owner`s manual - StrongBoard Balance

owner`s manual - StrongBoard Balance
Manifest the Body of Your Dreams
Your physique, your lifestyle and your well-being are about to change forever – Introducing
StrongBoard Balance®, “An Evolution in Fitness” developed by the visionaries at
Stronghold Fitness, LLC. Co-Founders, Adella and Mike Curry, created StrongBoard
Balance with the mission to not only improve how people work out, but also to improve
the quality of their lives.
For almost two decades, Mike Curry has been professionally and personally committed to
health and wellness initiatives. As a Certified Fitness Coach and Expert Nutrition Counselor,
Mike has consulted an extensive clientele of professional athletes, celebrities and physicians
nationwide. While the fitness industry steadily evolves, Mike’s ability to help his clients reach
their personal goals remains consistent, with an emphasis on core training and balance
techniques. This very methodology formed the foundation for StrongBoard Balance
– “An Evolution in Fitness.”
Mike and Adella created StrongBoard Balance to help you accelerate your personal
health and wellness goals. With their revolutionary “multi-spring technology” – every
movement on StrongBoard Balance requires a unique counter-balancing that will
strengthen your core while you train targeted muscle groups.
From cross-fitness routines to circuit training programs, calisthenics, yoga, Pilates, weighttraining, or physical therapy – expedite calorie burn, improve stability and increase power
with the full-body experience of StrongBoard Balance.
You are about to begin a new type of fitness journey with undeniable results that you’ll both
see and feel. Sculpt your curves for that perfect silhouette. Intensify your training efforts
for maximum results. Tighten your legs, arms, abs, buns and chest. Get into prime shape,
rebound from injuries and increase your resilience, feel rejuvenated, and empower yourself
both physically and mentally.
Your fitness evolution starts now, with StrongBoard Balance.
Getting Started..............................................................4
Safety....................................................................... 5 -6
Product Overview..........................................................8
Product Diagram...........................................................9
The Experience............................................................10
Executive Summary.....................................................15
• Box Contents: Inside you will find (1) StrongBoard Balance®, (1) Owner’s Manual and
(1) Brochure.
• Read: This Owner’s Manual is specifically designed to help you get acquainted with
StrongBoard Balance, and to assure the equipment’s proper use for your safety
and the safety of those around you. You are advised to read this manual in full prior to using
StrongBoard Balance. Failure to do so may result in injury and/or product damage.
• REVIEW: The ONLINE LEARNING CENTER on our website will highlight many of the uses
of StrongBoard Balance to compliment your favorite workouts, and to introduce
you to exciting new routines to help optimize your physical fitness. Additionally, the site will
further highlight important safety information on the proper usage, maintenance, relevant
warnings and general functionality of STRONGBoard BALANCE. You are advised to
review the Online Learning Center on our website, www.StrongBoardBalance.com, in
full prior to using StrongBoard Balance. Failure to do so may result in injury and/or
product damage.
• READ the StrongBoard Balance Owner’s Manual and REVIEW all information at
the Online Learning Center on our website, www.StrongBoardBalance.com, prior to use.
• Improper, excessive or use of StrongBoard Balance may result in personal injury
or property damage.
• INSPECT StrongBoard Balance thoroughly to assure it is in working order with all
parts highlighted in Product Diagram on Page 9 properly secured, prior to use.
• CONSULT A PHYSICIAN prior to partaking in any physical exercise program. Specifically
women who are pregnant or may be pregnant, any users with a history of high blood
pressure or heart conditions, any users who smoke, have high cholesterol or are at risk
of a stroke, any users who have current medical conditions that may be at risk for further
health issues by partaking in physical activity, and any users undertaking rehabilitation
or physical therapy.
• CAUTION: If you experience dizziness, pain, light-headedness, shortness of breath,
chest pressure or faintness while using StrongBoard Balance, stop immediately
and contact a physician.
• Children under the age of 18 MUST ONLY use StrongBoard Balance under full
supervision of a parent or caregiver. Parental supervision required when children are
using StrongBoard Balance.
• While using StrongBoard Balance, DO NOT wear baggy clothes, sandals, unlaced
shoes, boots or any other clothing or footwear that may cause tripping. Make sure to
wear proper athletic clothing while using equipment.
• ONLY use StrongBoard Balance when it is positioned in a safe area - on a flat, dry
and stable surface, away from windows, sharp corners and sharp objects.
safety (Cont.)
