Calibur™ DVMR
Calibur DVMR
A jeweler’s best friend
During the holiday season we suffered a series of
shoplifting losses. We considered purchasing a couple
cameras, a multiplexer and a VCR to record activity in our
store. But our dealer suggested we look into the new
Calibur DVMR. The DVMR’s built-in digital recorder
captures weeks of images without any attention. It means
I don’t have to change tapes or worry about equipment
going down. And I don’t have to hire someone else to do
it. We took his advice. When thieves struck again, it didn’t
take long to find them. With the DVMR’s built-in digital
search feature, we quickly found the exact time when the
rings had been stolen. Playing back events revealed a pair
who worked together. The man came in and distracted
our sales person. His partner, who had come in before
him, reached behind the counter to fill her purse with our
jewelry. We captured it all. And with the DVMR’s high
resolution images, we could zoom in on a small tattoo on
the woman’s hand and make a positive ID. We saved the
video clips on a recordable CD for the police, and we sent
still images to jewelers through email. Within a week, the
police caught the thieves. They say diamonds are a girl’s
best friend. Mine’s the Calibur DVMR.
Digital Video Multiplexer/Recorder
Steep increase in performance
Steep decline in maintenance
Learning curve, what learning curve?
he Calibur Digital Video
Multiplexer and Recorder
(DVMR) by Kalatel combines
all the functions of a digital video
multiplexer and a leading-edge
technology digital video recorder in one
unit. The Calibur DVMR improves
playback image quality and eliminates the
low mean time between failure normally
associated with analog VCRs. And
because it’s digital, you never have to
clean tape heads or service motors.
The Calibur DVMR displays live
video from cameras in multi-screen, full
screen or sequencing full screen mode.
At the same time, it records highresolution pictures from all cameras to its
built-in 15.2 or 37 GB hard drive—up to
5,492 hours of pictures in color or 8,239
hours in black and white.
Best of all, the Calibur DVMR is
easy to use. If you can use a standard
multiplexer and VCR, you can use the
Calibur DVMR.
End tape
management hassles
By enabling you to record up to 5,492
hours in color or 8,239 hours of images
in black and white—six to 11 months—
The Calibur DVMR eliminates
headaches and personnel costs associated
with tape management. And you can
program the Calibur DVMR to record
Network Friendly
With the new Ethernet
capability, you can view images
over a LAN or WAN using the
image browser supplied with
your Calibur DVMR.
over the oldest recorded images when the
digital recorder nears capacity. You’ll
never have to change tapes again.
If your application requires you to
archive recorded images for longer
periods of time, you can use an optional
digital audio tape (DAT) drive or advanced
intelligent tape (AIT) drive and multitape carousel to create a continuous
backup system for your Calibur DVMR.
the Calibur DVMR to store compact
files that save disk space yet maintain
high image resolution.
And when you want to view
recorded images, the Calibur DVMR
delivers smooth images in play, fast
forward, reverse, fast reverse and pause.
You can even advance the recording
frame by frame—forward or reverse—
as you review high quality images.
NEW! Access and share
images from a desktop PC
Eliminate hours
spent searching
The “e” in DVMRe means that the
Calibur DVMR is now ethernet ready.
You can retrieve images or clips from any
Calibur DVMR in your LAN or WAN
with a PC and then post images or clips
on your network, store and print images,
and store video clips. Using an optional
CD recorder, you can save images or clips
to share with law enforcement or others.
Just place the recorded CD in your PC
and use our viewer software to print and
view images or save them in a format
you can email to others.
With a Calibur DVMR you have instant
access to critical recordings. On-screen
menus and simple keystrokes enable you
to search for images or events by alarm,
time, date, camera number and ASCII
cash register or ATM text. The Calibur
DVMR jumps to your selection instantly
and begins playback. No more rewinding
and fast forwarding to find images.
Get all the details
with digital quality
Whether you need a clear picture of an
automobile license plate or a person’s
face, the Calibur DVMR can do the job.
It captures 720 pixels per line of video.
And using wavelet compression enables
Reduce your investment
in alarm equipment
The Calibur DVMR can “look” through
connected cameras and detect alarm
conditions. It’s what we call Video
Motion Detection. During setup, you
tell the Calibur DVMR what conditions
count as alarms: object size, object shape,
an object’s location on the monitor.
Then you set detection sensitivity and
false-alarm rejection levels. You might
A second look
Just like a VCR
View up to 16 images on the first monitor
while viewing any camera full screen on the
second. Great for alarm call up.
The Calibur DVMR’s VCR-like controls
make it as easy to use as a standard VCR.
tell the Calibur DVMR to ignore
expected background motion, but trip an
alarm if it sees a person walking toward
the maintenance elevator. This built-in
alarm-detection capability enables you to
reduce your investment in stand-alone,
external alarm devices.
Change setups
quickly with Macros
You can save up to 16 different setups for
your Calibur DVMR, four with the fourcamera model. These saved setups, called
“macros”, tell the Calibur DVMR which
cameras to display, which to record, how
to display them (full screen, sequencing,
quad, picture in picture, etc.), what record
speed to use, which external alarms to
activate and more.
