Latitude NVMS V6.1
Latitude NVMS V6.1
Network Video Management System
Next Generation NVMS Solution
DVTel’s award winning Latitude NVMS® is an open standards, IP-based
software platform that uses the latest advances in technology to create the
most user-friendly solution on the market today.
Latitude NVMS is part of DVTel’s Smart Security Solution. DVTel develops,
designs, and provides Smart Security Solutions that help protect critical
infrastructure -- in transportation hubs, city centers, nuclear and power
facilities along with buildings and campuses of corporations, educational
institutions and government facilities.
Enterprise-level video, audio and data
management system for recording
and monitoring
Utilizes off-the-shelf computer workstations, servers, networking and
storage equipment
Integrates with existing legacy CCTV
equipment and third party hardware and software solutions
DVTel offers a complete line of IP
We tie together leading edge IP-based cameras and encoders, with builtin analytics capabilities that detect and report security threats, creating a
powerful security “edge”.
System Overview
Latitude NVMS V6.1 is a fully scalable enterprise-level multimedia management
system. This advanced network-based system architecture enables simultaneous
monitoring of video and audio, live and recorded, from multiple stations. The system is easily configurable for storage both on and off site. The software can be
configured to store and to view from one to thousands of cameras and monitor
connections across an unlimited number of servers.
Cameras and intelligent video analytics edge devices which, along
with Latitude NVMS 6.1, create a
complete end-to-end solution
Latitude NVMS was developed using
Microsoft .NET Framework, thus
providing better interoperability,
security, and ease of deployment.
Latitude NVMS software comes in
three package options including
Classic, Elite and Enterprise
Latitude V6.1 is built on Microsoft .NET Framework and includes Mentor
Screen Recording, Casebuilder Incident Reporting and Management and the
award winning SceneTracker video stitching software, which incorporates DVTel’s patent pending Adaptive Visualization Technology (AVT).
When Latitude NVMS 6.1 is unified with Altitude IP Cameras, ioimage intelligent video analytics, and iSOC Advanced Applications, they create DVTel’s
Smart Security Solutions.
Simultaneous use of multiple video compression, including H.264, MPEG4
and MJPEG.
Continuous, scheduled, manual, event-based and alarm–based recording
Supports over 100 different IP cameras and video edge device models from
leading manufacturers.
Integration with existing legacy analog CCTV systems.
State-of-the-art client applications and IT friendly features provide ease of deployment and ease of use with any system size.
Video Analytics enabled platform.
Microsoft .NET SDK, API and Plug-in technology provide flexible integration
and customized solutions.
Powerful Event and Actions model allows for automation and provides both
customization and 3rd party integration.
Supports both centralized and distributed architectures.
Resilient system design with failover and redundancy options.
Active Directory integration supported.
Motion detection and smart search support.
November 2010
Latitude NVMS V6.1
Network Video Management System
System Functions
Live Video Monitoring
• Cameras can be monitored using computer monitors displaying the
ControlCenter client application and analog monitors connected to
the network via hardware decoders.
• On client workstations, state-of-the-art On Screen Display technology is used for maximizing the video real estate
• Multiple patterns of tile layouts include 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
can be used in ControlCenter
• Camera switching to any monitor in the system using a client PC
mouse, PC keyboard or CCTV keyboard
• Support for multiple streams of high quality video at full-motion
frame rates (30 fps NTSC, 25 fps PAL)
• Support for remote viewing using the Latitude Transcoder server
• Camera sequences
• DVTel SceneTracker Views can be monitored directly from ControlCenter
• Full screen video support
• Support for up to 4 monitors on a single client PC.