• Users are encouraged to mindfully use StrongBoard Balance®, by maintaining
awareness of their position on the board and actively counter-balancing their weight to
assure stability and safety.
• CAUTION: Beware of the springs on StrongBoard Balance as they present a
pinching hazard. DO NOT place fingers or toes in or around the spring areas in order to
prevent any risk of injury.
• It is highly encouraged that users maintain space from any objects that would present
risk of injury if you were to fall while using StrongBoard Balance.
• DO NOT use StrongBoard Balance if any slippery residue or moisture is present
on the surface of the unit.
• DO NOT permit unauthorized persons to use StrongBoard Balance as it may pose
a risk to their personal safety as well as to property.
• It is STRONGLY RECCOMMENDED that users exercise vigilance when using
StrongBoard Balance and gradually progress from beginner, to intermediate, to
advanced level workouts.
• DO NOT use equipment while under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
• Persons weighing more than 300 pounds should not use StrongBoard Balance,
except in the care of a licensed physical therapist or personal trainer.
• The maximum weight allowance for StrongBoard Balance is 450 pounds, including
the user’s body weight and any additional weight.
• Equipment should be inspected before and after each use for dirt or debris. If cleaning
is required, allow equipment to dry thoroughly before use.
• When cleaning, DO NOT use any acidic or bleach-based cleaning products on your
StrongBoard Balance. Doing so may cause damage to the unit and potential safety risks.
• TO CLEAN your StrongBoard Balance® we recommend a gentle wipe, with no
fragrance, bleach, or other harsh chemicals. A quick drying, alcohol based sanitizer is
ideal. Carefully wipe surfaces that need refreshing. Allow unit to dry completely before
use or storage. This remedy also works well for keeping rubber components looking new
and clean. Do not use rubber or plastic restoration polishes, including silicone spray and
Armor-All, as they can make equipment slippery and unsafe.
• TO STORE your StrongBoard Balance, keep the unit in a secure area where it will
not present a tripping hazard. Cover your StrongBoard Balance with a protective
cloth in order to minimize dust and dirt build up, as well as to prevent any scratching.
• DO NOT place items on top of your StrongBoard Balance during storage.
• Store StrongBoard Balance in a standard upright position with the flat horizontalbase placed firmly on a stable floor.
• If springs squeak, spray threads protruding through spring clip very lightly with WD-40. Be
sure to use the “smart straw” extension and spray ONLY inside the spring clip. Inspect
the board and surrounding area for WD-40 residue and be sure all areas and platforms
are dry before engaging StrongBoard Balance again.
Portable and electricity-free, StrongBoard Balance® utilizes a patented, multispring technology to create a 360-degree stability platform. The four compression springs
are made from oil-tempered, high-carbon steel, with very high yield strength – allowing
individuals to use their own body weight as resistance during full-motion workouts, while
the springs will consistently return to shape.
With a cutting-edge design, a polished aesthetic presentation and revolutionary functionality
– once you step on StrongBoard Balance you’ll understand why industry experts
have dubbed it “An Evolution in Fitness.” It truly is a balance device so innovative and
intense, it will change the way you work out, forever.
Product Specifications:
Weight: 14.5 lbs.
Dimensions: Base – 25 ¼” Long, 17 ¼ ”Wide, Platform – 23 ½ ” Long, 15 ¼ ” Wide.
Assembled Height: 9 ¼”
product diagram
After reviewing your StrongBoard Balance® Owner’s Manual and Online Learning
Center, you can now take the biggest step towards revolutionizing your workouts forever –
Prepare for your first StrongBoard Balance experience.
WARNING: Exercise caution while getting on and off the unit. Use a wall or partner for
stability while getting acclimated to your StrongBoard Balance.
• The proper and safest way to get on StrongBoard Balance is to place one foot on
one end, push down until platform touches the base – this will give you stabilization.
• Next, with your weight still on that end, carefully place your opposite foot on the other
end of the board to slowly establish your weight and find center. You are now fully
positioned on the StrongBoard Balance. Once standing on StrongBoard
Balance, the user’s body immediately reacts by searching for stabilization and
forcing constant, multi-group muscle contractions. Your workout has begun!
These are some basic maneuvers to help you get started:
• First, begin with squats, by bending at the knees, keeping your back straight and chest
up, and lowering your buttocks downward to a 90-degree angle – slowly rise back into
the standing position, and then repeat.
