BECSys7 - BECS Technology Inc.
BECSys7 Equipment Room Control
BECSys7 equipment-room controls provide continuous
monitoring and control of sanitizers, oxidizers, pH,
conductivity, turbidity, enzyme feed, system flow rate, system
pressures, chemical inventory levels, and surge tank and
backwash holding tank levels. The BECSys7 can provide
automatic filter backwash for up to 16 filters.
Equipment Room Controller
Patent-pending VFD control technology assures optimal and
efficient circulation pump operation.
All inputs and system events are recorded in on-board data
logs, accessible with BECSys for Windows Vista-compatible
PC software.
Every controller comes with factory-trained start-up and
support provided by local distribution. The BECSys7 controller
comes with a manufacturer’s 5-year electronics and 2-year
pH, ORP & temperature sensors and 1-year optional sensors
Control Options
Suitable for gas chlorine, sodium and calcium hypochlorite, bromine, and ozone applications
Water chemistry feed outputs configurable as ON/OFF or Time-Based Proportional
Sanitizer control may be based on ORP input, free Cl/Br input, or a combination of the two
Programmable failsafe overfeed timers for all water chemistry control feeds
Filter backwash control
o Up to 16 filters supported with the addition of BECSys Solid State Relay Expansion
Modules (SRX) and Mechanical Relay Expansion Modules (MRX) on the RS-485 serial
communications interface
Four integral solid state relay outputs – Each relay (integral or SRX) has the capability of being assigned to the
following functions:
o pH Control Feed Up
o pH Control Feed Down
o Chlorine/Bromine Feed
o Chlorine/Bromine Booster
o Super Chlorination
o De-Chlorination
o Ozone Injection
o Enzyme Feed
o Polymer Feed
o Sensor Wash
o Heater On/Off
o Alarm
o Recirc. Pump Control
o TDS Control (drain on high conductivity)
o Backwash Turbidity Valve
o Autofill (makeup water level control)
o Backwash Accessory (settings for run-time pre-backwash, run during backwash yes/no,
and run-time post-backwash)
Five integral mechanical relay outputs – Each relay (integral or MRX) has the capability of being assigned to the
following functions:
o Backwash Filter 1 thru 16
o Backwash Priority/Primary Valve
o Enzyme Feed
o Ozone Injection
o Recirc. Pump Control
o Polymer Feed
o Sensor Wash
o TDS Control
o Alarm
o Heater On/Off
o Backwash Turbidity Valve
o Autofill
o Backwash Accessory
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) interface allows control of recirculation pump drive level based on the BECSys7
inputs and settings
Optional 4-20mA analog outputs, up to eight outputs which can be used for
o Recorder Output for any enabled input
o Recorder Output for alarm states
o VFD control of recirculation pump
ENG-4263-DOC Rev B
9487 Dielman Rock Island Industrial Drive, St. Louis, MO 63132 (314) 567-0088
BECSys7 Equipment Room Control
System Inputs
Proprietary BECSys pH and ORP sensors featuring inorganic electrolyte for extended sensor life
RTD temperature sensor
Optional free chlorine/bromine amperometric sensor
Optional conductivity sensor used to measure Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Optional turbidity meter
Programmable out of range conditions for system inputs
Up to four configurable inputs (4-20mA analog or On/Off digital), can be used for measuring:
o Turbidity
o Chemical Inventories (pH, Sanitizer)
o Vacuum
o Pressure
o Tank Levels (Surge, Backwash)
Optional flow rate sensor support
o GF Signet “Blue Cap”: 0.3 to 20 ft/s (0.1 to 6 m/s)
o GF Signet “Red Cap”: 1 to 20 ft/s (0.3 to 6 m/s)
o Pipe Sizes up to 36 in.
System Security
Three levels of security access codes – Manager, Operator and Rep
Data-Logging and Remote Access
Remote access through modem, RS-232/USB, Ethernet communications, or BECSysRF wireless module using
the BECSys for Windows PC software package
Log up to 14 days of system events (for example, feed cycles or alarms)
Log up to 56 days of input level history
Multiple Pool Control
Up to 3 BECSys3s can be connected as slave units to make the BECSys7 rigorous a multiple pool controller
5 years electronics
2 years pH, ORP and temperature sensors
1 year optional sensors
Regulatory Approvals
o USA:
o Canada:
o Europe/CE:
ETL Listed ANSI/UL 61010-1
ETL Listed CAN/CSA C22.2 #61010-1
CENELEC EN 61010-1
European Community Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
Electromagnetic compatibility
o FCC part 15 sub part B: Radio frequency devices, unintentional radiators
o EN 61326: EMC requirements for measurement and control equipment
o European Community EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
ENG-4263-DOC Rev B
9487 Dielman Rock Island Industrial Drive, St. Louis, MO 63132 (314) 567-0088
BECSys7 Equipment Room Control
BECSys7 Part Number
Firmware version
Enclosure Material
Overlay Material
