Hayward OmniLogic Controller Release Notes for Firmware
Hayward OmniLogic Controller
Release Notes for Firmware Revision R1.1.0 MSP/WMT
13 June 2014
The R1.1.0 released version of Main System Processor (MSP) and Wall Mount Terminal (WMT) firmware for
your Hayward OmniLogic controller was released today. It fixes a few issues reported with the previous R1.0.2
version of firmware.
How to Upgrade your Hayward OmniLogic Controller
You will need to upgrade the firmware on the MSP (Main System Processor).
To upgrade the MSP firmware to R1.1.0:
1. Please remove the previous version of firmware (MSP_AR_R0100002 and WDT_AR_R0100002) from
your USB stick.
2. Copy the firmware files onto a USB stick in the root directory. Insert the USB stick into your Hayward
OmniLogic controller.
3. Back up your current configuration file by going to <CONFIG>, <BACKUP CONFIG>. <BACKUP TO
4. Put the system in service mode by pressing the power button and the pressing <SERVICE MODE>.
5. From the home screen press the <CONFIG> icon.
6. Select <firmware upgrade>, select <MSP> and press the check mark.
7. Next press <USB>, then select the file < MSP_AR_R0101000> and press the check mark.
8. Press the check mark again to begin the upgrade.
9. When the upgrade has finished, press the check mark and the system will reboot.
If you have a wall mount terminal, you should also upgrade the firmware on it.
To upgrade the Wired Terminal firmware to R1.1.0:
1. Make sure that the USB stick is still installed in your Hayward OmniLogic controller.
2. Put the system in service mode by pressing the power button and then pressing <SERVICE MODE>.
3. From the home screen, press the <config> button in the center of the screen.
4. Select <firmware upgrade>, select <Wired Terminal> and press the check mark.
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Hayward OmniLogic Controller Release Notes R1.1.0 MSP/WMT
5. Next press <USB>, then select the file < WDT_AR_R0101000> and press the check mark.
6. Press the check mark again to begin the upgrade. It should take about 20 minutes to complete.
7. When the upgrade has finished, press the check mark and the Wired Terminal will reboot.
8. Take the system out of service mode by pressing the power button and then pressing <SERVICE
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Hayward OmniLogic Controller Release Notes R1.0.2 MSP/WMT
New Functionality:
1. Firmware upgrade requires the user to place the unit in service mode first.
2. Heater/Chemistry Extend will only run at the end of a filter schedule.
3. Features off will shut off all manual on events. Filter schedules and color logic light schedules will not
be affected, nor will any extend/ cooldown states.
4. The spa has highest priority; a pool/spillover schedule will not override the spa.
5. Changes have been made to the display sensitivity, which should improve the responsiveness of the
6. Valves will not remain in spa when the spa becomes inactive.
7. When spillover is turned off the filter will turn off and valves will remain in spillover, provided there is no
overlapping schedule.
8. When super chlorinate is enabled, switching bodies of water will disable super chlorinate. Super
chlorinate will also be disabled if the filter is turned off manually.
9. The display of the local terminal and wired terminal will dim after 45 seconds of inactivity.
10. The system now supports 100 schedules.
11. Status of all running equipment will show in the status bar of the home screen on and on the idle
12. In addition there are no longer network questions in the configuration wizard.
Fixed Issues
There are several issues that have been fixed with the B1.1.0 version of MSP firmware.
1. If you have a configuration containing a water feature with freeze protect enabled and the water feature
interlocked to an external input, the water feature will correctly turn on for freeze protect provided the
interlock condition is met. Freeze protect will no longer be affected if the external interlock state
changes more than once during freeze protect.
2. If the filter is in a suspended state (on/stand by or paused/valves changing), deleting an active schedule
will terminate the schedule immediately.
3. ColorLogic lights that are configured in different bodies of water no longer need to be wired to different
smart components, provided the firmware revision of the MPP is R1.0.5 or greater and/or the firmware
revision of the Relay Bank is R1.0.4 or greater.
4. Heater cooldown will run at the end of super chlorinate, and when themes are disabled or features off is
pressed, provided there are no applicable schedule.
5. When ORP is made a favorite, the correct set point will be shown on the ORP favorite screen.
6. Selecting “no” to the “Do you have any XX sensors?” question in the configuration will remove the
sensor from the configuration. You can also remove sensor from the sensor list screen, using the trash
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Hayward OmniLogic Controller Release Notes R1.0.2 MSP/WMT
7. Heater cooldown will not affect the running of back to back filter schedules in the same body of water,
provided the filter was not turned on manually before the start of the first filter schedule.
8. If the WiFi password contains any of the following characters: #%^*{}\|[]~` the password no longer
needs to be changed as the keyboard has been modified to add these characters.
Continuing Issues
R1.1.0 does have known issues that will be fixed in a later release:
1. In sites where the network drops or is unstable, the system sometimes, fails to acquire network
connectivity. A workaround is to unplug the Ethernet cable from the local for a few seconds and then
plug the Ethernet cable back into the local display.
2. The system fails to indicate a No Flow Alarm, only if flow monitoring is disabled, when chlorination or
pH dispensing has stopped due to the flow sensor sensing No Flow.
3. All features display a countdown timer when on due to a schedule.
4. There is the potential for the Wired Wall Mount to reset when adding/deleting/editing schedules. The
schedules will be correct in the system and this will not affect pool operation.
5. The Wired Wall Mount may show a red background even when there is no alarm present.
6. A CommLoss alarm does not show the red background color.
7. There is a possibility that the EcoStar HUAs will be swapped in the configuration upon upgrade. If this
issue arises you must go through the configuration wizard and switch the HUA of the pumps to the
appropriate HUA.
Additional Information
After upgrading to R1.1.0 a calibration must be performed on both the local display (MSP) and the Wired Wall
Mount. Once this calibration is complete you cannot downgrade the system to R1.02 or earlier. If you perform a
firmware upgrade to a previous revision of firmware the touch screen will not be functional.
Reporting New Issues
The first time you see any of the following events, you should report it to Hayward immediately via e-mail
to jdebruin@haywardnet.com.
Unexpected resets of the controller
Loss of functionality of the controller (loses power, won’t restart)
Unexplained pump or valve operation (failure to turn on/shut off/maintain speed)
User screen locks up/ slows down / blanks or freezes
Unexplained heater operation
When you report an issue to Hayward, please note the following:
Installed pool site
Clear description of how the error happened
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Hayward OmniLogic Controller Release Notes R1.0.2 MSP/WMT
Current state of pool operation
IMPORTANT: Please provide a copy of the data log and your currently running configuration file, stored on the
USB memory stick, for each failure reported.
Thank you.
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Hayward OmniLogic Controller Release Notes R1.0.2 MSP/WMT
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