MX-6R series Metallurgical Microsco s Metallurgical Microscope

MX-6R series Metallurgical Microsco s Metallurgical Microscope
MX-6R series Metallurgical Microscope
Flexible system, excellent imaging performance and stable system archite
cture.MX-6R series professional used in industrial testing and metallograp
hic analysis.
■ The operating mechanism according to ergonomic design. That can max
imum reduce fatigue during using. Modular component design can fre
ely assemble.
■ MX-6R integrated bright-field,oblique illumination,polarizing, DIC differe
ntial interference and other observed functions,according to the pract
ical application of fun ctional selection.
■ MX-6R can achieve X, Y directions 158mmx158mm range of movement.
The new design of the long working distance professional metallurgical o
bjective , high power objective designed with semi-apochromatic technol
■ Under a variety of observation methods can be sharp and high-contras
t microscopic image.accessories complete, well-equipped, the system can be flexibly combined with the functional exp
■ Ergonomic design, reliable system architecture.
MX-6R Specification:
Alternative method of
Optical system
Viewing head
Reflective illumination
Transmission illumination
Bright field/Dark
Bright field/Dark field/polarizing/DIC / Transmission light
Infinity color corrected optical system
Hight eyepoint plan eyepiece PL10X/22
LMPL-BD infinity LWD metallurgical objective (both brightfield and darkfield available)
Erect image ,25°gemel trinocular ,reflect rate,binocular:trinocular =100:0 或
Reversed quintuple nosepiece, both brightfield and darkfield available ,with DIC slot
Reversed quintuple nosepiece, both brightfield and darkfield available
6”three ply mechanical
6” three ply mechanical stage,reflected moving range 158x
158mm,Transmission moving range:100x100mm,glass
range158x 158mm,glass stage,right hand position X、Y moving wheel with clutch
stage,right hand
handle,can be moved fast
position X、Y moving
wheel with clutch
handle,can be moved fast
Coaxial coarse and fine
Coaxial coarse and fine focus system, Coarse adjustment
focus system, Coarse
range 33 mm;precision of fine adjustment:0.001mm,,with
adjustment range 33
coarse adjustment stop and tightness adjustment。Builtmm;precision of fine
in wide voltage 90V-240V, dual power supply output
with coarse adjustment
stop and tightness
adjustment。Builtin wide voltage 90V240V, single power
supply output
With iris diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, both centers adjustable,with filter slot and
polarizing device slot, switch rod with oblique lighting.12V100W halogen bulb,light
intensity continuously adjustable
Single high-power 5W LED, white, light intensity continuously
adjustable. N.A.0.5 condenser with iris aperture diaphragm
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