Multicar M 31 Multi-functional working with an excellent view

Multicar M 31 Multi-functional working with an excellent view
Cleaning technology · Municipal technology
Multicar M 31
Multi-functional working
with an excellent view
Ergonomically designed cabin for comfor t and safet y
Everything drivers have always wanted
The Multicar M31 sets new standards, combining multi-functionality and manoeuvrability
with the highest safety standards and comfort for the driver. The ergonomically optimized
design of the cabin, equipped with unique DEKRA-approved safety features, guarantees
a level of driving pleasure and fatigue-free working that is of mutual benefit for both your
company and your staff. Variable and efficient: Three accessory compartments provide
for more than 300 different equipment combinations – with quick-change system at the
front and ball- mount at the rear. The powerful, low-consumption euro-5 turbo diesel
engine provides just the right drive, making the Multicar M31 your number-one choice if
you are looking for an implement carrier and a transporter all in one vehicle.
Powerful: gross
combination weight
rating max. 7.5 t
with integrated
sun-glare filter
Optimum view
at the equipment
and tools
Multicar M31
with bi-halogen lights and
LED daytime lights
Multicar M31: variable with
Fig.: The Multicar M31 B
with skip loader
Ergonomic: cabin and
Safe: ventilated
operating elements for
4-wheel disc brakes and
fatigue-free working
4-channel ABS
short or long wheelbase
and 4x2 or 4x4 drive
O pti mize d te chnology – appe aling design
Powerful technology – makes work
easier and more comfortable
Flexible employment
Three accessory compartments, providing
room for more than 300 tailor- fitted
implements, make the Multicar M31 the
perfect multi-functional vehicle. The front
Gross combination
weight rating max. 7.5 t,
payload max. 3.1 t and
braked trailer load/
permissible trailer weight
of max. 3.5 t
mounting plate SWV 500 with integrated
lifting device facilitates employment of
efficient front-mounted equipment. Thanks
to the quick-change system, the M31 is
as flexible in the city as it is in the open
country for all-year-round use.
Economic-efficient operation
Investing in the Multicar M31 pays off
quickly. The flexible, high-quality lightweight steel frame ensures a long service
life – in non-stop operation. The powerful,
low-maintenance engine is extremely
economical, leading to considerable savings
in terms of operating costs. A top speed
of 90 km/h ensures short transit time to
the job site and makes for profitable
employment. Low servicing costs further
add to the vehicles many advantages.
Comfortable day-to-day working
When designing the Multicar M31, it was
our goal to make work easier for you.
With its width of only 1.63 metres, the
small turning circle and equipped with
power-assisted steering as a standard,
the vehicle gets you everywhere. You can
choose between a 4x2 and a 4x4-drive.
All-wheel-drive and crawling gear can
be switched-on if required. Please also
view pages 6/7 for further details.
Balanced driving- and safe road holding
characteristics – whether fully loaded or
empty – due to an independent suspension
with coil springs at the front and
Quality made in Germany
Multicar has been developed
and produced in Germany for
more than 50 years.
