hot tub for sunset or starlight soaking. This home is currently a vacation rental. (23785) $627,000
WILDLIFE GARDEN REFUGE with an exquisitely
crafted, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home on 25 acres of
coastal, ridgetop property in Westport. Gorgeous
ocean and mountain views. Includes fenced pastures, a horse/livestock barn, two-car garage, and
workshop space. An enchanting and treasured spot!
(23787) $949,000
approximately 2 acres in the sunbelt of Albion
Ridge, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home includes an
additional unit currently used as an artist studio.
It boasts of two levels of large sunny decks and is
located on a quiet cul-de-sac. (23826) $359,000
SALMON CREEK FARM lies two miles off the
Pacific Ocean. This thirty-acre property is located
twenty minutes from Mendocino on a quiet, country
lane. Eight, rustic, legal, owner-built, Class K cabins
are tucked away in this charming setting…this is
a magical place! (23302) $589,000
A REDWOOD TREE IS SURROUNDED by this custom-built, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, approximately 1,700
sq. ft., octagon-shaped home on 1.35 acres. Deck
surrounds the entire home overlooking open space
and redwood trees. All of this within a short distance
to Mendocino village/schools. (23239) $412,000
PROMINENT HOME on beautiful 16 acres of land
in Albion with meadows, forests, canyon, and pond.
This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in sunbelt has bright
kitchen with breakfast bar, living room with freestanding fireplace, and tile bathroom with jetted
tub, plus, additional units and other buildings!
(23965) $535,000
with detached guest quarters on 3+ lovely acres!
This gated property provides a sense of security and
enjoys deeded access to a private beach. Amazing
ocean views, cozy fireplace, large chef’s kitchen,
two master bedroom suites with spa-like baths and
much more. (23723) $1,825,000
WONDERFUL LOCATION located about three miles
inland from Main Street in Fort Bragg, this 2 bedroom, 1 bath home with manicured lawns and
mature landscaping sits on 1.3 acres of level land.
Includes a carport, patio area with arbor, and barn/
workshop. Ideal place to garden. (22879) $339,000
parcel on Hollow Tree Creek in Westport. This
property has a small, 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabin with
a large open-air building right on the creek. There
is pasture area and an old barn, a footprint of the
farmhouse, and a footprint of an old Pony Express
office. (23817) $890,000
ENJOY SUNBELT LIVING in this 2 bedroom, 2 bath
roomy home on 6.96 acres. One-story home comes
with a large basement below for storage, hobbies,
etc. There are fruit trees and a cleared, level area
perfect for gardening. Relax on the deck and enjoy
the stately redwoods. (23330) $348,650
BEAUTIFULLY CARED FOR HOME with three bedrooms and two baths has lovely landscaping, open
floor plan, views of Noyo River, and a 2 bedroom, 1
bath rental home. The kitchen has a counter to eat
at and the master bedroom has a walk-in closet.
This 2.5-acre property runs all the way down the
hill to Noyo River! (23911) $675,000
COMPLETE CATALOG OF LISTINGS – Details at www.BigRiverRealEstate.com
Listings shown in italic have new lower prices.
2bd/2ba Home at The Woods in Little River
3bd/2ba Custom manufactured home in sr. park
3 bd/2ba Home in The Woods, Little River
4bd/1ba Two-story Victorian home w/ ocean views, FB
3bd/2ba Remodeled cutie, Fort Bragg
3bd/2ba Glass Beach home w/ ocean views, FB
1bd/1ba Charming cabin on 5 acres, Albion
3bd/2ba Great coastal getaway home, Elk
1bd/1ba Home in forest setting, Mendocino
5bd/2ba Large home close to town, Fort Bragg
2bd/1ba Sherwood Road cutie, Fort Bragg
2bd/1.5ba Enjoy sunbelt living, Fort Bragg
3bd/2ba on quiet cul-de-sac in redwoods, FB
1bd/1ba “Surf Song” oceanfront vacation rental, Wp.
2bd/2ba Home with redwoods, Mendocino
3bd/1ba Ridge-top views on 9 acres, Albion
3bd/2ba Home, other units, pond, 16 acres in Albion
Salmon Creek Farm, multiple cabins, Albion
3bd/2ba Navarro ridge w/ river & ocean views, Alb.
Noyo River views home with rental, FB
3bd/2.5ba Beautiful home with river views, Fort Bragg
4bd/2ba Historic home with ocean views, Mendo
3bd/1ba Craftsman-style home, Mendocino
4bd/2ba Two-story, blufftop home, Albion
3bd/2ba Contemporary ocean view home, private Alb.
2bd/1ba Victorian with modern convenience, L.R.
