Electronic Concealed Wall Mounted Tap for Premixed

Electronic Concealed Wall Mounted Tap for Premixed
Electronic Concealed Wall
Mounted Tap for Premixed Water
IR140CP and IR141CP
Installation and Maintenance Instructions
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Technical Data
Power Supply:
Internally mounted 9V battery or 9V transformer
Power Consumption:
9 to 13 µA
Operating Water Pressure:
0.5 - 8 bar (7 -116 psi)
Water Temperature:
70˚C max
Minimum Sensor Range:
80 mm
Maximum Sensor Range:
300 mm
Flow Time:
5 sec
Check contents
Before commencing remove all components from packaging and check each component with the
contents list.
Enure all parts are present, before discarding any packaging. If any parts are missing, do not attempt to
install your Inta electronic tap until the missing parts have been obtained.
IR140CP and IR141CP Tap
1 x Cover plate
1 x Electronic tap body and spout
2 x Allen keys 2.5mm and 4mm
1 x Transformer - only supplied with IR141CP
Only IR141CP
Pre-Installation Information
Do not install the sensor facing a mirror or any other electronic system operated by an infra-red sensor.
To prevent reflection problems, it is recommended there should be a minimum distance of 1.5 m
between the flush valve and other objects.
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Pre-Installation Information Cont.
Preparation for Installation
Flush water supply lines thoroughly before installing the tap. Do not allow dirt, PTFE tape
or metal particles to enter the tap.
Shut off the water supply.
Important - All plumbing is to be installed in accordance with applicable codes and regulations.
The Inta electronic wall mounted tap is for use with premixed water in a concealed installation with
access to the valve and pipework from behind or with the valve and pipework sunk into the wall.
In order to prevent scalding the water must be premixed using a thermostatic
mixing valve.
A thermostatic mixing valve with integral isolating valves or a service valve should be installed in the
pipework to the tap to allow the water supply to be isolated should servicing be required in the future.
1. Ensure that the water supply is isolated before commencing work.
2. Cut an adequate opening into the wall to accommodate the dimensions of the tap body, outlet pipe
and spout and if the IR141CP for the electrical wire.
3. Insert the tap body through the wall opening and assemble the inlet to the water supply pipe in the
4. Connect the outlet to the pipe leading to the spout. The distance from the tap to the spout is
approximately 100mm.
5. Mount the tap body and spout to the wall so that it protrudes from the wall as shown below.
6. If the IR141CP place the transformer near to the electricity socket, which can be up to 3m away, and
feed the wire through the hole to the shower valve.
7. Turn on the water supply and check the joints for any signs of leakage before proceeding.
8. After the ceramic tiles are installed assemble the cover plate over the shower valve and press to the
9. If the sensor range is unsatisfactory, refer to the section entitled “Range Adjustment”
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Adjusting the sensor range without a remote control
(Adjust only if
The sensor range is the greatest distance, an object can be from the sensor, to activate the tap.
The factory setting should be satisfactory for most installations. If the range is too short (i.e. not sensing
users) or too long (i.e. sensing the opposite wall), it may be adjusted as follows:
Disconnect the battery or switch off the electricity supply to the sensor.
For the IR140CP make a short circuit between the (+) and the (-) connections of the sensor for 5
seconds. A screw driver can be used or any conductive material to make this short circuit.
For the IR141CP after disconnecting the power supply, activate the sensor three or four times.
Do not make a short circuit on the power supply or on the sensor when the power
supply is connected to the sensor.
Dis-connect power
power supply
Re-connect the power supply to the sensor.
To enter into the adjusting mode, put your hand in front of the sensor at a distance of 5cm (2”) to
10cm (4”) within 5 seconds of re-connecting the power supply.
Note: If you do not put your hand infront of the sensor after re-connecting the power supply, the sensor
will not enter adjusting mode and the previous adjustment will return.
When the sensor enters the adjusting mode, with your hand in front of it, the red light will flash
Keep your hand in front of the sensor for 5 sec. until the slow flashing changes to quick flashing.
Now move your hand away from the sensor to the required distance and wait until the red light
stops flashing.
When the red light stops flashing, the sensor has been adjusted to the required distance.
Check the new distance and if still unsatisfactory, repeat the procedure.
Adjusting the sensor with a remote control - optional
Hold the remote control infront of the sensor at a distance of about 10cm (4”).
Select the function you want to adjust by pressing the button once.
The red light at the front of the sensor will start flashing quickly.
You can now make the adjustment by pressing the (-) or (+) buttons, every press will increase or
decrease one increment of adjustment.
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Adjusting the sensor with a remote control - optional
The following can be adjusted using the remote control buttons:
Range -
The detection range is the greatest distance a person can be located to activate the sensor
and is preset at the factory. Press (+) to increase and (–) to decrease the detection range
of the sensor.
