RCM3365 RabbitCore
RCM3365 RabbitCore
MODELS | RCM3365 | RCM3375 |
Microprocessor Core Module
Key Features
ƒ Powerful Rabbit® 3000
microprocessor @ 44.2 MHz
ƒ 16 MB NAND Flash
ƒ Hot Swappable removable
memory socket
ƒ 512K Flash / 512K SRAM
ƒ 10/100 Base-T, RJ-45 port
ƒ 52 parallel digital I/O,
alternate I/O bus
ƒ 6 serial ports (IrDA, HDLC,
asynch, sync, SPI)
ƒ 3.3 V (with 5 V-tolerant I/O)
ƒ Small Footprint
ƒ Ideal for network-enabling security
& access systems, remote
automation, data logging, and
industrial controls when coupled
with RabbitWeb, FAT File System
and SSL software modules.
RCM3365 RabbitCore – Removable - Memory Core Module
The RCM3365 and RCM3375 RabbitCore modules present a new
form of embedded flexibility with removable “hot-swappable” memory
cards. Supporting on-board 16 MB NAND Flash as well as memory
cards of up to 128 MB, these RabbitCore modules are ideal for data
intensive applications requiring low-power operation.
ƒ Plenty of storage with safe secure
firmware and data transfers.
Derived from industrial client feedback and
development kits). Efficient hardware and
combining traditional RabbitCore product
software integration facilitates rapid design
strengths into one device, the RCM3365
and development. User programs can be
takes microprocessor core modules to the
compiled, executed, and debugged using
next level.
Dynamic C and a programming cable—no
Design Advantages
ƒ Complete microprocessor, on-board
memory, royalty-free TCP/IP stack,
and hundreds of sample programs
reduces time-to-market by months.
in-circuit emulator is required. An extensive
RabbitCores mount directly on a user-
library of drivers and sample programs is
ƒ Network-Enabling Security
designed motherboard and act as the
provided, along with royalty-free TCP/IP
controlling microprocessor for the user’s
stack with source. In addition to Dynamic C,
system. RabbitCores can interface with all
the FAT File System software module is
ƒ Access Systems
ƒ Building Automation
manner of CMOS-compatible digital
included with the RCM3365 development
ƒ HVAC Systems
devices through the user’s motherboard.
kit. Other Dynamic C modules are available
ƒ Industrial Controls
Programs are developed with our industry-
to enable the rapid development of secure
ƒ Other Key Applications
proven Dynamic C® development system,
web browser interfaces.
a C language environment that includes an
Optional Software Modules
editor, compiler, and in-circuit debugger
ƒ (SSL) Secure Socket Layer
(Dynamic C® is included in all low-cost
ƒ FAT File System (FAT)
(File Allocation Tables)
ƒ RabbitWeb
RabbitCore RCM3365 | RCM3375 Specifications
Rabbit 3000 @ 44.2 MHz
Ethernet Port
10/100Base-T, RJ-45, 3 LEDs
512K program + 512K data
Extended Memory
16 MB (fixed) xD-picture card socket
support up to 128 MB (NAND Flash)
xD-picture card card socket support up
to 128 MB (NAND Flash)
Backup Battery
Connection for user-supplied battery (to support RTC and SRAM)
LED Indicators
5: ACT (activity), LINK (link), SPEED (10/100 Base-T), FM (flash memory), USR
General-Purpose I/O
52 parallel digital I/O: 44 configurable / 4 fixed inputs / 4 fixed outputs
Additional Inputs
2 Startup Mode, Reset In
Additional Outputs
Status, Reset Out
Auxiliary I/O Bus
8 data and 5 address (shared with I/O), plus I/O read-write
Serial Ports
Serial Rate
RCM3365 Shown
Six 3.3 V CMOS-compatible:
6 configurable as asynchronous (with IrDA),
4 configurable as clocked serial (SPI)
2 configurable as SDLC/HDLC
1 asynchronous serial port dedicated for programming
Max. asynchronous baud rate = CLK/8
Slave Interface
Slave port permits use as master or intelligent peripheral with master controller
Real-Time Clock
Ten 8-bit timers (6 cascadable from the first) and one 10-bit timer with 2 match
Pulse-Width Modulators
Priority Interrupts
4 PWM based on a 10-bit free-running counter and priority interrupts
4 level prioritized interrupt structure consisting of 2 external and 22 internal sources.
Input Capture
2-channel input capture can be used to time input signals from various port pins.
Quadrature Decoder
2-channel quadrature decoder accepts inputs from external incremental encoder
3.15–3.45 V DC, 250 mA @ 44.2 MHz 3.3 V
-40°C to +70°C
(0°C to +70°C with installed removable flash memory card)
Operating Temp.
5–95%, noncondensing
Connectors - Headers
Two 2 x 17 (2 mm pitch), one 2 x 5, 1.27 mm programming, one xD-Picture card slot
Board Size
1.850" × 2.725" × 0.86" (47 × 69 × 22 mm)
RCM3365 | RCM3375 RabbitCore Pricing
Part Number
Development Kit
Part Number
U.S. 101-1053
Int’l 101-1054
Optional Software Modules
Software Module
Part Number
SSL Software Module
Part Number
FAT File System Module
Part Number
Delmation Products BV
Tel: +31 (0)79 342 2041
*xD-Picture CardTM is a trademark of Fuji Photo
Film Co., Olympus Corporation, and Toshiba
Rabbit-based systems do not implement the xDPicture CardTM specification for data storage and
are neither compatible nor compliant with xD-Picture
CardTM card readers.
Shipped CD 101-0900
Download 101-0910-102
Shipped CD 101-0896
Download 101-0895
Shipped CD 101-0905
Download 101-0916
RCM3365 Development Kit comes complete with:
Prototyping Board
Serial cable for programming and debugging
Dynamic C® w/ royalty-free TCP/IP stack
FAT File System Module on CD
Rabbit Semiconductor
2900 Spafford Street
Copyright© 2006, Rabbit Semiconductor, Inc.
*32 MB xD Picture CardTM
Getting Started Instructions
AC adapter (U.S. only)
Complete product documentation on CD
Davis, CA 95616 USA Tel: 530.757.8400 Fax: 530.757.8402
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