h7035.6 EMC Backup and Recovery Product Overview, Data

h7035.6 EMC Backup and Recovery Product Overview, Data
Next-generation backup and recovery
Next-generation Backup and Recovery
• Backup redesign is an imperative to keep
pace with data growth and virtualization
• Disk- and network-based infrastructure is
rapidly replacing tape
Data Domain Deduplication Storage
• 10 to 30 times average reduction in
backup storage required
With ever-growing volumes of data, strict service level agreements, compliance regulations,
and backup bottlenecks created by the transition to virtualized server environments, many IT
organizations are faced with an imperative to redesign their backup infrastructure to one
that is disk- and network-based, rather than continuing to pour money and resources into
legacy tape-based systems.
Data deduplication is the enabling technology for next-generation backup and recovery
solutions. By reducing backup storage required by 10 to 30 times on average, data can be
retained on site longer for fast operational restores, and replicated offsite efficiently over
existing network links for disaster recovery and multisite tape consolidation.
• Network-efficient and encrypted
replication for tape-free disaster recovery
(DR) and multisite tape consolidation
EMC is the leading provider of disk-based backup and recovery solutions, and also leads the
industry in deduplication storage and software. EMC’s portfolio of backup and recovery
products provide the flexibility and scalability to meet the data protection needs of
enterprises of all sizes.
• Easy integration with existing
Avamar Deduplication Backup Software
• 90 percent faster backups
• Single-step restores
• Optimized for VMware and Hyper-V
• Multi-streaming to Data Domain systems
for application-specific backup
EMC® Data Domain® deduplication storage systems deduplicate data inline—during the
backup and archive process—so that data lands on disk already deduplicated, requiring a
fraction of the disk space of the original dataset. Backup and archive data can be retained
onsite longer for fast, reliable restores from disk. IT organizations can leverage the existing
backup infrastructure to accommodate complementary archive workloads by simply adding
expansion storage, thereby consolidating backup and archive data on the same system for a
cost-effective solution. Backup and archive data can then be replicated offsite faster with
minimal bandwidth for safe, tape-free disaster recovery.
NetWorker Unified Backup Software
• Centralized management across both Data
Domain and Avamar
Remote Sites
Data Center Hub
• Enterprise scale and performance
Disk Library for Mainframe
EMC Data Domain System
• Tape replacement for all mainframe
Archive Data
• Faster batch, backup, and restores
Backup Data
EMC Data Domain System
Data Protection Advisor
• Improve backup operations
• Track performance and capacity growth
EMC Data Domain System
Data Domain in the Distributed Enterprise
Deduplicated data can be stored onsite for immediate restores and longer-term retention on disk and
replicated over the WAN to a remote site for disaster recovery operations—eliminating the need for
tape-based backups—or for consolidating tape backups to a central location. Data Domain systems
data s h eet
Throughput Mb/Sec
provide flexible replication topologies to optimize your backups such as selective, bi-directional,
many-to-one, one-to-many, cascaded, and full system mirroring.
EMC Data Domain
Fibre Channel
Data Domain systems integrate easily into your existing environment, so you can leverage
the benefits of deduplication across workloads, infrastructure, and backup and archiving
applications. A single Data Domain system can be used for backup and recovery, protection
of enterprise applications (Oracle, Microsoft® Exchange, VMware®, and others), archiving,
and online reference storage.
# Disk Spindles
CPU-Centric Storage
Data Domain Stream-Informed Segment Layout
(SISL™) scaling architecture takes the pressure off
of disk I/O as a bottleneck, so the remaining
system design is CPU-centric. Other deduplication methods require more disks to increase their
throughput speeds.
Data Domain systems provide network-efficient replication for disaster recovery, remote
office data protection, and multisite tape consolidation. Data Domain replicates only the
deduplicated data over the wide area network (WAN), making network-based replication
fast, reliable, and cost-effective.
The EMC Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture provides the industry’s best defense
against data integrity issues. Inline write and read verification protects against, and
automatically recovers from, data integrity issues during data ingest and retrieval. Capturing
and correcting I/O errors inline during the backup process eliminates the need to repeat
backup jobs, ensuring backups complete on time and satisfy service-level agreements.
Unlike other enterprise arrays or file systems, continuous fault detection and self-healing
features protect data throughout its lifecycle on all Data Domain systems.
“EMC Data Domain systems provide superb
reliability. We know that when we back up, we
can quickly and easily restore. We never had that
sense of certainty before when we used tape
Terry Knapton Service
Delivery Manager for Data Management
Ordnance Survey
Software options provide data protection enhancements for your environment.