progressive flat springs with telescopic
shock absorbers at the rear
Tipper body ball-mounted
on cross beam,
ball-change system for the
long chassis, for quick
mounting/dismounting of
body components
Modern, ergonomically designed
space-frame cabin
with optimal view of the traffic
and the implements,
cabin suitable for 2-3 passengers
(also view pages 6/7
for further details)
Variable availability of hydraulics:
simple tipper-hydraulic system,
1-cycle or 3-cycle universal
hydraulics with 200 bar or
high-pressure comfort hydraulic
system with up to 300 bar
Service- and
maintenance-friendly – all
parts of the tilting cabin
and the 3-way tipper are
easily accessible
Three different accessory
Powerful and
compartments and front-mount
quick-change system with
low-noise 3-litre
lifting and lowering functions for
turbo diesel engine by
easy loading of various
manufacturer IVECO
front-mount devices
with 107 kW (145 hp);
Euro-5 standard for
employment in
environmental zones
The e rgonomically designe d sp ace -frame cabin
A work place with new perspectives
At the push of
More room
Everything within reach
a button
Glove box with gas
Centralized operating &
Electric windows
spring and bottle
control elements:
(optional) and
holder make for more
• Switches with LED
adjustable mirrors
stowage space and
left and right
keep things tidy
Everything under
technology for a better
• 4-level heating and
ventilation system
Optimal view of
for optimal air-stream
the traffic and the
in the entire cabin
and the leg area
Head-room for the driver = 130 mm
unloaded, plus 34 mm with flat seat
view on the road without front-mounted device 2800
More room, a better view, increased safety
The ergonomically designed space-frame cabin ensures
completely safe working. The panoramic windscreen with
integrated sun-glare filter offers a superb all-round view
and an increased view – plus 0.5 metres compared to its
predecessor – of the front-mount devices. Thanks to the
big wind-up windows, newly arranged wipers and windows
in the lower door area, the driver truly has everything under
control. While we haven’t changed the vehicle’s compact
external dimensions, the cabin space has increased by
4 cm in width and another 5 cm in the leg area.
Elaborate details
Individually adjustable
• mechanically sprung seats
The Multicar has been
• operation panel for the universal
designed for frequently
hydraulics system integrated in
changing drivers:
the collapsible arm rest
• variably adjustable seats
Optionally available
• Bluetooth radio
• 2-seater passenger bench
• seat belt height
• height- and angle-
• seat with integrated seatbelt
adjustable steering
• air-sprung seat
Cross- countr y mobilit y and ce r tif ie d safet y
Equipment you can rely on
Certified all-round safety
All-terrain vehicle
The cabin of the Multicar M31 offers a
The new Multicar M31 is both city- and
kind of safety for the driver and the front-
cross-country compliant. With its driver-
seat passenger that is second-to-none in
engaged 4x4 drive, crawling gear and
this vehicle class. The space-frame
differential lock, the vehicle masters steep
construction with special high-strength
inclines in the country or on forest trails
profiles is brand-new and DEKRA certified:
and convinces with excellent climbing
• Cabin certified according to ECE-R-29
power on slopes or building sites. Non-slip
directive for the “Occupant protection in
cross-country tyres ensure perfect
cabins of commercial vehicles” – front-
traction. And in difficult situation you can
end collision test (test A) and cabin roof
fully rely on the 4-wheel ventilated disc
stability test (test C) passed.
brakes and the 4-channel ABS system.
• Double-walled doors with steel and
plastic are stress-test-approved,
the test simulates 10 years of operation
by opening and closing the doors
20,000 times.
• Seat belt mounting certified according
to directive ECE 14 and 76/15 EWG
The basic mode ls of the Multicar M31
These three models master the most
demanding challenges
The new Multicar M31 is available in three different basic models. Thanks to the modular Multicar vehicle concept, you
can choose from various equipment options and features to meet your individual requirements. Depending on the basic
model, you can decide for a short or a long wheelbase, 4x2 or 4x4 drive, 2-seater or 3-seater cabin and choose from
more than 20 additional options. Only one thing is clear from the very start: you get top-quality and service for a price
that pays off in the long run.
Multicar M31 T
Multicar M31 B
Multicar M31 C
• the special transporter
• the basic model with robust chassis
• the professional implement carrier
• with low-cost electronic tipperhydraulics for the 3-way tipper body
for multiplex employment
• with gearbox-dependent 1-cycle
with powerful 3-cycle hydraulic
system – enables independent
• tipper body with a tipping angle of
hydraulics with gear pump for up
simultaneous operation of different
45° in all 3 directions plus optional
to 200/245 bar nominal pressure
headboard and board wall elevation
• 4-balled frame for 3-way tipper
• particularly suited for stationarily
operated bodies such as:
- roll-off tippers and skip loaders
• for various types of demanding
• optionally available with either
• optionally available with either 4x2
- loading cranes
engine-dependant universal
or 4x4 drive and short (2450 mm)
- lifting platforms
hydraulics (200 bar) or high
or long (2930 mm) wheelbase
- waste-compactors
pressure comfort hydraulics
- gully-cleaning devices
(reversible from 300 bar to 200 bar)
• flexible and powerful with a max.
