D Fußbad ............................................ 2-8

D Fußbad ............................................ 2-8
FB 35
D Fußbad ............................................ 2-8 I Pediluvio ..................................... 28-33
Instruzioni per l’uso
G Footbath ....................................... 9-14 T Ayak banyosu ............................. 34-39
Instruction for Use
Kullanma Talimatı
F Bain de pieds.............................. 15-20 r Гидромассажная ванна для ног ... 40-46
Mode d’emploi
инструкция по применению
E Baño para pies ........................... 21-27 Q Aparat do hydromasażu stóp ... 47-53
Instrucciones para el uso
Instrukcja obsługi
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Tel.: +49 (0)731 / 39 89-144 • Fax: +49 (0)731 / 39 89-255
www.beurer.com • Mail: kd@beurer.de
5. Operation..................................................13
6. Care and storage......................................14
7. Technical specifications...........................14
8. Disposal....................................................14
1. Getting to know your appliance...............10
2. Proper use................................................10
3. Safety information....................................11
4. Description of footbath.............................12
Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing one of our products. Our name stands for high-quality, thoroughly tested products
for the applications in the areas of heat, weight, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, gentle therapy,
massage and air.
Please read these instructions for use carefully and keep them for later use, be sure to make them accessible
to other users and observe the information they contain.
Best regards,
Your Beurer Team
Items included in the package
•These operating instructions
• The unit is only intended for domestic/private use, not for commercial
• This device may be used by children over the age of 8 and by people
with reduced physical, sensory or mental skills or a lack of experience or
knowledge, provided that they are supervised or have been instructed
on how to use the device safely, and are fully aware of the consequent
risks of use.
• Children must not play with the device.
• Cleaning and user maintenance must not be performed by children
unless supervised.
• If the mains connection cable of this device is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its customer service department or a
similarly qualified person to avoid any risks.
• If water leaks from the appliance, the appliance should no longer be used.
• The device has a hot surface. Persons insensitive to heat must be careful
when using the device.
Explanation of symbols
The following symbols are used in the operating instructions and on the type plate:
WARNING Warning of risks of injury or health hazards.
Safety information about possible damage to appliance/accessories.
Important information.
The device has double protective insulation and therefore complies with protection class 2.
Only use indoors
1. Getting to know your appliance
Beneficial for your feet
Our feet play a weight-bearing role in our life – they carry our entire body weight. That is why your feet want
to be looked after. There are various possible methods:
•Kneipp foot baths: alternating hot and cold baths are the foundation of Sebastian Kneipp’s health
•Foot reflex zone massage: foot reflex zone massage is a very popular massage technique, in which the
entire body is believed to be influenced by treating the feet.
• Foot bubble bath: the foot bubble bath is a simple and popular method for looking after your feet at home.
Using a foot bubble bath, you yourself can actively do something good for your feet as often as you like.
This foot bubble bath is extensively equipped:
•Massage sole,
•3 removable attachments for foot care:
– Massage fittings,
– Brush,
– Corn and callous remover,
•3 functions: vibration massage, bubble massage and water temperature,
•Infrared light dots.
Relax yourself and your feet when using this foot bath. It can have the following beneficial effects:
•stimulates the circulation,
•promotes cell regeneration,
•revitalises and invigorates the feet,
•relaxes tense muscles.
Warm foot baths with arnica, rosemary or sea salt extracts get the circulation going. Lukewarm foot
baths with lavender or thyme have a relaxing effect and are a blessing for exhausted feet.
2. Proper use
This device is solely intended for the care of your feet.
Do not use the footbath
•if you have a changes caused by disease or injury in the region of your foot (e.g. open wounds,
warts, fungal infection),
• with animals,
•for longer than 40 minutes (danger of overheating) and allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes before
using it again.
You should consult your doctor before using the footbath
•if you are not sure whether the footbath is suitable for you,
•if you suffer from a serious illness or are recovering from an operation on one of your feet,
•if you have diabetes or thrombosis,
•if you have leg or foot conditions (e.g. varicose veins, vein inflammations),
•if you have pains of unclear origin.
The device is only intended for the purpose described in these operating instructions. The manufacturer
cannot be held liable for damage occurring as a result of inappropriate or careless use.
3. Safety information
Please read these operating instructions carefully. Failure to observe the information provided below can
lead to personal injury or material damage. Keep these instructions in a safe place where they can also
be read by other persons using the device. Always pass on these instructions together with the appliance
if you sell it or pass it on.
• Keep children away from the packaging materials. Risk of suffocation.
Before use, make sure that the device and accessories do not show any visible signs of damage. If
you are in any doubt, do not use it and contact your dealer or a specified customer service address.
•If any fault or malfunction should occur during use, switch the unit off immediately and remove the
plug from the mains socket. Never attempt to repair the unit yourself. Improper repairs can expose
the user to considerable risks.
• Do not stretch, twist or kink the power cord. Do not stick in any pins, needles or sharp objects.
• Do not position the power cord on or pull it over sharp or pointed objects.
• Insert the plug into a socket that is protected from moisture, water and water spray.
• Children must be supervised when using this device.
• To fill the foot bath, it must not be placed in the shower, bath tub or wash basin.
• Do not open the case under any circumstances.
• If the device has been dropped or otherwise damaged, it must not be used again.
•Repairs to electrical appliances must only be carried out by qualified persons. Incorrect repairs
can lead to considerable danger for the user. In the event of repairs, please contact our customer
service or an authorised dealer.
Electric shock
Just like any other electrical appliance, this footbath must be handled with due care and attention in
order to prevent the risk of electric shock.