EMC Data Domain Replicator software is an automated, policy-based, network-efficient
replication software solution for disaster recovery, remote office data protection, and
multisite tape consolidation. DD Replicator software vaults (asynchronously replicates) only
the compressed, deduplicated data over the WAN during the backup process, making
network-based replication fast, reliable, and cost-effective. Tape backups can be eliminated
or consolidated to a central site. If confidentiality is required, deduplicated and compressed
data can be encrypted in-flight when being replicated between Data Domain systems,
independent of the replication topology used.
EMC Data Domain Virtual Tape Library (VTL) software emulates multiple tape libraries over
a Fibre Channel interface, providing deduplication storage for open systems and IBM i environments, complementing the default NAS interfaces. Data Domain VTL software
Data Domain System Specifications
DD670 3
Logical Capacity 1,2
40 - 195 TB
83 - 415 TB
.32 – 1.6 PB
0.6-2.7 PB
Max. Throughput
667 GB/hr
1.1 TB/hr4
2.3 TB/hr8
3.6 TB/hr5
5.1 TB/hr5
8.1 TB/hr6
15.0 TB/hr5
Max. Throughput
(DD Boost)
1.1 TB/hr
2.4 TB/hr
3.4 TB/hr
5.4 TB/hr
9.8 TB/hr
14.7 TB/hr
31.0 TB/hr
1.4 - 7.1 PB
5.7 - 28.5 PB
2.9-14.2 PB
5.7 - 28.5 PB
13 - 65 PB7
1. Mix of typical enterprise backup data (file systems, databases, email, developer files). The low end of capacity range represents a full backup weekly or monthly, incremental backup
daily or weekly, to system capacity. The top end of the range represents full backup daily, to system capacity.
2. Capacity values are calculated using Base10 (i.e., 1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes) and the maximum capacity configuration.
3. Includes support for add-on shelves, available separately.
4. Maximum throughput achieved using VTL interface and 4 Gbps Fibre Channel.
5. Maximum throughput achieved using Symantec OpenStorage and 10 Gb Ethernet.
6. Maximum throughput achieved using NFS and 1 Gb Ethernet.
7. Requires DD Extended Retention software option.
8. Maximum throughput achieved using NFS and 10 Gb Ethernet.
eliminates tape-related failures by emulating multiple tape libraries and tape drives with up
to 64,000 virtual slots across an unlimited number of virtual cartridges.
EMC Data Domain Boost software extends the optimization capabilities of Data
Domain solutions. DD Boost significantly increases performance by distributing part
of the deduplication process to the backup server or application clients, and serves
as a solid foundation for additional integration between applications and Data Domain
EMC Data Domain Retention Lock software allows you to meet secure data retention and
immutability requirements driven by either internal governance policies or by strict regulatory
compliance standards. Use DD Retention Lock Governance edition to meet your internal
governance policies on archive data. For the strictest data retention requirements, use DD
Retention Lock Compliance option to ensure that all file/email archive data in a locked state
cannot be deleted or overwritten under any circumstances other than deliberate physical
EMC Data Domain Encryption software provides organizations with enhanced security for
data that resides on their Data Domain systems using industry-standard RSA® BSAFE FIPS
140-2 validated cryptographic libraries. Using this software option, backup and archive data
is stored on a Data Domain system with encryption and compression performed inline—
before the data is written to disk. Centralized encryption key lifecycle management is
optionally available with the RSA Data Protection Manager to deliver a robust, encryption key
lifecycle management solution for the entire enterprise.
EMC Data Domain Extended Retention software extends the scalability of a Data Domain
system to enable cost-effective, long-term backup retention on deduplicated disk. Using DD
Extended Retention software, customers can leverage Data Domain systems for long-term
backup retention, and minimize reliance on tape infrastructure in the data center.
EMC Avamar Data Store
Never back up the same
data twice.
Revolutionize your backup
by moving less data to
solve your toughest
VMware, NAS, and remote
office backup challenges.
EMC Avamar® deduplication backup software and system performs variable-length
deduplication at the client, so backup data is reduced before moving across crowded
networks (LAN or WAN). Avamar identifies duplicate data segments and sends only unique
segments across the network to the purpose-built backup appliance. This means shorter
backup windows, less backup storage consumed, and maximum leverage of available
With Avamar, you can transform your backup processes and solve your toughest virtual, NAS,
remote office, and desktop/laptop backup and recovery challenges.
“EMC Avamar provides a huge time and cost
savings for backup of multiple virtual machines.”
Curtis Damhof
Senior Network Administrator
St. Peter’s Hospital
•90 percent faster virtual backups—Consolidate up to 50 percent more servers to virtual
•Full NDMP backup at incremental speeds—Back up NAS devices at speeds faster than
that of incremental or “changes-only” backup, while always maintaining single step
•Remote office and desktop/laptop protection—Move data from remote offices and
desktops/laptops to a central data center over existing bandwidth.