payload of 3.1 t and a max.
permissible trailer weight of 3.5 t
• optionally available with either 4x2
• the volume flow of the high
or 4x4 drive and short (2450 mm)
pressure comfort hydraulics is
or long (2930 mm) wheelbase
infinitely adjustable – and can be
• ball-change system for the long
operated comfortably from your
chassis, for quick mounting/
dismounting of body components
work place
• LS hydraulics for high driving
power at low speed
• with 4x4 drive and either short
(2450 mm) or long (2930 mm)
• ball-change system for the long
chassis, for quick mounting/
dismounting of body components
All models are also available as right-hand drive.
implement carrier,
flexibly employed
with a crane
Diversity you will only find
in a Multicar
Variable employment
Just as you would expect from a Multicar, the Multicar M31
offers a wide range of applications. An implement carrier
you can always rely on – whether employed in the city,
in the landscaping sector, on the building site or in waste
All-year-round employment
• for transport work requiring a 3-way tipper or a skip loader
• also in combination with a loading crane or gripper
• waste disposal tasks in pedestrian areas, parks and
areas with narrow driveways or access-roads
• repair & maintenance work requiring a lifting platform
• cleaning of gullies using a shaft-trolley construction
Seasonal employment
• winter service with snow ploughs or snow brushes
• sweeping jobs with front-mounted devices and vacuum
• cleaning with water pressure or walk-behind cleaningor watering devices
• mowing with a cutter bar, sickle mower, mallet mower,
circular mowing device and vacuum-mower
• tree & copse care service, tree pruning requiring a lifting
platform, chaffing and transport of the cuttings
Diversity as a concept
Its various applications make
the Multicar M31 a profitable
asset. What you are getting
is an all-in-one vehicle – from
a powerful transporter to a
flexible special-equipment
implement carrier with
more than 300 optimized
attachments. What more
could you ask for?!
The individual optional equipme nt
Accessories that make your Multicar M31
even better
Every Multicar M31 is excellently equipped – but you can make it even better with original Multicar accessories.
Each extra is tailor-made and fits to the Multicar M31 perfectly in terms of compatibility and functionality. One thing
is for sure: both you and your staff will love and appreciate every comfortable extra.
3-seater with front bench
Right-hand drive
Working light
Automatic window-opener
for 2 passengers instead
optionally available
integrated in the new height-
and mirror adjustment
of a single front seat
for all vehicles
adjustable light beam
left and right
Bluetooth radio
Air-sprung seat
Integrated seat belt
Flashing beacon (LED)
optionally flush-mounted
with seat heater and
in the driver seat
and rear working light
in the roof console
lumbar support
All-wheel drive
Differential lock, 4x4 and
Ball-change system
3-pin socket
for increased traction on
crawling gear connectible
for easy mounting/dismount-
e.g. for marker lights of
the road and in the country
at the touch of a button
ing of body components
front-mounted devices
Tow ball/bolt coupling
Windscreen heater
Trailer tipper hydraulics
Air conditioning
max. tow ball load
for a clear view in
switch within easy reach
integrated in the
150/250 kg
the cold season
operating panel
• 225/75 R 16 C All-season tyres (M & S)
The Multicar M31 is equipped with 225/75 R 16 C summer
• 225/75 R 16 C Winter tyres (M & S)
tyres as a standard. Additionally, a wide range of tyres is
• 285/65 R 16 C All-season tyres (M & S)
available to meet your individual requirements:
• 315/55 R 16
Cross-country tyres (M & S)
• 325/60 R 15
Wide-base tyres, low ground pressure
Quality in line with sustainability
Purchasing a Multicar means that you have decided
and additional underbody protection guarantees a
to go for top-quality and integrated sustainability. Our
premium coating quality as well as superb corrosion
ultra-modern cathodic dip coating system, employing
prevention, resulting in a long vehicle service life.
environment-friendly water-based paint, overlap-sealing
RAL 2011
deep orange
RAL 6024
traffic green
RAL 5015
sky blue
RAL 1015
light ivory
RAL 3020
traffic red
Quick-change system SWV 500
RAL colours
with integrated lifting device for easy one-man changing
We paint the Multicar M31 in the colour of your choice.
of accessories.
