S-SerieS CombineS
Harvest in Record Time
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Start your next harvest season with a combine that makes it easy for you to get the best out
of your crop, even in tough conditions. The new S-Series not only increases your productivity
and efficiency but also reduces your total cost of harvesting – and that’s something you can
rely on in every situation.
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active Tailings management ................................................ 20
active Terrain adjustment ....................................................21
hillmaster .......................................................................... 22
grain Tank ...........................................................................24
residue management .......................................................... 26
Transmission ...................................................................... 30
Tracks ................................................................................ 32
engine ............................................................................... 34
Cab .................................................................................... 36
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StarFire 6000 and automation ........................................... 42
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new dynaflo plus cleaning system
Gentle on grain
The new cleaning system provides the most
effi cient cleaning of grain combined with lightweight construction, ensuring maximum
performance and reliability.
The single rotor concept together with the active Tailings return, ensures
smooth threshing, direct crop fl ow and excellent grain quality.
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WorlD leaDing TeChnology
unrivalleD PerFormanCe
The single rotor combine is the logical evolution of years of designing, testing and listening to
customers. Conventional combines offer excellent performance in specific areas. But single rotor
combines are simply better all round.
John Deere invests more than any other agricultural equipment manufacturer in research and
development. Now we’ve created the S-Series. Developed in Europe, it’s also built in Europe.
Designed for heavy, dense crops and high capacity, it doesn’t just harvest more tonnes per hour,
it minimises losses and broken kernels so more than 99% of the grain goes into your tank and that
means more money in your pocket.
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up to 5%
More perforMance
with 40k in Minutes
to the neXt field
eXceptional Grain quality
lowest cost of operation
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The baSiS For ToP
CuSTomer FoCuS,
TruST anD reliabiliTy
Increasing distances to fi elds and more contracting work are also trends we
observed. But we also notice the need to train operators more professionally
and manage people, machines and data
through more professional systems. in designing the new S-Series, we fully
focused on the needs and wishes of our
customers: more performance at low
loss levels even on hillsides going up or
downhill, less sensitivity and easier
adjustment of the whole combine to make the operation possible, even for inexperienced drivers. Weather conditions resulting in down crop
occur more often which can slow
down harvesting signifi cantly. better than ever: cleaninG shoe,
feederhouse and data
ManaGeMent functionality
The new DynaFlo Plus cleaning shoe has
been optimised by our engineers from the ground up. Through the adjustment of the crop fl ow and air fl ow speeds, we were able to achieve maximum throughput and minimal losses. We did not just extend the cleaning shoe to
the rear – we completely re-designed it. We have kept proven elements such as
the pre-chaffer and the fan type. We consciously decided against
including active cleaning shoe levelling
due to the excellent performance of our
cleaning shoe on slight side slopes. This was the result of our research and
confi rms what our customers already know: “if there’s a side slope, you need
HillMaster. But for slopes under 7%, you can do without.”
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“Made in Germany”
quality from zweibrücken
since 1863
Every idea had to meet our strict
We did not pursue any idea that
did not fulfill our strict requirements
for user-friendly operation and
maintenance. We also deployed
forward-thinking technologies from
other industries. For example, our
cleaning shoe now features lightweight
aluminium components. Our tests have
led to the development of completely
new connections with rivets that are
commonly used in aircraft construction.
This cleaning shoe has already proven
itself by withstanding over 2,500 hours
on the test bench.
farming practice demand best in class
chopping quality and residue
distribution. This is why uniquely
developed residue packages are
available for European conditions. Due
to the wide range of individual options
John Deere ensures the outstanding
performance of the S-Series combines
in all crops and conditions.
Over 20,000 hours testing in 53 countries
and 36 different crop types makes the
S-Series the most widely tested combine
ever. That testing told us that no one
combine configuration would meet
every customer requirement.
European crop density and high yielding
conditions require adapted threshing
and separating configurations for those
tough conditions. No till or minimum till
Field tests included not only wheat
and canola but also rice, soya, wet corn,
grass seed and many other crops to be
found in different areas of Europe.
From dry Spanish fields up to the wet
challenging rape and wheat conditions
around the UK and the Baltic coast.
We’re well-known for our reliability –
and this continues to be the main goal
of our development.
John Deere has been building
combine harvesters since 1927.
We are the largest combine
harvester manufacturer in
the world. To date, over 750,000
John Deere combine harvesters
have been produced.
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spacious cab
John deere remote display access
speeds up to 40 km/h
Excellent all-round visibility and low noise level. With a volume of 3.34 m³ and total glass area of 5.39 m² it is one of the largest cabs on the market. Thanks to better insulation it is now quieter than ever.
Dealer can view the cab display remotely to offer advice on
adjustments and settings.
exclusive ProDrive automatic
transmission with a top speed of
40 km/h and fuel effi cient engine-speed management.
large grain tank, ultra fast
We do not just claim it – we have it:
14,100 l tank size and 135 l/sec
unloading rate truly optimise
logistics in the fi eld. Simply the biggest in the market.
performance where it counts.
From cutting to residue management, from the fi eld to the road, from fi rst use to the end of the season – the S-Series will support you with clever technology, valuable features and innovative services so you can work faster,
more comfortably and effi ciently – for top performance under all conditions.
the new 600X
header with the lonGest
adJustable table lenGth
wide range of headers
True multi-crop performance. No matter whether standard, fl ex, variable or performance increasing belt headers – we have them all!
hydraulically tiltable
fast crop conversion:
660 mm (26 inch) wide suspended
tracks at 3.5 m width
increases harvesting speed in
down crop conditions up to 20% as the operator can adjust the
distance of the cutterbar to the ground and improve
the crop fl ow.
you can convert the whole
combine from crop to crop in only a few steps to stay fl exible during harvest.
For maximum soil preservation all
wheels touch the ground. A large footprint of 1.18 m² is achieved at a transport width of 3.5 m.
| 9
active tailings system
air compressor
new engine technology
Gentle threshing with real rasp bars. Soft to the grain for low grain damage. More capacity thanks to less load at the rotor and an even
spread on top of the cleaning shoe.
Fast and simple cleaning with
the integrated air compressor.
Stage iv engines with up to
617 hp and the highest
effi ciency for Diesel and DEF consumption.
flexible residue
Switch between chopping or dropping at the touch of
a button.
vari-streaM rotor
and larGe dynaflo plus
cleaninG shoe
14,100 l Grain tank
and fastest unlaodinG rate
on the Market
dynaflo plus cleaning shoe
active concave isolation
top performance with ease
innovative light-weight aluminium cleaning
shoe and 12% increased sieve area combined with an optimised air fl ow.
Thanks to the hydraulic support of the concave
a higher throughput in tough crop conditions
is achieved.
The new cleaning system is extremely simple to
set. Even when not fully optimised, the cleaning shoe has an extremely stable performance curve which results in minimal losses.
10 |
600X Header:
Convert in the field
in just 5 minutes
What kind of header do you need? A flexible all-rounder or a specialist for specific challenges?
John Deere offers you a wide range of harvest headers so you can find just the right solution
tailored to your needs and expectations – giving you complete peace of mind that you are
always using the full potential of the S-Series. John Deere gives you a choice of headers with
passive crop flow (600R, 600F, 600X) or active crop flow (600PF or 600D) in varying widths.
