D-Link | DKVM-16 | User's Manual | D-Link DKVM-16 User's Manual

Each DKVM-16 port is controlled by a dedicated microprocessor that intelligently manages
port traffic and allows simultaneous boot-ups
for all attached PCs. This ensures accurate
mouse and keyboard detection for a seamless
user experience.
Daisy Chain Ports
The DKVM-16 features a daisy chain port for
cascading up to 8-server computers, allowing
you to connect and control up to 128 computers,
protecting your investment and giving you
flexibility in upgrading and adding to your
Quick Switching and
Computer Access
The DKVM-16 gives you three options to
access your computer: keyboard hot keys,
front-panel push buttons and on-screen display.
Switch quickly among your computers at the
touch of a button. The front panel display
provides at-a-glance feedback on PC status.
Operating System
The DKVM-16 is compatible with virtually any
operating system including DOS, Win3.X,
Win95/98/98SE/2000/ME, WinNT, Netware,
Unix, Linux, making it easy to integrate into
your existing network infrastructure.
On-Screen Display
The on-screen display menu is intuitive and
easy to use, allowing you to name each PC,
switch between your PCs, enable auto-scan,
and set up password protection for accessing
your PCs.
Product Information
Part No: DKVM-16
Description: 16-Port
Rackmountable KVM Switch
UPC: 790069-255052
D-Link Systems, Inc.
TEL: (877) 45D-LINK
Package Contents:
DKVM-16 KVM Switch
AC Power Adapter
Three KVM Cable sets
Rackmount Kit
Serial to PS/2 Mouse Converter
AT to PS/2 Keyboard Converter
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