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Innovative Exhaust Air System in the Chemistry Department
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SmartWire-DT™ Controls the Transport System in Body Shell Manufacturing
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The Company
New Developments in the SmartWire-DT™ Wiring and
Communication System
Eaton set an important milestone with SmartWire-DT in
2009 when it was launched at the Hannover Fair. The
SmartWire-DT System revolutionizes the installation
of control wiring inside the control cabinet and is far
superior to conventional control wiring in terms of the
speed of mounting, use of materials and susceptibility
to errors during installation. Solutions spoke to Christian
Zingg, managing director of Eaton Automation, and
­Karl-Heinz Arndt, product manager for easy and
SmartWire-DT at Eaton, about the latest innovations as
well as other planned technological developments.
SmartWire-DT has been continuously developed in the
past two years. What highlights will you be presenting
at the ­SPS/IPC/Drives 2011 fair?
Ch. Zingg: We have progressively further expanded the
SmartWire-DT range since its market launch. Two additional digital
modules and three analog modules have thus been added to the
SmartWire-DT I/O range. The analog modules cover analog inputs
(current/voltage), analog temperature inputs (PT100, PT1000,
Ni1000) and analog outputs (current/voltage).
The devices of the new XV102 touch display PLC series with
an integrated SmartWire-DT master interface have been on the
market since the beginning of the year. These high performance
Solutions 24
HMI/PLCs are available with 3.5 inch, 5.7 inch and 7 inch
color displays. Together with the I/O modules they enable
the implementation of highly attractive SmartWire-DT system
solutions in terms of functionality and price.
K.H. Arndt: The development of a universal SmartWire-DT
slave in the RMQ housing is another highlight. This meets the
requirements expressed by the OEMs: They would like to have
only one PLC program for the maximum configuration of a
machine/system and all the variants derived from it. The universal
modules enable users to design and program for the maximum
expansion in the PLC configuration and in the PLC program.
The hardware required for expansions does not yet have to
be physically present. In this way, installation sections can be
expanded at a later time by replacing the universal slave with
the configured device, without having to change the program or
hardware configuration, and only requiring a SmartWire-DT cable.
SmartWire-DT can thus handle “gap programming”.
SmartWire-DT communication modules and gateways will be
added to SmartWire-DT gradually.
K.H. Arndt: That’s right. We have provided the PKE12 and
PKE32 electronic motor-protective circuit-breaker series with a
SmartWire-DT communication module. The solution is based on
the Eaton motor starter combination consisting of the PKE12/32
motor-protective circuit-breaker, the electronic or electromechanical
link, the PKE trip block and the Size 1 and 2 xStart contactors. The
SmartWire-DT communication module also measures the actual
current flow of the PKE as well as different signalling functions
such as diagnostics, status or overload signals. In this way, all data
The Company
is made available directly in the controller and
thus over the entire system.
the first test of the switchboard installation to be
carried without having to install a PLC.
At the SPS/IPC/Drives 2011 fair we will also be
presenting another SmartWire-DT communication
module for the PKE65 electronic motor-protective
circuit-breaker. We developed the mechanical
design so that the SmartWire-DT communication
module can be used with all PKE basic units –
PKE12, PKE32 and PKE65 – irrespective of the
contactor. This enables PKE motor-protective
circuit-breakers to be networked as protective
devices for soft starters, contactor applications
with competitor switchgear, as an incoming
What are your other development activities
besides SmartWire-DT, and what are your
Ch. Zingg: We are naturally active in several
areas. We have, for example, added a new and
more powerful CPU (CP10) to the MFD-Titan
series. The same goes for the XC series, where
we have added another powerful CPU (XC202) to
the range. Our broad objective can be described
under the motto “From Lean Connectivity to
Lean Automation”. We aim
to reduce the number of
components to a minimum,
whilst maintaining or even
increasing the quality of the
control system.
Will the easy world be
provided with integration in
Karl-Heinz Arndt
Ch. Zingg
circuit-breaker, as well as a networking solution
for two-row motor starter assemblies (separately
assembled motor-protective circuit-breaker and
Last year we introduced a SmartWire-DT
communication module that communicates
directly with the compact circuit-breakers.
Control circuit devices with 1-bit data can be
controlled in exactly the same way as circuitbreakers with 32-byte data. All NZM 2/3/4
circuit-breakers with an electronic release can be
connected directly to SmartWire-DT. All currents
up to 1600 A in the power distribution are thus
within the access range of SmartWire-DT.
An Ethernet-based gateway (Ethernet IP /
Modbus TCP) that offers connection to the
SmartWire-DT system for the first time is
another new development.
All the products mentioned are integrated in
SmartWire-DT Assist – the powerful planning
tool. The online function, for example, enables
Solutions 24 News
K.H. Arndt: For small
applications that don’t require
a fieldbus system, of which
there are thousands, we have
further optimized SmartWireDT and integrated directly into
Eaton controllers. We have
already completed the first
step with the touch display
PLCs. We will be showing a
direct integration in the world
of the easy800 control relay
at the SPS/IPC/Drives fair.
Here we will be presenting
two variants with which users
can optimally implement
small applications without
having to install a gateway.
We have also completed the
integration in easySoft and fully embedded
SmartWire-DT Assist in the software. Besides
the planning functions, a configuration level was
also implemented which allows the connection
between the logic I/Os and the SmartWire-DT
slaves. Particular importance was placed on
simplicity, for which, of course, easySoft is
One of your first partners with SmartWire-DT
is Phoenix Contact.
Ch. Zingg: That is correct. We are currently
holding talks with some companies wishing to
integrate their products into the SmartWire-DT
system. Predevelopment activities are currently
being carried at the same time. In the coming
year, Phoenix Contact will launch the first
product series with SmartWire-DT. Furthermore,
in order to facilitate entry to the SmartWire-DT
world for 3rd party customers, a development
environment is also available that enables them
to integrate their own switching devices into the
SmartWire-DT system.
News +++ News +++ News
SmartWire-DT™ Cooperation Partners
Eaton and Phoenix Contact sign cooperation agreement on electronic CONTACTRON motor starter
with SmartWire-DT™ at the Hannover Messe 2011
Phoenix Contact, global market leader in components, systems
and solutions in electrotechnology, electronics and automation,
and Eaton, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy
distribution and UPS systems as well as components and systems
for electrical automation technology, have concluded a cooperation
agreement on the electronic Contactron motor starter with
SmartWire-DT at the Hannover Messe 2011. On the first day of
the trade fair, Roland Bent, managing director of Phoenix Contact,
and Tom Gross, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of
Eaton’s Electrical Sector, signed a contract which provides for the
development and commercial exploitation of industrial, electronic
switchgear and communications systems.
The objective of the collaboration is the development and
implementation of a joint strategy on Contactron electronic motor
starters and the establishment of SmartWire-DT as a new standard
in the communications interface for intelligent switchgear. Both
innovations, Phoenix Contact’s Contactron electronic starter motor
and Eaton’s new communications and interconnection concept,
SmartWire-DT, set new standards for size, interconnection
technology, robustness and reliability. The advantages for
mechanical and systems engineers are lower space requirements,
reduced wiring and high levels of durability.
“In the smallest possible space, our Contactron electronic motor
starters integrate motor switching and protective functions which
were previously separately set up and wired with several traditional
switchgear units. They thereby revolutionize the power wiring
in the control cabinet. The combination with Eaton’s innovative
SmartWire-DT technology now also replaces the complex parallel
cabling of the control and signal functions of the switchgear units
with a genuine lean connectivity system,” said Roland Bent,
Managing Director of Phoenix Contact. “The combination of
SmartWire-DT and Contactron technology will enable Eaton and
Phoenix Contact in collaboration to considerably streamline control
cabinet installation in industry,” he added.
Richard Boulter, Senior Vice President Industrial Control Division,
Eaton Industries, commented on the joint project: “The addition
to our product range of electronic Contactron motor starters with
SmartWire-DT is a logical step for us in making our strategy ‘from
lean connectivity to lean automation’ even more attractive to our
customers. With it, we can offer both safe, efficient products and
compelling end-to-end solutions around the world. Both companies
are pooling their respective strengths in high-quality, new solutions
in the installation and control of electronic motor starters, and the
market will reward us for this.”
Solutions 24 News
For over 80 years, reliability and safety in all aspects relating to
motors have been part of Eaton’s core business. Whether it’s
robust, reliable and field-proven interconnection technology, safe
switching and protecting or energy efficiency, Eaton possesses
extensive know-how in the field of motor protection and motor
starters. Customers all over the world hold this competence in
high regard and trust products from Eaton. The revolutionary
SmartWire-DT technology was also developed by Eaton.
“With the maxim ‘the easy way to connect’, the SmartWire-DT
ASIC integrates the whole spectrum of requirements such as the
transfer of small volumes of data in the price-sensitive sensor/
actuator technology field. This also includes the transfer of higher
volumes of data, such as are required for the integration of
high-performance equipment – for example frequency inverters,
electronic motor protection or circuit breakers”, said Dr. Martin
U. Schefter, Business Unit Manager Industrial Automation and
Managing Director of Eaton Industries Holding GmbH. “In addition,
it integrates the power supply for SmartWire-DT units, particularly
for the sensors and actuators.”
With Phoenix Contact, the specialist for interconnection and
automation technology, and its Contactron technology, the stage is
set for an optimum collaboration which in future will successfully
bring new products in the field of electronic motor starters to the
Phoenix Contact’s hybrid motor starters combine the advantages
of electromechanical and electronic switchgear in a single
device, thereby providing a long service life and low dissipation.
The low-wear motor starters feature four functions (clockwise /
counterclockwise / motor protection / emergency stop) in a device
only 22.5 mm wide. The integrated safety functions guarantee an
emergency stop without additional elements.
Contactron motor starters save up to 75 percent in terms of space
and wiring compared to conventional switchgear units.
With their global theme of “Smart Efficiency,” Eaton and Phoenix
Contact see the Hannover Messe 2011 as the ideal platform to
announce their strategic collaboration and present their solutions
for cutting costs, optimizing processes and conserving resources.
