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Innovative Weather Monitoring
For cutting-edge weather monitoring in a harsh environment, the Magellan Weather
Station combines a rugged multi-parameter weather sensor with an internal compass
for automatic wind direction alignment.
The all-in-one Magellan sensor module integrates:
• a sonic anemometer for wind speed measurement
• multi-element sensor for highly accurate and stable temperature readings
• fast-response, capacitive relative humidity sensor
• state-of-the-art barometric pressure sensor
• internal fluxgate compass for automatic alignment of wind direction
A tipping bucket rain gauge is an optional accessory.
Weather monitoring options include WeatherMaster™ Software, the Weather Display
Console, and the Weather MicroServer™ for internet-ready weather data and industrial
Magellan Weather Station Features
Weather-protected sensor unit designed for maximum portability and utility
Integrated sonic wind sensor
Automatic self-alignment using internal fluxgate compass
Rugged metal construction for rapid deployment in demanding applications
No mechanical components means virtually no maintenance
Low power consumption – ideal for battery or solar-powered installations
Magellan Weather Station System Diagram
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Color Weather Display Console™
The Weather Display Console uses “intelligent” touch-screen technology. With its
programmable microprocessor and abundant memory, the console displays
weather information, performs complex computations, and stores data.
The Weather Display Console features a seven-inch, TFT color LCD panel with
800 x 480 pixels resolution. It can connect directly to the weather station with a
serial port or to the Weather MicroServer utilizing existing Ethernet.
The display console is flexible and can be factory-programmed to suit specific
market and industry requirements. It is available in three mounting options:
• Desktop/Wall-Mount • Panel Mount/Flush Mount • 19'' Rack Mount
WeatherMaster™ Software
This professional-grade software is designed to optimize the
capabilities of Magellan Weather Stations. Providing real-time
computer weather monitoring, WeatherMaster offers:
• Display and automatic logging of all measured and calculated
• Downwind vector wind and wind character-plotting screens
• An open Microsoft Access® database for archival with easy
retrieval and compatibility with other Windows® programs
• On-the-fly graphing and trend display of all parameters
• Alarm notification via computer, email, pager or cell phone
• Multi-station monitoring and data acquisition
• Quick-North orientation
• Interface with CAMEO/ALOHA software for plume modeling
and evacuation corridor predictions
WeatherMaster can be customized to meet specific industry requirements.
Weather MicroServer™
The Weather MicroServer is a self-contained, proprietary
computer utilizing an embedded Linux operating system. It
creates an “Internet-ready” weather monitoring system by
automatically providing FTP output, XML web service, and
Internet browser user interface.
SNMP and Modbus/OPC communication protocols are
standard for Industrial Management applications.
The Weather MicroServer has datalogging capability. It
connects to your network with an included Ethernet cable.
Two serial ports offer interface to both the Weather Display
Console and additional peripheral devices or sensors such
as visibility, solar radiation, and the Orion LT wind sensor.
The Weather MicroServer can provide real-time weather
data to WeatherMaster Software over the network. This
allows users to simultaneously monitor the weather using
WeatherMaster on any network computer.
Weather MicroServer Optional Sensors:
The visibility sensor measures atmospheric
visibility (meteorological optical range) by determining the amount of light scattered by particles (smoke,
dust, haze, fog, rain, and snow) in
the air that pass through the optical
sample volume. A 42-degree forward
scatter angle is used to ensure performance over a wide range of particle sizes.
For applications requiring additional wind
speed and direction, the Orion LT windonly sensor module offers ultrasonic
technology for high accuracy and stability.
Triangular design ensures excellent data
availability and 360° measurement accuracy with a starting threshold of virtually
zero. A heated model is available.
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Sensor Specifications
Magellan™ Weather Stations
Parameter Measurements
Range: -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F)
Accuracy: ±0.2°C (0 to 60°C);
±0.5°C (-40 to 0°C)
Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Operating Temperature: -50 to +70°C
Barometric Pressure
Range: 17.50 to 32.50 InHg (600 to 1100 hPa)
Accuracy: ±0.5 hPa (at 25°C)
Resolution: 0.1 hPa
Wind Speed
Range: 0-134mph (0-60 m/s)
Accuracy: +/-0.5 m/s or 5% of reading
Resolution: 0.2 mph (0.1 m/s)
Wind Direction
Range: 0 to 360°
Accuracy: ± 5° at wind speed > 2.2 m/s
Resolution: 1.0°
Relative Humidity
Range: 0 to 100%
Accuracy: ±3% at 25°C
Resolution: 1.0%
A precision triple-element thermistor provides highly accurate and stable
temperature readings.
Relative Humidity
Measured with a capacitive polymer sensor, this construction provides resistance to wetting, dust, dirt, oils, and common environmental chemicals.
Barometric Pressure
Stable transducer using nano-technology yields a linear and repeatable
sensor with low hysteresis. The piezoresistive pressure sensor module is
mounted on a small electronic circuit board.
A microcontroller controls the operation of the sensor and the data interface.
The microcontroller polls the pressure sensor module once per second for the
barometric pressure and ambient temperature. The raw readings are temperature corrected by the microcontroller.
Wind Measurement
A unique folded-path, low-power sonic anemometer operates on the principle
that the speed of the wind affects the time it takes for sound to travel from one
point to a second point. If the sound is traveling in the direction of the wind,
then the transit time is decreased. If the sound is traveling in a direction
opposite the wind, then the transit time is increased.
Fluxgate Compass
Low power and compact, the internal compass module employs a pair of
magneto-inductive sensors, which change inductance with varying magnetic
field strengths, to sense the Earth’s magnetic field.
Accuracy: ±2°
Resolution: 1°
Optional Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
Accuracy: ±1% at 2 in./hr or less
Resolution: 0.01 inch
Materials: Anodized aluminum and stainless
steel with white gloss powder coat
Weight: 0.91 kg (2.0 lbs)
Mounting: Accepts 1” (25.4mm) OD pole
The microprocessor measures the output of the compass and corrects wind
direction data for the sensor orientation. The output is relative to magnetic
North. A user programmable value of Magnetic Declination may be entered to
enable output relative to True North rather than Magnetic North.
Optional Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
Complex spun collector funnel with a knife edge that diverts the water to a
tipping bucket mechanism. For each tip, a magnet causes an electronic pulse
that is recorded. The rainfall sensor is completely automatic - spent water
drains out of the bottom of the housing, requiring no servicing.
Additional Calculated Parameters
With WeatherMaster Software or the Weather MicroServer, data from these
sensors are computed to provide calculated parameters including Dew Point,
Heat Index, Wind Chill, Degree-Day Temperatures and Density Altitude.
System Configurations
Magellan weather stations are available in Fixed-Mount, Vehicle-Mount and
Portable system configurations.
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Fixed-Mount Weather Stations include 50-ft cable. Optional accessories:
• Sensor mast and mounting hardware options
• Extra cable length
• Wireless Transceivers
Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations include a detachable 8-ft telescoping
sensor mast and mounting hardware.
Portable Weather Stations include wireless transceivers, batteries, transportation case and tripod with telescoping mast.
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