S-Wing 125
S-Wing 125
One of the largest and fastest growing segments of Europe’s diverse motorcycle
market continues to be the exciting 125/150cc scooter class. These entry-level scooters
has been consistently attracting new customers from all age groups, salary levels and
ranges of experience, whether recently licensed novices or seasoned riders looking for
quick, easy and economical transport.
The main attractions of the 125cc class of scooters include their exceptional riding
ease, strong performance and comfortably roomy two-up riding capability. Besides
offering a quick, convenient and economical way of running one’s errands, getting
around town, or simply enjoying a day out with friends, this class of scooters has also
gained the interest of a rapidly growing segment of urban commuters who have come to
discover that scooters offer a smart and efficient alternative to the family car and public
transportation for beating rush hour traffic and meeting one’s appointments.
Smaller scooters have also been taking the lead as environmentally friendly
modes of transportation. New technologies such as advanced computerised fuel
injection and low emissions systems have helped their small-displacement 4-stroke
engines make significant strides in a cleaner and quieter new age of rising fuel costs and
stricter emissions regulations.
Honda offers a wide selection of scooters in the 125 and 150cc classes, nearly all
designed, developed and produced in Europe. Each model features its own distinctive
image and sense of style, and all are powered by advanced liquid-cooled 4-stroke
engines which offer strong performance, quiet, dependable, low-cost operation and
ultra-low exhaust emissions.
Building on the expanding popularity of scooters as a useful mode of
transportation, Honda now proudly debuts another distinctive new 125/150cc model.
The attractive new S-Wing not only features modern styling, pleasurable riding and
operating ease, and the latest fuel injection and low-emissions systems for maximised
economy and reliability, and minimised impact on the environment, it also introduces to
the Honda 125cc class the cutting-edge technological advancement of our lightweight,
responsive and confidence-inspiring Combined Antilock Brake System. With all this
and more, the new S-Wing gathers together the best features of Honda’s mid-sized
scooter line-up in a luxurious and stylish new small-displacement commuter that offers
2007 S-Wing 125 – E2
style, comfort, convenience and dependable economy for pleasurable days of
commuting, errand-running or carefree riding enjoyment.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E3
Main Features
The all-new S-Wing 125 and S-Wing 150 combine sophisticated styling,
luxurious comfort and strong, economical performance in a leading executive-class
business commuter that places the accent on quality in its every detail.
Styling Features
„ Attractive ‘Executive Class’ design and proportions exude a heightened sense of
quality and prestige in the 125cc scooter class.
„ Broad, aerodynamic front cowl with tall, integrated windscreen provides excellent
protection against the wind and elements.
„ Large dual multi-reflector headlights with integrated indicators and position lights
ensure superb visibility night and day.
„ Comfortably contoured stepped seat with low 775mm seat height offers an ideal
balance of rider eye level and long-term riding ease.
„ Large, easy-access compartment under locking seat provides ample carrying
capacity with room for a briefcase, a full-face helmet or other travelling necessities.
„ Moulded resin carrier rack integrates passenger grab rails and quick-attach
mount for a specially designed 35-litre top box.
Performance Features
„ Deluxe Combined-ABS version introduces the first full front and rear Antilock
Brake System ever featured on a Honda 125cc-class scooter, for the ultimate in
braking control.
„ Liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 125cc engine delivers strong performance, quick
acceleration and lowest emissions in its class.
„ Compliant, sure-handling 33mm motorcycle-style telescopic front fork.
„ Dependable dual-damper rear suspension provides a comfortable ride for one or
„ Large-diameter 240mm front and 220mm rear Combined disc brakes provide
Standard version with smoothly responsive stopping ease.
2007 S-Wing 125– E4
Development Concept
In conceptualising the elegant new S-Wing, Honda’s European designers set out
to create a premium quality scooter that offers luxurious riding comfort, strong,
economical performance, the supreme operating ease of Antilock Brakes and a timeless
look of modern style for the business commuter. Starting from the basic concept of
creating an Executive Class Business Scooter of the highest quality and prestige in its
class, the S-Wing’s development team set out to incorporate many of the most advanced
features to be found in Honda’s broad line-up of scooters. From its full-bodied,
aerodynamic form, which provides a refined expression of fine automotive styling in its
elegant contours, to its comfortable configuration, supple seat and ample carrying
capacity, the new S-Wing offers both the look and feel of solid, reassuring quality
infused with fresh, distinctive style.