Further information about John Deere headers can be found in the header brochure.
| 11
The iDeal
heaDer For
every CroP
600r and 600f
The 600R range has a fi eld-tested, proven design incorporating optimum features to improve your
harvest. It has all the components you’ve come to expect from John Deere, including a large diameter
auger, stainless steel feed plates and the linear
knife drive. The 600F features a fl exible knife that can be raised or lowered by 15 cm and is controlled directly from the cab – making it perfect for harvesting close to the ground. A rapeseed header attachment is available for both versions.
The 600PF header with head-fi rst crop fl ow processes short stalked grains, laid and
long-growing crops with the same superb effi ciency, consistency and 10% more performance than the 600R. It takes just 15 minutes to convert for rapeseed. The new 640PF with a large 760 mm auger diameter is
the ideal partner for a large S-Series in tough
rape seed harvesting conditions.
The ultimate header for harvesting a variety of
crops, with an unbeatable conversion time of under 3 minutes without the need for tools. With the longest table on the market, you won’t lose any grain and thanks to the longest adjustable table length of 800 mm, you can also respond to changing conditions in the fi eld from the comfort of the cab. With up to 6 individual fi xed sensors adjusting the height of the table, your fi eld will look like it has been given a close shave.
Convert from crop to crop
in just 5 minutes with
the 600X header
The 600D* also features a head-fi rst active crop feeder. The crop is transported along a rubber belt. The height control, via gauge wheels and optional sensors, as well as the hydraulic cutting
height adjustment, make for the perfect stubble height. A rapeseed kit is also available.
specialist 600c
The 600C corn header offers you maximum
reliability due to its strong chains and unique loss-minimising collection concept. Headers up to 16 rows, rigid or folding, including header
trailer solutions for the larger heads are available in different row spacings.
*Not available for combines with the Hillmaster system
12 |
Xtra capacity
feederhouse: perfect
crop flow and
threshing from
the very beginninG
The robust S-Series feederhouse is the ultimate
foundation for perfect results. The heavy duty chains
and large feeder slats are designed for the toughest
of conditions such as corn or rice harvest. The new
wear plates are durable and do not need to be
changed in your machine’s lifetime. The slip clutch
has an incredible capacity of 1200Nm forward
and 1400Nm reverse. What’s more, largest small
grain and corn headers can be used in the highest
yield conditions.
In the event that the feederhouse becomes blocked,
the strongest mechanical reverser will help get everything
out easily and begin harvesting again as quickly as possible.
Headers of up to 12.20 m width (up to 9.15 m in the HillMaster
version) as well as corn headers of up to 16 rows are no
problem at all.
Pivoting mid floor concept
The exclusive pivoting mid-floor concept of the
S-Series contains full length extension from pivot
point forward to the feed drum which enables
more feeding capacity by deflecting the entire
internal feederhouse components instead of only
the front drum.
In high volume crops this feature ensures better
engagement of crop material and smoother
conveyance to the threshing and separating
components of the combine.
Variable Speed for large corn heads
The exclusive 5-speed PowerShift transmission matches crop
conditions, intake and ground speed via a button on the multifunction control handle. It can transmit up to 202kW to corn heads
of up to 16 rows.
High capacity
The wide cross-section and low profile roller increases throughput
and the 4 chain feeder system handles dense, high yielding crops.
| 13
1200 NM slip clutch
designed for
maximum capacity
Excellent visibility
Quick header hook-up
The long feederhouse and low angle gives the operator
a clear view to the header.
The multi-lever coupler connects all the hydraulics
and electrics as well as the header latching pins
with one operator movement.
Rapid unblocking
In the unlikely event that the feederhouse becomes
blocked, the powerful reverser will get you harvesting
again in moments.
14 |
3 equal crop streams
50% More feedinG
capacity coMpared to
hybrid coMbines
The 270° feeding concept is unique to John Deere. It ensures a smooth transition from a tangential crop fl ow from the beater to an axial crop fl ow for the rotor. More space in the front of the rotor makes this transition easier and less
power consuming. Power which can be used for more effective threshing.
single rotor
Multiple tasks: threshing
The single rotor is what makes the S-Series so unique. It gives you clear advantages over other, more traditional and hybrid systems: 1
Instead of splitting the crop fl ow in two it keeps a single crop fl ow which consumes less power. The large rotor diameter generates higher inertia than smaller rotors enabling lower rotational speeds. The result? Better straw and grain quality. The “crop on crop threshing” of the rotor allows the effi cient threshing even if not all crop hits the concave resulting in a far wider “cross section area” than a tangential threshing system. 6
one coMbine – all crops
it doesn’t matter if you’re harvesting large areas of a single crop or moving
from crop to crop, the S-Series offers true multi-crop capability. Tested in 36 different crops, you can customise every single component from
the header through to the rotor and residue management system. Crop conversion is done quickly and easily with excellent access to the rotor and fast header conversion e.g. of the 600X. Conversion from small grain to rapeseed can even be done at the touch of a button. The dual range separator drive can be shifted easily with one lever to change the speed, for example corn harvest.
effective stone protection
large stones simply fall into the Feed accelerator
Stone Trap (FAST) before they can enter the machine and cause any damage.
FaST stone trap
| 15
heavy duty Grates
progressive threshing
even transition
heavy Duty Separator grates with dual row
interrupter bars are available for tough, green small grain conditions to loosen up the crop mat
and improve separation capacity. The thickness of the straw mat is reduced over
the conical threshing area. In the front area the easiest to thresh grain is removed through gentle
and effi cient crop on crop threshing. In the rear part of the cone the remaining crop is threshed. The overall effect is a very gentle threshing for
the best possible grain quality and the highest power effi ciency.
The discharge beater ensures reliable and even feeding of the chopper. The grate underneath the beater adds additional separation capacity.
a sinGle
rotor concept confiGured to fit
european conditions
high capacity feeding
even feeding
active concave isolation (aci)
The 8 wing beater improves feeding, reduces noise levels and lowers power consumption.
The crop is divided into 3 equal streams for balanced loading of the rotor. This maximises the capacity of the rotor. It also preserves straw quality as it prevents crop building up in one part of the rotor with potential damage to the straw.
maintains a consistent concave clearance for
more performance in large crop yields and
uneven feeding. Enables runnning the concave wider for more crop on crop threshing. 16 |
‘pull and release’ threshing and separating
The off centre rotor creates a ‘pull and release’ effect with the crop
compressed at the bottom as it passes the grates and is then released as it moves towards the top of the rotor. This produces a mixing effect which moves the grain to the outside of the crop fl ow where it is separated through the grates far more effi ciently.
single rotor Multiple tasks:
In the rear part of the rotor, separation of the remaining grains becomes prominent. John Deere exclusively offers the choice of two rotor types: We recommend the
TriStream Rotor for lower MOG (material other than grain) conditions. The VariableStream Rotor is more more conical at the front. Also, the amount of time crop stays in the rotor can be changed from the cab. This will vary threshing intensity to react to moist or dry conditions during the day. The Variable stream rotor is recommended in rice, where conditions are damp, wet and green or
in diffi cult straw conditions.