Avamar offers flexibility in solution deployments, depending on the specific use case and
recovery requirements. EMC Avamar Data Store, a RAIN grid, is a turnkey backup and
recovery solution that integrates Avamar software with EMC-certified hardware for
streamlined deployment. A replicated Avamar Data Store single-node is ideal for smaller
businesses or remote offices with strict SLAs.
For environments that have standardized on VMware virtual infrastructure, EMC offers a
virtualized deployment option: the Avamar Virtual Edition.
For high-performance application-specific backup, Avamar uses Data Domain Boost software
to send enterprise application data (Oracle; Microsoft SQL®, SharePoint®, Exchange; Hyper-V; VMware Image, SAP, Sybase, and IBM DB2) directly to a Data Domain system.
Avamar Agents Only
Local Avamar Data Store or AVE
Replicate to Data Center
Avamar Protects at the
Guest and Image Level
Virtual Infrastructure
For smaller remote offices, lightweight, efficient Avamar software agents can be deployed on
the systems to be protected with no additional remote hardware required. This enables data
to be backed up directly over existing WAN connections to a central Avamar Data Store at the
data center, eliminating the need for local tape backup and the risk associated with offsite
tape shipments.
Avamar deduplicates backup data globally, across both physical and virtual servers. For
virtualized environments, flexible backup options include guest- or image-level backups,
leveraging the latest VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection. Avamar can quickly and
efficiently protect virtual machines as if they were physical servers, or provide bare-metal
recovery at the virtual machine level by backing up VMDK files. Avamar integrates tightly with
VMware vCenter™ for simplified management of rapidly expanding VMware environments.
Avamar supports NDMP backup via the Avamar NDMP Accelerator Node to provide reliable,
high performance backup and recovery for NAS filers (for example, EMC Celerra® and NetApp
filers). Avamar provides fast, daily full backups for filers while requesting only a level-one
(incremental) daily dump of data from the filer itself, dramatically reducing backup times
and network utilization.
Avamar helps companies meet compliance regulations that require extended retention of
data. Avamar provides extended retention by sending backup data to a media access node
which then places the data on a VTL or tape.
Avamar Feature
Avamar Benefit
Global, client-side deduplication
Backup data reduced at the client and globally; reduces
daily full backup times by up to 10x, network bandwidth for
backup by up to 99 percent, and cumulative backup disk
storage by up to 95 percent
Secure, efficient use of existing
LAN/WAN links
RAIN architecture for fault tolerance across Avamar nodes;
no single point of failure
Server health and data recoverability
Avamar server integrity and backup data recoverability
verified daily
Fast, single-step recovery
Recovers data (whole backups, files, or directories)
immediately; no need to restore last good full and incremental backups
Export deduplicated data to tape
Lowers the cost of tape storage while providing a searchable, easy-to-manage interface
VMware Hyper-V infrastructure
Fast, efficient, daily full backups for VM guests and images
Physical and virtual Avamar
deployment options
Best-in-class solutions to meet specific needs; same
easy-to-manage interface
Integrated with Data Domain systems
High-performance application-specific backup and recovery
EMC NetWorker® backup software unifies backup and recovery by bringing together a variety
of data protection capabilities from backup-to-disk, to replication, to tape—all under a
common management interface—to reduce cost and complexity. Seamlessly integrate nextgeneration backup capabilities with Avamar and Data Domain to fully optimize the benefits
of deduplication within your environment.
With EMC NetWorker, you get:
Centralized management—Manage your entire infrastructure through the NetWorker
Management Console including deduplication, backup to disk, snapshots, replication,
and tape.
Broad data protection support—Protect your entire environment—from critical business
applications such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and others to virtual topologies including
VMware and Microsoft HyperV™.
Flexibility, scale, and performance—Address a wide range of data protection requirements
from small business environments to the largest of data centers. NetWorker Fast Start is the
ideal choice for small to mid-size customers who want simplified deployment and
management but do not want to sacrifice enterprise capabilities.
Leading deduplication support—Bring together market leading data deduplication solutions
under one framework. Integration with Avamar software and Data Domain Boost improves
backup performance and simplifies management. Leverage both Avamar and Data Domain
within NetWorker workflows and policies to get the greatest benefit based on use case and
business need.
Data Domain
Centralized Management
Configuration, Scheduling,
Policies and Reporting
EMC Storage Platforms
File Systems and
Server Recovery
Disk Library
for mainframe
Remote and
Branch Offices
EMC NetWorker Centralized Management
Manage EMC Avamar and EMC Data Domain systems within NetWorker workflows and policies for
optimized deduplication storage efficiencies per use case or business need.
EMC Disk Library for mainframe
The EMC Disk Library for mainframe series addresses the challenges of the mainframe data
center and delivers industry-leading scalability, performance, and availability to tape
operations while working seamlessly with the current host systems and applications. Disk
Library for mainframe combines low-cost SAS and SATA drives, RAID 6 protection, hotstandby disks, tape emulation, hardware compression, and the functionality necessary to
provide enterprises with a high-capacity mainframe tape replacement solution that delivers
increased application availability.