Like most of the more recent models in Honda’s diverse 125/150cc scooter lineup, the new S-Wing is powered by a strong, smooth and highly reliable liquid-cooled 4stroke engine that features Honda’s latest fully integrated computerised fuel injection
system for small-displacement engines. Renowned for easy starting, smooth
performance and low fuel consumption, this engine also features Honda’s most
advanced HECS3 oxygen-sensing low-emissions system for some of the cleanest
exhaust emissions in the motorised world, and a major step toward a new future of
environmentally friendly vehicles.
Other attractions include the S-Wing’s smoothly responsive dual disc Combined
Brake system, convenient under-seat storage compartment and easy riding comfort. Of
particular note, the Deluxe version of the S-Wing introduces the famed Honda Antilock
Brake System to our 125cc/150cc class of scooters for the first time ever. Giving busy
urban lifestyles a liberating sense of motivation with effortless control, the new SWing’s clean, responsive performance and carefree operation help make it an eyecatching, high-quality scooter that’s just right for every occasion.
Designed in the proudest Honda tradition to appeal to the needs of a broad crosssection of commuters and discerning riders looking for quick, easy and economical
transport around town that also features luxurious comfort and class-leading technology,
the new S-Wing’s premium quality and outstanding value will certainly make it a
popular model on Europe’s business commuter scene for years to come.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E5
The new S-Wing features an elegant and sleekly cosmopolitan European design that
is sure to attract admiring glances on every road it’s seen. Its generous frontal proportions
impressively integrate dual headlights, a tall windscreen and aero-styled rear-view mirrors
into the attractive chiselled lines of its smoothly aerodynamic front cowl. From any angle,
the new S-Wing presents a commanding presence and sense of pride and grandeur in
keeping with its premier executive class commuter development concept.
The S-Wing’s wide-coverage front cowl is not only designed for impressive
looks, it also provides excellent wind protection and luxurious comfort that belie its
actual size. Its tall built-in windscreen features an air intake port under its nose that
directs air up the inside surface of the screen to effectively expand its area of wind
protection at higher speeds to achieve exceptional riding comfort for its class.
Luxurious riding comfort is further enhanced by the S-Wing’s relaxed riding
position and comfortably contoured stepped tandem seat, while day-to-day convenience
is enhanced by its spacious under-seat carrying compartment, which is one of the largest
in its class.
Large Dual Headlights
One styling touch that really distinguishes the new S-Wing from any other scooter
in its class can be seen in its large, ‘wide-eyed’ dual headlights. Sleekly integrated
behind elegantly curved polycarbonate lenses, its pairs of multi-reflector halogen
headlights, position lights and indicators combine to create a prominent forward visage
that really grabs attention while maximising visibility both day and night. At the rear,
the S-Wing’s dual taillights and clear-lens indicators provide an eye-catching accent on
its neatly curved tail.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E6
Colouring Concept
The sleek urban elegance of the S-Wing’s stylish bodywork is highlighted by
flowing lines and superb quality of construction. Its four attractive colour variations
excite the eye with a look of executive-class luxury that pays further compliments to its
exciting sense of cosmopolitan style.
The new S-Wing takes to the streets in a brilliant metallic silver that attractively
accentuates its sinewy curves in a glistening lustre of modern European style. The SWing appears especially fast and potent in a deeply shimmering pearlescent black that
looks sleek and sophisticated on every street it roams. Quality and prestige shine
through in a breathtaking metallic bronze that accentuates the S-Wing’s presence in
every scene it graces. Finally, in rich pearlescent purple, the S-Wing seems to evoke the
sultry hues of the evening sky wherever it is seen.
z Quasar Silver Metallic
z Pearl Nightstar Black
z Champagne Bronze Metallic
z Pearl Amethyst Purple
2007 S-Wing 125 – E7
Like the latest of Honda’s growing range of 125cc-class scooter models, the
exciting new S-Wing 125 (and S-Wing 150) delivers an impressive rush of performance
from a quiet, smooth and highly reliable liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine that’s been
specially tuned for powerful low-to-midrange torque, quick take-offs and smooth,
strong acceleration. This highly efficient engine’s fully computerised PGM-FI
electronic fuel injection system not only ensures a strong, instantly responsive power
delivery, but also excellent fuel economy, low running costs and remarkably low
exhaust emissions for dependable transportation that meets the needs of the times while
minimising its impact on the environment.