pH and ORP Sensor Connection Type
Input Sensor/Low Voltage Connection Type
Serial Data Port
Conduit Openings
Enclosure Dimensions
Glass Reinforced Polycarbonate, NEMA 4X (IP66)
UV Stabilized Polyester
14 Row, 40 Character, Blue/White Backlit Alpha/Numeric LCD
Two (2) Liquid Tight PG-7 Cord Grips
External IP68 Panel Mount Connector
Seven (7) ½” holes with nylon dome plugs, One (1) ¾“ hole with nylon dome plug
Width: 14.21” Height: 10.00” Depth: 4.37”
Storage Temperature
Ambient Operating Temperature
Ambient Humidity
-30 to 70 °C
-18 to 50 °C
95% non condensing maximum
115 VAC Input
230 VAC Input
115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
32.5 Amps Full Load
(0.5 Amps – Controller)
(32 Amps – Relay Outputs, 8A x 1, 3A x 8)
32.25 Amps Full Load
(0.25 Amps – Controller)
(32 Amps – Relay Outputs, 8A x 1, 3A x 8)
pH Range / Resolution
ORP Range / Resolution
Temperature Range / Resolution
Free Chlorine/Bromine (optional) Range/Res
Conductivity/TDS (optional) Range/Resolution
Flow Rate (optional) Range/Resolution
Flow Volume
Turbidity (optional) Range/Resolution
Pressure (optional) Input Range
Compound Pressure/Vacuum (optional) Input
4-20 mA Inputs (4 standard)
4-20 mA Outputs (optional)
Failsafe Overfeed Timers
RS-232 (direct connect)
Ethernet (standard)
Modem Type (optional)
Solid State Relay Outputs (4)
Mechanical Relay Outputs (5)
0 to 14 pH / User Selectable: 0.1 pH units or 0.01 pH units
-1000 to +1000 mV / 1mV
32 to 212 °F (0 to 100 °C) / 1 °F or °C
0 to 20 ppm / User Selectable: 0.1 ppm or 0.01 ppm
0 to 20,000 micro-mhos (conductivity) / 1 micro-mho
0 to 10,000 ppm (TDS) / 1 ppm
0 to 8800 gpm (0 to 33265 liter/min) / 0.1 gpm or lpm
Records up to 999 trillion gallons or liters
0 to 20 NTU / 0.01 NTU
0 to 100 psi (0 to 689 kPa)
-15 to +85 psi (-103) to 586 kPa)
-31 to 173 in. Hg (-78 to 440 cm Hg)
Resolved with 16 bit Analog to Digital Converter
13 bit Digital to Analog Conversion, Load Capacity 440 Ω per output channel
Programmable in 1 minute increments, up to 18 hours
User Selectable, 2400/9600/19200/38400/57600 bps
Connection cable can be ordered with integral USB converter for interface to a
PC’s USB port.
9600 bps at distances up to 4000 ft.
10/100 Mbit/s
56k bps V.92
Jumper Selectable to:
1.) “Line” Setting
(Same as Controller Input Voltage: 115 VAC or 230 VAC)
2.) “Common” Setting
(Supports 24 to 280 VAC, Each Solid State Relay has its own Common position
provided to bring in Solid State Relay output voltage)
Maximum Switching Voltages: 250VAC, 30VDC
Current Ratings: Relay Five, 8 Amps max, Relays Six thru Nine, 3 Amps max
1. Relay Five has its own Common position, and may be used to isolate the
outputs from the other four mechanical relays by wiring the Relay Five output to the
Common positions of the remaining mechanical relays
2. Relays Six, Seven and Eight share a Common position to bring in the
Mechanical Relay output voltage
3. Relay Nine has its own Common position
ENG-4263-DOC Rev B
9487 Dielman Rock Island Industrial Drive, St. Louis, MO 63132 (314) 567-0088
BECSys7 Equipment Room Control
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Included in standard configuration
BECSys pH Sensor
BECSys ORP Sensor
RTD Temperature Sensor
Round PVC flow cell assembly with clear acrylic window, and stainless steel hardware
Flow Cell connecting kit includes reed flow switch, oil-filled pressure gauge, sample tap,
isolation valves, and connecting PVC hardware
Reed flow switch
BECSys7 Operator’s Manual
BECSys7 Installation & Technical Manual
BECSys7 Laminated Quick Reference Card
BECSys for Windows PC Communications Software
Part Number(s)
Data Sheet
9660010, 9660013
9660022, 9660023
9660025, 9660026
9660003, 9660016
Free Chlorine Sensor
Conductivity/TDS Sensor
Turbidity Sensor
Pressure Transducer
Compound Pressure/Vacuum Transducer
BECSysLS Liquid Level Sensor
4-20mA Output Board (adds four 4-20mA outputs)
PC Direct Connect cable
BECSys SRX Solid-state relay expansion module (adds 5 solid-state relays)
BECSys MRX Mechanical relay expansion module (adds 5 mechanical relays)
Feed-through Teflon flow cell with clear acrylic window, and stainless steel hardware
Rotary flow switch w/ check valve (replaces Reed flow switch)
BECSys RCM Remote Communications Module
Reference Information
BECSys VFD Application Note
Multiple-Pool Control Application Note
BECSys7 Bid Specification
BECSys7 Wiring Diagrams
BECSys7 Line Drawing
BECSys7 Sales Brochure
BECSys Family Sales Brochure
Part Number
Flow Rate Sensor
9660008, 9660009
8660030, 8660031
8660034, 8660035
1100212, 1100213
9520136, 9520196
9520197, 9520198
1100185, 1100219
1100183, 1100218
Data Sheet
Document #
.doc, .pdf
.dxf, .pdf
.dxf, .jpg
ENG-4263-DOC Rev B
9487 Dielman Rock Island Industrial Drive, St. Louis, MO 63132 (314) 567-0088
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