2bd/1ba 80 acres along Hollow Tree Creek, Wport
5bd/2ba Vintage farmhouse on 5 acres, Albion
3bd/2.5ba Ridgetop home on 23 acres, Westport
2bd/2ba Modern home with water views, Albion
3bd/4ba Stunning oceanfront home, Little River
6bd/4ba Ranch house on 140-acre, Comptche
MLS# 24051
6 units in central Fort Bragg
8 cabins on 30 acres, Albion
Building with residential and commercial, Mendo
Home with rental and river view, Fort Bragg
5bd/2ba Vintage farmhouse on 5 acres, Albion
$1,270,000 3bd/2.5ba Residential/Commercial, Mendocino
MLS# 24051
Great shopping district location in Fort Bragg
Main Street restaurant, Fort Bragg
Six-plex apartment building, Fort Bragg
Main Street historic building, Mendocino
Main St. Commercial plus Residence, Mendocino
Main Street/Laurel corner location, Fort Bragg
1 Commercial block on Lansing St., Mendocino
1+ acre lot on quiet cul-de-sac, Fort Bragg
Residential lot in Manchester with view
Sunny 2+ acre parcel near schools, Mendocino
Two wells and septic permit on 1+ acre, Cleone
Dramatic white water ocean views, Westport
2.55 acres, ocean view, near Haul Road Ft. Bragg
2.25 acres, ocean view, near Haul Road Ft. Bragg
Our team of Brokers and Realtors provide information, listings, and services for all types of Properties including Short Sale, Foreclosure, and Bank-owned Properties.
David Coddington, Broker/Owner 937.3223 • Melanie (Sis) Burdick, Broker Associate 937.3276 • Tracey Coddington, Realtor/Owner 937.5071
Mary Cesario Weaver, Realtor 961.0937 • Bobby Burdick, Realtor 937.3176 • Sue Shabazz, Realtor 937.5071
Ian Fox, Realtor 357-0233 • Birdie Holmes, Realtor 357-4085 • Office Fax 937-1637
Real Estate Magazine
Colloquies — Continued from Page 17
August 30, 2013
Page 19
A gallery
of Homes
Right: Exterior of Glen Ellen
House, a Leventhal Schlosser
design. Landscaping by
Pamela Palmer. – Photo: Jack
Coyier. BELOW: Mirrored
deck, and, below that, dining
room and living room of Cliff
House ocean front residence.
Leventhal Schlosser design.
Interiors by Ricia Araiza.
Photos provided.
ABOVE: (1) Living room of the Glen Ellen House, interiors by Ricia Araiza. (2) Living room
and dining room of the Little River House – Photo: Jack Coyier. Interiors by Ricia Araiza. (3)
Little River House – landscaping by Pamela Palmer, Leventhal Shlosser Architects remodel –
Photo: Jack Coyier. (4) Bedroom of Cliff House, with mirrors to reflect ocean views. Bed built
by George Lawrence. (5) Master bathroom of Cliff House done in limestone, including the
floor and tub. Luxe bathrooms, often with amazing views, as in this one, of the ocean, are de
rigueur in all of their homes. ‘Luxe, for us, doesn’t mean gold-plated fixtures, though,’ says
Ricia. ‘That’s certainly not us! Maybe we would call it ‘practical luxury’!’; (6) Coast House
view of island from main living area; interiors by Ricia Araiza. REM
Top-of-the-World Views!
Wiegand Ridgetop Acres
Panoramic blue water views, unbelievable sunrises
(colorful sunsets too!) Forested plateaus, creek canyons,
walking trails, power/phone at Fish Rock Road, septic
systems designed for three-bedroom home, paved
road frontage, perfect solar orientation, banana belt
microclimate. Driveways roughed in to building sites
with viewing platforms.
Parcel #4: 40.10 acres $475,000
Owner financing available: 25 percent down, ten-year term.
Quintessential Country Cottage
Since 1989
License 558663
United Drilling
Water We lls
Water systems
Circa 1897, Historic Allen Cabin exemplifies
craftsmanship that has withstood the test of
time and the great quake of 1906. Lovingly
restored, maintained in better than new condition, this little red cabin in the woods offers
the ambiance of the past with all the conveniences of the modern home. Sited on 9.5 acres
of beautifully manicured redwood/ fir forest, it
offers blue water ocean views, a guesthouse/
garage/workshop/studio on one legal parcel and an approximately 1,000 sq. ft. fully selfcontained Pacific Yurt “great room” with kitchen/living/dining plus attached bedroom/full
bath on a buildable second parcel. Fantastic potential for family compound. $525,000
Banana Belt Properties
Serving the
since 1986
J. Moloney Scott broker #00795487
707.884.1109 FAX 707.884.1343
35505 South Highway 1 Anchor Bay
Box 630 Gualala
[email protected]
Page 20 Real Estate Magazine August 30, 2013
707 937-1565 • 800 454-1565
www.coasthome.com • [email protected]
Serving the Mendocino Coast,
Anderson Valley and everything in between.
MAGIC MOON RANCH Enjoy privacy and great views of forested ridges (and the
moon) from this well-maintained, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 10± acres with lots of
redwoods. Newly painted inside and out, plus separate orchard area Handy storage shed
and lots of flat land for more gardening. Potential second home site has power, phone,
and water in place. Community pool and pond, and not far to river and ocean. Centrally located between the amenities of Anderson Valley and the village of Mendocino. (23979)
Offered at $350,000
QUALITY COUNTRY HOME What a great private setting for this top-notch, 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath plus office. Built by a quality local contractor for himself and his family.
