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PowerBridge 10kVA
AC Uninterruptible
Power System
Built to RGPC Renowned
Highest Standards
Heavy Duty AV Grade Power Back Up
The PowerBridge 10kVA Uninterruptible Power
System is designed to provide Heavy Duty AV Grade
Back Up AC Power to Today’s AV, Home Automation,
and Integrated Systems, thus increasing and enhancing
the Security Reliability, Performance, and Survivability
of equipment. This true on-line, double-conversion UPS
systems is configured in a 15U cabinet with a Basic and
Extended holdover capacity (full).
The UPS and Battery Packs are hot-swappable, it also
includes automatic bypass, integrated maintenance
PowerBridge10kVA dual-inverter design provides
simultaneous output voltages of 240/120V, 208/120V,
230/115V, 220/110V, or 200/100V without the need
for transformers - saving space, weight, and power.
The 10kVA UPS features hardwired input and output
terminals. Optional output receptacle module and
additional external Battery Packs are available. The
PowerBridge 10kVA systems can be paralleled for
capacity or n+1 redundancy.
Features & Benefits
• Multiple Communications capability with
Intuitive Software interface
• Online system so sensitive gear always
receives constant, clean voltage
• Dual-Voltage Output: 240/120V, 208/120V,
230/115V, or 200/100V - no need for a
transformer to step-down the voltage
• Works in conjunction with a generator or
solar power solution
• Installs at AC panel to protect multiple outlets
• Internal Maintenance Bypass allows UPS
electronics and battery to be serviced or
replaced without interruption to
critical loads
• 3 Year Full Warranty
Specifications and Prices Subject to change without notice © RGPC 2012
AC Uninterruptible
Power System
Built to RGPC Renowned
Highest Standards
PowerBridge 10kVA
Battery Packs
UPS Input/Output Wiring
PowerBridge 10KVA Basic
Total Configured Weight:
Weight (split ship configuration):
Battery Trays
Input / Output Connections:
Operating Temperature:
Audible Noise:
System Output:
AC Input Voltage:
AC Input Frequency:
Back Up Time in Minutes
23.5 x 35.25 x 40 inches (WHD)
488 lbs
824 lbs
Communications Interface
Auto Restart / Start on Battery
PowerBridge 10KVA Full
320 lbs
320 lbs
2 x 84 lbs
6 x 84 lbs
Steel Structure with vented sides and doors
Hardwired - Input service 60 Amps
0 - 40ºC (32 - 104ºF)
Less than 55dBa at 1 meter
UL 1778 / FCC Part 15 Class A
Sine wave, zero transfer time
10kVA / 8kW
240/120V, 208/120V, 230/115V, 200/100V (selectable) ± 5%
40-79 Hz
Greater than 86%
50% of load 16 minutes
50% of load 66 minutes
100% of load 6 minutes
100% of load 28 minutes
RS-232 and USB standard, SNMP included
Specifications and Prices Subject to change without notice © RGPC 2012
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