Live Audio Monitoring
• Audio inputs, such as microphones, can be monitored using computer speakers on the ControlCenter client workstation. They can
also be monitored using audio outputs, such as speakers, connected to the network via audio hardware decoders
• Multiple audio streams monitored concurrently on a PC (audio mixing)
• Audio inputs can be linked to video cameras for combined audiovideo monitoring
• Audio inputs can be monitored independently in ControlCenter using audio layouts
• Volume, mute and other audio controls are provided by the client
• Record video from any supported camera or edge device in any
resolution and profile
• Record independent or video linked audio inputs such as microphones
• Support for multiple recording triggers: manual, schedule, alarmbased, motion based and event-based. These recording reasons
are saved as part of the clips’ metadata
• Dynamically change record settings based on motion, alarm, or
other events
• Support for pre-alarm/post-alarm and pre-event/post-event recording
• Support for recording either the first or the second stream of a dual
streaming encoder
• Control the recording retention time – how long clips remain archived before being overwritten—per camera and per type of recording trigger
• Lock clips that should be kept indefinitely
• Recording profiles and schedules can be set individually per
stream (audio or video)
• The use of containerized storage optimized for large video files
reduces operating system overhead and improves reliability by
preventing disk fragmentation
• Fail over recording, allowing Archivers to dynamically take over
other Archivers’ roles in cases of machine failure or communication loss
• Redundant recording
Playback from Archive
• Support for multiple concurrent video and audio playback from archive
• Support for Synchronized playback of multiple concurrent video
and audio clips
• Archives can be queried based on scenes; date and time; recording reasons/triggers; bookmarks and incidents; motion smart
search and other motion search methods
• Increase or decrease playback speed and use reverse playback
to examine clips from end to start. Support for frame by Frame
• The ControlCenter timeline provides a visual indication of the current frame’s time and position, the playback speed and metadata
such as recording triggers and bookmarks
• The ControlCenter timeline provides video and audio clip navigation capabilities such as jump-to-time, change of speed and direction, change of timeline resolution and more
• Video and Audio can be exported to a DVTel proprietary file format,
providing an encryption protected SHA-1 digital signature for evidence management purposes
• Video can be exported to an AVI file using industry-standard codecs, with our without audio
• Audio can be exported in a standard WAV format
• Latitude ControlCenter supports exporting clips for burning to a
DVD with a copy of the stand alone DVTel proprietary player
• Mass Export functionality optimized for high-speed export of massive amounts of data
• Background Export functionality provides a cost effective solution
for long term retention of video and audio footage, allowing to configure automatic schedules for copying footage from the Archiver’s
primary storage to a secondary storage layer
• Safrun – every server installation contains a watch dog process to
guarantee system services are always running
• Redundant archiving
• Fail Over Archiver
• Fail Over Directory
• Fail Over EDB
• Distributed architecture–minimizing the risks of a single point of failure
Virtual Matrix
• Support PTZ user hierarchy to determine which users have priority
over other users when controlling PTZ domes
• Camera switching from any keyboard or workstation to any viewing
tile or analog monitor the system
• Sequences
• Salvos – available with Layouts in ControlCenter or groups of analog monitors
• Guard Tours (layout tours)
• PTZ control, including control of presets, patterns, auxiliaries, PTZ
• CCTV keyboard support
• Automation: configure actions execution upon events
Events and Actions
• Event logging within the audit trail database
• Latitude can receive and distribute events from multiple sources
• Support for automatic execution of actions in response to events.
• Intelligent event and action distribution using a rule-based service
Specification sheet is subject to change without notice.
Latitude NVMS V6.1
Network Video Management System
System Functions (cont’d)
Command and Control
• Unification with ioimage Video Analytics
• Video wall management
• Supports full screen video
Advanced Alarm Management
• Support for creation and configuration of an unlimited number of
alarm types
• Alarms can be triggered automatically by the system in response to
any event, according to the administrator’s definitions
• Alarms can be triggered manually by users
• Alarms can be sent to multiple recipients, either simultaneously or
based on pre-defined, alarm-type-specific recipient priorities
• ControlCenter displays an alarm list with detailed alarm states and
history as well as various other alarm indications, including sound
• Situational awareness: using MapBuilder the user can generate
maps with alarm icons that display the alarm status
• Alarm can be displayed with color coding to help operators quickly
determine the level of urgency
• Alarms may display video and audio content to the user, including
live and archived footage and maps. Alarms can also be associated with a pre-defined procedure URL page
• ControlCenter can display footage of multiple alarms concurrently
in different tiles, in Block mode or Salvo mode
• Collaboration for operator groups: each operator can accept, forward, snooze or clear an alarm
• Alarms can trigger recording of pre-alarm and post-alarm periods,
if defined
• Alarm recording is marked with automatic bookmarks
• Recorded alarm clips can be searched by recording reason or
bookmark text
Event Logging and Reporting
• Latitude automatically supports recording of many types of events
into an AuditTrail database
• Support for user selectable event-type logging
• Recorded events include date, time and other relevant fields of
• Reporting tool provides means for creating multiple types of reports, based on time criteria set by the user, and allows the user to
view, print and export the reports
• Alarm history can be queried and displayed in ControlCenter
• The system manages metadata by recording real time information
in the Archiver and Directory SQL databases. The information describes events that may or may not be related to recorded multimedia such as video or audio
• The system provides multiple tools to search and retrieve information using metadata. The most comprehensive tool for metadatabased search is the ControlCenter Query Pane
• Metadata types include recording triggers, alarm information (including response data), event information and bookmarks and incidents (collections of multiple simultaneous bookmarks from different sources). All metadata is time-stamped
User Management
• Latitude NVMS 6.1 supports user management capabilities, authentication and privileges
• Support for user groups. A user can be assigned to one or more
groups and inherit the privileges of the groups.
• User privileges can be assigned per site, per camera and per virtually any function or entity in the system. The privileges are assigned using a hierarchy that is similar to the application trees, to
allow giving or denying access for sites.
• User management is available also with Active Directory integration
• Active Directory enables central/global user management for multidirectory systems
• Active Directory enables importing users and groups into Latitude
• Active Directory unified login option allows using the windows credentials to login to Latitude
Motion Detection
• Motion detection is supported in the following modes:
* Full screen or zones on the Archiver, for all DVTel IP cam
eras and encoders, excluding the value line cameras.
