Pool Air Structures
Pool Air Structures
Featured at Mercer Island Country Club and Old Dominion Aquatic Club
Yeadon® is the industry leader in high quality air-supported structures for
pools. Our pool domes can be used in virtually any climate condition.
Over 30 years experience constructing quality Air Supported Structures for sports, industry
and construction, have earned Yeadon® its reputation as the industry leader. Our state-ofthe-art energy efficient structures incorporate the latest innovations in design, anchoring,
mechanical, electrical and proprietary control systems.
Mercer Island Country Club
Washington, DC, 107’L X 110’W x 30’H
Features of Yeadon® structures include: Yeadon’s® Aluminum Base Attachment Channel that is cast into the concrete beam for a quick and easy put-ups and take-downs, high
profile sidewalls for maximum headroom, high gloss 16oz inner liner, highest quality doors,
modern reflective lighting systems, with the industry leading computerized controls for maximum energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.
Yeadon’s® customer list of pool domes users includes many of world-class clubs. Some of
our applications include Brown University, Hilton Head Island Recreation Center and Mercer
Island Country Club. Our pool structures can be found worldwide because Yeadon® can
meet the most demanding needs and specifications.
Yeadon® structures meet and exceed industry standards, including Air Structures Design
and Standards Manual ASI, ASCE, CSA, CAN-S109 and NFPA 701.
Technical Support:
Design, construction advice, specifications, preparation of tenders and bids, and a 24 hour
hot-line service, are all part of Yeadon’s® services.
Mt. Trashmore YMCA
Virginia Beach, VA, 115’L X 90’W x 26’H
Pool Air Structures
• Clear Spans: up to 360’ (110 meters) wide, by any length
• Outer Fabric: 28oz and 32oz per square yard, high quality, high tensile, flame
resistant, PVC coated, polyester fabrics are available as translucent or opaque with
a 10-year pro-rated fabric warranty.
• Finishes: Standard acrylic or Arkema Kynar® protective coatings are available.
Kynar® coated products have a 15-year pro-rated warranty.
• Inner Thermal Acoustic Membrane: 16oz/sq yd. high strength PVC coated
polyester fabric with Yeadon® high gloss finish, in white.
Toll Free: 1-888-493-2366
• Mechanical Systems:
Phone: 519-821-9301
Fax: 519-821-9010
Furnace/Inflation/Standby – Yeadon® features our ALL-IN-ONE combination mechanical unit, custom designed, quiet, supplied with stainless steel heat exchangers, ETL and CGA approved, complete with remote station controls to operate and
maintain the structure, may be designed for underground ducts or direct discharge.
Standby Units – incorporate built-in or secondary fan systems for low pressure,
with a separate engine-driven fan for power failure emergencies.
Air Cooling Units – designed for specific site conditions are available as an option.
Controls – The Wind Sensor, Snow Sensor, and Full Automation Control is the
most advanced automatic control available. It uses modern computerized controls
for interior pressure, heating, and monitoring.
• Base Channel: Yeadon® exclusive extruded and anodized aluminum channel is cast
into concrete grade beams which ensure a virtually airtight low cost attachment of the
structure to the concrete.
• Doors: Heavy-duty, high quality, and preassembled exit doors, revolving doors, car
and pedestrian air lock door units are available. They all come complete with exit
lighting and hardware.
• Lighting: Yeadon’s® high intensity metal halide indirect lighting systems utilize the
most efficient optical reflectors to provide maximum lighting uniformly inside the dome.
The fully faceted, heavy duty, impact resistant, glass finished optical assemblies provide energy efficiency with maximum levels of illumination and minimum maintenance.
Mercer Island Country Club
Old Dominion Aquatic Club
Washington, DC, 107’L X 110’W x 30’H
Chesapeake, VA, 135’L X 111’W x 34’H
Yeadon Fabric Structures, Ltd.
Toll Free: 1-800-493-2366
Yeadon Fabric Domes LLC
2475 Maplewood Drive, Suite 114
Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: 651-633-7400
Fax: 651-633-2019
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