The Multicar at a glance
Technical data
Multicar M 31 T
Multicar M 31 B
Multicar M 31 C
Engine and transmisson
IVECO F 1 C turbo diesel
2998 cm³
Power ouput
107 kW (145 hp) at 3500 rpm
Max. tourque
320 Nm at 1400 rpm
Pollutant emissions
Euro 5 with a closed-system particle filter
5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear;
with all-wheel drive incl. crawling gear: 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears
Handling characteristics
Speed range N2
0-90 km/h
Flexible, modular-constructed and light-weight sheet-steel frame
2,450 (short), alternatively 2,930 (long)
Axles, front suspension
Independent suspension with telescopic shock absorber and additional coil springs
Axles, rear suspension
Telescopic shock absorber with additional progressive flat springs
225/75 R 16 C (standard), additional tyres optionally available
Driver’s cab
Tilting space frame cabin
Drive and control unit
4x2, 4x4 on-demand all-wheel drive optionally available
Hydraulically acutated, asbestos-free
Power-assisted steering
Tank volume
80 litres
4-wheel disc brakes (ventilated) with 4-channel ABS
Selectable 4x4 all-wheel drive
(series production)
Load values
Maximum permissible
up to 5.6 t
Max. axial load front
2.4 t
Max. axial load rear
up to 3.67 t
Max. payload
4x2 drive*
3.1 t (short wheelbase)
2.9 t (long wheelbase)
Equipment and model dependent
Max. payload
4x4 drive*
2.9 t (short wheelbase)
2.7 t (long wheelbase)
Equipment and model dependent
trailer weight
3.5 t (brake-assisted), 0.75 t (non break-assisted)
Gross combination
weight rating
7.5 t
Equipment and model dependent
Electrical tipping
Max. 5 l/min
Max. working pressure 150 bar
1-circuit hydraulics
Max. 45 l/min
Working pressure 200/245 bar**
3-circuit universal
Max. 80 l/min,
max. working pressure 200 bar
3-circuit high-pressure
comfort hydraulics
Max. 80 l/min,
max. working pressure 300/200 bar
* Optional extras reduce the payload; ** with reinforced rear axle and skip loader
Form, colour and design are subject to change in favour of further technical development. Images may display optional extras.
M u l t i c a r M 31, u n b o d i e d
You can always count
on a Multicar
Benefit from professional expert
advice, top product quality and
our attractive financing & leasing
options and profit from our
excellent after-sales service,
providing 24/7 on-site customer
service, always close by!
* short/long wheelbase
M u l t i c a r M 31 w i t h b o d y
**with body MA 11.3
***with body MA 11.4
Hako: environmental-
Close to you wherever
Buying, leasing, renting
We are available 24/7
friendly right from the
you are
We offer you a number
Hako’s spare part express-
Our efficient close-knit
of individual and attractive
and on-call service
It is our legacy to leave
sales & service network
financing & procurement
guarantees best possible
behind a clean planet.
guarantees close proximity
That is why resources-,
and rapid help.
environmental- and climate
protection characterize
Cleanliness combined
each and every process
with safety
at Hako which has been
Our machines meet
certified by independent
the highest standards.
institutions. Learn more
Reliable quality
about our on-going
“Made by Hako”.
financing options
commitment at
DIN EN ISO 14001
Hako GmbH
Head office
Hamburger Str. 209-239
23840 Bad Oldesloe
Tel. +49 (0) 45 31- 806 0
81-10 -24 3 3 -1
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