Curtis MPK7836 User's Manual

Curtis MPK7836 User's Manual
User Manual-MPK7836
Before using this product,initial touch screen adjustment is required.
● Press “Settings” option on the main menu,enter into submenu.
● Press “System” option on the submenu and choose “Touch Calibraton”,touch the cross
center for three times.
For your safety
Read the manual carefully to ensure proper use of the player and to avoid any danger or physical
Product Use
Improper use can result in explosion, fire or electric shock.
z Do not disassemble, repair or modify this player on your own.
z Do not get the play wet or drop it in water.
z Do not place the player in damp, dusty or sooty areas, as it could result in fire or electric shock.
z Do not leave the player in areas above 35℃ ( such as a sauna or inside a parked car )
To avoid your hearing damage
z Avoid using your player at high volume levels, as it may result in permanent hearing damage. If
you experience ringing in your ears while using the earphone, remove the earphone immediately
and lower the volume.
To avoid a risk of traffic accident
z Do not use the earphones when you driving a bicycle, automobile or motorcycle.
z Take care not to tangle the earphone cable around your arms or neighboring objects while driving,
working out or walking, as it result in a car accident or other injuries.
Avoid malfunction
z Do not cause excessive impact on the player by dropping it. Do not place heavy objects on top of
the player.
z Prevent any foreign particles or dust from entering into the player.
z Always use the accessories provided by or approved by your supplier.
z Do not spray water on the player. Never clean the player with chemical substances such as
benzene or thinner, as it may cause fire, electronic shock or deteriorate the surface.
z Do not place the player near magnetic objects, as it may cause a malfunction.
Chapter 1. Basic Information
Products features
Button Functions
Charging the Battery
Basic Use
Chapter 2. Multimedia Function
Listening to Music
Playing Video
FM Radio
Photo Viewing
Reading Text
Voice Recording
Chapter 3. Settings
FM Radio
Auto Play
Power Off Time
Default Set
Chapter 4. Troubleshooting
Chapter 5. Appendix
Products Specifications
Converting Video Files
Button Definition
Charger (USA Plug)
Input :110V-240V
Chapter 1. Basic Information
Products features
z Display: 2.8-inch TFT screens with touch panel function.
z Operation interface: Friendly operation interface, easy for operation.
z Memory: Built–in flash memory
z Card slot: Micro-SD card slot to expand memory.
z Speaker: A high quality speaker.
z FM: FM stereo radio.
z Interface: USB2.0 .
z Language: Multi-languages.
z Audio: MP3, WMA , APE , FLAC format files, etc.
z Video: AVI format files.
z Photo: JPEG format files.
z Game: RKP format files.
Button Functions
1) ON/OFF/HOLD : Power on / off,push the buttons in three seconds.Lock the buttons, unlock the
2) + / - : Increase volume; Decrease volume.
3) M : Enter / Exit
4) Reset: System Reset
Charging the Battery:
Fully charge the rechargeable battery before using the player for the first time or when it has not been
used for a while.
Method of charging on the player by USB port on your PC.
Connect the USB cable to the USB port on your PC; It takes about 4 hours for the player to fully
Usage of the Battery:
z Recharge and store the battery within the temperature range of -5℃ ~ 35℃
z Do not over charge ( Longer than 12 hours ). Excessive charging or discharging may shorten the
battery’s life.
z Battery life naturally shorten slowly over time.
Basic Use
Switch On & Off the player
Turning the electric system ON:
Push the ON/OFF for 3 seconds, the player is turned on.
Turning the power OFF:
Push the ON/OFF for 3 seconds again, the player is turned off.
Note:Power is automatically turned off when none of the buttons have been pressed for a preset
period of time.
Chapter 2. Multimedia Function
Listening to Music
1. Play a music file:
a) Power on and move to the main menu.
b) Press
to select <Music>,The player automatically plays the first song.
Play your select file: In music playing status, Press
( or
) to select a file.
long press for the fast forward (or fast Backward) of the current Music
c) Press the button + to increase volume; Press the button - to decrease volume.
