Dell Personal Computer set up your computer first Product information guide

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Dell Personal Computer set up your computer first Product information guide | Manualzz

1 Connect a monitor.

Set Up Your Computer First


Before you set up and operate your Dell™ computer, read and follow the safety instructions in your Product Information


NOTE: If you purchased a Dell TV and would like to use it as your monitor, see the setup instructions that came with the TV.





Connect a keyboard and a mouse.

If you have a network device, connect a network cable (not included) to the network connector.


NOTE: Not all modems have two connectors.

If you have a modem, connect a telephone cable to either of the modem connectors. Do not connect the telephone cable to the network connector.


Connect the computer and monitor to electrical outlets.

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Set Up Other Devices Last


Turn on the computer and monitor.

If your integrated sound connectors are covered by a cap, connect your speakers to the optional sound-card connectors. Do not remove the cap.

integrated sound

Connect other devices according to their documentation.

optional floppy drive front/back USB 2.0 connectors headphone connector

Help and Support

See your Owner’s Manual for additional setup instructions, including how to connect a printer.

Support and educational tools are available on the Dell Support website at

For additional information about your computer, click the Start button and click Help and Support:

• To access the Dimension™ Help file, err a nd m g uiid ess, err''ss g uiid

D ellll D nssiio n H

• For help with the Windows operating system, click Microsoft Windows XP


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August 2004


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