How To Deploy the Cisco Remote
How To Deploy the Cisco Remote-PHY Solution
Cisco Remote-PHY Solution Deployment 2
Design Considerations 2
Network Architecture 2
Network Topologies 3
Network Cables 3
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Cisco Remote-PHY Solution Deployment
Design Considerations
This section helps you prepare for deploying the Cisco Remote-PHY solution.
• Ensure that a digital optical network is deployed between the Cisco GS7000 node and Cisco CMTS. The supported digital
optical network is Metro Ethernet.
• Ensure that the data path is guaranteed between the Cisco CMTS and the Cisco GS7000 node.
• Reserve sufficient bandwidth for the DOCSIS traffic.
• Network must support IPv4 multicast forwarding.
• Ensure that the maximum latency is as low as possible.
• Based on the input type in the network, deploy or use the appropriate type of R-PHY device. For optical input, deploy the Cisco
GS7000 node with the FRx.
Network Architecture
The Cisco Remote-PHY solution supports the Single Controller Sharing architecture. In this architecture, multiple Cisco GS7000
equipments share the downstream and upstream channels of a Cisco RF line card in a cisco cBR chassis.
Figure 1: Single Controller Sharing Architecture
Network Topologies
The Cisco Remote-PHY solution supports Ethernet Based Networking topology.
Figure 2: Standard Deployment
Network Cables
Table 1: Cable Types Supported for the Cisco Remote-PHY Solution
Originating Device
Target Device
CMTS (Ten Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ Switch
module on the Cisco CCAP line
Cisco GS7000
Cable Type
Connector Type
Ethernet cables
RJ-45 connector
Copper cables
RJ-45 connector
Optical fiber
LC Fiber-Optic connector
Optical fiber
LC Fiber-Optic connector
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