The new S-Wing’s compact, forward-oriented single-cylinder engine is mounted
in essentially the same location as most scooters of its class, as an integral part of the
chassis’ fully suspended unit swingarm. Its liquid-cooled configuration makes a major
contribution to the engine’s low mechanical noise while playing a critical role in
stabilising operating temperatures for more exacting control of exhaust emissions. Like
other Honda scooters of this type, the engine’s compact radiator is located in the frame
well under the front of the seat, where it receives a steady stream of cooling air through
large louvered ports located behind the front wheel. The radiator is also fitted with an
electric fan to maintain stable operating temperatures and performance on even the
hottest days.
Advanced PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection System
In the interests of strong, responsive performance, low fuel consumption and low
emissions to meet the most stringent environmental regulations, all of Honda’s latest
scooters feature the precision control of a fully digital Programmed Fuel Injection
(PGM-FI) system. Like these other models, the new fuel-injected S-Wing sets the
standard for fuel economy and clean emissions, while providing exceptionally strong,
smooth and reliable performance.
This compact system fully integrates the throttle body, sensors, injector and
digital electronic control unit (ECU) for both the fuel injection and ignition systems into
one compact and lightweight unit to further ensure quick starts and smooth, reliable
response for optimised power and performance. In these times of rising fuel prices, top
fuel economy and low running costs are especially important to daily commuters, and
2007 S-Wing 125 – E8
the new S-Wing really stands out with its extended riding range on a tank full of petrol
and its long-term, low-maintenance reliability.
High-Accuracy Digital Ignition
As noted above, the S-Wing’s digital electronic ignition is fully integrated into the
PGM-FI fuel injection system’s ECU to maintain optimal combustion characteristics for
easy starts and smooth operation in all riding conditions. Delivering a precise, highvoltage charge, this system uses a convenient push-button electric starter to ensure
quick and easy starts, and smooth, dependable long-term performance.
Ultra-Low Exhaust Emissions
Like most of Honda’s latest fuel-injected scooters and motorcycles, the new SWing 125 and S-Wing 150 are also equipped with Honda’s most advanced HECS3
oxygen-sensing catalytic emissions system for the lowest exhaust emissions in their
class. With its electronic circuitry integrated into the fuel injection system’s ECU, this
system monitors both the fuel injection sensors and an oxygen sensor installed in the
exhaust system to precisely maintain the optimal fuel/air mixture for its metal catalyser
element to minimise emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and
nitrous oxides (NOX). The end result meets the highest standards of environmental
protection, and easily clears the strict limits imposed by the latest EURO-3 exhaust
emissions regulations.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E9
Like several other fine Honda scooters in this competitive class, the new S-Wing
features stunningly modern and attractive bodywork that organically surrounds a slim yet
rigidly constructed tubular steel frame. With a low seat height and relaxed riding position
for easy long-term commuting comfort, the S-Wing’s compliant, light-handling
suspension systems offer reassuring handling stability and smoothly confident control.
Introducing Honda’s First Full ABS-Equipped Scooter in the 125cc Class
The Deluxe versions of the new S-Wing 125 and S-Wing 150 proudly introduce
the enhanced confidence and control of the first complete front and rear disc Antilock
Brake System ever featured in the Honda 125cc scooter class. Like the systems
currently featured on several of Honda’s larger scooters, this new ABS works in concert
with Honda’s innovative Combined Brake System to provide exceptionally smooth and
confidence-inspiring braking control in the most extreme braking conditions, where
riders of all skill levels need it most.
At the heart of this advanced system is a compact, motor-driven modulator that
exerts precise control over the operation of both front and rear brakes. Its high-speed
16-bit computerised ECU constantly monitors a pair of Hall-effect sensors which track
the rotating speed of a pulsar ring attached to the centre of each rotating wheel, and
instantly reacts when needed.
ABS Operation
Whenever the slightest hint of tyre slippage is detected—registering as minute
fluctuations in the relative speeds of the front and rear wheels that are usually far too
small for riders to detect—the ABS ECU instantly activates the electro-hydraulic
modulator to stop tyre slip before it can start. This is achieved with a rapid cycling of
‘Decrease – Hold – Increase’ brake pressure intervals that maintains just enough brake
pressure to provide smooth and steady deceleration, but without allowing either the
front or rear wheel to stop, slip and lose control.
Honda’s scooter-oriented ABS is one of the simplest, most compact and most
efficient such systems in motorcycling. As such, the S-Wing’s development team felt that
the time was right to introduce this remarkable system into Honda’s 125cc line-up of
2007 S-Wing 125 – E10
scooters in order to give users of this high-quality Executive Commuter the most
effective braking control available for the ultimate in riding confidence and control.