VariableStram Rotor – be flexible to conditions
On the S-Series it is possible to slow down or speed up crop fl ow from the cab. The operator can choose between two settings. In the standard position the crop makes 7 full rotations for higher separation of grain. However, if the operator wants to improve straw quality or reduce chaff load on the cleaning shoe in brittle conditions, he can switch to the advanced position. In this position the straw exits the rotor after only 5 rotations. | 17
high inertia separating
adjustable top vanes
replaceable separator tines
The rear section of the rotor is designed for
maximum separation. Here the diameter of the rotor and the inertia created is the biggest. This leads to increased separation versus competitive
solutions with smaller rotor diameters. The large fi ngers loosen up the crop mat and ensure trapped grain can escape from the straw. At the John Deere exclusive variable stream rotor the top vanes can keep the material for
more or less time in the rotor for more aggressive
separation or better straw quality.
The use of separation tines instead of separation
elements improves the mixing effect and helps
move the grain to the outside of the crop fl ow for better separation, even in tougher, green straw conditions. 2
varistreaM rotor
better crop and Grain separation
with one switch
low energy discharge
even chopper feeding
The tapered rear cone allows material to expand
before it is discharged through the 8-wing discharge beater. This improves power effi ciency and straw quality.
The discharge beater pulls crop out of the rotor instead of the chopper which preserves the stalks. The impellers provide even distribution of the crop to avoid plugging and feed the entire width of the chopper. This ensures lower knife wear, better chopping quality and more effi cient distribution.
18 |
simple adaption from crop to grass
designed for high yields
With its 2 speed fan drive, the cleaning fan can be converted from crop to grass in a matter of minutes. Simply adjust the belt instead of having to swap the pulley.
The returns are guided back through the cylinder and distributed evenly over the entire width of the threshing cylinder. The material is recorded and then displayed in the cab via the electronic sensors. To manually check the return constituents, there is an inspection fl ap just outside the cab door.
the new dynaflo plus
cleaning shoe:
large, light and less sensitive
How can you considerably enlarge the sieve surface without adding any weight to the overall combine? The developers at John Deere have found a brilliant answer to all of these questions. The use of an innovative, lightweight design and an aluminium structure resulting in reduced weight, which reduces peak engine loads and cuts down on vibration. Performance wise this means the harvested crop stays on the sieves longer, maximising
cleaning time and minimising losses. The S-Series is designed for the highest capacity. With a total sieve area of 5.10 m² (according to international standards (ANSI/ASAE S343.4 T – the area of the opening if the louvers are removed, not including the fi nger, step pan or waterfall area) is one of the largest on the market.
through intensive testing, we have developed a completely new combine
cleaning system which is resistant to adjustment errors.
For optimum results in changeable conditions, it does not need to be constantly readjusted, making life considerably easier for the operator.
conveyor augers
The heavy duty conveyor augers ensure active crop fl ow on slopes and under tough harvest conditions, meaning the cleaning shoe can be evenly loaded even in damp or sticky conditions.
| 19
new fan design
2-stage pre-cleaning
The new fan ensures peak performance with up to 740 m³ of air generated. A steep pressure curve delivers high pressure and less volume loss. About 30% goes to the front chaffer at high speeds, the rest goes to the rear chaffer and sieve.
Unique to the S-Series is DynaFlo Plus cleaning shoe. This is the additional fi xed raised front chaffer which helps thin the crop mat and cleans up to 40 percent of the free grain before it reaches the main chaffer. A key difference to the W/T Series as it adds not only more area but also more effective separation to match the capacity of the S Series combines.
one of the
larGest cleaninG systeMs
on the Market with up to 5.9 M²
7% hillside performance in base 22% optional
easy removal
The sieve, with its considerably enlarged surface, offers the highest cleaning performance. Thanks to SlopeMaster, you can effortlessly conquer slopes of up to 7%. The large sieve area and the perfect air distribution reduce further possible cleaning shoe losses on light slopes. For slopes up to 22%, HillMaster slope compensation comes in handy because it not only reduces walker losses but also cleaning shoe losses.
The new sieves are provided with mounts that
can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes.
20 |
Active tailings
management –
The active tailings system is a major feature of
the S-Series. It increases the capacity of the combine
by taking care of tailings separately and makes
adjustment of the combine easier. It delivers better
grain quality at low loss levels and contributes to
more quality straw output and lower fuel
Thanks to the re-thresher taking care of tailings, the concave
can be opened more widely which lowers power and fuel
consumption and improves straw quality. The bottom sieve
can be opened as well as tailings are less which increases
The elevator with rubber paddles constantly lifts
the material up to avoid material piling up and
being “processed” multiple times.
A “mini”-threshing drum with real rasp bars and
concave separates kernels still sitting in the ears.
Focus is again to be not too aggressive and to
avoid grain damage. The concave has two settings
controlled by a spring lever to switch between
small grain and corn quickly and conveniently.
The material is distributed by an auger on top of
the chaffer. The opening at the bottom of the
auger is triangular in shape so material is spread
evenly instead of dropping at one spot, avoiding
overload of the cleaning system.
| 21
If you have rolling terrain and need to go up or
down hill frequently, Active Terrain Adjustment
automatically adjusts fan speed, chaffer position
and sieve position.
This exclusive system even considers the type of crop
harvested. As rape seed for example is very sensitive
to fan speed changes, the chaffer and sieve settings
are changed first before adjusting the fan speed.
Overall, the combine will maintain ground speed
and minimise grain loss with the varying landscape
changes. Active Terrain Adjustment increases total
combine capacity on uphill slopes to drastically
reduce grain loss. And it reduces your tailings
and gives you a cleaner grain tank sample, too.
But perhaps the most impressive thing: All this is
done automatically so the operator can focus on
the harvest operation.
Active terrain adjustment
automatically adjust
the cleaning shoe settings
Uphill Slopes
Downhil Slopes
Going up a hill both the chaffer and sieve are opened while fan speed
is reduced to stop grain from going out of the rear. The cleaning system
performance increases up to 40% on inclines up to 10 degrees.
On declines, the chaffer and sieve close, while fan speed increases to keep
grain from pushing towards the front of the machine.
The tailings volume is reduced by up to 50% resulting in a cleaner grain tank
22 |
harveST WiThouT ComPromiSe,
even on SloPeS
slopes of up to 7%
John Deere has created a series
of simple solutions aimed at
avoiding cleaning shoe losses
on light hillside locations:
The conveying augers move the material
evenly onto the cleaning shoe. The slope divider plates on top of the chaffer
sieve prevent crop escaping when going
down hill before it has been cleaned.
For cleaning, there’s nothing better than a large sieve surface – except an even
larger surface. With the S-Series, the material is cleaned for a longer time on
our extra-long and extra-large sieves.
22% slope coMpensation with hillMaster
HillMaster is available for the S670 to the S690. Since the grain tank stays level, you can fi ll it up and save on unloading stops. The improved side-to-side weight distribution gives you more traction and stability and the level cab helps operators stay focused and productive all day.
| 23
24 |
unloaD in reCorD Time
The S-Series helps you save valuable time even with unloading. The 14,100 L capacity grain tank, can be unloaded in record time: up to 135 l/sec. The large diameter unloading auger and low speeds are especially gentle on grains. The cross auger cover plate for the grain tank can be adjusted without the need for tools, so the unload rate can be altered quickly for different crops.