There are plans to enlarge the joint product range with further
products featuring Contactron and SmartWire-DT technology.
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easy800 Control Relays with SmartWire-DT™
Wiring, programming and commissioning controllers
quickly and efficiently
The easy800 family is being extended with two new devices which offer the features of the easy800 control relay on
the one hand and the connection to SmartWire-DT on the other. Instead of connecting the switching device inputs
and outputs to the controller in the conventional manner, the new switching devices are connected to SmartWire-DT.
Up to 99 SmartWire-DT slaves with over 160 inputs/outputs can be connected to the two new devices for the
adequate control of small or medium-sized machines. A gateway for connecting to SmartWire-DT is unnecessary
thanks to the SmartWire-DT master already integrated directly in the control relay device. This enables users to access
the complete range of functions and connect all slaves in the SmartWire-DT line to a SmartWire-DT master.
Both devices (EASY80x-DC-SWD) come with a serial interface
as standard for programming or connecting a remote display
such as the Eaton MFD-Titan multi-function display (MFD-CP4
plus MFD-80-B). The first device, EASY802-DC-SWD, is provided
with two power supply inputs: POW for supplying the device and
the SmartWire-DT slaves, and AUX for the 24 V DC supply of
connected contactors. The wide range of function blocks provided
by easy800 are also available here, such as multi-function timing
relays, counters, text outputs, value inputs, 7-day and year time
switches, P-PI-PID controllers and maths function blocks, thus
opening up a wide range of different applications.
EASY806-DC-SWD, the second device, is equipped with all the
functions of the standard device. In addition to this other features
are included, such as four digital inputs (24 V DC) used for highspeed counter functions. This device has a wide application range,
regardless of whether it is used as a single-channel counter (up
to 5 kHz), frequency counter (up to 5 kHz) or as a two-channel
incremental counter (up to 3 kHz). Two of the four inputs can
also be used as outputs (transistor 24 V DC, 0.1 A). These are
used to support the pulse width modulation function blocks
(up to 2 kHz) for temperature controls. The pulse output (up to
2 kHz) is provided for controlling stepper motor amplifiers. The
function block can also be used for outputting a number of pulses
at a freely selectable frequency. Like the easy800 devices, the
Solutions 24 News
EASY806-DC-SWD is also provided with the easyNet network,
enabling up to eight devices – easy800, MFD-Titan, easySafety or
also PLCs – to be networked simply.
During commissioning users can view online and fully test both
the status of the SmartWire-DT communication system in its
entirety and also of each individual slave, including all data, via a
PC and the easySoft-Pro software. All the known functions and
components of easySoft-Pro are provided, such as the complete
simulation tool, the 16-channel oscilloscope or the documentation
of the circuit diagram with a cross reference list. For SmartWireDT, the easySoft-Pro was provided with the SmartWire-DT
configurator which creates the SmartWire-DT line with all slaves.
The Automatic operand assignment function offers a considerable
time saving: easySoft-Pro creates a standard assignment for all
slaves. The operand assignment can naturally be changed or
can be completed manually as required. easySoft-Pro therefore
supports the user in all programming and commissioning steps as
well as with later maintenance activities.
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SmartWire-DT™ Now Also for Ethernet/IP and Modbus-TCP
Quicklink ID: ES2402
The innovative SmartWire-DT communication
system for networking control circuit and
switching devices can now also be connected
to controllers via an Ethernet/IP or Modbus-TCP
network. This is made possible thanks to the
gateway which comes with a 10/100MBit
switch and simplifies the configuration of linear
structures. The additional diagnostics interface
simplifies commissioning and helps users with
any troubleshooting. The powerful SmartWireDT Assist planning and commissioning software
enables users to configure the SmartWire-DT
network easily. The online function of the
SmartWire-DT Assist in particular enables the
first test of the switchboard installation to
be carried without having to install a PLC. All
inputs and outputs of the SmartWire-DT slaves
can be exported simply and used in the PLC
configurator of the controller manufacturer
used (e.g. RSLogix 5000).
The software developed by Eaton for
SmartWire-DT simplifies planning and enables
the user-friendly testing and commissioning of
all switching and control circuit devices. The
latest version 1.40 of SmartWire-DT Assist now
also allows the configuration of the new EU5CSWD-EIP-MODTCP gateway. The Ethernet
IP / Modbus-TCP gateway enables an Ethernetbased connection to the SmartWire-DT system
for the first time, so that Eaton is now covering
important fieldbus systems for commonly used
The software is available free of charge
for downloading.
New SmartWire-DT™ Modules for PKE
Extended drive monitoring from 0.3 A to 65 A with PKE12/32/65
motor-protective circuit-breakers and SmartWire-DT™
The special features of the Eaton PKE motor-protective circuitbreaker with electronic release can be optimally exploited with the
connection to SmartWire-DT. The combination of SmartWire-DT
and PKE enables remote motor data to be monitored continuously
and transferred to a higher-level controller or process control
system without the need for expensive analog IO technology.
In this way, operating data such as the motor current of the
highest phase and the thermal load of the motor can be read
out and visualized. The causes of tripping, the set value of the
overload release/time lag (Class) and the type of trip block are also
Depending on the application, the following function modules are
available for connecting motor starters with PKE electronic widerange overload protection to SmartWire-DT:
1.PKE-SWD-32 SmartWire-DT module
The PKE-SWD-32 function element is used for compact MSCDEA-… motor starter combinations consisting of PKE12/ 32
and DILM7–DILM32 (0.09 kW - 15 kW) contactors. The function
module is snap fitted onto the contactor and connected to
the PKE-XTUA electronic trip block. As well as transferring
the operating data from the motor-protective circuit-breaker,
the contactor actuation and the feedback signalling are also
implemented via SmartWire-DT. The selectable ZMR overload
relay function isolates the main contacts through the contactor in
the event of an overload.
2.PKE-SWD SmartWire-DT module
The PKE-SWD function element is used for PKE12/32/65 motorprotective circuit-breakers and/or for motor starter combinations
consisting of the PKE65 motor-protective circuit-breaker and
DILM 40 - DILM 65 (18.5 kW - 30 kW) contactors, and is fitted
directly onto the PKE motor-protective circuit-breaker and
connected to the PKE-XTUA trip block. This enables the PKE
motor-protective circuit-breaker to be connected to SmartWire-DT
without a contactor, such as when using PKE for the group
protection of several drives or with a separate motor-protective
circuit-breaker and contactor arrangement.
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Solutions 24 News
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PKE 65 Motor-Protective Circuit-Breaker
PKE 65 motor-protective circuit-breaker with electronic wide-range
overload protection extends the PKE range
Electrical motors currently in operation come
in a wide range of different variants. In the
majority of processes their particular features
enable them to determine production efficiency.
A motor fault often not only jeopardizes the
device, but also prevents a smooth production
process and causes costly downtimes. Motor
protection is therefore not only essential from a
technical point of view but also from a financial
The selection of suitable motor protection is
therefore of central importance and determines
the functional safety and lifespan of a motor.
Thanks to their special features, the PKE motorprotective circuit-breakers offer an interesting
alternative to the bimetal solution and an
addition to the Eaton PKZ device line. Compared
to devices with a thermal release, motorprotective circuit-breakers with electronic widerange overload protection feature several key
benefits. These include large setting ranges, a
low heat dissipation, tripping classes also higher
than Class 10, as well as precise and extremely
long-time stable tripping characteristics: The
large current setting ranges reduce the number
of variants by up to 80 percent compared
to those with bimetal trips. This minimizes
engineering requirements as well as costs,
whilst reducing stock-keeping and tying up less
As well as the existing PKE motor-protective
circuit-breakers in the current range up to
32 A, Eaton will be launching the PKE 65 from
Q4/2011, and thus providing another motorprotective circuit-breaker with electronic widerange overload protection. The compactly
designed modular PKE for motor currents up
to 65A offers optimum flexibility. Modular
standard components for creating motor starters
are perfectly matched and easy to combine.
Users can make use of accessories from the
Eaton PKZ system, thus meeting the customer
requirement for devices that are exactly tailored
and easy to exchange.
When used in conjunction with SmartWire-DT,
motor-protective circuit-breakers and motor
starter combinations with PKE open up the
possibility of integrating in the automation
world. The PKE-SWD modular COM interfaces
for PKE12, PKE32 and PKE65 motor-protective
circuit-breakers, and the PKE-SWD-32 interface
for MSC-DEA motor starter combinations with
PKE12 and PKE32 motor-protective circuitbreakers, enable the actual current of the drive
and the thermal motor load to be measured
as well as various indication functions, such
as diagnostics, status or overload. The data is
Solutions 24 News
transferred via SmartWire-DT directly to the
controller and is made available throughout
the entire plant for condition monitoring or
for remote maintenance tasks. The motorprotective circuit-breaker is integrated in
SmartWire-DT, and adds additional availability,
efficiency and cost effectiveness to its basic
on/off switching for normal operation and
protective functions. This allows
predictive maintenance and repair,
thus increasing reliability and system
availability, as well as proactive
access to process data in the
operating sphere of the motorprotective circuit-breaker.
Quicklink ID: ES2404
PKE motor starter
with SmartWire-DT
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TÜV Certificate
Safe monitoring of furnaces with easySafety
Machines and plants give rise to potentially dangerous motion
sequences that require a technical solution to make them safe.
Safety devices such as emergency-stop pushbuttons, guard
doors, light curtains and operating elements for safe setting
must be controlled and monitored, and the installation may have
to be switched to a safe state. Safety-related monitoring is also
required in furnaces. Eaton’s easySafety control relay for safety
applications has now also been tested and approved by TÜV
Rheinland for use in the safe monitoring of furnaces in accordance
with EN 50156: easySafety thus enables users to implement a
safety disconnection in the fuel supply to furnaces up to safety
level SIL 3.
of safety function blocks such as emergency-stop, guard door
monitoring, optionally with the monitoring of guard locking, light
curtain with and without muting, two-hand control button, safety
switch mat, enable switch, safety foot switch, operating mode
selector switch, zero speed and overspeed monitoring, external
device monitoring, safety timing relays and safety markers.