For this reason, the device must only be operated as follows:
•With the mains voltage specified on the device only.
•Do not use the device if damage to the device itself or any of its accessories is evident.
•Never use the appliance during a thunderstorm.
In the event of a defect or malfunction, switch the device off immediately and disconnect it from the
power supply. Never pull on the power cable or on the appliance in order to disconnect the plug from the
mains outlet. Never hold or carry the device by the power cable. Keep the cables away from hot surfaces.
You must never connect the foot bath to the power supply when your feet are already in the water. If
the device is damaged, this can lead to life-threatening electric shock.
ake sure that the plug and the power cord do not come into contact with water or other liquids.
For this reason, the device must be operated as follows:
• only in dry inside rooms (e.g. never in the bathtub or sauna),
• only with dry hands.
Never immerse the device in water. Never try to retrieve the device if it falls into water. Disconnect the
plug immediately from the mains outlet.
Fire hazard
There is a risk of fire if the device is used incorrectly or if it is not used according to these operating
For this reason, the massage device must only be operated as follows:
• Never leave the device unsupervised, particularly if children are around.
• Never use the device under covers, such as blankets or pillows.
• Never use the device in the vicinity of petrol or other easily flammable materials.
•Switch the device off and disconnect the power supply after every use and before every cleaning.
•Keep the device away from high temperatures.
• Never stand in the foot bath.
• The device must not be connected to the power supply while being filled.
•Always switch the foot bath off and remove the plug from the mains socket before moving it or
cleaning it.
•Be aware that some bath products may create a great deal of foam when combined with the bubble
massage. For this reason, do not leave the foot bath unsupervised and switch it off immediately if
excess foam builds up.
4. Description of footbath
1. Splash protection
2. Function button
3. Function button
4. Fill-level mark
5. Bubble bar
6. Massage roller attachment
7. Interchangeable pedicure attachments
a Callus remover
b Brush
c Massage attachment
8. Infrared light dots
9. Rubber feet (on underside of device)
10. Foot rest with massage naps
11. Filter cover
12. Removable aroma filter
13. Cord winder (on underside of device)
5. Operation
• Remove the packaging
• Check the device, power supply and cables for damage.
• Before you plug in the foot bath, fill it up to the fill-level mark (approx 2-3 cm full) with either warm or cold
•Route the cable safely so that there is no risk of anyone tripping over it.
Make yourself comfortable in a chair and place your feet on the foot rest and apply slight pressure. Never
stand up in the foot bath. The rubber feet on the base of the unit prevent it from sliding.
The device has two massage functions:
• Function 1
: bubble massage, infrared light and water heating
• Function 2
: activation of vibration massage
Bubble massage, infrared light and water temperature control
- Press the
- Press the
off again.
- button to switch on the bubble massage (with infrared light and water temperature control).
- button to switch the bubble massage (with infrared light and water temperature control)
These functions are only available together.
Optional vibration massage
While the bubble massage with infrared light and water temperature control is running, you have the option
to switch on the vibration massage. The vibration massage will only function when the bubble massage with
infrared light and water temperature control is switched on. It cannot be used separately.
- Press the
- button to activate the vibration massage.
- Press the
- button to switch the vibration massage off again.
Massage roller
You can experience a special massage effect by moving your feet back and forth on the 2 massage rollers
integrated into the bottom of the footbath. The massage rollers can optionally be removed by pulling them
firmly upwards. When installing the rollers, make sure that the roller fixing points downwards, as shown in
the illustration.
Removable attachments
Place the chosen attachment onto the fixture provided. The brush attachment can be used to stimulate the
reflex zones in the soles of your feet. The massage attachment provides a soothing massage for your feet
and promotes the circulation. The corn and callus remover is used to remove dead skin cells and calluses.
Magnetic field and infrared light
The foot bath features 16 magnets and 4 infrared light dots which are integrated into the foot tub. They help
to boost circulation and stimulate reflexology points.
Removable aroma filter
The removable aroma filter allows you to easily add bath additives such as bath crystals, bath salts etc.
To do this, remove the filter cover [11] from the device by pulling it upwards. Remove the aroma filter [12].
Add bath products up to the level of the mark on the inside of the filter/underneath the first line of holes.
Now attach the filter underneath the filter cover. When doing so, note the arrow marks on the filter and foot
bath; these indicate the correct position of the filter. The two arrows must point to each other. Reattach the
filter cover.
The filter can be easily removed and cleaned after use. Rinse the filter with clean water.
Please observe the fill-level mark on the filter and do not fill the filter above this mark.
Be aware that some bath products may create a great deal of foam when combined with the bubble massage.
For this reason, do not leave the foot bath unsupervised and switch it off immediately if excess foam builds up.
• Massage of a specific point on the sole of the foot may influence the corresponding organ of the
body. However, we recommend studying relevant literature and asking your doctor before using
point reflex zone massage to achieve the desired effect.
After use pour the water out over the narrow side of the footbath.
6. Care and storage
After use rinse the unit with tap water. The foot bath can be cleaned with a mild, non-foaming household
cleaner, e.g. neutral vinegar.
To dry out the air line after cleaning, switch on the bubble setting for approximately 10 seconds. Wipe away
any drops that may leak with a cloth.
• Do not allow water to penetrate the interior of the footbath.
• Store the footbath in its original packaging in a dry area.
• Do not leave it open for an extended period.
7. Technical specifications
Mains connection 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz 140 W
8. Disposal
Please dispose of the device in accordance with EC Directive – WEEE (Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment). If you have any queries, please contact the appropriate local authorities.
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