Visibility is excellent too. With a large rear window, you always have a clear
view into the illuminated grain tank and
you can always take a sample from next
to the cab. The HarvestMon system can determine the grain through the mass
fl ow sensor. This system is simple, reliable, can withstand side slopes and is easy to calibrate. Relevant data is displayed in the cab and can be recorded on the optional greenStar
2630 and can be transferred to the Operations Center on MyJohnDeere.com – either manually via uSb device or
automatically via Wireless Data Transfer
(WDT). non-stop harvestinG
and on-the-Go unloadinG
The electronic engine management
provides up to 37 KW/50 hp extra
performance during unloading while
driving so you can continue harvesting
with full power. With John Deere Machine Sync, the combine operator can have the trailer drive alongside
the combine while unloading. Once in position, the combine operator can control the ground speed and steering
of the trailer. Grain trailer operators can see the grain tank levels of all working
combines and can be “called” to empty the fullest tank. This saves time, diesel, nerves and minimises soil compaction. | 25
Less unloading cycles
less time lost unloading
optimum filling of trailers
Easier in-field logistics
less grain spillage during unloading
No damage of windrows for perfectly dry straw
Space-saving fold
Improved visibility
Unloading auger
The optional folding 6.90 m or 7.90 m unloading
auger saves space during storage in your barn
and assists manoeuvring in confined spaces.
A camera mounted on the unloading auger spout
improves visibility. To ease unloading on-the-go
the picture can be transferred wirelessly into
the cab monitor of the tractor driving next to
the combine.
Unloading augers in various lengths enable
unloading on-the-go and maintain sufficient
clearance to operate headers up to 12.20 m for
on-the-go unloading.
26 |
Our residue management offers a choice of 3 different
chopper systems. It is designed to perform from the very
beginning to enable fine cut, even and wide spread or
a good straw quality for baling.
Our Premium and Intermediate systems are equipped with
a 100 knife, extra fine cut chopper, making sure it can be
incorporated into the soil easily to release the full fertilisation
effect as quickly as possible.
Our Premium system also let’s you switch from dropping to
chopping at the touch of a button. It’s a real time-saver that soon
pays for itself. For example you can quickly go for chopping
headlands or parts of the field with low yields or green straw.
Chopper type
Fine cut
Extra fine cut
Extra fine cut
Knives/Counter knives
Chopper rpm
Electronically adj. vane tailboard
Power Cast
Advanced Power Cast
Overshot beater with straw slide
Chop to drop
| 27
Smallest residue size
for better quality bales and
fast decomposition
–– 44 rotating and 44 stationary counter knifes
–– 100 knife chopper produces one of the finest
cuts of straw on the market
–– 100 knife chopper produces one of the finest
cuts of straw on the market
–– Two manually adjustable chopper speeds
–– Two manually adjustable chopper speeds
–– 3 minute manual conversion between
chopping and dropping
–– Chop to Drop – switch from chopping straw to
dropping windrows at the touch of a button
–– Chaff is distributed through the chopper or
is dropped below the windrow. No separate
chaff spreader needed
–– Chaff is distributed through the chopper or
is dropped below the windrow. No separate
chaff spreader needed
–– No overshot beater and therefore
less power required and less weight compared
to premium chopper
–– Overshot beater blows chaff to the side of
the chopper, away from the windrow, for bales
without chaff
–– Electric Vane Tailboard or ActivePower Cast
(APC) with two hydraulically driven enclosed
discs (recommended above 9 m header width)
–– Electric vane tailboard or Active Power Cast
(APC) spreader (recommended above 9 m
header width) with two hydraulically driven
enclosed discs and a centre divider with
pendulum motion (left/right)spreading
the material evenly
–– 2 manual adjustable speeds
–– 3 minute manual conversion between
chopping and dropping
–– Chaff is distributed through the chopper or
is dropped below the windrow. No separate
chaff spreader needed
–– No overshot beater and therefore less
power required and less weight compared
to premium chopper
–– Chops well in dry straw
–– Electrically adjustable tailboard for spread
width up to 9 m
28 |
| 29
aDvanCeD PoWer CaST
aCTive SPreaDer
If you are looking for even distribution of the chopped straw this option
is the ideal solution. The position is low in height to reduce the exposure
to side winds. At the same time it accelerates the straw to a maximum
speed to enable an even spread pattern.
The direction of spread as well as the spread width can be conveniently adjusted from the cab. When changing driving direction the push of a button is suffi cient to mirror the direction of spread as well.
30 |
Get there quicker,
be done faster
Spend more time harvesting and less time travelling between fields. With its automatic
ProDrive transmission, the S-Series allows speeds of up to 40 km/h on roads.
Intelligent speed management to save
The intelligent engine speed management system
reduces the engine speed on roads, saving fuel.
And the overall width with tracks is just 3.50 m to
pass narrow roads, bridges etc
With the optional four-wheel drive in combination
with the front-differential lock and increased
torque on the Pro-Drive transmission, even bad
weather can’t stop you from bringing in your crop.
Push button shifting
Shifting is made easy with the optional push button shift transmission.
Simply bring your combine to a standstill, push one of the three buttons
and let the combine do the rest. Once you bring the joystick into
the neutral position the park brake is engaged automatically.
| 31
between fields in comfort
at 40 km/h
The ProDrive advantage
ProDrive transmission gives you precise control of your ground speed across two infinitely variable
speed ranges. You simply set one range for your typical harvesting speed and the other for
transport. All you then have to do is press the button for your chosen range and control the
combine’s speed within that range by pushing and pulling the hydro lever. There’s no need to stop
to change gear. It delivers you 64% more torque at a harvesting speed of 8 km/h to pull through
tough spots or go uphill with a full grain tank.
ProDrive also saves you money. Engine Speed Management automatically controls the engine’s
rpm during road transport. The result is fuel savings of 10 to 20 %.
32 |
Maximum traction
all conditions
The John Deere tracks spread the load evenly over all five traction wheels.
So, in challenging conditions, you’re still harvesting when others have
stopped. And the best: You decide when to use them as tracks and wheels
are interchangeable anytime.
The closed loop hydraulic system also means power is delivered smoothly
and evenly. It helps minimise any potential soil damage and ensures excellent
traction, even at low speeds.
Thanks to the narrower body of the S-Series we were able to build tracks
that are shorter, but wider. This gives you an extra large footprint for
maximum traction and it spreads the load across a wider area. So you’ll also
enjoy lower soil compaction and avoid the additional cost of deep tillage.
The shorter track length also has the added advantage of reducing soil
damage at headlands.
MaXiMuM traction
reduced soil coMpaction
lower transport width
low compaction
off-centre pivot point
With a massive 1.18 m² of contact area per side, the advantages of tracks over tyres are easy to see. You’ll be able to keep harvesting in wet conditions when conventional wheel driven machines have long stopped.
The low turning point of the track unit leads to pivoting upwards of the
tracks instead of downwards. In muddy conditions the track unit is not pushing itself deeper into the ground but rather out of the dirt.
| 33
excellent traction
smooth transport
Our tracks feature a drive wheel which grabs the rubber teeth inside the belt to move it forward. There is no slippage as the system does not rely on friction like others. Add to this our belt with optimised tread pattern and you’ll enjoy better traction in muddy and wet conditions.