Flow Time - Security Time# - This function prevents a continuous flow from the tap due to a
reflection or if the sensor is covered for more than 90 seconds the water flow will stop
automatically, perhaps in the case of vandalism. Press (+) to increase and (–) to decrease
the time.
Delay In - This function prevents an unwanted activation due to a person passing by without using
the tap. The sensor will only be activated if the user is detected for the preset amount
of time; press (+) to increase and (–) to decrease the time. It is recommended for taps,
that this function is left at the factory setting .
On/Off -
This makes cleaning the basin easier without activating the system. Pressing the button
once will prevent the solenoid from opening for one minute. To cancel this function press
the on/off button again.
Reset -
Restores the factory settings. Press and hold the button whilst pressing the (+) button once.
Battery Replacement - IR140CP only
When the battery starts to runout, the red indicator light will flash at a constant rate. The battery must be
replaced within two weeks.
Remove the cover plate to expose the joint between the sensor housing and tap.
Release the cap screw retaining the housing for the sensor and battery using the 2.5mm Allen key,
carefully pull out the battery.
Before reassembling the sensor housing ensure that the external ‘O’ ring has not been damaged, replacing
if necessary.
Before reassembling the sensor housing to the tap body ensure that the interior of both
components is completely dry, use absorbent paper cleaning roll to dry if required.
Replace the used battery with a new 9V battery, a Lithium battery is recommended.
Reconnect the solenoid valve electrical terminal to the mating terminal of electronic unit.
Locater the sensor housing onto the tap body and tighten the retaining cap screw.
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Maintenance & Spare Parts
Filter Cleaning
This electronic shower is provided with a stainless steel filter to prevent foreign particles and debris
from entering the tap.
If the water flow has decreased, this may be due to the filter becoming clogged with debris.
The filter can be cleaned as follows:
Turn off the service valve in the supply pipe to the shower valve (if fitted) or the isolating valves at the
thermostatic mixing valve
Remove the cover plate to expose the joint between the sensor housing and tap.
Release the cap screw retaining the sensor housing and carefully pull out the sensor housing.
Shut off the valve using the 4mm Allen key.
Unscrew the filter’s cover and remove the filter.
Was--er clean running water.
Re-assemble the filter into the filter cover.
Refit the cover to the filter.
Open the valve using the 4mm Allen key and check to ensure there is no water leakage.
10. Refit the sensor housing to the tap and refit the cover plate.
Care and cleaning of chrome and special finishes
DO NOT use steel wool or cleansing agents containing alcohol, acid, abrasives, or similar chemicals.
The use of any prohibited cleaning or maintenance products could damage the surface of the tap and
For surface cleaning, use only soap (mild washing-up liquid) and water, then wipe dry with a clean
cloth or towel.
When cleaning tiled surfaces, the tap and spout should be protected against any splashing of harsh
Limited Warranty
This product is covered by a limited warranty for one year from date of purchase.
During this period, Intatec Ltd undertakes, at its option, to repair or replace any faults caused by defective
materials or manufacturer that may arise.
The guarantee does not cover faults or damage caused by incorrect installation and/or maintenance,
wear and tear, battery and water deposits or leakage. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
Pressures and temperatures exceeding the recommended limits.
Improper manipulation, tampering, bad or lapsed maintenance.
Foreign bodies, dirt or scale introduced by the water supply.
© Intatec Ltd. 2008
Trouble Shooting
Low Battery
Replace battery
Range is too short
Increase range
Range is too long
Decrease range
Battery is completely used up
Replace battery
Unit is in ‘Security Mode’*
Remove article covering sensor
Sensor is picking up reflections
from mirror or other object.
Remove cause of reflection
Cables between the electronic
unit and solenoid are
Reconnect the electronic unit to
Debris or scale in solenoid
Unscrew the solenoid, pull out
the plunger and the spring from
the solenoid and clean them
The water pressure is higher
than 8 bar
Reduce the supply water
Sensor flashes when the user
steps within the sensor’s range
Debris or scale in piston
Clean the piston and orifice
Red light in the sensor does not
flash when the user steps within
the sensor’s range
Sensor is dirty or covered#
Clean or remove cause of
Sensor is picking up reflections
from mirror or another object
Decrease the range or remove
the cause of the reflection
Water does not come Sensor flashes continuously
out of the shower head
Red light in the sensor does not
flash when user steps within the
sensor’s range
Red light in the sensor flashes
when the user steps within the
sensor’s range
Water flow does not
the solenoid valve
* ‘Security Mode’: If the sensor is covered for more that 90 seconds the shower will automatically shut off.
Spare Parts List
Component No.
Cover Plate
Electronic cap
‘O’ ring
Battery connector
© Intatec Ltd. 2008
Solenoid connector
Sensor housing cap screw
Inlet olive and nut
Outlet olive and nut
Strainer cover
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