User Guide - PMR Technology
Version: QSG-TxRxV25
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In addition to the troubleshooting table on this page you can get support on the PMR support forum at this
web address For other PMR Bluetooth products or support, please view
our website – or email or contact your local
representative. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity is available in the products section on our website
Check battery power.
Consult authorized dealer
Ensure Rx and Tx are in range and
in pairing mode
Ensure Rx and Tx are in range
switch them OFF and On again.
High speed flash, several times per second
Medium speed flash
Medium speed flash
Low speed flash, once per 5 seconds
Unit powers on with blue LED indicating pairing
mode but there is no connection to other unit
Connection is lost.
Rx has been out of range of Tx for more than 60
seconds and gone into low power mode
With power switched ON no LED flashes
Customer Service Information
Tx & Rx
Tx & Rx
Tx & Rx
Pairing or connecting to another device
Connected and music transfer is active (Rx only)
Idle mode
Visual Indicators
1. If, for some unknown reason, music can’t transfer out from Tx, you should restart Tx by turning it
off and on again.
2. If the connection is lost auto-reconnection should occur within a few seconds of the devices being
brought back into range. Otherwise, after about 60 seconds, Tx and Rx will go into Idle Mode to
save power and the blue LED will flash slowly (once every 5 seconds).
3. If a new Bluetooth stereo headset/audio receiver is nearby and in pairing mode, Tx may try to pair
with it instead of Rx.
4. In normal operation Tx+Rx will maintain their Bluetooth connection once they have been paired
and switched on. If they disconnect or the link is lost, it maybe for the following reasons:
i. The range is over 10 metres between them or there is an obstacle in the way.
ii. Either device has been switched off or the battery needs recharged.
To make calls from your mobile phone - Dial the call from your mobile phone. The call is
automatically connected to Rx and your headset. (You may need to configure your mobile phone to
answer calls directly on your Bluetooth headset)
To make calls using voice dialing (Not all phones support this feature) – When phone and Rx are in
standby mode, click the Talk button on Rx. After the prompt from the phone speak the name of the
person you wish to call. The call is automatically connected to your mobile phone.
You can transfer calls connected to your headset back to your mobile phone. (Not all phones support
this feature) To transfer calls from your headset to the phone press and hold the Talk button for more
than 3 seconds until you hear the tone.
Declaration of Conformity. We declare that products NSTX3C2XXX and NSRX3C2XXX conform to
the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/RC.
Remove all components from the package. Items in the pack include: Tx transmitter, Rx receiver,
Stereo Earphones, USB Charging cable and this User Guide. Please check the contents carefully and
contact your local dealer immediately if anything is missing or damaged.
Getting started
As a plug and play product, Tx and Rx will search, pair, and connect themselves automatically.
The Tx unit plugs into your MP3 player, iPod or other playback device and, using Bluetooth technology,
wirelessly sends music to the Rx unit or to your Bluetooth Stereo headset. The lightweight Rx unit
allows you to plug in a stereo headset or portable speakers. In the case of headset usage you can
wear the Rx unit on your lapel or in a shirt or jacket pocket. Provided you and the Rx are within range
of the Tx unit you will be able to listen to music from your music player – wirelessly.
The PMR Bluetooth Stereo transmitter and receiver (Tx+Rx) offer the latest innovation in Bluetooth
technology. The Tx unit transfers stereo audio from music or audio players such as MP3 players or
Apple iPod to the Rx Bluetooth stereo headset/receiver wirelessly and freely. Rx is also capable of
simultaneous connection to a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. You need never miss a call while
enjoying your music wirelessly.
User Guide
PMR Bluetooth Wireless Stereo
Transmitter and Receiver (Tx+Rx)
Rx Unit
The Pairing process..
1. Before you commence pairing them ensure that both units are fully charged.
2. Try to ensure that no other nearby Bluetooth devices are active or in pairing mode.
3. With the Tx turned off, turn on Tx by sliding the miniature ON/OFF switch to the ON position. The
Blue LED will flash quickly. Now the Tx is in pairing mode.
