System Requirements CT 2016
RacerMate System Requirements & Setup Notes
RacerMate One & Real Course Videos
Processor: Intel or AMD Dual and Quad-core processors preferred.
System Memory: preferred minimum 2GB on Vista, 4GB on Windows® -7/8/10
Operating System: Windows® Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (XP is no longer supported after March 2014)
Data Communication: One USB Port per trainer to allow using supplied FTDI USB-to-Serial adapter.
Video Display Device: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 256MB dedicated Display memory or higher.
Note: 3D Cycling with more than one pacer may require 512MB dedicated video memory, or higher.
· CD-ROM drive*: needed for application software installation purposes only.
· DVD-ROM drive*: needed for optional Interactive Real Course Videos, purchased separately.
* Transfer of software or Videos to USB pocket drive can be used if computer lacks CD or DVD-ROM drive. Will
require a different computer capable to perform transfer. RacerMate One installation is available on-line.
Optional Requirements:
· Internet Connection may be necessary for downloading software updates, more courses, ranking etc.
RacerMate One and Real Course Video require an Internet connection for registration purposes. Methods
to register using remote computer are available if the trainer computer is not connected to the Internet.
· Displaying race graphics on multiple or larger screens is an optional function of the computer and/or video
card. If your plan is for large screen displays, consult your computer documentation or a local computer
technician for assistance. RacerMate does not provide support for this option.
Common issues & Video Card Recommendations
What you may encounter with any software installation ultimately depends on your PC and your skill-set.
Historically the greatest issues with “gaming” software (the foundation of RacerMate software) will be video card
related. If you are computer savvy, the following information may help you. If your computer skills are limited,
supply this document to your computer technician to help them setup your system.
Video Card Specifications
RacerMate does not currently recommend a particular video card, though ATI/AMD ( and nVidia
( video cards are highest rated for anyone who wants to install a new video card or are purchasing a
new computer. Intel video cards are part of the ‘bundle of chips’ found on a computer and are always “on-board”
video cards - even if you are buying a desktop computer. As technology improves you have a reasonable chance with
the Intel chip working OK with gaming graphics, but most reports having to do with graphic problems have Intel video
cards. If you are buying a laptop or computer, go for a nVidia or AMD video card upgrade. You’ll pay slightly more
for the computer, but it will be worth it due to better support and performance.
No matter the choice our highest recommendation is to make sure the card you purchase today is well supported by the
manufacturer with current driver updates. If a replacement video card is needed because driver support for yours
ceased years ago, purchase a card from a reputable maker who has a history of good support for their product.
Do I have to change my current video card? – If you have a laptop you’re pretty much locked in. If your current
desktop video card meets our minimum system requirements as shown above, and drivers are reasonably current, it
will most likely run our software. Oddities in software graphics are almost always due to drivers. As such you should
ALWAYS look to the video card manufacturer for newer video drivers (or even the last driver update they provided)
before calling for service or before replacing the video card. Newer drivers are not always better, so sometimes you’ll
find “rolling back” to an earlier driver will solve graphic problems.
Part # R982-182-00
Setup notes:
The following notes will assist any computer savvy user or technician in setting up the computer for use with your trainer.
1. Installing the USB Adapter - The USB adapter supplied by RacerMate was designed to eliminate any potential for
other devices to use it. The driver should install when you plug it into any new computer and should show up as a real
serial port device in Windows® Device Manager - Ports section as a USB-to-Serial adapter. The port address
(COM_X) it is assigned by Windows® and will be used in the various software applications supplied with your trainer.
If for some reason the driver does not automatically install, you can download the driver for the RacerMate USB
adapter at the following site:
Go to their Drivers page link and look for VCP (Virtual Com Port) drivers for your operating system.
2. Power Management Settings and Screen Savers - All current RacerMate software will override screen saver and
power management settings, but in rare cases and with older software the power management setting may need to be
adjusted by the end-user to eliminate the potential of the computer trying to go to sleep due to inactivity. Power
Management settings are found within the Screen Saver utility and should be extended longer than your longest
expected ride duration.
3. DirectX, C++ redistributables, Xvid, etc. - We may use 3rd-party support tools when developing software. The
application needing them will typically ask to install these when you are installing that application. In some cases
Windows® will already have these installed or ready to install. If you launch software and see an error claiming “can’t
find” some file, you can usually look on the installation disc, Microsoft web site, or our web site for these drivers.
4. Of PC’s, Video Cards and Updates - It is no secret that a new computer is already out of date not long after it is
purchased. Many opt to use their old computers with the trainer and buy a new one for the home. Knowing this,
RacerMate has always attempted to write software to run satisfactorily on what would be considered today as “older
technology” computers, but there is still a limit how far back you can go. Video graphics will be the first “tell” of
having problems, so if you encounter graphic issues when running our programs, and the latest video drivers (or a rollback to earlier drivers) do not fix them, it will mean an update to the video card or computer is in your future.
5. For the latest information - Check our web site and forum, both of which can be found at
Common Q&A:
I cannot start my ride from my controller! I can ride in the calibration screen, but trainer isn’t working with the
other programs On the race staging screen (where you select the course you want to ride), there is a Rider Setup in the top left of the
screen. You do not have your rider on the same line as the location of your trainer. Press Edit/Setup next to Rider and
select (presumably) Position 1 to set your rider profile to that spot.
I get a message saying No Hardware Found when I launch the software.
This is usually the USB adapter driver not being installed or a faulty cable to the computer from the trainer. First see
the note above about Installing the USB adapter, but you can also email for further advice.
I’m trying to register my RacerMate One software and it is complaining is some way.
The software CD-Key can be installed two times on two computers. If you try a third computer install it will complain.
If you registered before and do not use the same email and password as before, or use a CD-key registered by some
other user - the registration tool will also complain. For any of these contact providing the
CD-Key and we will work with you to resolve the issue.
For help with other issues, go to and go to Support - Help Center & FAQ
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