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Congratulations on your purchase of SOULMATE – a unique pedal board that brings
5 of our classic boutique pedals together in a single, easy to carry and use package.
SOULMATE gives you an overdrive, a distortion box, a delay, a reverb pedal and a
boost – plus expansion options – and then lets you control, combine and store a
whole repertoire of personalized guitar sounds.
SOULMATE probably packs more sonic value into a single package than any other
board on the market. And the better you get to know it, the more it will give you in
This manual will familiarize you with all of SOULMATE’s great features and controls.
Be sure to look through it before getting started with your board.
Your SOULMATE board contains 5 separate effects, all turned on and off using the
numbered footswitches on the board. From left to right, the effects are:
OVERDRIVE – A creamy overdrive pedal wit h 4 controls. The OVERDRIVE knob
controls the amount of overdrive, while the BLEND knob lets you mix clean tone in
with your overdrive. The TONE knob lets you adjust your tone, and LEVEL controls the
effect’s overall volume.
DISTORTION – DISTORTION is heavier or “fuzzier” than OVERDRIVE, but the controls
are similar. DISTORTION controls the amount of distorted sound, TONE lets you adjust
your tone, and LEVEL controls the effect’s overall volume. Instead of the OVERDRIVE’s
BLEND knob, DISTORTION gives you a PRESENCE control that can add an nice highend bite to your sound.
DELAY – A beautiful sounding “echo” effect, DELAY gives you everything from a rockabilly slap-back to a space rock freak-out, plus a great CHORUS effect. The DELAY knob
controls the strength of the “echo”, while FEEDBACK determines how many repetitions
you get. The TIME knob controls how fast the repeats come, and CHORUS adds a gorgeous lilt to your delay repetitions, while keeping your initial attack clean.
In the right-hand section of your SOULMATE board, the TAP/TUNE footswitch is also
part of your DELAY effect. TAP to the rhythm of the song you’re playing, and your
DELAY’s TIME setting will sync with the beat.
REVERB – REVERB gives you that live sound you normally only get playing in a larger
room. The REVERB knob controls the volume of your reverberations, DECAY controls
how long they last, and TONE controls their overall tone. The MODE knob helps you
get started by selecting a choice of 4 basic “room type” settings.
BOOST – To give you a shot of extra volume when you need it, the adjustable BOOST
effect delivers from 0 to 14dBs of extra volume. By adjusting the BOOST knob on the
back of the unit, you can preset the amount of boost you’d like the pedal to deliver.
In the right-hand section of your SOULMATE board, you’ll find some additional controls. The first of these (in the top left of this section of the board) is the TAP/TUNE
As described under DELAY, the TAP/TUNE footswitch is where you tap along if you
want to match your delay time to the beat of the song you’re playing.
But, if you hold the footswitch down, your SOULMATE enters TUNER mode. In this
mode, the board is muted and the TUNER at the top of right of the pedal is activated.
To exit tuning mode, hit any button.
Your SOULMATE board has two operating modes—Live and Preset. You can toggle
between them using the LIVE/SAVE footswitch.
In LIVE MODE (red light on), you can turn your 5 pedals on and off independently as 5
separate pedals. Each pedal has its own footswitch (1–5) and ON/OFF light.
In PRESTE MODE, your SOULMATE lets you program and save up to 10 preset combinations of effects in 2 preset banks (5 in the “red” bank and 5 in the “green”). This is
done using the LIVE/SAVE, BANK and 1–5 footswitches.
Programing and using presets
To program a preset, hit the LIVE/SAVE footswitch to enter Preset mode (red light
off ). Now toggle the BANK footswitch to select the bank (red or green) you’d like to
store your first preset under. Let’s try the “green” bank, which gives you access to your
first 5 presets.
Now hit one of the numbered footswitches—let’s say footswitch 1—to start programming your first pr eset. The light next to the footswitch will come on, and you are
ready to select and save the effects for Preset 1.
Note that footswitch 1 no longer turns on your first pedal (OVERDRIVE), but only
selects the preset you will program.
To select and save the effects you’d like to combine under Preset 1, hold down the
LIVE/SAVE footswitch for 2 seconds (until the light blinks). Then use footswitches 1–5
to choose the pedals want to combine. You can see which pedals are on by the ON/
OFF light next to each pedal.
Note that, with SAVE enabled, your footswitches stop selecting presets and go back to
turning pedals on and off—the pedals you will store in your preset.
To complete the save, simply hit the LIVE/SAVE footswitch again, and you will return
to Preset mode with your first preset programed. To program all 10 presets, repeat the
process for the remaining 4 “green” presets and the 5 “red” ones.
Hooking your guitar and amp up to SOULMATE is easy. Just plug your guitar into the
INPUT jack and your amp into the left OUTPUT jack. Use the stereo OUTPUT jacks if
you want stereo output, for instance in the studio.
SOULMATE also comes with LOOP SEND and RETURN jacks that let you expand your
board with other pedals. The LOOP point is optimally positioned between the DISTORTION and the DELAY in SOULMATE’s chain of effects.
Input Impedance @ 1KHz
Output Impedance @ 1KHz
Power supply
Higher than 1M Ohm
Lower than 1K Ohm
12V DC
Minimum Power supply Voltage
11,5V DC
Maximum Power supply Voltage
12,5V DC
Current Draw @ 12V DC
Maximum input signal Vp/p
External Power supply included
External connectors
Pedal size incl. knobs (WxHxD)
excl. power supply and packaging
T-Rex offers a 2-year warranty on all our products. In the unlikely event of a
malfunction, please contact our technical support at [email protected]
before sending us the product for repair. Read more about warranty conditions at www.t-rex-effects.com/service
Based in Vejle, Denmark, T-Rex Engineering makes classic and signature effects pedals for the world’s best musicians. Our approach blends hi-tech innovation with old-world craftsmanship – always in the service of killer tone.
12V DC minimum
500mA Center negative
Input Jack, Output Jack left,
Output Jack right, Loop in, Loop out, Input
DC jack 12V DC, Output DC jack 12V DC
445 x 60 x 150 mm / 17,5 x 2,4 x 5,9 inch
2,1 kg / 74 oz
T-Rex accepts and follows the regulations and directives issued by the EU.
We find these environment protecting regulations very good, and we are
happy to follow them.
Lars Dahl-Jørgensen
T-Rex Engineering ApS
T-Rex Engineering ApS
Made by T-REX Denmark 2014
Lars Dahl-Jørgensen
& Sebastian Jensen
Founder & Owner
Sebastian Jensen
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