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World class control and versatility
Control Optimise Simplify
Our ranges of controllers provide world class control and
versatility with clear, user friendly, configuration tools. Add
to this, a strong sales team of qualified engineers who
understand your process, an absolute commitment to
innovation by continuously re-investing in research and
Features and benefits
Ideal partner to your PLC
World class control algorithm
Accurate analogue measurement
Flexible communications
Guaranteed performance
Modular build, compact size
Reduction in panel real estate
Reduces total system costs
• Multi-zone ovens and furnaces • Textile machinery •
• Semiconductor CVD and MBE • Packaging machine •
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Maximise your process with
the Mini8® Controller
Designed to integrate seamlessly with programmable logic controllers, and other
supervisory control and monitoring systems, the Eurotherm Mini8® controller
offers a compact high performance solution at an affordable cost. The Mini8
controller offers modularity both in terms of hardware and software functions. Its
four plug-in slots can accommodate a variety of IO modules, and its feature set
is ranged to suit simple multi-loop and data acquisition applications up to
complex strategies including setpoint programming, mathematical and logical
The Mini8 controller can multi-drop on either serial, fieldbus or Ethernet and
offers a real cost effective alternative to performing analogue measurement or
– 4, 8 or 16 PID Loops
– Dual Channel Output
– Autotune
of analogue control, often improving its digital performance or enabling a lower
specification processor to be used.
Improve your PLC with
the Mini8® Controller
Reduces PLC hardware
Easy and quick set-up
Improves control performance
Improves PLC performance
Minimises signal conditioning hardware
– 32 Thermocouple, mV
– 16 RTD
8 SP Programmer
– 1 Ch./Programmer
– 8 Events/Programmer
– 16 Segments/Programmer
Modbus RTU
DeviceNet® network
Profibus DP network
Modbus TCP
control loops in a PLC. By implementing these functions in the Mini8 controller
the PLC hardware cost is reduced and is relieved of the extra processing burden
Data Acquisition
Toolkit Functions
Combinational Logic
Real Time Clock
Multiple Input
(Avg, Max, Min)
4 IO Modules
Logic Output
Logic Input
CT input
Relay Output
4-20mA Output
4-20mA Output
– High, Low Deviation
– Heater Failure
– Sensor Break
Special Functions
– Humidity
– 8 Recipes
– Load Failure
The Mini8 controller is an ideal partner to a PLC in multi-loop PID applications
such as plastics extrusion and multi-zone furnaces. By devolving loop control
to the Mini8 controller the PLC can concentrate on providing fast and
effective logic control without the burden of running complex control
algorithms. The Mini8 controller is a very cost effective alternative to
implementing control loops in PLC. Providing not only better control
performance and easy configuration the Mini8 controller offers the same
deterministic response and autotune feature as Eurotherm panel mount
controllers. The Eurotherm open approach to communication, supporting
serial, fieldbus and Ethernet protocols, makes it easy to interface to intelligent
masters such as a PLC.
Plastics extrusion • Glass lehrs •
Thermoforming • Baking ovens •
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Maximise PID control with
the Mini8® Controller
16 PID control loops
Flexible and standard configurations
110ms PV sampling
Setpoint programmer
Maths and logic functions
Process alarms
Heater failure detection
OEM security
Control and measurement
Combining high quality multi-channel analogue
measurement with Eurotherm’s proven PID
algorithm the Mini8 controller achieves
performance equal to that normally reserved for
conventional discrete controllers. The same
analogue input circuitry and control features found
in the Eurotherm range of nanodac™ panel
mount controllers are also available in the Mini8
Setpoint programmer
The Mini8 controller can run up to 8 programmer
function blocks, to follow a user defined series of
ramp and dwell segments. Each Programmer is
capable of running a program of up to 16
segments with 8 event outputs. The event outputs
can be used internally within the configuration soft
wiring or to external digital or relay outputs.
Creating custom solutions
A wide range of toolkit functions, including Maths and Logic blocks, can be
used to create custom solutions and small machine controllers. Timing
functions include a range of timers, counters and totalisers as well as a nonvolatile real time clock. Using the Eurotherm iTools graphical wiring editor
these strategies can easily be created and documented.
OEM security
Users can protect their intellectual property by using the OEM security
feature. This prevents unauthorised copying of configurations without first
entering a user defined password. This ensures that the full commercial
benefit of a custom solution can be realised.