• Second, try a static stabilizing squat, by holding in the lowered squat position and
utilizing your core and leg muscles to maintain balance. Hold for a 10-second interval
and then rise back to the standing position. Any shaking you experience is a natural
part of the stabilization process through which muscle contraction accelerates blood
flow and increases calorie burn.
• Once you have a basic understanding for the natural counter-balancing StrongBoard
Balance demands of your body, slowly begin incorporating new exercises to create
routines, to increase the intensity of your workouts and to alter the muscle groups
being challenged.
How do I know if StrongBoard Balance® will help me reach my fitness goals?
This is one of the most common questions we receive at Stronghold Fitness,
because as individuals we all have our own unique fitness goals in mind. The great thing
about StrongBoard Balance is the focus on complimenting existing workouts with
an emphasis on high-intensity stability training which challenges your foundation. Experts
agree that balance and core strength are integral to optimal fitness, health and wellness;
making StrongBoard Balance universally valuable no matter your personal workout
Is StrongBoard Balance safe for me to use?
Developed by an industry expert with almost 20 years of personal training experience,
StrongBoard Balance was created to bring health, wellness and fitness to people of
all different ages and physical levels. By following the warnings and directions included in
the StrongBoard Balance Owner’s Manual and the website’s Online Learning Center,
your workouts will be both safe and productive.
How much time should I work out on StrongBoard Balance each day?
Incorporate StrongBoard Balance into your normal daily workout routines, and just
by doing so you will intensify your existing workouts. We recommend starting out with
basic exercises and increasing your StrongBoard Balance routines from beginner, to
intermediate, to advanced, as you feel comfortable. Always listen to your body and be sure
to give yourself proper rest time to assure healthy progress.
Who should I contact if I have questions or issues regarding my StrongBoard BALANCE?
For all questions, feedback, sales or warranty inquiries please refer to Page 12 of our
Owner’s Manual for our complete contact information.
Where can I find additional instructions and ideas for StrongBoard BALANCE exercises?
The StrongBoard Balance community is constantly evolving. You can visit our
website and social media pages for news, updates and user stories about how others are
using StrongBoard Balance in their daily lives and fitness routines. Be sure to check
us out online at www.StrongBoardBalance.com for all of the latest from our community.
StrongHold Fitness®, LLC
4712 Admiralty Way #469
Marina Del Rey, California 90292
For all StrongBoard Balance® Sales and Warranty Questions
please contact:
Join our movement and share “An Evolution in Fitness” with your family and friends. For
the latest news, workout & nutrition tips, testimonials, videos and daily inspiration – LIKE
StrongBoard Balance and FOLLOW StrongBoard Balance.
Share your experience with the world. Once you step on StrongBoard Balance you’re
committed to progress and the pursuit of your fitness goals. We want to celebrate your
story and inspire others. Whether you’re losing weight, training professionally, rehabilitating
from injury or optimizing your wellbeing; your story deserves to be heard – Email us at:
“As a chiropractor, I had great interest in Strongboard Balance® for measuring balance
in athletic patients, and it continues to impress me. While the Strongboard Balance
offers an efficient method to strengthen the body, its role in measuring neurological balance
(proprioception) will hold value to anyone performing such testing. Strongboard
Balance is stable yet flexible and easy to engage upon, allowing the user to establish
a neutral position before beginning activity. Since introducing it to our patients, we’ve
discovered new ways to use Strongboard Balance to improve balance and fitness,
and patient health and wellness is our primary concern.” –Michael Dorausch, D.C.
“As an employer of Athletic Physical Therapy and recreational athlete I have had the
privilege of using the StrongBoard Balance to improve balance, stability and core
strengthening on myself, and physical therapy patients. There is no limitation on its use from
upper extremity, lower extremity, core, athletes, active person, adolescent, elderly, postop, pre-op, chronic and/or acute injuries. Regardless of the phase in therapy or workout,
there are a variety of exercise (easy to complex) you can do on the StrongBoard
Balance to rehab the injured body part or increase the difficulty level of your workout.