With the added capabilities of ABS complementing the excellent response and
performance of its Combined Brake System, the Deluxe version of the S-Wing
reassures its riders with the most comfortable and confident braking control to be found
in the 125cc class. Over such variable traction surfaces as wet crossing lines or metal
plates, this added control can make all the difference in maximising a rider’s confidence
and security, and should prove to be a highly welcome feature that helps riders utilise
the S-Wing’s brakes to their full potential.
Like all other Honda models equipped with ABS, the S-Wing’s system features an
automatic self-diagnostic program which constantly monitors all main electronic and
hydraulic system components. If any malfunction is detected, the system automatically
shuts itself off and reverts to standard, fully reliable brake operation. A red LED
warning light on the instrument panel simultaneously lights to provide a visible
indication of system irregularities and the need for timely service.
Easy-Operation Combined Brake System
Like most of the scooters in the Honda line-up, both Deluxe and Standard
versions of the S-Wing feature the enhanced braking ease and control of Honda’s
innovative Combined Brake System. Linking together the operation of a single 240mm
three-piston calliper front disc brake with a 220mm single-piston calliper rear disc, this
highly effective system provides both novice and experienced riders with easy,
reassuring braking control.
In this relatively simple system, the right-side brake lever operates like a
conventional motorcycle brake system, controlling the two outer pistons of the threepiston front brake calliper for strong, responsive braking operation. Breaking with
conventional designs, the left-side brake lever controls not only the rear disc brake, it
also actuates the centre piston of the front brake calliper by way of an inline pressure
equaliser. This smoothly balanced combination of front and rear brake operation
gives riders an extra boost in braking control, even if only the left-side lever is used.
When both levers are used, the S-Wing provides the same sharply responsive feel of
braking control one would expect with many larger motorcycles.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E11
Spacious Riding Comfort
The S-Wing’s relaxed and roomy riding position is highlighted by its widecoverage front cowl which effectively keeps the blast of wind at bay, its plush, deeply
contoured stepped seat, and its comfortably positioned handlebars. This layout
contributes to the S-Wing’s effortless handling in virtually all traffic conditions, while its
slim proportions in the seat area assure an easy reach to the ground for riders of all sizes.
Its spacious contoured seat also provides comfortable and secure seating for two, even on
longer rides.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E12
Attractive, Automotive-Style Instrument Panel
The S-Wing’s wide, recessed instrument panel conveys the look of a luxury sedan
with its attractively designed four-dial façade. Its smartly appointed design provides a
steady reminder of Honda’s unerring attention to detail. Instruments include a large,
easy-to-read speedometer and tachometer pair positioned within easy view at the
panel’s centre surrounded by paired coolant temperature and fuel gauges. Prominently
positioned indicator lights and a large LCD digital clock and dual-trip meter complete
the design together with a handy average fuel consumption readout that continually
gauges fuel economy based on, among other factors, throttle operation. Finally, the
whole assembly is recessed behind an attractively styled clear plastic lens and backlit by
coolly illuminating white LEDs (Standard version: amber).
Spacious Under-Seat Carrying Compartment
As with most of the models in Honda’s fine line-up of scooters, the new S-Wing
features a handy carrying compartment under its locking tilt-up seat for ample carrying
convenience and a secure place to store one’s helmet or daily necessities. Designed to
hold a full-face helmet with room to spare, this spacious compartment also provides
ample capacity for an A3 briefcase, a load of shopping or other travelling essentials.
For the busy executives the S-Wing commuter is specially directed at, this compartment
also features a handy 12V DC utility socket for charging mobile phones and other
Up front, a compact locking compartment further enhances the S-Wing’s carrying
convenience and security by keeping such small essentials as gloves, papers and other
articles close at hand without having to leave the seat. Shopping bags and other bulky
items with handles or straps can be easily and securely hung from the convenient foldout carrying hook centrally located to the right of the compartment door.