However, easySafety not only monitors all typical safety
equipment, but also takes on the control tasks for machines and
plants, whilst keeping the safety and standard circuit diagram
strictly separate. The safety-related control relay meets the
highest requirements: It complies with category 4 in accordance
with EN 954-1, Performance Level PLe in accordance with EN ISO
13849-1, Safety Integrity Level SIL CL 3 in accordance with EN
IEC 62061, as well as SIL 3 in accordance with EN IEC 61508.
Each device of the easySafety series comes with 14 safety
inputs and up to five safety outputs that can be used for safety
monitoring and control tasks. easySafety devices come as
standard with a host of conventional safety relays in the form
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“Eaton Catalogs” in the App Store
Always up-to-date: catalogs, brochures,
customer magazines
Now available in the
App Store
The new Eaton Catalogs App for smartphones and tablets
includes the current Eaton Main Catalog, the brochure “From
Lean Connectivity to Lean Automation” and the latest issues of
the Eaton SOLUTIONS customer magazine.
Eaton Catalogs provides customers with a further communication
alternative: The Eaton Catalogs App meets the requirements for
fast, mobile communication of production information. It provides
a highly attractive and clearly designed user interface with fully
developed functions. In the form of a shelf view, the user is
provided with a clear overview of Eaton’s latest product catalogs.
These can be browsed on the fly or downloaded to the device.
The Update function ensures that customers are always kept
Solutions 24 News
Users can operate the catalog intuitively and can
navigate by simply browsing through the catalogs –
almost like when browsing the printed version. A
linked table of contents, thumbnail views and a rapid
search function simplify searches for the required
information. As product information is often required
which is not available in the product catalog, Eaton
Catalogs contain article numbers and type designations
that are linked systematically to the data sheets to the
Online Catalog. From this detailed product information,
other documents such as instructional leaflets and
technical publications can be called up.
The Eaton Catalogs app is now
available from the App Store for
iPhone and iPad. Users can simply search
there for Eaton or scan the QR code with their
iPhone or iPad camera to access the Download
area directly.
The catalog portal is the entry page to the Online Catalog. Key
elements include the powerful search function and the graphical
navigation. The clearly designed user interface makes every
application particularly easy to use. Always up-to-date, with the
latest product data and product innovations.
Quicklink ID: ES2406
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xEnergy XW – Withdrawable Technology for
the Eaton xEnergy Switchboard System
xEnergy is a freely combinable power distribution
system, specially designed for the infrastructure
sector in buildings and industry up to 5000 A. The
system consists of switchboard and protection
equipment, built-in system technology and the
switch cabinet itself, including planning and
calculation tools. It enables users to implement
power distribution systems that are both safe
and reliable. Optimum mechanical adaptation
of the switch cabinet components to the
Eaton switchboards means reduced assembly
times and increased flexibility. The complete
units comprising switchboards, built-in system
technology and switch cabinet are type-tested to
comply with IEC/EN 61 439 and thus offer a high
combined safety standard.
There are five basic types within the xEnergy
switchboard system: XP (power compartments),
XF (fixed compartments), XR (removable
compartments), XG (general compartments for
universal use) and the latest development –
xEnergy XW (withdrawable compartments).
xEnergy XW completes the xEnergy switchboard
system product portfolio with the addition of
withdrawable technology and allows it to be
used as an MCC (Motor Control Center) and PCC
(Power Control Center).
xEnergy XW allows withdrawable units to be
implemented as power outgoers with PKZ and
NZM circuit breakers up to 630 A and motor
controllers with motor starters up to 250 kW.
Empty withdrawable units are also available for
individual applications. All unit sizes are cleverly
designed in the same way and easy to operate;
no special tools are required. Users can replace
xEnergy XW units quickly and safely – even
when voltage is applied – thus minimizing
downtime and increasing system availability.
There are also three clear status
displays for “Operating”, “Test” and
“No-voltage”, ensuring increased
safety during maintenance work.
Eaton xEnergy switchboard systems
allow safe and efficient power
distribution up to 5000 A. They
can be used in fields ranging from
commercial construction, through
power distribution systems for
hotels and shopping centers, right
up to industrial applications such
as sewage treatment, the food and
drink industry and logistics.
(1) = panel builder assembly
Quicklink ID: ES2407
Solutions 24 News
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Power Xpert® CX Eaton’s latest IEC withdrawable LV Motor Control and
Power Distribution Center up to 4000 A
The system provides reliable motor control and power distribution
functionality for all industrial and commercial installations. The
innovative design combined with Eaton’s expertise in the area of
low voltage applications brings a new platform that is the reliable
heart of any motor control or power distribution system.
CX is a compact, ergonomic and flexible system. The new system
incorporates features like a mechanical test position for secondary
circuit testing of the withdrawable unit. This unique, innovative
and patented mechanical test position mechanism allows for the
control circuits to be tested with both incoming and outgoing
power terminals disconnected.
Moreover, the system also complies with
the IEC/TR 61641: the guide for testing under
conditions of arcing due to internal fault.
A coloured indicator shows from a distance the position of the
withdrawable unit and the IP-integrity IP3X is not compromised
when the unit is in the test position. More than a century of
designing and manufacturing low voltage systems comes together
in the CX. Power Xpert CX is a reliable solution for applications
where the supply of energy is vital for your business process.
Providing internal separation to form 3b and 4b, the withdrawable
units can be exchanged without having to disconnect power ­
and / or control cabling. CX is verified by testing according to IEC
EN 61439-2, guaranteeing maximum operational and personal
The innovative design makes the CX system especially suitable
for applications where the delivery of electrical energy is business
critical: such as in water industries, pharmaceutical industries,
industrial facilities, food & beverage, infrastructure, pulp & paper,
mining industries, steel industries.
Application areas
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(2) = factory-build assembly
Power Xpert® FMX Medium-Voltage Switchgear System
Optimized with SASensor® for Tomorrow’s Smart Grid
Reliable switching, measuring and distribution of electric power. Suitable for optimum remote
control of the medium-voltage grid.
FMX is an innovative and compact switchboard system with
plug-in type circuit-breakers. The system is suitable for use up
to 24 kV and was specially developed for use in the supply grids
of electricity suppliers and for connecting industrial and supply
companies. The FMX can be custom fitted with different digital
systems for protection and remote control tasks.
By adapting the
SASensor products
from Locamation, the
FMX is easy to protect
and control. In this way,
it is easy to measure
the power, to monitor
the voltage quality, to
localize faults, and to
obtain more accurate
data. The system is
therefore ideally suited
for use in current
energy networks as
well as electricity grids
(smart grids) in the
Functionality with SASensor®
SASensor offers the following functions:
• Alarm & event handling
• Protection
• Revenue metering
(kWh measurement)
• Accurate data acquisition
• Remote control and local control
(LCD system)
• Power quality monitoring
• Determination of fault location
• IEC 61850 compliance
future. Due to the simple architecture
of the SASensor system, future
upgrades or replacements of a CCU can
be carried out easily without a major
modification of the base.
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Top Quality
Toothbrush Production
with Eaton Automation
Every day we make use of some objects without giving them much thought, and the same goes for
how they are manufactured. The production of toothbrushes, for example, requires the use of a very
mature technology and a great deal of know-how. M+C Schiffer, based in Neustadt near Cologne,
is an internationally recognized innovator in toothbrush production, and produces over one million
toothbrushes a day in three shifts, seven days a week, on fully automated manufacturing lines.
The production of toothbrushes involves a precisely coordinated
chain of different processing stations: M+C Schiffer developed
the complete production process themselves and integrates
injection molding machines, handling systems as well as
processing and packaging machines in the production chain.
M+C Schiffer also develops new toothbrush models together
with customers, and these include well-known companies
and their brand products, such GlaxoSmithKline with Dr. Best
Aquafresh and Sensodyne, Johnson&Johnson with Reach, P&G
with OralB and Blend-a-mend, as well as discount stores and
drugstores such as Aldi, Rewe, dm, Rossmann and Schlecker.
The time synchronization of the process steps on the one hand,
and the speed of individual processes on the other, present a
particular challenge in the manufacturing process. Production
at M+C Schiffer is fully automated in line, right through to
packaging, as only a “no human touch” production meets the
hygiene requirements specified.
Solutions 24
From the plastic granules to the finished toothbrush
in 15 minutes
Multi-component injection molding machines are used in the
first production step to produce up to 32 toothbrush base
bodies made from polypropylene (PP). The second component
made from soft TPE is injected in the second operating cycle.
This produces up to 80 toothbrush handles a minute. A handling
system then transports the toothbrush base bodies to the bristle
embedding plant. The specialist for this segment is Zahoransky,
a group of companies based in Todtnau-Geschwend. The
bristles, which are also called filaments, are embedded in every
individual hole of the toothbrush bodies at a frequency of 1000
cycles a minute. The filament bundles are embedded using an
anchor wire (flat type of special wire) which is punched into
the recesses of the bristle carrier at high precision with the
centrally folded filaments. Depending on the type of toothbrush,
up to 50 filament bundles in different lengths, colors and
The company: www.mc-schiffer.com
Products: XP700
touch display PLC,
MA compact controller with
CANopen interface,
RMQ pilot devices
Quicklink ID: ES2410 [www.eaton.com/moellerproducts]
M+C Schiffer GmbH is
headquartered in Neustadt
(Wied)/Fernthal, as well as in
East Germany, Austria and
India. It employs over 1000
people worldwide. The familyrun company has been in the
market for over 100 years and
has been continuously investing
in the development of new
technologies in order to strengthen
its international reputation as
pioneers in the field of toothbrush
Zahoransky AG is based in TodtnauGeschwend in the Black Forest,
and is a full line supplier of injection
molding machines, automation
solutions, final packaging
machines, tufting and clipping
machines for toothbrushes as well
as bristles and brooms. Since its
founding in 1902, the name of
Zahoransky has stood for reliability,
precision and mature technology.
A global group of companies
with operations worldwide has
developed from this small familyrun business.
bundle positions are thus embedded in succession. In further
production steps, the filaments are cut to defined lengths and
rounded in multi-stage grinding processes.