2. A-B repeat:
a) When you play the music, push the button ON/OFF to enter the A-B repeat mode. The
player records this position as A point.
b) Push the button ON/OFF again,the player records this position as B point. Then the
player starts repeat from A to B.
c) Exit A-B repeat mode: Once more to push the button ON/OFF to exit.
3. To Pause
while the music is playing, the music playback will be paused.
4. Music Setup : Press
to select EQ and play mode
5. Main menu: Press
to Exit to main menu
6.Backward: Press
to Exit to upper level
7.Disappear icon: Press
the operation icon will disappear, touch the screen the operation
icon will appear.
8.Close speaker: Press
to close speaker the appear
Playing Video
( all video files need to be change into the mp4 avi format using avi convertor)
1.Power on and move to the main menu.
to select < Video >. Enter flash memory,enter selected a Video. The Player plays the
( or
) to select a video file long press for the fast forward (or fast Backward)
of the current video
Note: The player can only play AVI format files, for other kinds of video files, you have to convert them
into AVI format files by converting tooling.
FM Radio
1.Power on and move to the main menu.
to select < FM >
3. Press
to select an item in (Manual), (Preset), (mem) , (Del) and (Auto)
a) Manual: press the
( or
), you can search the station manually.
b) Preset : Press the
( or
) to select Saved function,
c) mem: Save FM Channels
d) Del: Delete FM Channels
e) Auto: The player will automatically scan for FM channels
4 .Press
to enter recording
Photo Viewing
1.Power on and move to the main menu.
2. Press
to select < Photo >,enter flash memory ,enter selected
The player plays the Photo
( or
) to select forward and backward.
4.Play Set: Press
to select play time
to return to the main menu.
Reading Text
( The player can only display TXT format files )
pictures. Press
1. Download the TXT format files: Connect the player to the computer by USB cable, choose the
files you need, save the file as TXT format to the player.
2. Power on and move to the main menu.
3. Press
to select <Text >, enter selected file..
a) Press
( or
) to begin reading.
b) Press
to save BookMark or Load BookMark.
c) Press
to return to the main menu.
d) Play Set: Press
to select play time
Voice Recording
1. Power on and move to the main menu.
2. Press
to select < Record > Enter the < Record>..Press
3. In recording status, press
to pause the recording.
4. In pause status, press
again to continue the recording.
5 .Press
to save recording and exit.
to start recording.
(Using Navigation menu you can play any file type on one screen.)
1. Move to the main menu.
2. Press
to enter submenu and select a file you want.
Move to the main menu.
to select <Game>
select a game
Button Functions
To exit the game mode, do as follows:
Under the browsing mode, long press “M” to return to main Menu
• When playing the game:
Push “ON/OFF/HOLD” button to pause the game. Select “QUIT” using the “+”/”-“ button
and push “ON/OFF/HOLD” again to quit the game. In the ensuing screen, long press
“M” to return to browsing mode. Repeat the operation to return to main menu.
The player can only support the game named "Pirates of the Caribbean"in .RKP format
created by Rockchip. The game files must go into a folder called “Game” on your
Chapter 3. Settings
(Menu Adjustment Setting for MP4 player)
1. Music:
a) Repeat mode
1) All repeat repeatedly play all the songs
2) Intro play all the songs of the songs of the first 10 seconds in the current folder
b) Play mode
1) Order
2) Shuffle
c) EQ Select
1) Normal
2) 3D
3) Rock
4) Pop
5) Classic
6) Bass
7) Jazz
8) User EQ
d) User EQ Set
2. Radio:
a) Stereo switch
b) FM Region
The player supports 2 bands: The band in 76MHz~90MHz is for Japan, the band in
87MHz~108MHz is for other countries in the world.
If you change the band setting, the player will delete your previous presets.