The hydro-pneumatic suspension cushions dynamic loads so you won’t feel
the road when travelling at high speeds between fi elds. To reduce the wear during transport the front and rear roller´s hydraulic pressure is lowered.
MaXiMiuM coMfort
and still a top speed
of 40 kM/h
longer belt life
even loading
The drive system (which is not based on friction) ensures even tension and reduced slippage for improved comfort and longer belt life.
The rollers and central carriage mechanism are independently suspended
for more even loading across the entire area of the track which is in contact
with the ground.
34 |
a power boost for agriculture. Made by John deere.
John Deere is one of a few manufacturers of agricultural machines to develop and produce its own
engines. This delivers clear beneifts as agricultural machines and on-road vehicles have completely different requirements. Whereas lorry engines used by other makes are designed for travel at variable engine speeds and low torque levels, John Deere engines feature heavier duty housings and bearings – designed for running at rated speed all day while still being able to cope with abruptly changing conditions and varying, often high toque levels, during harvest time. 1
More power, more cost
effectiveness, more throughput
The John Deere PowerTech Engines used in the new S-Series deliver even
more power while offering unsurpassed fuel efficiency for diesel and diesel
exhaust fluid (DEF). At the same time, they fulfill strict Tier IV emission
regulations. The engine power is an impressive 460KW/625PS at the top of
the range model, the S690.
perforMance under
torque (nm)
horsepower (hp)
S690 with 13.5 L engine varyinG load
Torque (Nm) Power (hp)
13.5 l
460KW / 625PS
13.5 l
426KW / 579PS
13.5 l
403KW / 547PS
9.0 l
335KW / 455PS
9.0 l
285KW / 387PS
John deere powertech engines
John Deere’s PowerTech engines offer consistent
performance for uniform engine speeds and
deliver up to 50 hp extra power during grain tank
| 35
Diesel particle filter
enhanced cooling
The fi lter regenerates itself automatically and works in tandem with the diesel oxidation catalyst to ensure clean air. The entire system is encapsulated within a separate housing and is completely
segregated from its surroundings by means of overpressure.
The cooling packs are large enough to get you through hot
harvest days and aren’t bogged down with an overly complex design. The position next to the engine allows unobstructed air circulation around the engine and prevents dust and dirt
from settling in the corners. The slim size and low fl ow rate of the cooling package effectively prevent it from clogging. 2
unparalleled eXperience you can rely on:
– over 7 million off-highway engines produced
– over 22 million operating hours with exhaust
after-treatment processes
– over 60 million operating hours with Tier 3b
– Over 200 million operating hours with variable geometry turbochargers and cooling exhaust gas recirculation
– The use of a the same engine across numerous
John Deere machines simplifi es maintenance thanks to uniform replacement components
such as fi lters and oil – your John Deere sales partner is a trained engine
specialist with long-term experience and can
provide valuable support for all your challenges
drivetrain designed for the utmost reliability
engine speed management
As standard, the S-Series comes equipped with discs instead of belt clutches. It shifts gears in a highly controlled fashion, keeping the belt from “squeaking” when the machine is turned on and increasing its operating life. The drum’s high fl ywheel mass ensures extremely even load distribution, preserving the drivetrain. The Posi-Torq Variable Drives automatically tension the drive belt and prevent it from slipping.
The engine speed management improves the fuel
effi ciency by reducing the engine RPM from 2200 (and 2100 for 13.5 L engine) to 1600 revolutions during on-road travel and to 1200 revolutions when the machine
is standing (such as at traffi c lights).
36 |
a more eFFiCienT anD
relaXing Way To WorK
Welcome to one of the most productive and comfortable places to work
in the industry. The S-Series’ roomy Premium Cab is loaded with a host
of smart details to help you perform at your best while keeping you
relaxed, even on long working days and under the toughest of harvesting
conditions. And thanks to the tinted glass around the entire cab, the
slimline cornerpost and highly ergonomic control elements, you always
have a clear view – and are always in control.
a great view
The cab was designed specifi cally for combines. it provides an excellent view to the front and
sides of your machine – such as when unloading
the grain tank.
| 37
Leather package for greater comfort
Roomy instructor seat and refrigerator
For extra comfort, a leather air suspension
seat is available as an option for the Premium
Cab. The hard-wearing leather upholstery is
complemented by a matching leather-covered
steering wheel. Even better, the seat is aircooled, making even the longest of harvesting
days easier.
The S-Series cab is one of the widest on the
market. This means the passenger has just as
much room as the operator. And there’s also
enough space for a refrigerator with an
impressive 37 L interior – perfect for storing
large bottles and snacks for a long working day.
38 |
information and control centre
bluetooth connectivity
The greenStar 2630 Display delivers much more than touchscreen operation
and a brilliant 26 cm colour display: It also supports documentation of key harvest data and allows you to enter it into the online MyJohnDeere.com portal via a USB stick or wirelessly over your mobile data connection.
Whether you’re coordinating logistics processes via your smartphone during
harvesting, consulting with your dealer on the best settings, navigating to the next fi eld with the help of your tablet, or playing your favourite music from your MP3 player – with Bluetooth, you’re always well connected.
quick Stop button
header resume
header Float
everything in its place
Our secret recipe for perfectly intuitive operation?
The perfect balance between direct-access functions
on the armrest and functions operated via a
touchscreen monitor. This ensures that seasoned
John Deere operators are more familiar with other
brands and can find their way around the features
quickly and effortlessly.
header height/tilt
manual control
reel up/down – fore/aft
unloading auger swing in/out
unloading auger on/off
machine Sync fore/aft control
activation of harvestSmart automatic speed
management function
Engine speed, electric park brake, gears. With ProDrive, switching between Mode 1 and 2 (such as fi eld/road)
road safety switch, hot keys for fold away
functions (grain tank, unloading auger, corn header)
Air compressor button
radio and bluetooth controls
full control in the palm of your hand
The ergonomic MasterControl lever provides remarkably smooth hydrostatic speed control and enables you to operate a host of other functions such as the in/out swing of the unloading auger, feederhouse
raise/lower, reel raise/lower and reel fore/aft, AutoTrac activation and the control of the 600X header. If the combine is equipped with MachineSync the tractor position can be changed back and forth with the buttons on the rear of the lever, too.
| 39
Greenstar 3 command centre
Even in its base version, the GreenStar 3 Command Centre Display enables numerous settings. This includes automatic basic machine settings, Interactive Combine Adjust (ICA), Harvest Monitor crop and moisture monitoring features, the harvest Smart feedrate control, autoTrac automatic steering or autoTrac
RowSense guidance for harvesting corn. It is possible to connect an external camera.
Header drive incl. reverser and threshing cylinder
header height control, hydraFlex
pressure control
adjustment of reel speed to driving
Hot buttons for all relevant cylinder, chaffer/sieve and chopper settings
Hot buttons for monitor menus on greenStar 3 2630 Display
Differential lock (on ProDrive), four-wheel drive speed (slow/fast); hvaC controls
Control buttons for HillMaster slope-driving system if equipped
beacon controls
40 |
Connected Combine.
Your technology advantage
John Deere is committed to setting new standards in connected
agriculture – because we believe that this offers tremendous
potential to boost productivity, save valuable time and lower costs.
