Dell Latitude ST tablet Important information

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Important Information

Re-Imaging Your Latitude ST

CAUTION: Always ensure to back-up your data before uninstalling the operating system.

NOTE: The touch screen gestures will be available only after you re-install the required drivers and utilities.

NOTE: Always connect an external USB optical drive, keyboard and mouse to the computer via the docking station when uninstallating or re-installating the operating system. In the absence of the docking station, use a USB hub to connect the peripherals.

Latitude ST comes pre-installed with a Microsoft Windows 7 32 Bit SP1 operating system and additional Dell recommended software stack, settings and drivers.

Re-imaging the computer, i.e. uninstalling and re-installing the operating system and drivers is a multi-step process. This document provides important information required after you re-image your computer, as Dell specific components will not be available.

Drivers and utilities must be installed on the computer in a specific order to ensure optimal performance. Failure to install drivers as described may result in undesirable performance.

CAUTION: Re-image your computer from a clean operating system load and follow the instructions in this document. Do not use an image built for other computer systems.

Installation Sequence of Drivers and Utilities

NOTE: All drivers and utilities are available for download on

On re-installing the operating system, install the drivers and utilities in the following sequence:

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D r i v e r a n d U t i l i t y I n s t a l l a t i o n S e q u e n c e

Driver/Utility Description

1. BIOS If the BIOS version is older than X16, update to the latest version available under the BIOS section.

This requires an external DOS Bootable USB stick. Load the default system BIOS by pressing <F9> in the BIOS setup menu.

2. Intel Mobile Chipset Install the latest driver available under the Chipset section.

3. Dell System Software Install the latest fixes available under the System Utilities section for critical Microsoft Quick Fix Engineering (QFEs).

4. Audio

5. Video

Install the audio driver available under the Audio section.

For optimum graphics performance, install the video driver available under the Video section.

6. Touch Screen Digitizer Install the N-Trig Multi-Touch-Digitizer driver available under the Input section.

7. Camera Install the Dell Camera Application Package driver available under the Input section.

For video capturing and streaming features, install any third party or freeware webcam software.


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