The quality assurance is provided by a fully automated camerasupported control process, which ensures that only fault-free
toothbrushes reach the packaging station. Transparent packaging
film is given its final shape in the plastic thermoforming process.
M+C Schiffer packs products in a range of different package
variants in order to meet the relevant customer requirements.
To achieve a daily production of over one million toothbrushes, a
highly reliable technology is absolutely vital.
24h operation: Only with a high level of automation for the toothbrush
machine is it possible to achieve production volumes in the millions.
project designing for all XP/XV operator units from the Eaton
HMI product range as well as for PC runtime solutions. Galileo
always provides the project designer with the full functionality
without any graduated restrictions on tags (variables) or
screens, according to the performance specifications of the
panel used.
Enabling user-friendly and intuitive operation: The 15 inch touch display
comes with a robust infra-red touch panel with safety glass.
Users program the Eaton controller with XSoft-CoDeSys-2: This
technically mature software based on the CoDeSys standard
of 3S is impressive, thanks to its simple handling, and is well
established in the automation world.
Highly reliable control technology
The control of the entire bristle embedding system is handled
by an Eaton compact PLC. The data exchange to the servo
controllers, remote I/Os and operator display is implemented
via CAN bus. An Eaton XP700 industrial PC with a 15 inch touch
display is used for operation and assigning plant parameters.
The ruggedly designed infra-red touch display with safety glass
ensures a high degree of reliability and meets specified hygiene
requirements in accordance with the applicable food regulations.
Thanks to its compact housing design and small mounting
depth, the touch display can be integrated ergonomically in
machines and plants. Local programming access in the field is
provided via Eaton RMQ-USB and RJ45 terminals (IP65). The
integrated web server enables the controller to be accessed
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Walgenbach, project manager at M+C
Schiffer, sums up as follows: “Our customers require justin-time production for particular product launches or for
special marketing campaigns. We then have to produce a
specific number of products, often in the millions and deliver
exactly on time. We can only keep to these delivery times if
we can count on absolutely reliable production technology,
components and suppliers. We are regarded as highly reliable
partners by our customers, and for this our thanks must also
go to Zahoransky toothbrush machines and Eaton automation
Eaton’s Galileo software is used for visualization, and is an
easy to learn and yet powerful project design environment.
With its non-sector specific concept, Galileo offers seamless
Solutions 24
Dipl.-Ing. Robert Dous, Director Sales & Marketing at
Zahoransky: “Eaton’s control and automation technology
is an essential component in meeting the demanding
requirements of toothbrush production at M+C Schiffer and
ensuring highly reliable systems. Only in this way, can we
meet our extremely high standard.”
Drive Monitoring with SmartWire-DT™
and PKE
The Lorüns crusher and screening plant (BSL) used
the winter break over 2010/11 to upgrade the existing
sand and gravel plant with state-of-the-art technology.
In addition to changing over to a state-of-the-art
process control system and replacing the entire power
section, Eaton‘s new SmartWire-DT communication
and connection technology was also implemented in
combination with the PKE electronic motor-protective
circuit-breaker. The sector professionals at Keckeis, an
Austrian company based in Rankweil, who were the
contractors for the project, had quickly recognized
the benefits of SmartWire-DT with operating current
measuring, and the clients at BSL also gave their
unreserved consent to the new solution.
Experts in the field know the problem of starting iced up elevating
conveyors in the morning in freezing tempera­tures all too well:
The stiffness of the empty conveyor belts due to frozen water in
the belt pockets causes the motor currents to increase right up to
the operating limits. When material is then added, the drive enters
the overload range and the motor protection shuts down the
conveyor. A restart is then mostly only possible after the conveyor
line has been emptied by tediously shovelling off the conveyed
material by hand.
Solutions 24
Plant optimization, preventative maintenance, energy saving
After upgrading the sand and gravel plant with SmartWire-DT, the
iced up belt can be automated to “run warm” until the operating
current has dropped to “idle running”, and only then is material
conveying enabled. Any accidental material conveying and
likewise any excessive warm running are prevented. A far greater
benefit for BSL is the controlled operation of the plant close to
its maximum output limit, i.e. optimized and safe plant operation.
The company: www.keckeis-systems.at
Under the management of
Manfred Keckeis, founder of
Keckeis Elektrotechnik GesmbH
& Co KG, Rankweil/ Austria, the
former installation company has
specialized in the last 20 years in
two areas – ski storage systems
and control tasks in the building
materials industry. Keckeis can add
Products: SmartWire-DT,
PKZ motor-protective circuit-breaker,
PKE motor-protective circuit-breaker with
electronic overload protection
several reputable tunnel projects
as well as major building projects
in Europe and in the Arab Emirates
to its list of references.
Quicklink ID: ES2411 [www.eaton.com/moellerproducts]
This is because varying total weights are transported at the Lorüns crusher and
screening plant, due to the humidity and grain size of the transported material. The
outstanding benefit is the enhanced drive monitoring functions: The actual motor
current can be displayed and evaluated continuously without the need for any
expensive analog I/O technology.
With conventional motor control using motor-protective circuit-breakers and
contactors, the switching states of both components (ON) are interrogated to
make an indirect evaluation of the operating state and the detection of a standstill.
A hardware solution such as a speed sensor, load shedding relay etc. is required
for a real and reliable feedback signal. When the set current value of the drive is
exceeded in the event of an overload, the drive is shut down immediately in order
to protect the motor from being destroyed and a fault is indicated. This results in
several unplanned breaks in operation that can take a lot of time to rectify and often
involve high downtime costs.
It is in this particular aspect that SmartWire-DT shows its tremendous benefits: The
evaluation of the actual operating current makes it possible to distinguish between
the following six operating states at BSL (according to the drive task):
• Motor switched off
• Motor underload
• Motor idling
• Motor operation
• Motor overload
• Motor fault
The individual load limits as well as the time characteristics can be programmed as
required for the particular drive application at hand. This enables the plant operator
to detect imminent faults early on and enables interventions in the production
process before an unscheduled interruption occurs.
Continuous drive monitoring: SmartWire-DT together
with PKE motor starter combinations. In addition to
being an extremely powerful communications and
wiring system, SmartWire-DT reduces the timeconsuming wiring and installation work required on
many switchgear systems by over 60 percent.
The use of the PKE motorprotective circuit-breakers in
connection with SmartWire DT
enables the central monitoring
of all the drive motors of
the conveyor belts and
considerably increases the
system’s availability.
Manfred Keckeis, general manager at Keckeis
Elektrotechnik, Rankweil/ Austria, made this
assessment: “The decision made jointly with
BSL to not only upgrade the power section
but also to replace it with SmartWire-DT in
combination with Eaton‘s PKE electronic
motor protection has not only paid for itself
very quickly in terms of investment but
also in terms in system availability. As well
as the neat and extremely fast “wiring”
of SmartWire-DT, its space saving design
was particularly ideal for the limited space
available in the control room. The aim is also
to give our customer a convenient solution
that is easy to operate. SmartWire-DT‘s
status messages and self-diagnostics options
are therefore a tremendous help.”
Junior boss Michael Keckeis also had this to
say: “SmartWire-DT with PKE offers a host
of benefits when reliable feedback signalling
and a high level of system availability are
required. SmartWire-DT is Eaton‘s logical
further development in response to the
market demand for intelligent switchgear –
an attractively priced combination of
proven switchgear and upgraded with
the SmartWire-DT communication and
connection system.”
Solutions 24
Perfect Extrusion
Lean Connectivity with SmartWire-DT™ for
Innovative Plastic Extruder
Plastic extrusion normally involves a continuous process over multiple stages. The basic raw materials
are metered into a heated screw. One or two counter rotating or corotating screw shafts mix and melt
the basic material and the additive homogeneously. The melt is finally fed out via a nozzle. Polymers
and compounds are normally used, together with the additional ground material and additive. This
results in continuous lengths of material with the cross section of the nozzle. Walter Pirrung, a company
based in Großostheim near Aschaffenburg, supplies innovative extruders for plastics, and the company
is well-known throughout Germany for its customer-driven new developments in extrusions materials.
The Forchheim-based company IVK Schaltanlagen und Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG plans, designs
and installs the switchboards required for this. For the technically challenging Pirrung extruders this is no
trivial task. Thanks to SmartWire-DT from Eaton, the previously huge wiring effort could be significantly
reduced. The I/O interface is now also considerably less time consuming.
in operation:
The powerful
communication and
wiring system reduces
the mounting and wiring
requirement by up to
60 % and also enables
a clear and spacious
switchboard layout.
Solutions 24
The company: www.ivk-forchheim.de
Products: SmartWire-DT
with CANopen gateways
Miniature circuit-breakers
PKZ M motor-protective circuit-breakers and
DIL M contactors with tool-less plug connectors
The company IVK Schaltanlagen
und Systemtechnik GmbH &
Co. KG in Forchheim has around
40 employees and operates in
the following fields: Software
and hardware engineering,
mechanics, panel building,
installation, commissioning,
service, electrical and mechanical
drives, powertrains. It has a
solid experience base in the
paper industry, the retrofitting of
production plants, regenerative
energy (solar), environmental and
hydro applications, and also in the
building of special machines and
Quicklink ID: ES2412 [www.eaton.com/moellerproducts]
Depending on two process principles, extruders
are either processing or compounding extruders.
The first type shapes chemical and/or physical
material whilst the second type modifies it. In
Germany, the Großostheim-based Walter Pirrung
company is no longer an insider tip when it
comes to customer-driven plastics extrusion.
Whether for metering, supplying the quantity,
mixing, discharging, cooling and cutting, or
exhaust air extraction and energy recycling, and
also for cleaning, maintenance or repair – all
these steps require a high level of technical
However, every Pirrung extruder, in fact the
entire Pirrung Compounding line, is not only
a masterpiece in itself but also only provides
reliable and safe operation in conjunction with
mechanical and electronic components. For
this Walter Pirrung relies on the expertise of
IVK Schaltanlagen und Systemtechnik GmbH
& Co. KG, Forchheim. This company has been
active in the market for 17 years and stands
out from its competitors with its design and
development skills. IVK uses Eaton’s SmartWireDT connection and communication technology
for building the panels for Walter Pirrung. Harald
Schick, technical manager at IVK, explained the
reason: “The cabling effort on similar projects
proved to be extremely time consuming.