We have identified the best technologies currently available on
the combine market and brought them together in a single highly
attractive package:
– AutoTrac automatic steering
– Connected customer support
– Connectivity to Operations Centre
– Interactive Combine Adjust
– FarmSight Service Package
Interactive Combine Adjust (ICA)
ICA enables you to boost the performance of your
combine, minimise losses and increase grain
and straw quality. And best of all, you can let
the system work on these goals simultaneously.
AutoTrac automatic steering system
AutoTac guidance reliably steers your combine
from day to night, through dusty or on hilly
terrain. This prevents costly overlaps or gaps and
enables every operator to harvest at peak
performance. You can expect up to 8* percent
input savings and up to 14** percent productivity
| 41
up to 14%
greater machine
Go to the Operations Centre to allocate exact
field locations for the the next harvesting
campaign, track the work progress of your
machines, easily assign work orders to your
operators, view yield and moisture maps
automatically sent from the field as well as
create, analyse and share harvest reports
with trusted advisors and customers.
Connected customer support
Leveraging the machine-to-office connectivity
your John Deere dealer can (with your permission)
maximise machine uptime through preventative
maintenance. For example, he can remotely check
machine health and identify potential issues
before they actually stop you from working. With
Remote Display Access you or your dealer have a
live connection from the office to the GreenStar
2630 on the combine to assist the operator with
machine setup and operation – without the need
to drive out to the field.
*From ‘Lohnunternehmen’ 1/2010
**From ‘Landtechnik’ 6/2006
42 |
aChieve more
WiTh leSS eFForT
autotrac: autoMatic steerinG for
Greater precision
With our satellite-based hands-free AutoTrac system, every pass matches the full cutting width
of your platform. This helps you reduce your input costs and boost your combine performance – even at night, in dusty conditions, on hillside
terrain and even after long hours of operation. The automatic steering relieves your operators
and allows them to concentrate on their yield. When working with multiple machines in a fi eld, the AutoTrac guidance lines can be shared from one machine to another so that all combines can harvest at the full cutting width. They can also be shared with the tractor or grain trailer operator so the machines can drive exactly
parallel to each other during unloading. Coverage map sharing visualises on the screen
where other combines have already been in the fi eld and you get a more accurate calculation of the total hectares harvested as you have full
visibility of all combines in the fi eld, the passes made, header width and area covered. autoTrac rowSense adds even more comfort
and productivity to corn harvest. It merges GPS based automatic steering and row guidance – leveraging row feelers on the header – to
increase harvesting speed. When row feeler information is not available, for example in down crop situations, the GPS signal takes over. autoMatic coMbine adJust (aca)
Standard on all models within the series,
Automatic Combine Adjust helps you effortlessly transition between crop types. By using standard John Deere values and retrieving data on your
current threshing and separating conditions,
it automatically adapts your machine to optimise
its performance. You can then use these proposed values or modify and save them for
later use. harvestsMart: always the riGht speed
The harvestSmart system automatically adapts
the speed of the combine to maximise capacity or minimise losses with the highest output. Sensors on the threshing cylinder, the engine
and the dedicated loss sensors control
the system with the goal of minimising losses
or maximising the throughput rate.
starfire 6000 receiver
accessing John Deere’s precision farming solutions starts with the new
StarFire 6000 Receiver. Capabilities include better signal stability for maximum uptime and new SF3 accuracy delivering in-season repeatability. That means for you: the receiver always keeps you on track whatever the
conditions are. And with the StarFire 6000 receiver you get repeatable results – no guidance line or boundary drift – throughout one season. Which adds even more precision and productivity. The StarFire 6000 receiver works seamlessly with all John Deere guidance
systems and all accuracy levels (SF1, SF3, Mobile and Radio RTK). | 43
up to 15% More
productivity with
interactive coMbine adJust*
top-of-the line precision
interactive coMbine adJust (ica)
The StarFire 6000 receiver truly enables precision productivity. you can choose from the following accuracy levels:
The Interactive Combine Adjust function lets you defi ne your own priorities (grain loss, grain damage, grain tank sample).
Also several optimization goals can be worked on at the same time (e.g. poor grain tank sample and high grain loss). ICA then suggests possible solutions which you can adjust or reject. All non-stop settings (cylinder speed, concave clearance, wind speed, chaffer and sieve settings) are automatically adjusted
once accepted until the optimum setting is found. – improved sf1 with 15 cm pass-to-pass accuracy, free of
– new sf3 enabling 3 cm pass-to-pass accuracy and
in.season-repeatability. – rtk with 2.5 cm pass-to-pass accuracy, featuring long-term
repeatability including 14 days RTK Extend if you lose line of sight. The ideal solution for Controlled Traffi c Farming.
all stop settings, for example, the setting of the feederhouse
front drum are also included to make sure the optimum
performance can be achieved. *according to Rademacher RKL 03/2015
44 |
Modern farming isn’t just managing a business – you are managing a complex enterprise.
That’s why maximising performance and productivity depends on being well connected.
The Operations Centre on MyJohnDeere.com makes things easy. it’s your central location
to connect to your fields, machines, operators and partners. Simply log-on from any
internet-capable device.
Basically, the John Deere Operations Centre fits
your farm into your pocket. On one central map,
you can get an overview of ongoing operations,
follow your machines during the day as well as
visualise and manage your fields and agronomic
data. Upload field boundaries, yield and moisture
maps from your GreenStar 2630 display. All
information is easily accessible and clearly arranged
on a map. From the Operations Centre, you can also
connect to your John Deere dealer or other trusted
business farmers to share data – harvest results
with your customers – for instance.
It all starts with machine-to-office connectivity.
With John Deere’s telematic system, JDLink, you
always know where your machines are, what and
how they’re doing. You basically have two options
delivering different levels of functionality. JDLink
Access includes machine location and performance
monitoring, e.g. fuel consumption and machine
utilisation tracking. Essential functionality is even
available for non CAN-Bus tracking enabled
John Deere as well as non-John Deere machines.
On top of that, JDLink Connect delivers Remote
Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer to enable
machine optimisation, remote operator support
and seamless transfer of agronomic data (e.g. field
boundaries, yield maps) in one package.
Seamless data management
Data on yield or moisture can either be uploaded
manually to the Operations Centre, leveraging
a USB device or automatically with Wireless Data
Transfer to enable seamless and error-free
documentation. For older, non-JDLink machines
there’s also the possibility to transmit data via
Mobile Data Transfer, utilising your smart phone.
Once the data is available in the Operations Centre
you can – given, that you didn’t have time for
weight calibrations during harvest – retrospectively
calibrate your data and print it out in the form of
a report.
In addition, the Operations Centre lets you prepare
set-up information for the upcoming harvesting
season to ensure error-free documentation.
The files can be sent wirelessly to your equipment
where the date will pre-populate on the Greenstar
2630 display.
| 45
MyJobs and MyLogistics Apps: Ultimate coordination for a 100%
optimised harvesting chain
With this new John Deere system there is NO need for paper, phone and
magnetic boards any more. Plan jobs ahead digitally. Remain flexible to
changing conditions. Drag and drop jobs in your office and in the field.
Drastically reduce the amount of phone calls and still avoid
All information is now in one work order. Your employee knows what to do
and has all the relevant information instantly available: Machine, customers,
fields, settings, guidance lines and more.
