DS-Trusted Edge for Intelligent Content Migration

DS-Trusted Edge for Intelligent Content Migration
Solution Key Features
Intelligent Storage
Management – A flexible
architecture blended with
intelligent policy creation
automates storage
management and supports
efficient HSM, backup, archive,
disaster recovery, and device
Lowest TCO – Affordable,
reliable, and energy-efficient
hardware and storage
management significantly lower
administrative costs by
automating tasks, reducing
down-time associated with
restore processes, and
increasing productivity.
Data Assurance – A best
practices approach guarantees
data accuracy and integrity
through extensive hash
verification, active restoration
of corrupted data, and
proactive monitoring of storage
media health, which includes
alerting administrators about
potential problems.
Scalability – Combining
Spectra’s scalable T-Series
library architecture and nTier
Verde Archive Grade RAID
with StorHouse’s ability to
manage zettabytes of
data/billions of files meets the
most demanding storage
Ease of Use –StorHouse
software comes loaded on the
nTier device and configured
based on included hardware.
Moreover, StorHouse/Trusted
Edge provides a click-through,
easy-to-use administration GUI
console for analysis and policy
The Challenge – Limitations of Standard NAS
Joint Solution
Standard NAS for
Long-Term Data
Successful organizations now view data as an increasingly important
asset that maintains business value over longer periods of time, and, in
many instances, forever. While some of this thought evolution is a result of increased
regulatory/legal requirements, much is being driven by new uses for data in analysis models,
new data types being created by diverse applications, and the general realization that
organizations utilizing long-term data assets more effectively are out-performing their
competition. In short, organizations want to store more data throughout a longer lifecycle.
While standard NAS technology meets many of the requirements for Tier 1 short-term
storage, it is not well suited for long-term storage. For example, standard NAS is a deviceoriented technology with a relatively short lifespan, its file system cannot scale sufficiently to
manage long-term growth, and it provides no real data assurance protection or advanced
storage management capabilities. Moreover, standard NAS is a relatively expensive long-term
storage option with no ILM/tiered storage support.
In contrast, the FileTek/Spectra joint solution supports long-term automated data
management, eliminates time-consuming restore processes, provides an internal storage
cloud with efficient tape/disk options, ensures data integrity, seamlessly integrates new
technologies as they evolve, migrates data to new devices transparently, and scales to
zettabytes of storage and billions of files with no performance degradation.
About the FileTek/Spectra Joint Solution
The FileTek/Spectra joint solution overcomes the challenges associated with long-term data
management. Unlike standard NAS approaches, the joint solution provides all
hardware/software components needed for a complete, end-to-end, active archive strategy
appropriate for SMB-to-large-scale enterprise deployments.
Solution integration with primary
storage is simple. First, administrators
analyze information on primary storage
to decide which data to migrate. Then
they define policies that automatically
migrate selected information from
typically expensive primary storage to less expensive disk and/or tape, where it is
automatically managed, protected, and secured.
Solution components consist of FileTek StorHouse software modules Trusted Edge, RFS, and
SM and Spectra nTier Verde Disk and T-series tape libraries. Figure 1 illustrates the solution
FileTek StorHouse Software Components
StorHouse/Trusted Edge is a simple-to-use agent that can reside on the primary storage
device or remotely to access data via a network connection. Using the Trusted Edge
administration console, administrators can run profile scans against information on primary
storage to gain a clear understanding of data activity, the applications driving data creation,
the required storage capacity, and critical information about file size. Using the analysis
results, administrators can subsequently define automated migration policies that move
appropriate data from primary storage to a more cost-effective StorHouse-managed media
layer. In the process, Trusted Edge provides dual hashing verification, automated
migration/synchronization/copying functionality, stubbing, and robust audit trail features.
StorHouse/RFS provides a NAS interface that allows access through standard CIFS/NFS
protocols (or FTP for high-speed retrieval of large files). Using patented technology, RFS
provides a global name space that can scale to billions of files on a single system with no
performance degradation. StorHouse/RFS also recognizes file level permissions, including
cross OS platform (Linux, Windows) permissions, to reduce administrative overhead for large
file migration projects.
Solution Benefits
Manages long-term data more
efficiently/effectively than
standard NAS solutions
Simplifies system
management by eliminating
standard backup/restore
Uses software defined storage
(SDS) to create an internal
cloud with more efficient tape
and disk options while
maintaining standard NAS
connectivity (CIFS, NFS)
StorHouse/SM supports over 100 different storage management functions, including storage
virtualization and policy creation that automate key data management functions such as ILM
tiering, backup (no restore), and disaster recovery; data loss protection due to bit rot/silent
corruption; simple device migration without taking the system offline; and point-in-time
recovery for creating multiple historical views of the system at a specific point in time while
the main (current) system stays online and accessible.
StorHouse RFS
Creates a platform that can
easily integrate with all forms
of storage, including the next
big thing (NBT), thereby
positioning organizations now
for future growth
Unlike standard NAS, uses a
global name space that can
scale to billions of files without
performance degradation
StorHouse/Trusted Edge
Ensures the accuracy and
integrity of data now and
Supports seamless device
migration so that
administrators can upgrade at
any time while all data
remains accessible
StorHouse SM
Other Options
nTier Verde
T-Series Library
Solid State Disk
Next Big
Figure 1: Joint Solution Architecture
Spectra Hardware Components
FileTek, Inc.
nTier Verde Disk, a fourth generation nTier product, is a highly reliable storage platform
designed to offer the highest levels of data integrity, ease of management, and scalability
required for long-term data storage. It provides ingest staging cache for input data, a retrieval
performance buffer for certain types of data access requests, and a tiered storage node for
data requiring higher performance than tape. nTier Verde is the disk tier within the joint
solution, and provides a cost-correct storage option that meets performance needs necessary
for most active archive applications.
Spectra Logic
T-Series Tape Libraries assume an important role in the overall storage strategy. Because the
joint solution intelligently manages data storage, organizations can use tape for appropriate
information, given that streaming large files from tape using multiple drives outperforms disk,
especially when using the FTP retrieval feature. In addition, because the solution provides a
holistic approach to storage management, tape can be used for the full range of functions
(HSM, backup, archive, disaster recovery, and device migration).
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