Airless Spray Painting Safety Please ensure this system is only used

Airless Spray Painting Safety Please ensure this system is only used
Airless Spray Painting
Please ensure this system is only used for it’s intended purpose—spraying paint! Never use
this system near water (including rain), explosives, chemicals or other electrical devices. Always spray in a well ventilated area and NEVER spray directly at any person . Please refer
to our manual for full safety regulations.
System Description
An “Airless” system uses a pump to push the paint under high pressure thru to the spray gun
tip rather than air. This is a large Painting system normally used for broad areas.
• Paints should not require thinning.
Some extremely heavy viscosity paints may need thinning.
Select the correct Spray Tip.
A misconception about airless paint spraying is the higher the pressure, the quicker you
spray. This is not the case, the high pressure results in more overspray. If someone wishes to
spray faster, a larger size Spray Tip is required.
Once the pump is primed and ready for spraying, slowly increase the pressure until the
fan pattern is even (ie no tracking or heavy lines) .
Spray approximately 30cm from the surface to be painted.
Start moving the gun before pulling the trigger and release the trigger just before the
surface end.
Continually move with the gun rather than stretching and spraying at angles.
An overlap of 25% is recommended for even coverage.
Recommended for broad areas such as roofs, fences, sheds, ceilings and walls.
A guide to Airless Spray Tips
All tips have three digits in size, for example 517.
The first digit is the fan size or the width of the spray, this digit is always
doubled and measured in inches. For example, a 517 tip will spray at 10
inches, a 417 tip will spray at 8 inches and a 317 tip will spray at 6 inches.
The second two digits indicate the size of the orifice and is measured in
thousandths of an inch. For example a 517 tip will spray 10 inches wide,
through an orifice size of 17 thousandths of an inch; first digit fan size x 2 - last
two digits = paint flow. A worn 517 could actually be a 525, resulting in the
operator spraying at a incredible pace and/or too much product.
Material To Be Sprayed
Lacquer & Stain
High Builds
Orifice Size - Recommended Only
.07 - .013
.011 - .015
.015 - .021
.019 - .035
We stock a wide range of Reversible Tips and Fine Finish Tips for specific
applications. Extension Poles are available in sizes 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”.
Swivel accessories are also available.
Ensure the pump is kept clean, replace reversible tip, gun filter and suction
filter regularly.
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