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VIQ Support Services – May 3, 2005
Using older Digigram LCM440 MPEG recording cards in the latest motherboards may cause recording
problems. This is due to the voltage change in the PCI BUS slots of the latest motherboards to 3.3V. The
older Digigram LCM440 cards use 5V. BE SURE to check with your motherboard manufacturer to make
sure your new motherboard supports a full size PCI card that uses 5V. If you are using the latest Digigram
LCM440V2 card then there will be no recording issues as the Digigram LCM440V2 card uses the now
standard 3.3V on the PCI card. The Digigram VX series of cards are excluded for this bulletin.
A separate RAID SCSI Controller should be used for the Volume that will be created for the VIQ network
software and audio recordings. ‘Write Caching’ should always be enabled on the RAID Controller. Those
RAID Controllers that use a Read to Write Ratio should be set to an 85% Write and 15% Read ratio (or
100% Write in the case of larger network installs between 5 and 10 courtrooms or more. This Service
Bulletin is only posted for networked version of a VIQ Software Solution
The latest motherboards for newer workstations may automatically disable the onboard sound card when a
Digigram MPEG recording card is installed. This has nothing to do with a problem with the Digigram card
being installed but how manufactures are building motherboards to date. IN the event that users experience
this behavior they would either need to contact the workstation’s manufacturer to work through resolving
this issue or install a PCI Sound card (USB Soundcard devices are supported).
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