Team Members - Actor Salon

Team Members - Actor Salon

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Screenwriting Resources

Pete Goldfinger:

Save the Cat:

Pilar Alessandra: Screenwriting Classes and Script consultations

Location Suggestions






Coffee Shop

Jail cell


Your apartment


Crafty Suggestions

Ono Hawaiin BBQ:


Mendocino Farms:

El Pollo loco

Noah’s bagels (great for breakfasts)

Trader Joe’s (super cost effective)

Team Members


Sophia Kiapos

Directing/DP - $400/day for the Sony A7s Package / $750/day for the RED Epic W Package

Editing - $250/day (but it depends on the project :) )

Producing - depends on the project :)

David Groves, Director / Editor / RED Camera Rentals

Rate: $500/Day Directing (w/RED Cam) $250/Day Editing, $250/Day RED Camera Package Rental


Cell: 703.200.4565

Email: [email protected]

Mitch Yapko, Director

Negotiable rate

310.561.5595 [email protected]

Carsten Kurpanek & Courtney Hawkins, Director

Negotiable rate

323-577-3087 [email protected]

Assistant Director:

Franklin Killian

Rate/day: $100 [email protected]


Mariano Andre (1st)

Negotiable rate

310.871.5315 [email protected]

Nick Ybarra (1st & 2nd)

Negotiable rate

909.518.8643 [email protected]

Kirsten Knisely (1st & 2nd)

Negotiable rate

248.444.2544 [email protected]

Julia Zsolnay (2nd)

Negotiable rate

773.370.8200 [email protected]

Colin O'Rourke (1st & 2nd)

Negotiable rate

310.428.2173 [email protected]

Carly Sturgeon

Negotiable rate

303.564.1027 [email protected]

Sound Mixer:

Fernanda Starling [email protected]


Daniel McCoy

Negotiable rate

818.326.2892 [email protected]

(Daniel runs a sound company, so has many mixers at varying rates that he can provide depending on budget)

Robben Fenderson

Negotiable rate

626.975.0656 [email protected]

Durand Trench

Negotiable rate

323.376.2851 [email protected]

Erik Magnus

Negotiable rate [email protected]

Cody Skully

Negotiable rate [email protected]

Sara Sandoval

Ask for rate [email protected]


Natasha Bernard

Rate: $250 per day.


[email protected]

Penelope Irwin


(818) 268-2716 [email protected]

Shea Hardy

Ask for rates


Nate Fenwick-Smith

Rate: $225 per minute (negotiable)


Studio: (323) 219-0785

Email: [email protected]

Chris Edgar:

Rate: $200 per minute of finished music [email protected]

Some more in-depth glimpses at recent projects I've done (some of which you might be familiar with :))

Conor Jones

Rate: Sliding scale of 5-10% of the project's total budget. website:

Contact: e-mail- [email protected]

, phone #- (831)238-2154

Sean Sumwalt


$150-500* negotiable

Depends on:

- # of rewrites - if we are trying something fresh and the person doesn't know what they want. I'll give my best guess.

- how involved is the writing? - are you asking for something more of an intimate setting with a 'smaller' sounding score, or are you asking for full orchestra Danny Elfman/Zimmerman style?

- timeframe - are you giving me a few weeks, a few days or (hopefully not) a few hours.....

Links to Work:


[email protected]


Kelly Walker

JRS Special Rate $35/hour

Links to Work:

Plan B -

No Service -

Expedite Global -

Still Here - password: stillhere

Contact: [email protected]

Name: Clarence Deng

Rate: $20/hour, $200/day (negotiable)

Email: [email protected]


Adam Lemnah

Rate: negotiable

818-324-9979 [email protected]

Name: Brad Stencil

Rate: Negotiable

Phone: (248) 881-5131

Email: [email protected]

Sample of Work:

Scott Jacobs

Rate: Negotiable based on film schedule

Email: [email protected]


​ ​

Joanna Phillips

(401) 935-7106 (cell) [email protected]


Shiran Amir

(assistant editor on The OA) rate is negotiable but would ideally be 600 for a short film 15 mins or under with one round of notes

(additional rounds of notes can be discussed) website:

​ contact info: [email protected] cell 323-529-2255

Sunghwan Moon

​Rate: Negoitable

Contact: [email protected]

● TRACKS (Short film) (PW:tracks)

● THE BRITISH BILLIONAIRE (Lifetime Digital Series)

● Director Scene Practice

Keven Pelon my rate is $25/hr, contact info: [email protected],

818-521-0232, website: ​ ​

Brian Santistevan

818/439-7307 cell or [email protected] my rate is negotiable.

Aaron Mathes

Rate Negotiable

Email: [email protected]

Cell: (917) 710-6237


David Dickerson, ​ ​$50​ for under five minutes/​$100​ for up to fifteen minutes, [email protected] (617)


Kristine Nelson [email protected]


Rate: open to negotiating on a per-project basis.

Cris Mertens // rate is $350/day but that is entirely negotiable on a project basis (considering these are most likely low budget shorts) // Cell: (818) 422-8702 //

​ ​

Bari Winter, 310-968-6531 or [email protected],

​ ​

. Rate neogitable.

Sarah Flores [email protected] and cell 619.754.5767. Heres a link to my vimeo,

Z. Eric Yang [email protected] and my cell (850)322-7650. Here's a link to my reel: .

Marc Wiltshire  [email protected] 

Rate: $35/hour or $300/day 

Alyssa Loveall, [email protected], 812-340-0983 Rate $1500-$3000\wk or we can work out an overall rate depending on workload

Yu Jung Hou

Rate based on length but flexible if project is good. Normally charge $1000/wk for feature and

​ ​


(AE work included) for shorts around 15 minute long

Website: ​ ​ (Don't have work on it, I'll send private links if they want to see the films)


Ryan K. McNeal

Colorist | VFX

Gear Rental

Wooden Nickel:

T-stop Camera Rental:

Samy’s Camera:

Division Camera (cheap lav mics):

Location Sound (cheap sound equip)

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