Compact Rear Carrier
Behind the S-Wing’s comfortable tandem seat is located a compact moulded resin
rear carrier that also offers a comfortable hand grip for pillion passengers. Like similar
carriers found on Honda’s SH series of big-wheeled scooters, this rack is specially
designed with moulded-in attachment points to allow for easy one-touch mounting of a
2007 S-Wing 125 – E13
specially designed 35-litre top box (optionally available), which quickly clips directly
onto the carrier and can be secured with a key. No other mounting hardware is required.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E14
Optional Equipment
Honda Access will be supplying the new S-Wing with a broad assortment of
optional parts and accessories to further extend its range of operating versatility while
elegantly complementing its cosmopolitan style. These accessories include:
35-Litre Top Box
A stylish 35-litre top-box designed specially for easy, one-touch mounting on the
S-Wing’s rear carrier. Able to carry a full-face helmet or two open-face helmets, its
upper lid is painted in body-matched colours. The locking box also comes with its own
set of keys.
Backrest Pad
A pillion backrest pad that attaches to the front surface of the top box to enhance
riding comfort.
Adjustable Top Box Liner
A nylon top box inner bag featuring a size-adjustment zipper that permits easy
expansion from 15 litres in volume to 25 litres. The bag also features a handy A4-sized
front pocket, and an adjustable shoulder belt and carrying handle for easy transport out
of the top box. Features a silver Honda Wing logo printed on the front pocket.
Pillion Backrest
This backrest is designed to mount directly to the standard rear carrier, for an
elegant, sporty and perfectly integrated look that also greatly enhances pillion passenger
Lower Windscreen
A specially designed lower (395mm) windscreen complements the S-Wing’s
styling with a sportier look.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E15
Stainless Steel Footrest Panels
A set of four stainless steel footrest plates with rubber grip pads that add an eyecatching dash of elegance to visually upgrade the S-Wing’s stylish good looks.
Decorative Body Moulding
A set of four chromed decorative side body mouldings designed to enhance and
accentuate the curves of the S-Wing’s design. Two fit along the edges of the scooter’s
leg shields and two extend under the sides of the seat.
Alarm Kit
This system features a vibration-sensitive electronic anti-theft alarm that warns off
vandals and potential thieves with a penetrating high-decibel shriek.
A compact yet sturdy U-lock with a tamper-resistant barrel key lock that can be
carried in the under-seat compartment.
Body Cover
A rugged, full-coverage body cover protects the S-Wing’s paint from the sun’s
damaging ultraviolet radiation. Water resistant, the cover is made from breathable fabric
which allow the vehicle to dry while covered. Tie ropes affixed to the lower edges allow
the cover to be tightened underneath to avoid fluttering which might damage the
paintwork. Two holes in the lower front area of the cover enable a U-Lock to be
securely passed through.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E16
S-Wing 125 (ED-type)
Liquid-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single
Bore x Stroke
52.4 x 57.8mm
Compression Ratio
11 : 1
Max. Power Output
9.7kW/9,000min-1 (95/1/EC)
Max. Torque
11.1Nm/7,500min-1 (95/1/EC)
Idling Speed
Oil Capacity
1 litre
PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Throttle Bore
Dry; cartridge-type paper filter
Fuel Tank Capacity
9.4 litres
Ignition System
Digital transistorised with electronic advance
Ignition Timing
10° BTDC (idle) ~ 30° BTDC (8,500min-1)
Sparkplug Type
CR8EH-9 (NGK); U24FER9 (ND)
Battery Capacity
ACG Output
12V; 55W x 1 (low); 60W x 1 (high)
Automatic; centrifugal
Transmission Type
Belt Converter Ratios
2.640 ~ 0.820
Final Reduction
Final Drive
2007 S-Wing 125 – E17
Centre backbone; steel tube
2,090 x 745 x 1,435mm
Caster Angle
Seat Height
Ground Clearance
Dry Weight
148.6kg *(150.6kg)
Kerb Weight
156kg (F: 65kg; R: 91kg)
*(158kg (F: 66kg; R: 92kg))
Max. Carrying Capacity
Loaded Weight
336kg (F: 112.7kg; R: 223.3kg)
*(338kg (F: 113.3kg; R: 224.7kg))
33mm telescopic fork, 85.7mm axle travel
Dual-damper unit swingarm, 98.1mm axle travel
Triple-spoke cast aluminium
Triple-spoke cast aluminium
13M/C x MT2.75
12M/C x MT3.50
110/90–13M/C 56L
130/70–12M/C 62L
200kPa (with passenger: 250kPa)
240 x 4mm hydraulic disc with Combined three-piston
Rim Size
Tyre Size
Tyre Pressure
calliper, drilled rotor, *(ABS) and sintered metal pads
220 x 5mm hydraulic disc with single-piston calliper,
Combined Brake system, *(ABS) and resin mould pads
* Deluxe ABS version
All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.
2007 S-Wing 125 – E18
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