Data sheet Swissonic
Digital / analog converter DA 24/192
99 Converts digital audio stream into analog stereo signals
99 Coaxial and optical input switchable
99 Supports uncompressed digital input signals
99 Supported sampling frequencies: 32, 44.1 48, 96 and 192 kHz
99 Digital audio formats: two channel linear pulse code modulation (LPCM)
99 24 bit SPDIF bit stream
99 Compact size and easy installation
How it works
XX Connect the output of your digital audio source to the
appropriate input of the device (coaxial or optical).
XX Set the switch (OPTICAL / COAX) to the correct position
according the input used.
XX Connect the two RCA output jacks (R / L) to the inputs
of a suitable amplifier or recording device.
XX Connect the DC 9V jack to the output of a suitable
external power supply. Then plug the power supply
into a properly wired AC outlet that provides a suitable
power supply voltage. The POWER indicator lights up.
Safety instructions
„„ Ensure that plastic bags, packaging, etc. are
properly disposed of and are not in the reach of
babies and young children. Choking hazard!
„„ Do not operate or store the unit in locations, where it is
exposed to heat, precipitation, high humidity, pollution, or
strong vibrations. Indoor use only!
„„ Never try to dismantle or repair the unit by yourself in case
it doesn‘t work.
„„ Never operate the device with a supply voltage other that
stated here. Otherwise the unit will be damaged.
„„ Never use solvents like alcohol etc. for cleaning the unit.
Power supply
Dimensions (W × H × D)
Housing material
Operating temperature
Protecting the environment
„„ For the transport and protective packaging,
environmentally friendly materials have been chosen that
can be supplied to normal recycling. Ensure that plastic
bags, packaging, etc. are properly disposed of. Do not just
dispose of these materials with your normal household
waste, but make sure that they are collected for recycling.
Please follow the notes and markings on the packaging.
„„ This product is subject to the European Waste Electrical
and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE). Do not dispose
with your normal household waste. Dispose of this device
through an approved waste disposal firm or through your
local waste facility. When discarding the device, comply
with the rules and regulations that apply in your country. If
in doubt, consult your local waste disposal facility.
Coaxial and optical
R / L stereo RCA sockets
DC 9 V
92.5 × 25.2 × 81.5 mm
200 g
0 °C to 48 °C
Musikhaus Thomann e. K.
Treppendorf 30 • 96138 Burgebrach
Germany •
DocID: 331155_16.01.14
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