Always see the current job status of your fleet to be able to give precise time
Field navigation
Stop searching for the right way to the right field. Start your work
immediately. With one click you get an optimised route to the field or
the lead machine.
No detours as it respects road restrictions (e.g. width, height and weight).
Field boundaries, entry points, obstacles – it´s all there! Estimated time of
arrival for transport vehicles enables you to always make the best decision.
It includes field roads and fleet overview and also works offline.
46 |
Go Harvest
Premium Combine Simulator
This simulator was designed for dealers or large fleet
owners and contractors to be able to train operators
in a cost efficient way. It is commercially available
for customers and was rewarded at Agritechnica
with a silver medal. It features real cab controls and
a real-world operator environment and simulated field
conditions on HD-TVs. Instructions and tasks are
given on the TV screens in a gaming environment
with several levels. It starts at simple operation of
the main controls, goes over attaching front-end
equipment, harvesting under different conditions
and different crops, to unloading on-the-go or on
the headland. At the final level operators have to
optimise the combine and solve specific tasks such as
high losses or get a better grain tank sample. Scores
measure the progress of the trainee at each level.
The simulator offers off-season training in a safe
environment with clear benefits in timing, cost
and effectiveness. Result: A perfectly trained operator
at the start of the season from day one.
| 47
unloading on-the-go
The full automation of the combine unloading
operation is exclusively provided by John Deere.
Machine Sync enables the creation of a network of
combine operators and the logistic chain:
1. Control grain tank fill level
The grain trailer operator is able to see the location of
all the combines in the network, their direction of
travel and the grain tank fill level. Based upon this he
can effectively decide which combine to go to next.
2. Combine operator takes control of tractor speed
Once he arrives near the combine his tractor is
controlled by the combine via a click on the screen.
The tractor and grain trailer is kept in parallel to
the combine and the speed is synchronised with
the combine, too.
3. Combine operator steers tractor
The combine operator can control the forward
and side distance of the tractor relative to his
combine and can unload and fill the grain trailer
while keeping full focus on the harvesting operation.
There is less risk for damage or grain spillage and
less traffic soil compaction on the field.
48 |
your John Deere Dealer –
“It’s tough out there during the harvest
season because time is money. Your
certified combine dealers are there to
make sure your harvest runs smoothly –
whatever it takes.”
| 49
A certified partner
is always there for you
To guarantee you always benefit from a first-class harvesting service,
before, during and after harvest, our dealers pass a rigorous certification
programme. Please challenge us – we are prepared!
Simply ask your certified John Deere partner about the following services:
Your Harvesting Partner takes advantage of the John Deere dedicated overnight parts delivery
system day in, day out and can provide more than 97% of all required parts within 24 hours to keep
you moving.
Your dealer keeps you harvesting during those long harvesting days and provides a back-up
machine if service work is required.
Certified dealers have full-time harvesting experts in place on the sales and service side to help
you find the right model and specification required for your operation and are available during
extended opening hours in season through dedicated hotlines. Factory trained experts set up
your combine prior to the season and visit you in the season to make sure your machine is always
running at the optimum performance level.
Certified dealers deliver professional operator training carried out by factory trained experts.
This training is offered year after year to refresh the knowledge season-by-season.
Certified service specialists check your machine on over 180 points. They provide you with
pre-season expertise to ensure your combine is ready for the next season.
Check out www.machinefinder.co.uk for our Premium Inspected Used Combines. All Premium
Inspected combines have received the Expert Check. All necessary repairs are executed using
original John Deere Quality parts to ensure your harvesting success.
*Available at participating dealerships
50 |
The initial purchase price of a combine is only one element in calculating the profitability of
an investment into a new combine. To get the full picture the running costs over the whole
lifetime have to be considered. And here the S-Series has clear advantages.
The S-Series design features a single rotor concept
with a low amount of moving components.
The crop-engaging wear parts are designed to last.
Tested and proven on a large scale worldwide on
small grain farm operations as well as in the
abrasive conditions of rice or soybean harvest or
wet and dry corn conditions, the S-Series concept
earned its reputation for reliability.
The single rotor design features less drives, belts,
chains and bearings as well as less grease points
compared to other concepts. The superior access
to the rotor at the heart of the combine ensures
maintenance is easy and convenient - a prerequisite
to make sure it is done properly. No daily grease
points and in general long maintenance intervals,
keep you in the field and reduce maintenance times
and costs.
S-Series combine owners can benefit from more
than 32% cost advantage on drive train parts.
A straight forward drive concept with a low amount
of belts and chains keeps your costs at a minimum.
In addition, genuine belts feature a special rubber
mix with aramid cords that have been designed for
heavy duty loads for the best performance.
Quantity of drive train parts
Number of Grease points
Number of Grease points
Number Drive Train Parts
John Deere¹
Competitor 1²
John Deere³
Competitor 2⁴
200 400 10
John Deere¹
100 500
Competitor 1²
200 400
John Deere³
100 500
Competitor 2⁴
According to competitive benchmarking done with comparable Stage IIB machines
¹Operators Manual John Deere S690 ²Operators Manual Claas
³Operators Manual John Deere S670 ⁴Operators Manual New Holland
| 51
help with your
combine harvester settings
in seconds
JDParts.com Online Parts Catalogue
All our parts catalogues are digitalised and
always up to date. You can look up parts using
the cut-away pictures or via part number search
and order online for collection at your dealership.
If you order prior to the daily deadline the part is
available overnight. Our dealers stock the most
important harvesting parts themselves, have
visibility to parts in all other dealerships
world-wide or get delivery overnight from
our central stock in Bruchsal, Germany.
EXPERT Check – The John Deere after-harvest
Maintenance and Extended Warranty
Your certified service technician will check over
180 check points on your combine during winter
to maximise uptime during the next season and
boost your machine’s resale value.
PowerGard Maintenance contracts include
the standard servicing and scheduled replacement
by your John Deere dealer of parts, using genuine
components, lubricants and coolants without
additional warranty.
PowerGard Protection also provides warranty
coverage of repairs on all engine, transmission
and frame components up to 5 years / 2000 hours.
PowerGard Protection Plus covers engine
auxiliaries, electrical components, steering
and brakes, hydraulics and the operator’s
station on top of other programmes.
52 |
Service and maintenance
made easy
The S-Series doesn’t just save you time in the field and on the road –
but also on maintenance and cleaning. To make these tasks as simple
and quick as possible, we always kept the operator in mind during
the design process:
–– No daily lubrication points
–– Easy access to the rotor, engine and cooling package are just few examples
–– A new air compressor with a 60 L reservoir and two connections, a 10 m hose
and accessories so your machine can be cleaned comfortably
Short conversion times between Corn and small grain
–– Changing the sieves just takes few minutes, adding de-awning plates to the rotor
is easy thanks to the good access.
–– The cover plate for the grain tank cross augers can be adjusted without any tools.
–– Converting from barley to rapeseed with the new S-Series and the 600X header
takes less than 5 minutes.
Turn night into day
The S-Series comes fitted with 10 lights in the front as standard – with the option of
adding two extra lights for wider headers. A LED and service light package for lights
on all key maintenance points round off our lighting packages.
| 53
in 0:00 Minutes
operator package included
up to 1250 litre fuel tank
Goharvest app
Every combine operator will receive clothing and merchandising from his dealer as well as a fully
equipped toolbox. The large, up to 1250 litre fuel tank, as well as
the adblue and hydraulic tank is within easy reach from the rear platform.