I highly recommend this product to any one who is looking to improve balance, stability,
core strength or just intensify their current workout.” –Nancy Uribe, Bachelor of Science
in Kinesiology with emphasis in Exercise and Human Performance, Masters of Science in
Athletic Training
“StrongBoard Balance is fantastic! It provides multiple planes of instability, creating
some of the most challenging training available! It’s one of my favorite and most fun tools
to greatly improve my clients’ motor coordination skills, while strengthening the core, the
lower and the upper body. My clients simultaneously use StrongBoard Balance
in combination with weights, resistance bands, and ropes providing maximum caloric
expenditure – resulting in fat loss in minimal time.” –Ray Velazquez, SantaMonicaTrainer.com
“StrongBoard Balance is possibly the simplest tool I’ve found to improve balance and
enhance proprioception in my clients. DO NOT however confuse the word “simple” with
“easy”! Because of the simplicity it’s effective for all ages and fitness levels. I’ve used it to
increase the functional stability of many of my clients – from teenage athletes to injured
adults who want to improve daily performance. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve
balance no matter his or her current level.” –Russ Suchala, Certified Personal Trainer
“While on the Palisades High School’s basketball team, I suffered from post-injury chronic
ankle pain. When I started working out with Mike Curry for rehabilitation and strength training,
he introduced me to StrongBoard Balance. My first reaction was this thing is hard to
stand on, but after a few minutes of getting used to it, it forced me to focus on maintaining
good balance. I used it for the duration of my high school basketball career - doing a lot
of double and single leg squats for ankle strength, along with various coordination and
balance drills. Now, even after graduation, I still use it to maintain conditioning. I’ll be the
first to admit that exercising is boring and not a lot of fun. Using the StrongBoard
Balance takes the boredom out of working-out!” – Kristen Thomason, Student
Limited Warranty
Stronghold Fitness®, LLC, (“Seller”) warrants that its StrongBoard Balance®
(“product”) will arrive undamaged and in good working order. If product arrives in damaged
condition upon delivery, customer should notify Seller immediately.
Customer should follow all instructions for proper care and maintenance of product or this
warranty shall be null and void. This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse or
Molded plastic base and platform, and metal springs are warrantied for the life of the product
against breakage. Spring clip is warrantied for three (3) years from delivery date against
breakage or stripping. Hardware is warrantied for one (1) year from delivery date against
breakage or stripping. Rubber Mats (platform), Bumpers (base) and Push-in-Bumpers are
warrantied for the lifetime of the product to remain in position only. They are not warrantied
for damage or wear and tear.
Customer shall pay for shipping on all returns. Contact Seller at the address/telephone
number below for return merchandise authorization (“RMA”) Seller will not accept any
product return without RMA.
Seller will provide Customer with replacement Warning Label without question upon
request. Customer will reapply.
AND OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The foregoing constitutes Customer’s
sole and exclusive remedy.
Customer acknowledges that participating in any exercise program and/or using exercise
equipment can be dangerous. Use of Product, including both intended and unintended
use, could result in injury. Customer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless
Stronghold Fitness, LLC for all liabilities incurred or alleged as a result of Product,
or arising out of the use of Product, including but not limited to claims for injury, death,
property damage and attorneys’ fees. In no event shall Stronghold Fitness’s liability
under this Agreement exceed the purchase price paid by Customer for Product.
Stronghold Fitness, LLC
4712 Admiralty Way #469
Marina del Rey, California 90292
(855) 570-3890
There is more to fitness than the weight you can lift and the distance you can run. True
fitness is about your lifestyle and how you feel about yourself day in and day out. Beyond
just being confident about what you see in the mirror, when you commit yourself to physical
fitness, you are strengthening your overall character.
There is a mental toughness and resilience that comes from pushing yourself through
workouts. There is the hope that comes from losing those pounds to live a happier and
healthier life, or rebounding from chronic injury. Your wellbeing is connected to your mind,
body and spirit – all of which will benefit from the positive impacts of your fitness-based
StrongBoard Balance® is not just our business; it is a staple within our daily lives.
Since developing our first prototypes, we have been consistently utilizing StrongBoard
Balance within our home and workplace – celebrating the results it has delivered for us,
as well as our clients and friends.
Now, we are both excited to be able to share StrongBoard Balance with you. We’re
very proud that StrongBoard Balance has been dubbed “An Evolution in Fitness,”
but still, on a fundamental level we’ll always consider it to be the foundation piece for
optimizing health and wellness.
From our mission of changing lives, to your mission of bettering yours – We hope you enjoy every
step onto StrongBoard Balance and the journey towards improved fitness that follows.
Adella and Mike Curry
StrongBoard Balance, StrongHold Fitness, and “An Evolution in Fitness”
are registered trademarks of StrongHold Fitness, LLC. © 2013 Patent No. 7,645,221
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