Keysight Technologies M9186A PXI Isolated Single Channel

Keysight Technologies M9186A PXI Isolated Single Channel
Keysight Technologies
M9186A PXI Isolated Single Channel
Voltage/Current Source
Data Sheet
Industries and Applications
– Automotive
– Electronic test
Product Description
The M9186A is a two-slot, PXI based V/I source module that
enables the sourcing of a voltage or a current to perform
measurements on the resultant current or voltage through
another module. It consists of two separate ampliiers, denoted
“low” and “high” that share a common output connection. The
“low” ampliier provides voltages in the range of 16 V at up to
200 mA and the “high” ampliier provides voltages in the range
of 100 V at up to 20 mA.
Typical applications for the low-voltage ampliier include I/O
pin parametric leakage, bias current, impedance, threshold
and clamp voltage. The high voltage ampliier can be applied
to help verify the presence of clamp diodes as the outputs of
modules that drive inductive loads. Both ampliiers can sense
the amount of current lowing while forcing a constant voltage.
A unique feature is the safety interlock for high-voltage
ampliiers that automatically disables the high-voltage
ampliier and opens all relays when the interlock circuit is
broken, providing protection to the device under test during the
presence of high voltages.
Mo d e ls
M9 1 8 6 A
Speciications and Characteristics
2 slots, 3 U
16 bit
±16 V up to 200 mA: 0.02 % + 3 mV
–10 to + 100 V at up to 20 mA: 0.02 % + 40 mV
Voltage Source Accuracy (% of output + offset)
Isolated single channel V/I source
Main Features and Beneits
Your Beneit
Enables device under test
Large voltage-current range
characterization required in
16 V at 200 mA to 100 V at
parametric testing of device
20 mA
under test I/O pin
Product features
SENSE input
Enables accurate power source
supply to device under test
Safety interlock
Protects the device under test from
damage due to high voltages
Chassis slot compatibility: cPCI (J1, J2), PXI-1, PXIe Hybrid
16 V Range
Up to 200 mA:
0.02 % + 3 mV
Current Sense using the SENSE pin with respect
200 mA range: 1.5 % + 500 μA
20 mA range: 0.5 % +50 μA
2 mA range: 0.5 % + 10 μA
200 μA range: 0.3 % + 5 μA
–10 to + 100 Range Up to 20 mA: 0.02 % + 20 mV
Current Sense using the SENSE pin with respect
to OUTPUT: 0.75 % + 300 μA
Current Source Accuracy (% of output + offset)
± 200 mA Range
0.3 % + 500 μA (Over ± 16 V)
± 20 mA Range
0.1 % + 50 μA
± 2 mA Range
0.3 % + 5 μA
± 200 μA Range
0.1 % + 0.5 μA
± 20 mA Range
0.2 % + 200 μA (Over –10 to +100 Vdc)
Ordering Information
The M9186A single channel V/I source module is supplied
with a comprehensive portfolio of module drivers, documentation, examples, and software tools to help you quickly
develop test systems with your software platform of choice.
Support includes Microsoft development environments
like C/C++, C#, or VB.NET, LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI
software platforms from National Instruments as well as
MATLAB from The MathWorks.
To help you get started and complete complex tasks quickly,
the module software support provides context sensitive help,
complete documentation and code examples that allow a
quick module set up and basic acquisition functionalities.
These code examples can be easily modiied, so that the card
can be quickly integrated into a measurement system. In addition, the M9186A includes a soft front panel graphical interface. This simple software application can be used to control,
verify the functionality and explore the capabilities
of the Keysight Technologies, Inc. V/I source module.
Supported operating
Included device drivers
Included GUI
M9186A PXI isolated single channel voltage/
current source, 100 V
Advantage Services: Calibration and Warranty
Keysight Advantage Services is committed to your success
throughout your equipment’s lifetime.
1-year, return-to-Keysight warranty extended
to 3 years
1-year, return-to-Keysight warranty extended
to 5 years
USA: (800) 829-4444
Windows XP (32-bit)
Windows Vista (32-bit/64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
Soft front panel
Figure 1. Module coniguration - Constant Voltage
For more information on Keysight Technologies’ products,
applications, or services, please contact your local Keysight
office. The complete list is available at:
Figure 2. Module coniguration - Constant Current
Product specifications and descriptions in this document
subject to change without notice.
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Published in USA, August 1, 2014
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