1) China ( 87MHz~108MHz )
2) Europe ( 87MHz~108MHz )
3) Japan ( 76MHz~90MHz )
4) U.S.A ( 87MHz~108MHz )
3. Record:
a) REC quality
High Quality
Normal Quality
b) REC Volume
+1 ( low )
+3 ( middle )
+5 ( high )
4. Display:
a)BLight time:
5 seconds
10 seconds
15 seconds
20 seconds
30 seconds
Always on
b) Lum:
1 (dark)
3 (middle)
5 (bright)
c) BLight Mode:
Power save
5. Auto Play
(select play time)
(select play time)
6. System:
Language selection.
Products Information
Touch screen adjustment.
7. Power Off:
10 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
60 minutes
120 minutes
8. Default :
In this menu,eject out the dialog box,confirm whether to resume the defaulted value,select
“YES” or “No”
9. Upgrade.
Chapter 4. Troubleshooting
If you experience problems with the MP4 player, please check the following.
Fail to turn on
Check Points & Troubleshooting
- Power will not turn off if the battery is fully discharged. Recharge the
battery and turn the power on again.
- Press the Reset Button
Buttons do not work
- Check if you press the right button, then press again.
- Press the Reset Button
Screen display is blank
- If <Power save> is selected from <Setting> / <Display> the LCD will be
turn off. Press any button to turn on the LCD or check the Display
- The screen may not be visible under direct sunlight.
Power is turning off all the
- Check the battery status.
- The power is automatically turned off when the battery is fully
discharged. Recharge the battery.
Battery life is inconsistent
- The battery time may vary, depending on the sound mode, display
setting and what files you are playing
- The battery life may be shortened when left for extended periods in low
or high temperatures.
AVI Converter fail to install
- Please check if your PC requirements are met.
PC fail to detect
-Please <Start> on the toolbar of your PC to run Windows update. Select
Key Updates and Service Packs, and then update all. Reboot your PC
and reconnect.
- Check if the USB cable is securely connected. Reconnect if necessary
Cannot play files
- Check if the available file has been saved in the memory.
- Check if the media file is not damaged or not compatible.
- Check if there is enough battery power.
File fail to upload
- Check if the USB cable is securely connected. Reconnect if necessary
- Check if the memory is full.
- Press the Reset Button.
Files or data are missing
- Check if the USB cable has been disconnected during the file or data
transmission. If this is the case, it may cause serious damage not only
to file/data but also to the player. You have to be extra careful as we
are not responsible for data loss.
Abnormal display of file
name.(Different language
- Move to <System> / <Language> in the Manual screen and set an
appropriate language.
The player is very warm
- Heat may be generated during recharging. This has no effect on the
player life or functions.
Chapter 5. Appendix
Products Specifications
2.8 inch, TFT screen with touch panel function
Power Supply
Built-in 3.7V Li-polymer rechargeable battery
Built-in flash memory (512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB )
Earphone Output
(L) 10mW + (R) 10mW (32Ω)
Output Frequency Range
FM Frequency
87MHz ~ 108MHz
Audio format
MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC etc.
Video format
AVI (XVID) " AVI converted by AVI converter"
Picture format
Game format
Data Transmission Speed
High speed USB2.0
Temperature Range for operation
-5℃ ~ 35℃
English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
Operation System
Windows98/SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA、Mac OS 10、Linux 2.4.2
76 MHz ~ 90MHz
- The contents of this Manual are subject to change without prior notice for further improvement.
Converting Video Files
All files need to be change into the mp4 avi format using avi convertor
1. Install the converting tool
a) Insert the allocation CD dirve in the CD-ROM of your PC.
b) Run the "AVI Converter Setup.exe" program: Enter the install menu, click on the "NEXT"
button, it will appear the figure as follows:
c) Choose the route of installation, and then click on the "Install" button, until the end of the
d) At the end of the installation, click on the "Finish" button to finish the installation.
2. Converting other format files to AVI format ones.
( all video files need to be change into the mp4 avi format using avi convertor)
a) Click and run the "AVI Converter.exe" program, choose the video file which need to be
converted and also choose the route of the result. Picture as follows:
b) Choose and setup the parameter of the file ( video format: 320*240 ), and then click on the
"Start" button, to convert the "AVI" file.
c) The player may play the video which is saved in the player when it finish the conversion.
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