Roll to sheet/stack solution

Roll to sheet/stack solution
Excellence in Paper Processing
Excellence in Paper Processing
Web Finishing
Roll to sheet/stack solution
In paper processing, Hunkeler is your partner in the four
areas of Digital, Web Finishing, Disposal and Manufacturing. Our customers benefit from the synergies that
are created from the interaction of these four areas: We
think as a whole and are therefore in the best position to
efficiently serve the highest demands.
We develop successful system solutions for computer centers,
Print On Demand (POD) environment, as well as for mailing
and form manufacturers, printers, finishing companies and
Web Finishing
Hunkeler equipment converts simple printed paper webs into
richly varied and multifunctional communication and advertising materials. Modular systems process short-run and long-run
jobs with full automation.
With complete systems and individual units for paper processing, we ensure the purposeful removal and disposal of
material remnants for increased production efficiency.
Solutions for Digital Printing
Hunkeler will manufacture machine components according to
your specifications. You can source everything you need from
one supplier, while utilizing our experience in the production
of prototypes, individual parts, or small and medium series.
Success in paper processing applications
is based on knowledge and experience.
Hunkeler became active in the printing
industry in 1922, and we have been
working closely with customers ever since
to establish the necessary expertise to
insure your paper processing application
Processing (POPP) division was founded in
1982 to develop paper-processing solu-
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tions for digital printing. The driving force
for innovation is our constant aim to make
extraordinary contributions toward the
success of our customers. Hunkeler developments are at the core of our complete
solutions. That is why we are recognized
as world-wide leaders, with the highest
quality and performance guaranteed.
Roll to stack solution
UW6 Unwind module
The new generation unwinder UW6 was specifically designed
for a flexible, high-performance environment. Ease of use,
enabled by the automatic dancer control system, and user
guide with touch panel reduce setup times to a minimum.
Rolls with diameters of up to 1370 mm are loaded semi-automatically. The dancer weight can be decoupled completely by
the loop control to allow for tension free feed into highperformance digital printers.
CS6 Cross- and length cutter
The rotary cross cutter CS6 consistently produces clean,
accurate cuts at exact angles, ensuring the highest levels of
productivity and quality of output. In combination with the
register control software, it also provides the precision essential
to the finishing process. Setups, as well as adjustments are
easily performed at the display panel, and dynamic changes
in cut length are carried out automatically based on UP3I, or
barcode information. An integrated diverter separates waste
from the production output.
If equipped with the new, individually driven edge trimmers,
and up to three linear cutters, the production of 4-up forms is
accomplished reliably and efficiently.
SE6 Offset module
All pages on-the-fly are offset before passing them on to the
stacker module. The unique separation unit enables true separated offset stacks in 1up, 2up, 3up and 4up mode. The
stacks with horizontally offset book blocks facilitate the easy
handling of stacks.
POPP6 – Investment protection
LS6 Stacker module
In the stacker module LS6, all signatures or sheets are collected,
and continuously stacked to the desired height. Our newest
technology offers up to 2200 stack ejections per hour (with 4up
mode) without requiring any printer stops. As a new feature,
the stacker offers dynamic format changes from one book
block to the next, using UP3I or barcode information.
TS6 Transfer station
The Transfer Station TS6 distributes paper stacks in different
directions fully automatically or at the press of a button.
Depending on the printed intelligent codes or electronic
signals (UP3i), the module passes the printed paper stacks to the
right, left or straight ahead to various finishing processes. A lifting
element brings the paper to the desired height. In this way, the
Transfer Station enables the online integration of up to three
finishing processes into one printing system. Different print and
processing jobs can be successively processed with full automation and without expensive conversion. An integrated sheet
bypass allows to run sheets inline in buckle folding equipment
for production of folded sections.
CS6-I «Single Cut»
CS6-II «Double Cut»
This version of the CS6 is
The flexible high performance
equipped with a single rotary
solution for mailing applications.
cutter for the production of
By means of two independent,
traditional single cut forms in the
dynamically controlled rotary
print-on-demand and transactional
cutters, full bleed products are
printing segments.
produced swiftly and accurately.
Cross cutting module CS6
Stacker module LS6
Transferstation TS6
Unwind module UW6
Printer system
Offset module SE6
Buckle folder
Technical Data Cutter CS6
Web width:
6.5” – 20.5”
(165 – 520 mm)
Cut length: Stack
3.5”* – 19”
8” – 62”
(89* – 482 mm)
(203 – 1575 mm)
Variable chip-out:
1/8” – 2 3/4” (3.2 – 70 mm)
Paper weight:
40 – 300 gsm
Production speed:
up to 600 ft/min (180 m/min)
1up – 4up with gutter cut
pin- and pinless Merger
Patent pending
* in variable chip out mode: from 5.5” (140 mm)
End products
1/ ”........................ 2 3/ ”
Offset stacks 1up, 2up, 3up and
Lightweight paper application
Heavyweight paper application
Electronic variable double
Nonstop stacking eliminates
printer stops
Nonstop offset stacking
Integrated diverter for set up
and error pages
Small footprint
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