On the current project, the extruder, we use
SmartWire-DT to connect the PLC, an HMI-PLC
XV152 from Eaton. The XV152 touch panel is
used to provide the visualization and operation,
whilst the PLC integrated in the device also
acts as the CANopen master. We use five
CANopen gateways, and all contactors and
motor-protective circuit-breakers are connected
to SmartWire-DT – and that is basically all that
is required.” Harald Schick adds: “Around 60
PKZM motor-protective circuit-breakers were
used with a plug connection to 3 kW DILM
contactors. The auxiliary contacts are connected
to the SmartWire-DT. All interface nodes receive
their signals in real-time. This also applies to
the metering drives which are controlled by
frequency inverters and are networked via
CANopen. The core of the extruder is a 200 kW
water-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor
which is also controlled by a frequency inverter
likewise via CANopen.”
The compounding system is part assembled
and supplied to customers. The system is
commissioned on site by IVK. Harald Schick
highlights a special feature: “This extruder
can be operated without any problem, and
all individual components of the system are
perfectly matched up and controlled by a central
PLC. Whilst all the processes are running in
Automatic mode, all SmartWire-DT slaves can
be switched on and off manually in Manual
mode.” The extruder and its heating zones are
first heated in the production line for about 30
minutes (variable between 250° to 400° at an
accuracy of up to +/-1°). The metering system
is then engaged and the discharged continuous
length is fed to the cooling bath and finally to the
PKE motor-protective circuit-breaker with
Harald Schick, technical
manager at IVK, summarizes:
“Several demanding
functions on the extruder
production line can be
connected via SmartWire-DT.
Thanks to SmartWire-DT and
the CANopen gateway we
have considerably reduced
wiring effort and were also
able to significantly reduce
the number of I/Os. The
switchboard now has a really
slim, spacious and clear
layout. We are known by our
customers for fast response
times – and we are no
longer slowed down by the
cabling of the switchboard.
For us SmartWire-DT
is a connection and
communication technology
with a real value addition.”
PKE motor starter combinations with
SmartWire-DT enable users to ensure integration
in the automation world: The PKE-SWD-32
modular COM interface also provides the actual
current flow of the PKE as well as different
signalling functions such as diagnostics, status
and overload signals. All process-relevant
data is transferred directly to the controller
and is made available to the entire plant. The
data transparency thus created increases the
efficiency and operational reliability of the drives
in the area of the motor-protective circuitbreaker. Users can therefore increase system
availability, reduce the wiring in the control circuit
and save time-consuming troubleshooting during
commissioning and maintenance. The central
PLC or a control system are always provided
with up-to-date and precise diagnostics data, and
tripping and overload values can also be set for
motor protection. A virtually system-immanent
manipulation protection with SmartWire-DT
ensures a high level of safety.
Always Fresh Air
Innovative Exhaust Air System in the Chemistry Department
The exhaust air system in the buildings of the chemistry department of a major German university urgently required
a new concept. Thanks to the extensive expertise of the Aachen-based company, Wagner & Müller, it was awarded
the contract for its impressive solution concept which included Eaton’s SmartWire DT communication and connection
system and PKE motor starter combinations. Compared to conventional HVAC building solutions, the new solution is
based on high-performance standard components and offers verifiable cost savings.
The exhaust air systems of three buildings
belonging to the chemistry department of a
German university were due for an upgrade.
There were several individual problems in
opening doors as the supply air system had
failed. In all, five systems were designed that
had to be commissioned in succession.
The solution for the exhaust air system includes
the use of SmartWire-DT: SmartWire-DT is
the seamless connection and communication
technology from Eaton. The uniformly designed
and open system replaces the control wiring in
all components from the circuit-breaker to motor
starters and frequency inverters right through to
pilot devices. In all, around 500 Eaton PKE motor
starters were used in the chemistry faculty,
with each one being used in combinations of
two starters for small and high exhaust air fan
speeds. The two speeds are interlocked by
means of both the hardware and the software.
Several small rooms or one large one are
assigned to a fan, with each fan being installed
on the roof of the building.
Each of the five systems of the chemistry
department consists of a switchboard (2.60 m
wide, 2 m high), each containing an Eaton HMI/
PLC – a 7.4 inch touch panel of the XV series
with a Profibus DP fieldbus interface – as well
as the DOL starters mounted on the SASY 60i
busbar system from Eaton. In combination with
the Eaton motor-protective circuit-breakers and
circuit-breakers, SASY 60i forms a cohesive,
UL certified solution for switching, controlling,
protecting and distributing power.
PKE motor starter combinations with PKE
connected to SmartWire-DT enable the
university to ensure integration in the automation
world: The PKE-SWD-32 modular COM interface
also provides the actual current flow value of
the PKE as well as different signalling functions
such as diagnostics, status or overload signals.
All process-relevant data is transferred directly
to the controller and is made available over
the entire system. The data transparency thus
created increases the efficiency and operational
reliability of the drives in the area of the motor-
Solutions 24
The company: www.wagner-mueller.de
Products: PKE
motor starter with SmartWire-DT,
XV100 touch display PLCs,
SASY 60i busbar trunking system
Wagner & Müller GmbH & Co.
KG is a company based in Aachen
that can look back on over 60
years of corporate history. The
family-owned business with more
than 50 employees has global
operations, and is a competent
and reliable partner for application
solutions for power distribution,
automation, control and drive
engineering as well as software
development for industry and
Quicklink ID: ES2422 [www.eaton.com/moellerproducts]
which is connected via a gateway to BACnet. A connection of
the SmartWire-DT system via Profibus DP to the central control
system is being discussed. This allows the implementation of a
central monitoring system, and the SmartWire-DT already provides
this option to thus ensure future-proof design. Motor currents of
the 250 double drives could not only be monitored in parallel via
the SmartWire-DT cable, but the touch panel could also transfer
this information to the building control center via OPC.
PKE with pluggable ZMR trip block
Clarity and convenience: both the operation and the control of
the five systems are implemented with a 7.4 inch touch display
Another function offered by the PKZ motor-protective circuitbreaker is the use of pluggable trip blocks – in this case the
ZMR: Combined with the PKZ basic unit, the pluggable ZMR-PKZ
trip block with an overload relay function does not initiate the
disconnection of the protective circuit-breaker in the event of a
motor overload, but switches off the downstream contactors. In
this way, the PKZ stays closed and does not have to be manually
protective circuit-breaker. The PLC (or a control system) is always
provided with up-to-date and precise diagnostics data, and tripping
and overload values can also be set for motor protection.
Impressive solution based on standard components
The proposed solution for the chemistry department of the
university offers several benefits. The building automation concept
is not based on a proprietary island solution but solely on standard
components. Any qualified technician can carry out maintenance
work on hardware and software, as well as expand the system as
required in accordance with the standards. This also applies to the
HMI/PLC, since like all of the xSystem product groups, the XV100
series is programmed as a PLC with the CoDeSys-based xSoftCodesys-2 programming system in accordance with IEC61131-3.
Either Galileo or the CoDeSys Target visualization implemented
here can be used as the visualization software. Each HMI/PLC of
the five systems is backed up by an Eaton 5125 UPS.
The installed solution also allows the university to implement an
efficient energy management system. The energy consumption of
all motors can be evaluated and all values passed to a monitoring
system for analysis.
The exhaust air system is also designed so that if level 2 (high
speed) fails, the exhaust air system can continue to operate via
the activated level 1 (low speed).
Autonomous exhaust air system
with central control system option
The five exhaust air systems operate independently. They
therefore do not require a connection to the central control system
in order to operate fully. The control level currently uses Modbus
Solutions 24
Around 500 Eaton PKE motor starters with a SmartWire-DT
interface were used to control the exhaust air system.
Dipl. Ing. Robert Wagner, CEO of Wagner & Müller, sums
up as follows: “We presented our proposed concept to the
planners at the university, who, even with their extensive
technical knowledge, were impressed by our solution. With
SmartWire-DT and the PKE motor starter combinations we
are taking the ideal approach since our panel not only saves
money. SmartWire-DT increases system availability, reduces
wiring in the control circuit and saves time consuming
troubleshooting during commissioning and maintenance.”
Glued to Progress
First Cross Laminated Timber Press Ready to Start
For decades, Minda Industrieanlagen GmbH, based in
Minden, has been a leader in the development of press
systems for the production of glulam timber. One new
product is a hydraulic press system for the production
of cross laminated timber. The first complete system
was installed in April 2011 at the plant of Eugen
Decker Holzindustrie KG in Morbach. It meets the
special requirements defined by Eugen Decker, placing
importance on flexible and order-related production.
In the Eugen Decker project, user-friendliness is
implemented with RMQ-Titan pilot devices which
are connected in decentralized control consoles via
SmartWire-DT and Profibus-DP to a Simatic S7.
The entire process from laying the longitudinal and cross layers to
pressing multi-layered elements is fully automatic. The lamellas of
the cross and longitudinal layers are placed directly on the laying
table and glued. Special side adjusters press the longitudinal layers
together from the side beforehand; the compacted cross layers
are also placed on the laying table with as few gaps and joins
as possible. This pre-pressed layer cake is then moved into the
press. Before applying the main pressure, the external longitudinal
or cross layers are hydraulically pressed together at high pressure
with absolute precision.
Minda developed a hydraulic CLT press especially for this purpose.
With precise regulation and control it provides high pressure
forces with a minimum use of energy. The press is designed for a
pressure of 0.8 N/mm² at maximum formats. This pressure, which
corresponds to a load of 272 t/m at a press width of up to 3.40 m,
is absorbed by an extremely stable steel gantry. Large area press
plates apply the force to the wood stack which is positioned on a
level press table.