The GoHarvest App, available for free for your smartphone, will suggest initial settings for
specifi c crop types. This includes photos and videos of important settings around the machine. in the notes section you can write down your
individual settings found in specifi c conditions for future use.
54 |
oPTimum PerFormanCe
In order to bring your machine to the next level of performance and comfort we
offer several attachments to upgrade your machine if not equipped ex-factory.
A small selection can be found on the next page, but there are far more. Just ask
your John Deere dealer.
premium Maize elements (cz4)
tailings cover
Cab integrated printer attachment for the printing of harvesting results.
The CZ4 chaffer is especially for maize harvest. The special tooth design (bend) will minimise the risk of blocking and ensure optimum cleaning shoe performance. The tailings cover is recommended for working in
wet maize and CCm to prevent overload of the
tailings system.
| 55
Camera System
Additional Grain Tank Sensor
Rotary screen brush kits
The John Deere Video Camera System lets you
observe your daily work and enables you to
operate more efficiently. You can connect up to
three cameras on your GreenStar 2630 display.
The fast and easy way to let you know when your
combine`s grain tank is full when harvesting on
Help keep your engine from overheating during
harvest. This brush kit keeps the rotary screen
clear of build-up and minimises blocking.
56 |
John Deere PowerTech PSS Engine, 6 Cylinder, twin turbo charger with fully automatic EGR and SCR technology
Emission Level
Displacement (l)
Rated speed
Stage IV
Stage IV
Stage IV
Stage IV
Stage IV
Rated power ECE R120 (KW/hp/PS)
Max Power ECE R120 (KW/hp/PS)
incl. w/ ProDrive
Boost (kW/hp/PS)
Engine Speed Management
Fuel tank capacity, base/option (l)
DEF tank capacity (l)
54.9 (29 L when 750 L diesel tank is chosen)
Air Compressor
Conveyor chains regular feederhouse
Conveyor chains HM feederhouse
Not available
Slip Clutch
1200NM forward / 1400NM reverse
Header reverser
Mechanical reverser
Feederhouse Speed, m/sec (fix speed)
3.4 (26 tooth sprocket)
Cutting angle adjustment, °
Threshing & Separation
TriStream rotor with fixed crop flow
(not on HM)
Variable Stream rotor with long front cone, rear
cone, actively adjustable crop flow in separator
210-550 / 380-1,000
210-550 / 380-1,000
210-550 / 380-1,000
210-550 / 380-1,000
210-550 / 380-1,000
Rotor length (mm)
Rotor diameter (mm)
Shiftable rotor speed ranges, corn/small grain
Threshing area (m²)
Rotor separation area (m²)
Discharge beater grate separation area, premium
residue/deluxe + intermediate residue (m²)
DynaFlo Plus cleaning system with auger type preparation system front chaffer, chaffer and sieve
# of conveying augers
Active tailings reuturn
Single range fan drive (RPM)
Not available
Pre-Chaffer (m²)
Chaffer (m²)
Sieve (m²)
TOTAL cleaning Shoe area (m²)
Active Terrain Adjustment
Electric Sieve adjustment
| 57
(10,600 for HM)
(10,600 for HM)
(10,600 for HM)
Grain Tank
Volume acc. ANSI/ASAE S312 norm (L)
Unloading auger swing range (deg.)
Standard unloading system at peak performance (L/sec)
135 (120 for HM)
135 (120 for HM)
135 (120 for HM)
Deluxe Residue – Manual adjustable Vane Tailboard
Fine Cut Chopper (44 knives), Integrated Chaff Spreader
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Deluxe Residue – In-cab electrically adjustable
Vane Tailboard
Fine Cut Chopper (44 knives), Integrated Chaff Spreader
Not available
Not available
Not available
Deluxe Residue – In-cab operator controlled PowerCast
Powered Tailboard with wind compensation
Fine Cut Chopper (44 knives), Integrated Chaff Spreader
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Not available
Intermediate Residue – In-cab operator controlled
Electric Vane Tailboard
Extra Fine Cut Chopper (100 knives), Integrated Chaff
Not available
Intermediate Residue – Advanced PowerCast powered
tailboard with In-cab operator controlled wind
Extra Fine Cut Chopper (100 knives), Integrated Chaff
Not available
Premium Residue – In-cab operator controlled Electric
Vane Tailboard
Extra Fine Cut Chopper (100 knives), Integrated Chaff
Spreader, Remote chop to drop door
Not available
Premium Residue – Advanced PowerCast powered
tailboard with In-cab operator controlled wind
Extra Fine Cut Chopper (100 knives), Integrated Chaff
Spreader, Remote chop to drop door
Not available
Residue Management
Side-Hill Systems
HillMaster (inclines up to 15%)
Side Hill Kit (for non HM machines)
Ground drive
Electrical Push Button Shift 3-Speed Transmission
ProDrive Stepless Transmission
Not available
Not available
Speed with wheels (km/h)
(depending on country & homologation)
Speed with tracks (km/h)
(depending on country & homologation)
John Deere 600DT Deluxe Tracks
58 |
Transport width
With 600DT Deluxe Tracks [m]
VF710/70R42 R42 [m]
IF800/70R38 [m]
IF900/60R38 [m]
Maximum Shipping height with tyres [m]
Shipping length (with 6.9 m folding unloading
auger) [m]
Integrated Technology
HarvestMon Moisture Sensing
HarvestDoc Yield Documentation
HarvestSmart Automatic Forward Speed
AutoTrac Guidance
Guidance Signal Availability
AutoTrac Row Sense Guidance for corn headers
Automatic Combine Adjustment
Interactive Combine Adjustment
Remote Display Access
Wireless Data Transfer
Data Analysis
Available via MyJohnDeere.com
myJob Apps
Available via App
Machine Sync
Operator Seat
Leather Package
Air suspension seat with swivel and fore-aft and lateral attenuation
Optional leather steering wheel, instructor seat, heated / air ventilated operator seat
Passenger Seat
7’ GreenStar CommandCenter 3 Touchscreen
10’ GreenStar 2630 Touchscreen Display
Optional (up to 4)
Active Refridgerator
Automatic Air Conditioning and Heating
| 59
Unloading auger compatibility
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Scenario 3
Auger Length [m]
5.6 m
620R/ 620 PremiumFlow/ 620F
6.9 m*
7.9 m*
8.7 m
Depending on windrow cutting width
Run on windrow
Scenario 3
Scenario 3
Scenario 3
622R/ 622X/ 622 PremiumFlow/ 622F
Scenario 1
Run on windrow
Scenario 3
Scenario 3
625R/ 625X/ 625 PremiumFlow/ 625D/ 625F
Szenario 1
Run on windrow
Run on windrow
Scenario 3
630R/ 630X/ 630 PremiumFlow/ 630D/ 630F
Szenario 2
Run on windrow
Scenario 1
Run on windrow
635R/ 635X/ 635 PremiumFlow/ 635D/ 635F
Not compatible
Scenario 2
Run on windrow
Run on windrow
640X/ 640 PremiumFlow/ 640D
Not compatible
Very close to FEE
Scenario 2
Scenario 2
*Available as folding unloading auger and rigid unloading auger
nothing runs like a deere
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