The EMC Disk Library for mainframe is available in three configurations. The EMC DLm6000
is the EMC flagship mainframe solution in terms of scalability and performance. The EMC
DLm2000 is designed for users who have less of a need for massive scalability, or who do
not require deduplication storage. The EMC DLm1000 is a gateway product providing
mainframe connectivity to Data Domain storage systems. The DLm6000 offers deduplication
storage (Data Domain® DD890) and/or primary storage (VNX7500™) in a single, manageable
platform. The DLm2000 offers primary storage only and is designed for smaller mainframe
tape environments. The DLm1000 offers deduplication storage only and is also designed for
smaller mainframe tape environments. All models are based on the same platform and
software and provide similar benefits to users.
The DLm6000 is the only mainframe virtual tape library that offers this combination of
storage types, providing users with the best of both worlds to help meet their specific
requirements. For backup and archive workloads, deduplication storage systems allow
DLm6000 users to leverage longer onsite retention, optimize replication, and lower overall
disk storage costs. For other workloads, such as HSM migration, fixed-content archival or
temporary work files, the primary storage provides DLm6000 users high-speed access and
improved data protection of their tape data.
EMC Disk Library for mainframe works seamlessly with mainframe applications and connects
directly to the mainframe host using FICON channels, appearing as 3480/3490/3590 tape
drives to the mainframe operating system. All tape commands are supported by the Disk
Library for mainframe and respond as real tape drives, so existing processes, tape
management systems, and applications can run without any modifications.
EMC Disk Library for mainframe delivers:
Disk Library
for mainframe
Performance—Benefit from faster batch, backups, and restores. Disk Library for mainframe
eliminates physical tape mounts, robotic movements, tape rewinds, and drive contention.
Batch and backup operations that took hours can now finish in minutes.
Recoverability—Leverage remote replication for better recoverability. With Disk Library for
mainframe remote replication, you can copy all or part of your tape information to up to two
remote sites, ensuring you can recover your information in case of a primary site shutdown.
Data Protection
EMC Data Protection Advisor
Manage multiple locations, cross-platform
environments, and a variety of protection
products with a single solution. By consolidating
enterprise-wide information into a single
management interface, administrative costs are
reduced, resulting in faster issue resolution, easy
planning, and complete reporting.
Enhanced DR testing—Leveraging snapshot technology found in the Disk Library for
mainframe, you can perform simple and reliable end-to-end Disaster Recovery testing with
read/write capabilities on all tape data at the target site. Data replication continues
uninterrupted during testing, so your DR readiness is never compromised. This enables you
to have 100 percent confidence in your ability to recover from a disaster.
Manageability—There are several ways to manage your Disk Library for mainframe. You can
easily submit commands to the EMC Disk Library for mainframe and retrieve information
about your system to your mainframe host. Disk Library for mainframe provides the option of
sending an SNMP alert to an external monitoring tool. You can log in securely to the Disk
Library for mainframe system and manage, monitor, and query the system online.
Data Protection Advisor (DPA) provides the realtime monitoring and reporting you need to
stay on top of your ever-changing data protection environment. DPA collects and analyzes
information from your entire data protection infrastructure—physical/virtual, backup, and
replication—to help you make quick, informed decisions, solve problems faster, and
measure your service levels. Leverage Data Protection Advisor to increase operational
efficiency while meeting compliance requirements, reducing complexity, and dramatically
accelerating audit and business reporting.
Comprehensive backup support—DPA has more complete support for backup applications
and supporting infrastructure than any product on the market. With support for eleven
backup solutions, multiple target devices, hosts, networks, and deduplication systems, DPA
provides the support needed to analyze your backup environment from end to end.
VMware support—DPA can highlight unprotected systems quickly, as well as other
conditions that cause performance degradation or production impact. With the vCenter
plug-in, VMware users have access to all of this data without leaving their familiar interface.
Automation—The collection, analysis, and reporting of data protection detail is automated
through DPA. It streamlines operations, allowing staff to manage more—moving the business
forward, and providing the equivalent of a 24x7 IT expert.
Contact Us
To learn more about how EMC products,
services, and solutions can help solve your
business and IT challenges, contact your
local representative or authorized
reseller—or visit us at www.EMC.com.
Report to all levels of your organization—DPA provides the right level of detail for the CIO,
operations staff, and system administrators. DPA provides just the data they need to
understand how data is protected, if it’s recoverable, and whether SLAs are being achieved.
Reduce audit time by 90 percent—Through DPA, actionable data is at your finger tips, so
report generation takes minutes not days, reducing the completion of audits to hours not
weeks. The same access to information speeds problem resolution, capacity planning, and
chargeback as examples.
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