All the setting data specified beforehand by the work scheduling
is provided via a network from a Minda server. All the required
quality parameters are likewise determined via the server and
Solutions 24
The company: www.minda.de
Products: RMQ pilot devices with SmartWire-DT,
NZM circuit-breakers,
DIL contactors
Quicklink ID: ES2414 [www.eaton.com/moellerproducts]
are documented in a ‘gluing book’. The Minda
CLT press can manufacture any type of cross
laminated timber format: Standard dimensions
include lengths from 6 m to 18 m and widths
from 2.20 m to 3.40 m with a board thickness of
100 to 300 mm.
Minda Industrieanlagen GmbH,
Minden, specializes in the
manufacture of special machines
and systems. The company
develops and manufactures
customized solutions for plantwide
material transport and intralogistics.
Since 1979 the company has been
supporting its customers from
the initial design stage through to
commissioning onsite right through
to service for the entire plant life.
The company runs international
operations from four sites (Minden,
Tangermünde, Stadthagen and
Almelo/NL), and exports of 80
percent of its products.
Eugen Decker Holzindustrie KG,
Morbach, is one of the leading
manufacturers in Europe of glued
timber products. Eugen Decker
now supplies half of its annual
production to other European
countries. The company processes
and finishes the major part of its
160,000 m³ annual production from
the cutting and saw mill itself.
Three planing mills and a drying
capacity of 120,000 m³ enable the
company to respond quickly to any
A green SmartWire-DT round cable connects
the control panel with the periphery. The M22-..
surface mounting enclosures are connected
The press conveying system is implemented
with a heavy module belt which is passed
lengthwise through the press and ensures fast
loading: A new element is fed into the press at
the same time as a pressed element is passed
out. A fast and seamless transportation of the
glued board stacks is ensured thanks to the
smooth surface of the module belt.
Combined with a powerful double positioning
gantry for laying cross and longitudinal layers,
as well as a fast and movable gantry gluing
machine, the Minda system enables an element
with up to nine layers to be laid in the shortest
possible time and fed into the press. After
pressing, the CLT element is transported out of
the press and fed to the joinery system behind
it. The gantry cutting system is used to produce
all shapes, connections, window and door
cutouts as well as all installation ducts. The CLT
element is then ready for shipment to the end
Control technology with RMQ-Titan and
The massive distribution panel with five control
cabinet sections is connected to the periphery via
Profibus DP. Each actuator (electromechanical,
pneumatic and hydraulic) must be controllable
for maintenance or for retrieving damaged parts.
Due to the complexity of the system, each
individual station contains a large number of
integrated operating elements, which, if wired in
the conventional way, would involve extensive
wiring and the associated high susceptibility
to faults. Each contact or indicator light would
thus be wired individually and run separately to
the input/output modules of the controller. With
SmartWire-DT this is different. Each of Eaton’s
RMQ-Titan pilot devices is connected to the
green ribbon cable with a single click. RMQ-Titan
devices are fitted together with SmartWireDT function elements quickly and error-free:
Simply fit the device plug, and that’s it. In the
SmartWire-DT system, each SmartWire-DT
function element has its own address as well
as separate diagnostics, thus offering fast and
efficient diagnostics in the system.
Solutions 24
with cable glands or plug connectors (optional
accessory). The boards are connected simply
via color-coded push-in terminals. The required
function elements then just have to be snap
fitted onto the base fixing. Depending on the
actuation device used, the function elements can
also be front mounted.
SmartWire-DT shows its special
benefits, especially when wiring the
remote operator panels.
Profibus DP and CANopen gateways are
available for SmartWire-DT in order to implement
the data exchange data with the higher-level
Kurt Hanke, responsible for electrical engineering – development/design
of wood presses at Minda sums up: “Up to six remote operator stations
are distributed clearly at advantageous points in our overall system. Each
console is provided with an integrated touch display, 10 to 60 indication
devices, such as indicator lights, pushbutton or thumb-grip actuated switches,
indication contacts of the emergency-stop buttons and an I/O station for nonSmartWire-DT sensors. With a conventional design, a single station requires
three to 18 hours just for wiring the sensors. With SmartWire-DT we can
reduce this effort by over 60 percent. And where two switch cabinet areas
overlap, two SmartWire-DT systems are installed on one control console, in
which the “third-party subsystem” is connected to its “mother system” with
the required cable transitions.” This saves gateways and ensures optimum
utilization of the bus infrastructure. In all, we have reduced working times and
costs, thus reducing the overall lead times of the projects.”
China Automobile
Controls the Transport
System in Body Shell
A German premium automobile
manufacturer with international operations
recently set up a new production line in
China. To transfer car bodies to several
welding stations, a conveying system had
to be developed and integrated into the
plant automation structure. Car body
production requires the highest level of
precision, both in the manufacture of
car body parts as well as in the joining
of parts at the relevant welding stations.
An optimum solution was developed for
the project in close collaboration with the
Eaton Corporation in Shanghai.
Demanding customer requirements
The extensive arrangement and number of
signals to be processed from individual stations
were a particular challenge to the automation
of the car body production line. To ensure the
optimum production process, all the motor
drives of the conveying system, as well as all the
sensors of the relevant welding stations have
to be monitored and controlled centrally. The
conveying system also had to be tuned to the
complex control algorithms of the quality control
on the welding stations.
Other requirements: The motor starters had to
be implemented as DOL or reversing starters
with motor protection for overloads and shortcircuits. Contactors and motor-protective circuitbreakers in the rating range from 0.55 -11 kW
were required for controlling over 1200 different
drive motors. All status information such as the
feedback signalling of the contactors and tripped
indication signals of motor-protective circuitbreakers had to be logged centrally. Conventional
solutions were ultimately rejected since they
required a large amount of installation effort and
only offered a low level of flexibility for plant
modifications. The project design, installation and
commissioning would be too time consuming,
even when using remote I/Os. The project
therefore required a high-end innovative solution
that fully met every customer requirement.
Highly efficient solution
Eaton DIL contactors and PKZ motor-protective
circuit-breakers were therefore selected for the
task. Since the application required auxiliary
Solutions 24
Products: PKZ
motor-protective circuit-breakers,
DIL contactors with SmartWire-DT
Quicklink ID: ES2415 [www.eaton.com/moellerproducts]
Contakt: W
illiam Oomen,
Automotive Segment Manager
[email protected]
contacts with different contacts for interlocking
or signalling tasks, the PKZ was ideal with its
wide range of approved accessories for the safe
and efficient creation of control systems from
the xStart range. The motor starter assembly
was implemented with tool-less plug connectors.
This thus offered two separate contact systems
including a visible isolating gap, as well as an
unambiguous assignment of PKZ protective
device and DIL switching device, which can also
be later exchanged on an individual basis.
The innovative SmartWire-DT communication
and connection system enabled the automation
requirements, i.e. the connection of DOL and
reversing starter combination to Profibus DP, to
be met with a high level of efficiency.
The particular benefit of SmartWire-DT is the
fact that conventional switchgear such as DIL
contactors can be incorporated in the system,
whilst the wiring effort on the other hand can be
reduced by more than 60 percent. This project
used over 1600 motor starters, and the use of
SmartWire-DT achieved a time saving of almost
180 hours compared to the conventional wiring
method – corresponding to almost 22 working
No special devices are required to make motor
starters system compatible. SmartWire-DT
modules just have to be snap fitted onto
standard motor starters. The SmartWire-DT
cable provides both the communication and
the power supply to the slaves. Besides motor
starters, it is also possible to connect command
and signalling devices, soft starters or circuitbreakers to SmartWire-DT. SmartWire-DT also
does not require any additional I/O modules and
thus saves space in the control cabinet.
The integration to the existing automation
structure with S7-400 and Profibus DP could
not have been easier: Each SmartWire-DT line
Solutions 24
According to the OICA
(International Organization of
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers),
77.6 million cars were produced
in 2010 (2009 = 61.7 million), an
increase of 25.8 percent compared
to the previous year. Five
countries, the Peoples Republic
of China (18.3 million), Japan
(9.6 million), the USA (7.8 million),
Germany (5.9 million) and South
Korea (4.3 million) represented
starts with a gateway, in this case Profibus DP
(alternatively CANopen, Ethernet IP and also
other protocols can be implemented). Up to 99
slaves can be connected on a SmartWire-DT
cable with a maximum length of 600 m. The
number of connectable slaves is thus virtually
unlimited. Slave addressing is executed
automatically simply by pressing a button on
the gateway. In this case, the PLC program
stays unchanged. A GSD or EDS file can also
be imported without any problem. In all, 720
meters of SmartWire-DT cable were used in
this project. Implementing the same project
with conventional wiring would require approx.
12,600 m of control cable. Using SmartWire-DT
therefore helps us to utilize resources efficiently,
thus reducing the impact on the environment.
Rapid success
The project design, installation and
commissioning of the conveying system with
SmartWire-DT proved to be highly successful so
that car production in Changchun could already
start at the end of 2010. In a further expansion
stage, a power management concept with
SmartWire-DT is being considered: Eaton circuitbreakers can also be connected to SmartWire-DT
and status messages such as on/off signals, trip
indications and load warnings logged centrally.
Moreover circuit-breakers with remote operators
in standby operation can reliably switch off
any energy consumer that is not required. An
Eaton XMC measuring module can also record
essential energy consumption data and make it
available via SmartWire-DT.
59.1 percent of worldwide
production for 2010 (2009 =
59.3 percent). Other significant
manufacturers in Europe in 2010
were Spain, France and the United
Over 1800 PKZ motor starters
with SmartWire-DT were used for
controlling the drives of the body
shell transport system.
The local project manager
responsible at the
automobile manufacturing
plant was delighted with
Eaton’s SmartWire-DT
solution. On the one hand,
the company was able to
significantly reduce the
installation time required,
whilst SmartWire-DT
offered on the other
hand considerably more
transparency with lower
investment costs. Today
the car manufacturer uses
the SmartWire-DT to access
the diagnostics data of
every individual slave, thus
significantly increasing plant
availability. As a result of this
entirely positive experience
the automobile manufacturer
is also considering the use of
SmartWire-DT in the area of
power management.
