QX Small Format Live Sound - Professional Audio and Television

QX Small Format Live Sound - Professional Audio and Television
Now in its 3rd generation, the legendary MixWizard range builds on its market leading status by adding a new
mic preamp design and advanced grounding scheme, which both further enhance sonic quality. Other improvements
include individual phantom power switches, channel signal indicators, lamp socket and backup supply capability.
Internal configuration options for channel aux sends and direct output are now on pluggable jumpers for user
convenience, and the mixer is presented in a stylish new package.
Operating Levels
Quick Change Connectors (QCC)
ALLEN&HEATH’s unique quick-change connector system
allows the swift reconfiguration of the mixer from desktop,
rack or flightcase mounting due to a hinged connector panel
Main Outputs
Maximum output
Mic Pre-Amp Sensitivity
Stereo input sensitivity
0dBu Headroom +21dB
-2dBu Headroom +23dB
+4dBu Headroom +22dB
-60 to +10dBu
-16 to +20dBu
Of course, the range retains its traditionally strong blend of professional features, including an all-metal chassis, individual circuit boards,
Frequency Response (20Hz-30kHz)
nutted rotary controls, smooth 100mm faders, LED metering, as well as 6 aux sends, 4 band EQ, digital FX and expansion capability,
Mic to Main output (+40 dB)
Line to Main output (0dB)
which it inherits from its big brothers in the large format ranges. The sonic purity of the MixWizard has been further enhanced to retain its
market leading credentials – a true professional in the world of compact mixing.
Distortion at 1kHz +14dBu out
THD + Noise (mic in +40dB gain)
THD + Noise (line in 0dB gain)
Common Mode Rejection @1kHz
Mic Input +40dB gain
Mic Input with Pad 0dB gain
Crosstalk @1kHz
High Performance Preamp
Maximum Flexibility
Expansion option
The mic preamp is probably the most
As with our large format large sound
Additionally, and unusually on a small
A unique feature for such a compact
important stage in the console’s signal
consoles, the WZ314:4:2 can work as a
format mixer, 2 matrix outputs are also
mixer is the ability to expand the input
Adjacent Channel
Mute Shutoff
Fader Shutoff
path and its performance is often the
Front of House or Monitor mixer. In FOH
provided - the flexibility and benefits of a
capacity via the Sys-Link 2 option, which
Noise Performance (22Hz-22kHz unweighted)
measure of the quality of the console.
mode, the 4 groups with inserts, long throw
matrix cannot be underestimated in
connects the mixer to another ALLEN&HEATH
MixWizard3 mixers have a newly-designed
faders and XLR outputs can be routed and
today’s console applications!
Sys-Link compatible console. The auxiliary
preamp, developed from our top-end
panned to the LR mix for flexible sub-mixing.
Mic EIN with 150ohm source
Residual output noise - main outputs
Main Mix noise
<-83dBu (87dB S/N)
range of ML and GL consoles. The preamp
The main LR mix has inserts, separate left
For WZ316:2 and WZ312:2, extra flexibility is
‘master’ console, while PFL / AFL circuits
Connection Impeadances
provides very low noise and distortion, a
and right faders, and XLR outputs, to feed
provided by our unique third master fader,
are also connected, allowing the engineer
wide yet smooth gain law, and extended
the main speaker system. EQ and signal
which can be switched to provide either
to monitor both surfaces.
headroom for dealing with the most
processing can easily be inserted on group
an L+R mono feed for centre or fill
Mic Inputs
Line Inputs
demanding sources.
and main outputs.
speaker, a sub bass feed mixed from the
and output busses are linked into the
channel aux 6 sends, and with master
4 band EQ
Provides clean, responsive and accurate
equalisation control normally only found
in larger format desks. 4 extended range
overlapping bands - 2 with centre
frequency sweeps - let you compensate
for microphone and auditorium
frequency responses, add sparkle and
2 stereo effects engines are provided
to the group and LR faders, inserts and
the LR masters.