* Edge based motion detection with zones for most of the
3rd party edge devices as well as DVTel Value line cam
• Motion detection profiles allows the definition of sensitivity thresholds for motion on and motion off events
• Motion indication, showing the level of motion as histograms on the
timeline of recorded video
• Motion Smart search, allowing the user to define a region of interest to query the system for all the motion incidents that have occurred in that region during a certain time period
CaseBuilder Incident Reporting and Management
Privileged users can use CaseBuilder to collect and organize raw
data in meaningful format
• Cases can include video and audio clips, snapshots, bookmarks
and alarms, or any other files or URL that the user wishes to include
• Cases are saved on a separate storage so they can be shared with
other users
• Cases can be exported and then be investigated in an offline location
Web Publishing
• Allowing customers to stream live video feeds from Latitude to web
sites and other 3rd party systems
• Latitude can integrate with common media streaming solutions
such as Windows Media Encoder or VLC
Unified ioimage Analytics
• Inherent support for ioimage analytics
• Receive Analytics events and alarms in ControlCenter
• View ioimage analytic detections marked with OSD on the Video
• Arm, Disarm and Clear events from ioimage Analytics device
Specification sheet is subject to change without notice.
Latitude NVMS V6.1
Network Video Management System
Transcoder & Gateway
• The Transcoder delivers MJPEG video streams for internet/lowBandwidth clients, by performing H.264 and MPEG4 to MJPEG
System Components
• The Gateway is a Portal for remote access over the internet in a
transparent fashion
Directory – the system’s central administration and configuration data• The Transcoder can interface with common media streaming
solution for web publishing
EventDistributor (EDB) – intelligent rule based switching of events and
Archiver – records video, audio and meta data and manages edge AuditTrail
• Recording of all the event types that were selected by the
administrator for logging, into an AuditTrail database.
Gateway – portal for remote access over the Internet
Transcoder – provide remote connectivity to the system and video • Using Microsoft SQL Express Database
streaming over the Internet
AuditTrail – Recording of all administrator events in SQL database
• View live, archived and exported video and audio, side-by-side
SafRun – watchdog service
• Synchronized Playback
CaseBuilder - provides case management services
• Advanced Workspace Mode control
• CaseBuilder mode
Client Applications
ControlCenter – the operator command and control interface and a • Advanced Video Overlay controls to maximize the video real estate
player for live, archived and exported multimedia and case management • Sophisticated alarm and event management
• Manage incidents and bookmarks
AdminCenter – the system configuration interface
QuickControl Center - allows you to connect to your Latitude system • Global client - connect to multiple directories
with no installation required. Launch it from Internet Explore (or save • Remote client – connect via the internet
as a file) to start operating your system, enjoying the ControlCenter full- • Logical tree view with entity status
fledged functionality. QuickControl Center is also a portable stand alone • Embedded SceneTracker
• Maps and web content in tiles
• Flexible/customizable GUI layout
Integration Tools—Software Development Kit (SDK), APIs and Plug-Ins • PTZ, Digital PTZ and Keyboard support
Mentor—Capture the operator’s screen as a video stream, allowing the AdminCenter
• Configuration and administration
supervisor to record or monitor it in real time for training and review
• Licensing interface
• Ease of use through Wizards: Quick Configuration Wizard,
Camera wizard, Copy Configuration wizard and user group wizard
• Authentication management
• Dashboard display of system status
• System configuration and settings catalog
• Sidebar menu offering task oriented user interface
• Alarm management
• Automatic Discovery of edge devices
• Incident/metadata management
• Physical tree - servers and edge devices configuration
• System status view
• Logical tree - geographical/organizational hierarchy configuration
• Using Microsoft SQL Express / SQL Server Database
• Filtered views for cameras, users and more
• Fail over directory—multiple per system
• Search/Filter support for all trees
• Profiles and schedules
Event Distributor (EDB)
• Intelligent, rule-based distribution of events, actions and messages • Users, user groups and privileges
• Alarm, event and action definitions
• Supports Failover EDB
• Global client - connect to multiple directories
• Remote client - connect via the internet
• Map Builder - A user interface for creation and maintenance of
• Recording of video and audio
HTML based maps
• With dual stream encoder, either stream can be recorded
• Ability to backup system databases
• Playback of video and audio
• Manages IP Cameras, Encoders, Decoders and other IP Edge De- • Mass Export and Background Export interface
• Audio/Video - Multicast or Unicast capability
• Provides a Latitude API that can be used for integrations and
• Controls PTZ domes and sequences
• Video proxy (redirection)
• Provides video feeds using the Direct Show Filter
• Performs motion detection events
• Using Microsoft SQL Express / SQL Server Database to store • Provides event and alarm listeners to the system using the Event
API and Alarm API
metadata including storage management, bookmarks and motion
• Productized and documented
• Support for Redundant Recording
• Supports Failover archiving
For ordering and hardware specification information, please refer to
• Automatic discovery of IP edge devices
the Price Guide and System Specification Document. Both can be ob• Performs Background Export and Mass Export
tained by contacting your Local Regional Sales Manager ([email protected]
DVTel, ioimage, Smart Security Solutions, iSOC, Latitude NVMS. SceneTracker, AVT, CaseBuilder and Mentor are trademark of DVTel Inc.
All other company names and products are trademark or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Specification sheet is subject to change without notice.
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