Cooling with Care
Cold Stores for the
Long-Term Storage
of Vegetables
In earlier times storage pits
or cellars were used for
the long-term, cool and
moist storage of fruit and
vegetables. Many food
products can be preserved
for long periods by means
of mechanical cooling in
cold storage warehouses
or deep freezers. However,
this cannot be used for the
long-term storage of fresh
fruit or vegetables as this has
particular requirements. When the
air humidity is high and the temperature
is low, vegetables slow down their
metabolic activity, which means that they
can be stored longer. Fieles Dithmarscher
Kältetechnik, a company based in Marne,
is a successful specialist in the field of
refrigeration technology, air conditioning
and ventilation, and designs special systems
for vegetable storage. At Fieles the control
systems implemented for the long-term
storage of vegetables are primarily based on
Eaton products: Besides HMI/PLCs connected
to SmartWire-DT, easy control relays, busbar
trunking systems, enclosures, DIL contactors
and contactor relays are used, as well as
PKZM motor-protective
circuit-breakers, RMQ-Titan
control circuit devices and
EMR safety relays.
The Eaton XV102 touch display PLC is programmed
with XSoft-CoDeSys-2.
Solutions 24
SmartWire-DT in operation:
mounting times are shortened
considerably, maintenance and
service work simplified.
Remote operator
station: XV102 touch
display PLC, 5.7”,
also with optional web
The company: www.fieles.de
Fieles Dithmarscher Kältetechnik
GmbH, headquartered in Marne,
is a successful company in
the field of refrigeration, air
conditioning and ventilation. The
company’s customers come
from the chemical industry, food
industry, vegetable producers,
Products: SmartWire-DT
XV102 5.7“ touch display PLCs
DIL contactors
ESR5 safety relays
24V power supply
printers, medicine technology and
catering. The company’s sphere
of operations stretches from
Dithmarschen, to all of SchleswigHolstein, right through to the
whole of Germany and overseas.
Quicklink ID: ES2416 [www.eaton.com/moellerproducts]
Fieles Dithmarscher Kältetechnik designs and
builds vegetable cold storage warehouses
including insulated chambers and refrigeration
systems for different types of vegetables:
Whether for storing potatoes or onions, with
a drying unit or cooling device for various
applications, such as for sauerkraut (pickled
cabbage) or for shipping warehouses, the Fieles
systems for agricultural production and sales are
used in both Germany and in Eastern Europe.
Fieles relies on high quality certified components
for use in its plants. The control technology
required is therefore designed and manufactured
to meet the specific requirements.
Long-term vegetable cold storage warehouse
with high functionality
The Fieles refrigeration system used here,
built for the H.R. Thiessen agricultural holding
in Kronprinzenkoog, consists of two piston
compressors, one condenser with three fans,
four air coolers (evaporators), each with four fans
as well as several valves, regulators and sensors.
The interplay of these components ensures a
constantly optimum chamber climate so that
the vegetables stored can stay fresh for several
months up to the next harvest.
In all, the system receives 33 digital data
elements and eight analog signals from the
system. After processing this information, the
controller supplies 31 system components. At
the same time, all components are monitored
and disconnected individually in the event of a
fault. These faults are stored in the system and
can be analyzed during servicing.
An Eaton touch display PLC from the XV102
series (5.7 inch) was used, which is housed
in the central switching cabinet, and which is
connected to a remote operator panel (HMI
XV102). The controller regulates all pressure
and temperature parameters within the cooling
system and ensures regular automatic defrosting
of the four air coolers using the so-called hot
gas defrosting system with reduced compressor
output. This ensures that energy required for the
cooling system is used efficiently. The central
HMI/PLC XV102 is linked to a SmartWire-DT
gateway for connecting the SmartWire-DT
communication system to standard fieldbus
systems – in this case CANopen.
SmartWire-DT is the seamless connection and
communication technology from Eaton and is
designed as an open system. The central XV102
in conjunction with SmartWire-DT considerably
reduces the wiring requirement, and enables end
users to scan all the parameters of the vegetable
cold store, thus eliminating the need for several
individual control circuit devices or temperature
Michael Gliszczynski, head
of the electrical workshop
and electrical engineering
at Fieles Dithmarscher
Kältetechnik, had this to
say: “As we only use top
quality certified components
in our systems, the robust
and quality Eaton products
were a first choice. Like
other Eaton products, the
touch panels are connected
to SmartWire-DT. Thanks
to SmartWire-DT, our
construction times have
become shorter, whilst
maintenance and service
work have become
simpler. We can offer our
customers teleservice
options if required. All
customers can operate
our long-term vegetable
store simply – all data/
temperatures can be called
up directly by touch panel.
As touch panels are now
available with an integrated
SmartWire-DT master, we
will be using these in future,
thus eliminating the need
for another device in the
switching cabinet.”
The vegetable cold store:
Long-term storage of fresh fruit
or vegetables presents particular
challenges for the control
Solutions 24
Cereal Flakes & Pops Swiss-Made
Energy Distribution – Compact and Easy to Install
In 1846 the Bichsel family in the Swiss Emmental laid the
foundation for a successful milling tradition. At that time
corn, oats and wheat were processed into food products.
Out of this family-owned business the Kentaur joint stock
company grew at the beginning of the 20th century.
As the first manufacturer of oat flakes in Switzerland,
Kentaur launched a “ready-to-eat” Bircher muesli on the
market. The development to a leading producer of cereal
flakes and pops took place gradually. Kentaur relies on
the top quality products of Eaton for the new power
distribution system in the incoming goods, raw materials
processing and waste recycling areas: The good
price/performance ratio of their durable
products as well as their outstanding
services were the reasons for
choosing Eaton.
Solutions 24
At Kentaur, the constantly high quality of its products and
production process is of key importance. The company’s traditional
strengths lie in its technologically mature solutions: All plants and
machines are selected and installed after stringent examination
and testing. As well as featuring state-of-the-art technology, the
machines and plants have to be robustly designed and should be
easy to handle and maintain.
Swiss-made is a quality standard that Kentaur meets in full. During
a routine inspection of the Kentaur switchboards, the heavy
current inspector therefore decided that the distribution system
for the incoming goods, raw material processing and waste
recycling areas needed renewing. This caused Kentaur to choose
a new switchboard design that meets the latest requirements
of the low-voltage installation standard (NIN) both in terms of
personal protection and system protection.
The plant manager Andreas Hebeisen assigned electricians
Adrian Schertenleib, Stefan Gerber and Christof Riesen with the
task of replanning the power distribution system. The following
requirements had to be met: Close compliance with all installation
standards, optimum use of limited space and keeping within the
The company: www.kentaur.ch
Products: NZM
compact circuit-breakers
PKZ motor-protective circuit-breakers
RMQ pilot devices
PFR residual current relays
Quicklink ID: ES2419 [www.eaton.com/moellerproducts]
Kentaur GmbH, based in
Lützelflüh/Switzerland, belongs
like the Dailycer Group to DE-VAUGE Cereals Holding GmbH based
in Lüneburg, and is one of the
leading manufacturers of cereal
flakes and pops. At its Lützeflüh
site Kentaur has around 70
employees and processes annually
around 10,000 tons of maize,
wheat, spelt and rice. DE-VAU-GE
Cereals Holding GmbH has seven
production sites in Europe and
a turnover of around 500 million
euros. Its most important markets
are Germany, France, the United
Kingdom, Spain, Austria and
budget set. The consistent
use of circuit-breakers instead
of fuses in order to reduce
downtimes was the first
technical decision made.
As Eaton products such
as motor-protective circuitbreakers, operating elements
and contactors, were already
successfully in operation in
Kentaur plants and machines,
the project managers contacted
Eaton. They jointly worked out
a solution to meet all customer
requirements and standards
stipulated. Kentaur then
evaluated solutions proposed
by competitors.
Eaton was then awarded the
contract to provide a solution
consisting of various circuitbreakers (NZM1 160A/ 200A/
250A, NZM2 80A/ 100A/ 125A/
160A and NZM4 630A) as well as several PFR residual current
relays. The customer was impressed by the compactness of the
PFR with a design matching that of the NZM circuit-breaker and
its functions.
NZM and PFR – compact and easy to install
The Eaton residual current release modules are matched to fit
the base of the NZM1 (also on the right of the NZM1) and NZM2
circuit-breakers. These device combinations perform the following
tasks: Control and switching of currents up to 250 A, as well as
overload, short-circuit and residual current protection.
Alternatively, the modules can be combined with N switchdisconnectors. No external auxiliary voltage is required for this.
The residual current protective module of the NZM2 is not
restricted by the mains voltage. Customers can choose either
pulse current or universal current sensitive models. Three-pole
and 4-pole variants with different rated residual currents from
30 mA up to time selective 3A are available for virtually every
mains constellation.
In the event of a fault, the RCD switch on the NZM1 first
indicates the increasing residual current via an LED. Only when
the set residual current is exceeded is the circuit-breaker tripped
by the RCD release, thus opening the main contacts. The cause
of the trip is indicated mechanically on the NZM1 and NZM2.
Users can clip on optional auxiliary contacts which indicate the trip
remotely. In order to restore the power supply, circuit-breakers
and residual current releases must be reset and reclosed.
The PFR residual current relay with a ring-type transducer is also
available. These ring-type transducers are compactly arranged
on the cable run and form a functional unit together with the
measuring relay that is clipped onto the DIN rail as required.
Solutions 24
The power distribution system of the production plant:
Eaton’s 160 A - 630 A NZM compact circuit-breakers are used.
The new relay/transducer combinations cover operating currents
from 1 to 1800 A. The application range covers general power
distribution requirements right through to single motor feeders.
The residual currents that are detected and processed by the relay
are between 30 mA and 5 A.