Nice details throughout the home, also included are a guest cabin and workshop area.
Privacy and a great garden area close to Big River State Park all on this 5± acres. A
country feel and only minutes to the town of Mendocino. Sunbelt location 2.5 miles
from Highway 1 sited among towering redwoods and coastal forest. (23960)
Offered at $499,000
TWO IS THE MAGIC NUMBER Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 2,000± sq. ft., two
stories, two decks, and 2.37± acres! Built in 1978, the first floor was remodeled in
2006 adding a dining room, sunroom and office as well as radiant heat floors. Multiple
skylights and vaulted ceilings provide an open feel and natural light everywhere. The
kitchen features stainless steel appliances. Laundry room and breakfast nook. Outside
there are raised beds, a fenced lawn area and a detached two-car garage. Lovely flowering
trees and landscaping add scenic beauty. This is a wonderful home with privacy that has
been very well maintained, located within minutes of the services and fun in the Mendocino village. (23879)
Price Reduced! Now $534,000
e re
WOODLAND MEADOW TREASURE A winding trail leads to secluded forested acres
and opens to a delightful home sited on a slight rise in a manicured sun drenched meadow. Open and light with ridge views, this single-story home has ash wood floors, large
rooms, well-appointed kitchen with pantry, fireplace, hickory built-ins, large decks, and
office or third bedroom. Two large barns equipped with power and concrete floors, add
value and serve a multitude of purposes. One barn has three bays, workspace, and two
large doors. The other has a workshop, quarter bath, RV cleanout, drive-through doors,
a high third door, and storage for an RV. A Non-Industrial Timber Management Plan has
been applied for Zoned TPZ for tax savings. (24025)
Offered at $879,000
MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE This home is so much more than dry wall thanks
to an eclectic mix of modern surfaces combined with vintage treasures. White pine floors
rescued from a Singer sewing machine factory in Canada; double front doors from an old
shop in Fort Bragg; beaded-board kitchen walls from the Point Arena Mercantile contrast
with stainless steel counters; white marble island countertop from the Berkeley library
and antique dressers re-purposed into bathroom vanities. First floor bedroom suite with
slate shower and separate tub. Beamed and soaring vaulted ceiling in the kitchen, living
and dining room. Relax on the deck with views of the Navarro River and Pacific Ocean.
There is also a four-car garage with a workshop and large studio. (23912)
Offered at $899,900
PICTURE YOUR MENDOCINO HOME RIGHT HERE! The least expensive land parcel on the
coast with a view of the Pacific Ocean and in the Mendocino zip code. Perched above Jack Peters
Creek sits this unique one-acre parcel with a peek of the ocean blue and crashing waves. Enjoy the
convenience to the ocean and Mendocino village from this Surfwood IV lot. South-facing for all day
sun sited on a terraced hillside. Property benefits from the mutual water system and common leach
field, i.e. water and septic development are no concern! (23774)
Offered at $149,000
acre parcel offers a variety of terrain and possibilities: open level acreage at the top
with lovely distant views, plus forested slopes and pasture land. Good producing well in
place and PG&E nearby, plus good exposure for solar. Rough driveway leads to open, level
potential homesite. Beautiful big redwoods and fir forest and calypso orchids abound.
Plenty of privacy available. (22836)
Offered at $297,000
Evening Telephones
KIRA MEADE Broker Associate 357-2194 • SARA FOWLER Realtor® 895-3784
LIN SCOTT Realtor® 357-5161 • MEGHAN DURBIN, Realtor® 272-9681
JIM McCUMMINGS, Broker 937-5263 • Broker Lic#: 00795192
of well-known local dairy farmers Spencer and Senith Hills and originally stood on a 250-acre
dairy farm. The east/kitchen wing was added to this Victorian in 1880. There are five bedrooms
and 2.5 baths. One of the bedrooms is a separate master suite that can function as a “motherin-law” apartment with kitchenette and private patio. Beautiful wide plank wood floors throughout.
The gourmet kitchen features a large granite island with deep dual sinks and commercial grade
stainless steel appliances. While the hours away with friends and nosh on the spacious porch with
distant views of the ocean and redwood forested ridges above Big River. Ambiance everywhere with
fireplaces in the living room and dining room, ten-foot ceilings, and a sweeping staircase. Big front
and back yards, chicken coop, and more. Endless options, wonderful home! Seller Financing Available! (23659)
Offered at $1,290,000
PACIFIC PANORAMA- 320± acres offers a little of everything including panoramic views of the Pacific coastline, redwood timber, meadows, southern and
western exposure, lots of flat to gently sloped land, access via two separate
roads, and total privacy. The zoning should allow subdivision into two parcels.
Offered at $1,495,000
Visit Our Village Office!
45010 Ukiah Street, Mendocino
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