The Mini8 controller utilises a fixed Modbus address table providing easy
integration into PLC, SCADA and other 3rd party systems. This fixed table
makes communication to intelligent masters very easy to accomplish.
Parameter addresses are fixed in one location and do not move depending
on how the unit is configured. Modbus RTU, DeviceNet®, Profibus,
EtherNet/IP EtherCAT and Modbus TCP/IP. protocols are supported. The
Mini8 controller can be supplied with pre-loaded configurations to suit
standard applications. It is also a very flexible controller capable of
implementing complex control strategies. Eurotherm iTools software provides
a graphical function block view of strategies making creation, editing and
debugging easy to accomplish
Setpoint Program Editor
Heater failure detection
Utilising a unique cycling algorithm and current
transformer input module, the Mini8 controller can
automatically scan electrical heaters connected to
its logic or relay control outputs and indicate
heater partial load failure, over current or SSR
short and open circuit. Heater current readings
are also available within the controller to calculate
power delivered to the load and make this
information available to a supervisory system.
Heater failure detection is compatible with both
single or three phase load installations.
Eurotherm iTools
Eurotherm iTools Graphical Editor
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Data Acqusition with
the Mini8® Controller
Industrail Stanard PC
The Mini8 controller high density analogue inputs
combined with the Eurotherm 6000 Series
paperless graphics recorders provide unsurpassed
local and network access to your process.
The 6000 Series offers remote viewing capability
and acts as an HMI for the Mini8 controller
utilising Master Communications. The user can
control and view information from the Mini8
controller from either the 6000 TFT touch screen
display or from any PC connected to the network.
32 Analogue channels per Mini8 controller
Multiple batch functionality
Master communications
Alarm notification via Email
Secure storage of data
Easy to use networking
Auditor features
Up to 48 universal inputs direct into the 6000
The Mini8 Controller connected to
a 6000 in a control system
The 6000 Series supports Modbus Master
communications over Ethernet and Serial
connections. Powerful features from within the
6000 Series - such as user defined screens,
remote access and Auditor features – can now be
applied to other plant equipment. Whether you
need to securely record data from other
instruments or provide
6000 Series
a centralised HMI for
an operator to view and
modify control loop
parameters within the
Mini8 controller – the
6000 Series offers a
simple, powerful solution.
Eurotherm 6000 Series
The 6000 Series is designed to provide powerful,
yet easy to use, network and communication
options. Whether a local connection is required
or access from the other side of the world, the
6000 Series provides secure access to process
data when and where you need it.
6000 Series
The Mini8 Controller connection to SCADA
The Mini8 controller can be installed as a control or data acquisition
component of larger installations. Eurotherm is able to provide solutions from
‘simple’ SCADA using Eurotherm iTools to more demanding applications
using Wonderware® System Platform. The open communications nature of
the Mini8 controller makes communication with third party equipment easy to
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Real-world application
Heater Failure Detection
A typical process consisting of 16 heater loads wired in parallel to produce both the
required heating rate and maximum temperature. A common recurring problem is that
if any one or more heaters failed it was not noticed until the process was well under
way. This means the run has to be abandoned whilst the broken heater is changed.
The Mini8 controller fitted with a CT3 card has the capability of detecting failures of any
one of 16 heaters which can be repaired before the run is started. The failures that can
be detected are: SSR Fault, Partial Load Fault (PLF) and Over Current Fault (OCF).
SSR Fault
If current is detected flowing through the heater when the controller is requesting it to
be off then this indicates that the SSR has a short circuit fault. If current is not
detected when the controller is requesting the heater to be on it indicates that the SSR
has an open circuit fault.
Multiple SSR triggering
With this configuration, failure of a set of heater
loads can be detected. For example, if the
current detected flowing through Heater Set 1
is less than the PLF threshold of Load1 then
this will be indicated as Load 1 fault. Further
investigation will then be required to determine
which heater within Set 1 has failed.
Reduced down time
Less scrap
Increased production
Partial Load Fault (PLF)
If less current is detected flowing through the heater than the PLF threshold, which has
been set for that channel, then this indicates that the heater has a fault. In applications
that use multiple heater elements in parallel then it indicates that one or more of the
elements may have an open circuit fault.