The company electricians Adrian Schertenleib, Kentaur,
summed as follows: “At Kentaur several production lines
for different processing technologies are in operation
round the clock. For example, the cornflakes plant for all
cereals, the puffing plant for producing cereal pops, plants
for milling (waste recycling) and pealing (raw material
processing), flaking and coating as well as packaging
plants. For this reason we must be able to fully rely on the
quality of the electrical products in plants and in the power
distribution systems. The space and the budget available
to us for building the new panels for the incoming goods,
raw material processing and waste recycling areas were
limited. However, we naturally we did not want to forfeit any
of the requirements and standards that had been specified
beforehand. The employees at Eaton in Switzerland gave us
highly expert advice, as well as offering a comprehensive
service with very fast response times. A future-proof system
for personnel and system protection is now in place.”
Exchange During
Mobile Transformer Station
with SVS Medium-Voltage
Endinet has been part of the Dutch
company Alliander since 2010 and
manages the power grid in the
Eindhoven district. In the past months,
the company has started the renovation
of its transformer stations. In order to
ensure a safe and convenient completion
of the renovations, Endinet has been
using a mobile transformer station in a
container over the past year. The complete
transformer station takes over all functions
during the renovation phase. Three
stations have already been completed and
14 are still due for renovation.
Mobile transformer station: The container houses a
3.6 kV SVS/08 medium-voltage switchboard from Eaton
consisting of 17 sections
The grid operators Liander and Endinet, both
subsidiaries of the Dutch company Alliander,
supply electricity to three million customers and
gas to 2.6 million customers in over a third of
the Netherlands. Liander has the legal mandate
to manage the electricity and gas network
and associated installations in the Gelderland,
Friesland, Flevoland, North Holland regions and a
part of south Holland. Endinet is responsible for
the supply in Eindhoven, eastern Brabant and in
the Haarlemmermeer district.
Safety and protection
Of the 26 transformer stations that Endinet
manages, many were built in the fifties. These
are unenclosed medium-voltage systems that
no longer match the current state of the art.
As Ruud de Mönnink, project manager of this
renovation work, explained “There are new and
better technologies now, and it is important to
renovate these systems to meet work safety
Solutions 24
The company: www.nre.nl
Products: SVS/08 medium-voltage switchboard
Quicklink ID: ES2417 [www.eaton.com/moellerproducts]
De Mönnink does not consider distributing the power through
other transformer stations as useful. This is because supply
security would not always be ensured. Endinet therefore decided
to invest in a mobile transformer station that was integrated in a
container by Eaton. The outstanding benefit: The container can
simply be transported on a truck and then put into position. It is
also mounted its own extendable supports approximately one
meter above the ground.
Everything out!
During the renovation the feeder and distribution cables were
rerouted to the mobile station in stages. Once the changeover is
completed, the renovation is started. Ruud de Mönnink explains:
“We can then enter the building safely and remove everything.
The complete interior installation right down to the lamps is
removed. A new cable vault and a new flooring is fitted. Eaton
then installs a completely new SVS System”.
The content of the mobile transformer station is designed to meet
the needs of the largest transformer station that Endinet has,
and can be used easily as a stationary installation with the final
renovation. “We may keep it as a reserve mobile station or use it
to support another grid manager,” Ruud de Mönnink outlines the
possible future use.
SVS/08 at Endinet
Endinet‘s mobile station contains an Innovac SVS/08 system with
17 sections, consisting of 3 x 5 cable sections and two connection
sections. A DC unit provides the possibility to switch on a safety
Alliander N.V., headquartered in
Arnhem, Netherlands, has over 2.8
million customers, is the largest
operator of power and gas grids in
the Netherlands and belongs to the
Dutch provinces and municipalities.
With a tradition going back over
100 years, Alliander does not sell
energy itself but is responsible for
the operation and modernization
of power and gas grids which
are gradually developed into
“intelligent networks”. Alliander,
the network company with around
6000 employees, is made up of
the business units Liander, Endinet
and Liandon. The German Alliander
AG is headquartered in Berlin and
has been operating since 2001.
relay in the event of a power failure. A Halyester distribution board
was also installed for the lighting and the wall socket outlets.
The remote reading of switch status indications is currently in
SVS/08 - SVS/12: Modular
medium-voltage switchboard
3.6 - 24 kV
SVS/08 - SVS/12 is a modular epoxy-resin insulated switchboard
with a sheet steel enclosure and vacuum interrupters and circuitbreakers. Innovac ensures the reliable switching, measuring and
distribution of electrical energy with safe switching components
in functional section designs. The modular medium-voltage
switchboard, designed for 3.6 to 24 kV, integrates functionally
designed sections that are fitted with main components such
as circuit-breakers, molded case switches, cartridge holders,
measuring sections, main busbars and cable terminals feeders.
The SVS switchboard is ideal for use in switching stations and
distribution substations used in utility grids, as well as for industrial
applications and public power supply grids. Eaton has a worldwide
reputation with its Holec product series as a specialist in the field
of epoxy resin insulation. Vacuum interrupters and circuit-breakers
are the core components of Eaton Holec switchboards. These highquality switches were designed and manufactured in-house.
“The delivery of the mobile transformer went
extraordinarily well,” Ruud de Mönnink,
project manager of the renovation work at
Endinet, explained. “We are highly satisfied
with the quality and processing of both the
SVS/08 system and the planning, consulting
and service provided by Eaton.” The project
manager adds: “The container is positioned
neatly behind the site perimeter and takes on
all the functions of the transformer station so
that the renovation work can be carried out
safely. The feeder and distribution cables can
be connected without any problem thanks
to the mounting on supports. In short, we
are confident that we will soon successfully
complete our ambitious renovation project.”
Solutions 24
Eaton Technology Road Show Europe
“Solutions from Lean Connectivity to
Lean Automation”
From August 2011 to the end of 2012 the Eaton Road Show will be
touring Europe and presenting directly to the customer a wide range of
innovations for machine building and system building applications. Not
only device components but also solutions that offer a considerable
value addition for users will be showcased.
The Eaton Technology Road Show Europe will start with a bang and a
blaze of product highlights and key technologies, setting benchmarks
in efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability, whilst at the same
time ensuring a high level of performance, reliability, safety and userfriendliness. An extremely versatile portfolio will be on show, consisting
of products and services for power distribution, power quality, and
industrial automation for machine building applications for OEMs
and end customers. The range includes MSC motor starters, PKE
motor-protective circuit-breakers with electronic wide-range overload
protection, scalable automation and safety solutions that meet the
most demanding requirements, as well as energy optimization solutions
including monitoring, energy saving solutions with variable speed drive
drives, right through to efficient power quality and also electrohydraulic
Interested visitors to the Road Show can take the opportunity to
get informed in their locality. Information about when and where
the Expoliner (240 kW bus, 18 tons in weight, 12 m long and
4 m high) can be obtained from your local Eaton sales offices:
New Eaton
Wiring Manual 2011
Eaton Live:
06.03. – 11.03.2012 | CeBIT, Hannover
15.04. – 20.04.2012 | Light+Building, Frankfurt
23.04. – 27.04.2012 | Hannover Messe, Hanover
13.06. – 15.06.2012 | Intersolar, Munich
04.09. – 07.09.2012 | SMM 2012, Hamburg
18.09. – 22.09.2012 | Husum Wind, Husum
10.10. – 12.10.2012 | IZB Fair, Wolfsburg
27.11. – 29.11.2012 | SPS/IPC/DRIVES, Nuremberg
The Wiring Manual, which has been an
established publication for several decades,
will be presented in a new and extensively
revised edition at the SPS/IPC/Drives 2011
fair. The Eaton Wiring Manual 2011 continues
in its successful layout as a pocket book
in DIN A6 format and will be presented
in the Eaton design. It offers valuable
practical tips – for trainees and experienced
technicians alike. The following content
has been added or updated: Overview of
photovoltaic solutions in residential buildings,
as well as medium-voltage systems, updated
presentation of the xBoard enclosure range,
completely revised chapter on SmartWire-DT
and automation systems, extended chapter
on drive engineering (DS7 soft starter,
M-Max frequency inverter, Rapid Link 4.0
decentralized drive system), a thorough
description of the Eaton sensors in chapter 3,
Solutions 24
updated chapter 5 with ZEB motor protective
relays, inclusion of the PKE motor-protective
circuit-breakers in chapter 6, IZMX circuitbreakers added to chapter 7 and an updated
description with technical terms in the
chapter “Exporting to the World Market and
North America”. Standards formulae, tables
and relevant conversion tables complete the
range of information on offer.
The Eaton Wiring Manual 2011 – written
by specialists for specialists – has been
published in printed form in English and
German. Interested readers will also find the
Eaton Wiring Manual 2011 on the Internet,
either as a PDF download (complete or by
chapter) or as a flip catalog, as well as part of
the Eaton Catalogs App for smartphones.
Quicklink ID: ES2420
28.02. – 03.03.2012 |Ipack IMA Trade fair,
16.04. – 19.04.2012 |EWEA 2012, Copenhagen
05.05. – 12.05.2012 | ECC 2012, Biograd
04.06. – 07.06.2012 | Eliaden, Oslo
22.05. – 24.05.2012 | Airport Show, Dubai
24.04. – 27.04.2012 | EEM 2012, Moscow
11.06. – 14.06.2012 | Gartner DC, Washington
24.09. – 26.09.2012 | PCIC, New Orleans
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Eaton Industrial
SVS Medium-Voltage
“From Lean Connectivity
Machine building
XV100, XV150, XV200, XP700
Moeller is Eaton
Main Catalogue
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to Lean Automation”
Touch Display PLCs
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product overview
NZM circuit-breakers
Product information HMI/PLC
with SmartWire-DT
Power Xpert CX
Power Xpert FMX
Further information: Up-to-date and fast.
By fax, Internet, email and for download
FAX Reply: +49 (0)228 602-2275
Email: [email protected] | Internet: www.moeller.net, www.eaton.com
Ordering information: literature.moeller.net
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Solutions 24
Electronic catalogue: ecat.moeller.net
The power of fusion.
There’s a certain energy at Eaton. The energy
created supports our commitment to powering
business worldwide. From power distribution to
power quality and control, Eaton allows you to
proactively manage your complete power system
by providing electrical solutions that make your
applications safer, more reliable, and highly effi
cient. Visit www.eaton.com/electrical.
Solutions 24
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