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World smallest Bluetooth Music Receiver
with excellent sound quality.
Firefly turns any car or home speakers into a Bluetooth Speaker, allowing
playback of all audios including music, video sound, navigation guidance
and gaming sound to your car or home speakers wirelessly.
Filtering car power noise
A serious issue cause by the car generator and has not yet been solved by
most existing products
Storage temp. from -20⁰C ~80⁰C
The high-low storage temperature test ensures the functionality even if you
have parked your car under the sun or in the snow
Seamless switch between music and phone call
We understand how people dislike their conversation being broadcasted
when driving. Your privacy is secured without sacrificing convenience
Optimized for car use
Taking turns to play & share music easier.
Allows two device connection at the same time,
while other products allows only one device connection.
Support high quality audio compression standard
AAC and MP3, where AAC is the used by Apple.
Cable is designed using pure copper with gold
plated to deliver the high-fidelity sound.
Excellent Sound Quality
Car audio
Car Extension
USB car
Use it for car speaker
Car audio with AUX and USB.
Home audio
Home Extension
USB adapter
Use it for home speaker
Home audio with RCA.
- Enables car / home speaker Bluetooth connection ability
- Bluetooth 4.0 and backward compatible
- Power noise filtering design for car
- Excellent sound quality with AAC, MP3, SBC coding support
- Pure copper wire w/ gold plating
- Party mode support (connection to two devices)
- Wi-Fi like connection experience
- Store up to 8 paired devices
- Seamless switch between Bluetooth headset for phone call and Firefly for music
- FCC, CE, NCC, Bluetooth certified
150mm 3.5mm to RCA extensional cable is included
60mm 3.5mm male to female extensional cable is included
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