Set 1
Over Current Fault (OCF)
If more current is detected flowing through the heater than the OCF threshold then this
indicates that the heater has a fault. In applications that use multiple heater elements in
parallel then it indicates that one or more of the elements has lower than expected
resistance value.
Set 2
Success stories commercial benefits
CASE STUDY Natural choice for Plastic Extrusion
Our plastics manufacturing customer needed accurate control for variables such as temperature and
pressure during manufacture, and to minimise downtime between product changes.
Customer Challenge
Downtime is critical as the industry is highly competitive: speed, quality and reliability of end products are
vital for long term survival. To remain competitive it is necessary to manufacture a wide range of extrusion
products often on the same machine which means many variables to enter: Doing this manually is time
consuming and prone to error.
• Mini8 controller
• Recipe Storage
“It now takes just a few minutes to switch from one
production to another, making the equipment costefficient even for smaller production batches”
Customer Benefits
• Unique heat/cool algorithms, melt pressure and automatic screen changer control abilities
• Minimal panel space, saving wiring and mounting costs
• Cost effective alternative to control loops in a PLC; the Eurotherm algorithm is specifically designed for
this purpose
• Highly flexible with 16 freely configurable loops so different machines can be individually set up
• 8 recipe storage - different products can be entered once and sent at the touch of a button
• Integrates easily with both PC and SCADA systems
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Control Features
4, 8 or 16 Loops with autotune, Dual Channel OP with various cooling modes, PID, OnOff, Auto/Man,
Feedforward, 3 PID sets, Remote SP, Forced manual, Sensor break OP, SP ramp, OP rate limit, Heater
failure detection
Network: Modbus RTU (EIA485), Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, DeviceNet®, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT
Config: Modbus RTU (EIA232), can be used as second network port
2off 24Vdc Logic inputs with 42V ac/dc system isolation,
2off 1 Amp Change over relays (42V ac/dc max)
4/8 Channels, Range: –77mV to 77mV, Accuracy ±1 C ±0.1% of reading, TC types: C, J, K, L, R, B, N,
T, S, LINEAR, Custom, CJC >30:1, 42V ac/dc Channel isolation, Input impedance >100ohms
Standard IO
TC4 /TC8 Module
RT4 Module
DO8 Module
2, 3, or 4 wire input, PT100 RTD or linear
8 Channels, Supply: 15V dc to 30V dc, On/Off, Time Proportioning,
Common 42V ac/dc system isolation
DI8 Module
8 Channel logic input with 42V ac/dc system isolation
CT3 Module
3 Channels, Range 0-50mA, Accuracy: ±2% of span, No isolation
RL8 Module
8 Channel form A relay (NO) max 2A @ 264V ac
AO4/AO8 Module
SP Programmer
4 or 8 Channels, Range 0-20mA, 360R load, 42V ac/dc channel isolation
8 Programmers, 16 Segments and 8 Events each, External Run, Hold, Reset, Skip Segment,
Advance Segment
24 x 2 Input Maths, 24 x 2 Input Logic, 4 x 8 Input logic, 4 x 8 input multiplexor, 32 User Values,
4 x 8 Multiple Input
Maths & Logic
8 Recipes, 24 tags in total
Timer Functions
8 Timers, 2 Counters, 2 Totalisers, Non-volatile real time clock
Power Supply
17.8V dc to 28.8V dc, Power consumption 15W max, 10W typical
EN61326-1: 2006 Class A
EN61326-1: 2006 Industrial Locations
EN50581: 2012 RoHS
EN61010, 1:2010, CuL
CASE STUDY Consistency is critical in glass-to-metal seals manufacture
A compression hermetic seal is made with the metal housing material thermal expansion rate much higher
than that of the glass. Upon solidification of the seal during the manufacturing process, the housing will
contract around the glass, applying a desirable compression stress on the glass bead. Temperature is
critical to ensure perfect glass consistency. The strength of the glass-to-metal seal is reinforced
mechanically as well as chemically, creating a stronger, more reliable part.
Customer Challenge
This customer came to Eurotherm as they were having problems with their glass to metal compression
seals manufacture.
They needed precise temperature control for product quality and consistency and repeatability.
• Mini8 controller
• 6000 data acquisition to meet industry regulations
Customer Benefits
Very accurate temperature control of the company’s multi-zone furnaces. The Mini8 controller provides
reliable operation, reduced wastage and maximises production.
For the full stories and all our successes go to
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