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105 KEY EL BACKLIT KEYBOARD with 50mm trackball
Based on the standard 105 key short travel keyboard, this unit combines all functions, controls and features for comfortable key
input and cursor control under low light conditons as well as under normal daylight. This sealed industrial keyboard integrates a
50mm large industrial grade trackball for accurate and precise cursor control. The key legends, the key edges and the trackball
contour are backlit for ease of recognition at low light. The backlight is digitally dimmable at 8 distinctive levels in order to set it to the
operators' best comfort. An automatic night/day sensor controls the on/off setting of the backlight and the luminosity of the
“numlock” and “capslock” Led’s. Several internal features warrant for a longer life of the backlighting source.
! best operator comfort by backlighted legends, key edges and
trackball contour
! digitally dimmable backlighting at 8 levels by pressing one
defined key
! automatic day/night switching of the backlight
! automatic day/night luminosity setting of the “numlock” and
“capslock” LED’s
! backlighting independant of the PC port supply for
maximum intensity settings
! state-of-the-art, mechanically reinforced backlighting
source for prolonged life
! MF layout with 105 short travel tactile keys, IP67 sealing
! 50mm large, industrial grade trackball, IP65 static sealing
! PS/2 or USB outputs for keyboard and trackball
Use of an electro-luminescent (EL) lamp from a specialized, reputable source with many years of field experience in naval and
aeronautics applications. The EL lamp has an aluminium base layer for longest mechanical life under intensive switch operations.
Thanks to the automatic night/day on/off switching and to the dimmable light intensity, the useful life is at least 10.000 hours and
the expected useful life under low light conditions (light source intensity of 10 cd/m²) is more than 20.000 hours.
Pointing Device
Dimensions panel mount
Dimensions enclosed
: IP65 sealed
: 106 short travel switches
: 50 mm trackball
: 1,6 m. PS/2 or USB cable(s)
: 432 x 152 x 40 mm
: 475 x 215 x 57 mm
: 1,2 kg / 3,5 kg
The PS/2 keyboards are supplied with two 1,6 m long shielded
straight cable ended with 6 pin mini DIN plugs. The USB
versions are supplied with one 1,6m long shielded straight
cable ended by a USB type A connector.
* Due to the increasing differences of PS/2 mouse port specifications of the
various PC manufacturers, we do recommend that this unit should be tested on
the final PC configuration and operating system prior to installing it in series.
US Qwerty
KSTL105 F1 xxx-BLEL
KSTL105 S1 xxx-BLEL
German Qwertz KSTL105 F49 xxx-BLEL KSTL105 S49 xxx-BLEL
xxx = protocol output : PS/2 or USB
NSI bvba, Haakstraat 1A, B-3740 Bilzen, Belgium
Tel. : +32 89 51 90 00 E-mail :
ADT1512-T3 100~240VAC to
12VDC/15W power adapter, table
type supplied without the power cord
(specific for each country)
CFR-02 Covering bezel in
blackened aluminium
(for top panel mount
105 KEY EL BACKLIT KEYBOARD with 50mm trackball
· short travel, tactile feel switches with 0,3 mm travel and 2,55 N operating force
· black polyester front layer with rim embossed keys
· aluminium carrier and silicone sponge panel sealing
· 50mm trackball, black epoxy resin ball
· enclosed version : steel enclosure with industrial epoxy coating (mid grey)
· operating temperature : 0°C to +60°C
· sealing panel mount keyboard :
IP67 frontal; trackball IP65 static
· sealing enclosed keyboard : IP65 static
· supply voltage for keyboard and trackball : +5VDC +/- 5% / max 200mA (supplied via the keyboard and mouse PC ports)
· supply voltage for the backlighting circuitry : +12VDC +/- 5% / max 800mA (to be supplied by the user or AC/DC adapter
available as an option). Via DC socket with centerpin(+) of 2,5 mm diameter.
· PS/2 or USB output for keyboard and trackball. Via shielded cable(s) of 1,6 meter.
COLOURS : Keyboard & Key Background : PANTONE Black 2 C 2X / Key edges & key legends : White Translucent
The company reserves the right to alter without prior knowledge the specification or design of any standard product or service.
NSI bvba, Haakstraat 1A, B-3740 Bilzen, Belgium
Tel. : +32 89 51 90 00 E-mail :
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