operating in either single or dual mode,
stereo channels with TRS connectors and
providing 16 reverb, echo and other
independent gain controls are included
effects editable via MIDI. External effects
for FX returns and stereo line sources.
can even be mixed in through the same
switched to the Mono output to provide
2k ohms
>10k ohms
<75 ohms
two dual
Gain (each band)
+/- 15dB
Mono Channel Low Frequency
60Hz Shelf
Mono Channel Low Mid Frequency 35Hz - 1kHz Q=1.8
Mono Channel High Mid Frequency 500Hz-15kHz Q=1.8
Mono Channel High Frequency
12kHz Shelf
Filter (mono input)
100Hz switchable
an engineer’s ‘wedge’ output. In essence,
6 auxiliary sends
One stereo input can feed straight to LR,
it’s a perfect 6-mix monitor console with
Each of the 6 aux mixes has its own
return channel, thus saving precious inputs.
so providing extra returns. The stereo
additional outputs available from the group
master level rotary control and
Download FX editing software from
channels are furnished with 2 band EQ
Reading referred to Main outputs
Peak indication threshold
busses via the aux master controls.
impedance balanced TRS outputs. The
and can be routed to all 6 auxiliary sends.
console has a clever monitoring system
to listen to aux outputs in mono or in
to operate the console in dual mode where
stereo pairs. Auxes 1-2 are routed pre fade
some auxes can be used as monitor
for monitors; auxes 3-4 are switchable
All 4 bands give up to 15dB boost or cut
mixes and some sub-grouping can be
pre or post fade for monitors, effects or
and have centre detents.
used along with the main LR outputs. This
additional recording or zone feeds; and
allows the engineer to run FOH sound and
auxes 5-6 are routed post fader for effects
some Monitor mixes from the same console.
and aux-fed sub. The aux settings can be
control sibilance or add colour.
fader right where it is needed - next to
XLR output. The AFL and PFL system is
Digital FX (WZ3:16 and 12 only)
In Monitor mode, the aux mixes are routed
To allow maximum flexibility, it is possible
presence to voices and instruments,
changed by replugging internal jumpers.
On the WZ320S, 8 dual stereo input
channels are provided, each with TRS jack
‘A’ and XLR ‘B’ inputs. These may be mixed
together into the channel or mode switched
to provide up to 16 independent sources
to the mix - ideal for multi-stereo keyboard
and recording applications.
Lamp connectors
Power supply
Power Consumption
0VU = +4dBu
5dB before clipping
1 x 4pin XLR-F
Internal / MPS12 option
35W Max
WZ 12:2
With the same functionality as its
larger sister models, the WZ :12:2
embodies the ultimate multipurpose compact mixer, with 2
extra dual stereo inputs for stereo
sources such as keyboards or
CD players.
8 mic/line inputs with balanced
XLR/TRS jack, and direct output
100mm Faders - throughout
2 dual stereo inputs - featuring
separate gain and ‘on’ switches
allowing each input to be selected
individually or mixed together. One
pair on each channel can be routed
directly to the L&R mix for even
more versatility
4-band EQ - comprehensive
equalisation with 2 sweepable mids
Without side trims
Deskmount with
for rackmount - mm(")
side trims - mm(")
483 (19)
507 (20)
444 (17)
194 (8)
122 (5)
530 (21)
10kg (22lbs)
10kg (22lbs)
6 auxiliary sends - 2 pre, 2 switched,
2 post fade (may be reconfigured)
2 stereo returns - on TRS jack
Pluggable jumpers - for user
Dedicated mono output fader with
innovative mode for control of aux
fed subs
Independent A-B output to feed
any number of applications
including a 2-track recorder,
monitor foldback or speaker fills
Onboard FX - 16 FX programs with
external editing software connected
via MIDI
Mounting - desk or rack mountable,
with rotating connector pod
Sys-Link 2 output option - for
connection to other ALLEN&HEATH
Sys-Link compatible consoles
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