4. To turn on the Rx press and hold the Talk button for about 2 seconds until the LED begins to flash.
Rx is now turned on and in pairing mode; the LED will flash quickly.
5. Ensure the units are within 3 metres of each other.
6. The two units should find each other and pair. This is indicated by the LEDs which will begin to
flash slowly.
Pairing is the Bluetooth process of establishing the wireless link between the Tx and Rx units. Before
you can use Tx+Rx you must pair both devices. Normally you only have to do this once. After pairing
is complete the units will (provided they are within range) find each other and reconnect automatically
at switch on. Additionally, Rx can be paired with a mobile phone – see later.
Pairing your Tx and Rx
To Charge the units
1. Insert the mini USB-B plug of the charging cable into the mini USB-B socket on the Rx or Tx.
2. Insert the USB-A plug on the other end of the USB charging cable into a powered USB-A socket on
a PC or laptop computer. During charging, the LED will be on constantly.
3. When charging is finished, the LED will turn off.
4. Unplug the USB charging cable.
Before using the Tx and Rx, you must charge them for approximately 2 hours. Fully charged, they
provide up to 5 hours of playing time and 100 hours of standby time.
Charging The Tx and Rx
Tx Unit
Getting to know your Tx and Rx
With the Tx turned on, plug it into the audio jack socket of your music player.
Ensure Rx switched on and is within 3 metres of Tx.
Plug your earphones or portable speakers into Rx.
The blue LEDs on both units will continue to flash slowly to indicate they are connected.
If the connection is lost try moving Rx closer to Tx and they will reconnect automatically.
If the audio becomes noisy or breaks up try moving Rx closer to Tx.
You may need to configure your mobile phone to answer calls directly on your Bluetooth headset.
Refer to the mobile phone user guide for instructions on initiating this feature. When your mobile
phone rings, press the Talk button on Rx. The call is automatically connected to Rx and your headset.
When you have finished your call, press the Talk button on Rx. The call will be disconnected.
You can reject calls by pressing the talk button for about 3 seconds. (Not all phones support this
Before you can use Rx with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone you must pair Rx with the phone.
Pairing is the process of linking Rx with your phone. After pairing is complete, you can use Rx only
with the paired mobile phone. If you wish to use Rx with a different mobile phone, you must redo the
pairing process with the new mobile phone. In this case, Rx will no longer work with the previous
mobile phone unless you pair them again. Before you commence pairing the headset, ensure that the
battery is fully charged.
To pair Rx and your mobile phone
1. Ensure Tx is turned off.
2. Turn on the mobile phone and place it within 3 metres of Rx.
3. Turn on Rx by pressing and holding the Talk button for about 3 seconds until the LED will flashes
once. Rx is now turned on and in pairing mode; the LED will flash quickly.
4. Initiate the mobile discovery feature on the mobile phone. (Refer to the mobile user guide to initiate
this feature.)
5. The Rx’s Bluetooth name is “AV_HSF”
6. Enter the default pin code “0000”, when the mobile phone requests a PIN / password (sometimes
known as passkey).
7. When RX is paired with your mobile phone, the Rx LED will change to flash slowly.
While using Rx and wearing earphones you can make and receive calls using Rx’s built-in
microphone. There is no need to remove the earphones to make calls. Just position Rx on your shirt or
lapel so that you can speak into the built-in microphone.
Using Rx with your Mobile Phone
Playing Music
To turn on your Rx - Press and hold the Talk button for about 2 seconds, until the LED flashes.
Release the Talk button. Rx is now turned on and ready to use; the blue LED will flash to indicate Rx
is turned on.
To turn off your Rx - Press and hold the Talk button for about 3 seconds. The blue LED will change
from flashing to being permanently on. Release the Talk button. Rx will turn off and the LED will stop
The Tx+Rx combination is easy to use. Once they have been paired switching them on is all that you
normally have to do. All the other operations will be carried out automatically.
To turn on your Tx - Move the Power button to “On”, the blue LED will flash to indicate Tx is on.
To turn off your Tx - Move the power button to “Off”, the blue LED will stop flashing.
Switching your TX and Rx On / Off
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