Macros make it easy to change your
system setup for different guard shifts.
Want more pictures of your shipping and
receiving dock during morning delivery
hours? Just push two buttons and the
Calibur DVMR will load your saved
setup. You can also program the Calibur
DVMR to load any saved setup
automatically on a certain day of the
week or at a particular time of day.
Respond to alarms
You can even tell your Calibur DVMR
to execute a macro automatically when
an alarm is triggered. When the alarm is
tripped, the macro instructs the Calibur
DVMR to provide customized
surveillance and detailed documentation
of the area in which the alarm situation
occurred. The macro can even engage
external devices like police auto-dial and
electronic door locks.
A recorded image from the DVMR
in pause mode (front) compared to
a standard VCR in pause mode.
This means your guards don’t have
to remember which cameras to pull up
when a crisis erupts. Your Calibur
DVMR shows them what’s important
and enables them to act quickly.
Meanwhile, your Calibur DVMR records
high-resolution pictures for
Watch live and prerecorded
pictures at the same time
Kalatel’s line of Calibur DVMRs includes
Simplex models, which let you record
images from several cameras while you
view the images from one camera at a
time on two monitors, and Duplex
models, which add the ability to view
live images from multiple cameras on one
monitor and multiple playback images on
a separate monitor.
Cover all the angles
during alarms
When an alarm is triggered, your Calibur
DVMR can display images from the
camera at the alarm location and images
from up to three cameras associated with
the alarm area in a quad display. If an
alarm is triggered at one entrance to your
loading dock, for example, your Calibur
DVMR can display images from a camera
at that door as well as from three other
areas in or near the loading dock. You
can even display a frozen image from the
alarmed camera in one of the three
associated camera windows when the
alarm occurs, enabling you to view
moment-of-alarm images and post-alarm
images at the same time.
Get a system
that’s born to build
The DVMR has flash memory that lets
you install factory-supplied upgrades
from a PC. You can also cascade 31
Calibur DVMRs via RS-485 jacks on the
unit. This means you can build a system
with up to 496 cameras. And by adding a
Calibur keypad you can control the
Calibur DVMR and pan-tilt-zoom dome
cameras like the Kalatel CyberDome
right from your desktop.
Easy two-button setup change
Find it fast
Precision control
Need to monitor a different area or switch
setups for daytime, nighttime or weekend
shifts? Macros make it easy.
The search function lets you look for events
by time and date using keys on the Calibur
DVMR’s front panel.
Zip through images or review the action
frame by frame with adjustable fast-reverse
and fast-play controls.
Calibur DVMR
Digital Video Multiplexer/Recorder
Color NTSC or PAL
4 camera inputs
4 alarm inputs
4 macros
Color NTSC or PAL
16 camera inputs
16 alarm inputs
16 macros
Color NTSC or PAL
16 camera inputs
16 alarm inputs
16 macros
Standard Resolution
Medium Resolution
High Resolution
.125 fps
2256 hrs
1410 hrs
1025 hrs
1 fps
398 hrs
249 hrs
181 hrs
2 fps
173 hrs
108 hrs
78 hrs
3 fps
117 hrs
73 hrs
53 hrs
5 fps
61 hrs
38 hrs
27 hrs
30 fps
11.2 hrs
7 hrs
5.1 hrs
15.2 gigabyte hard drive: hours of storage at
three resolution settings and six frame rates.
Standard Resolution
Medium Resolution
High Resolution
.125 fps
5492 hrs
3433 hrs
2354 hrs
1 fps
970 hrs
606 hrs
416 hrs
2 fps
422 hrs
264 hrs
181 hrs
3 fps
285 hrs
178 hrs
122 hrs
5 fps
148 hrs
92 hrs
63 hrs
30 fps
27 hrs
17 hrs
11 hrs
Photographic memory
With the Calibur DVMR’s 15.2 gigabyte
hard drive, you can store up to 2,256 hours
of color images. With the 37 gigabyte hard
drive option, you can store up to 5,492
hours of color images.
Continuous archive
By adding a digital audio tape (DAT) drive
or advanced intelligent tape (AIT) drive and
carousel, you can create a continuous backup
system for your Calibur DVMR.
Save images to compact disc
You can save images and clips directly to a
CD using an optional CD recorder
connected to the Calibur DVMR. You can
then share your images and clips with law
enforcement. You can later open images in
the viewer on your PC and save them in a
format you can email to others.
37 gigabyte hard drive option: hours of storage
at three resolution settings and six frame rates.
Call or fax Kalatel today to learn more. Or visit our web site.
I want to learn more about Kalatel CCTV systems. Please send me the following brochures:
❑ Digiplex System, an overview of Kalatel’s video surveillance system
❑ CyberDome, a high-speed video surveillance dome camera system
❑ Calibur DVMR, a digital video multiplexer and digital recorder in one unit
❑ Calibur Multiplexers, a complete line of digital video multiplexers
❑ Digiplex Remote, an interface to monitor and control Digiplex surveillance systems worldwide
❑ MobileView II, a mobile digital video recorder for transit and other mobile applications
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