WideTEK 48
WideTEK 48
For demanding applications
in a wide range of markets:
Cartography and GIS,
Architecture, Topography,
Construction, CAD
Copy Services,
Fast, high performance wide format color scanner
for high resolution scans up to 48 inches (1220 mm) in width
12 m /minute continuous scanning
1200 x 600 dpi true optical resolution
User friendly touch screen
Network scanning via web browser
Integrated walk-up scanning software
Scan to FTP, SMB, USB, eMail
LED lamps, no warm-up, IR/UV free
WideTEK 48
The wide format color scanner for documents up to 48 inches in width (1220 mm)
The innovative wide format scanner WideTEK 48 for
documents up to 48 inches wide (1220 mm) is setting
new standards in performance and quality.
This very fast but astonishingly quiet 48“ color scanner
combines user-friendliness, production-ready design
and compact dimensions in a new class of scanners.
State of the art illumination using bright white LEDs
guarantees long lifetime and best scan results at a
very low noise level in spite of the high speed.
The cutting edge camera technology, consisting of a
dust-protected, hermetically sealed camera box
holding four CCD systems, delivers an optical
resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi.
The new wide format scanner WideTEK 48
Ball bearings for safe and gentle document transport
Special transport rollers with individually spring
loaded ball bearing pairs serving as pressure points
ensure the best possible, gentle document transport.
This allows a maximum document thickness of 3mm.
A new weight-balanced back plate allows users to
adjust the strength with which the documents are lifted
to the scan plane.
Automatic document size recognition allows
operators to pass sensitive documents through the
middle of the scan area, protecting documents from
any damage.
The exceptionally high scanning speed, dustprotected and encapsulated optical components and
the absence of consumables characterize this highly
efficient production-ready device. With a life
expectancy of over one million scans, the WideTEK
48 redefines the price/performance ratio in the wide
format scanner market.
This very compact device is outfitted with a touch
screen and integrated walk-up scanning software.
The Scan2Net® technology from Image Access forms
the basis of the innovative user interface: intuitive to
use via web browser or touch screen, providing the
operator with direct control over practically every
scanner function. Using the touch screen display, up
to 30 different (password protected) jobs can be
defined and stored. This allows operators to create
and store templates and choose any predefined
location on one of the network drives as a target for the
scanned images.
The integrated walk-up scanning software makes the
scanner a truly shared device. It allows the user to
scan and send images to a specific destination such
as a network printer, any directory in the network, or to
a USB stick; without having to work with a client PC.
Simply walk up, scan and store or send the image, all
through the use of the touch screen.
Walk up scanning to USB stick
Integrated Scan Technology from Image Access
The innovative Scan2Net technology forms the basis
of the scanning solutions from Image Access.
Scanners operating with this technology require only a
network connection and can be operated using any
web browser, completely operating system
The Scan2Net® technology utilizes an HTML-based
user interface.
Hauptfenster der Bedienoberfläche Scan2Net®
Scan2Net scanners are operating system
independent and require no additional hard- or
All Scan2Net devices are integrated in an existing
network using the standard TCP/IP protocol. A 1 Gbit
network connection is recommended.
The scanned documents can be saved as JPEG,
PNM, uncompressed TIFF, TIFF G4 and optionally in
PDF format. One click of the mouse is enough to either
print the scan or copy it, send it directly via eMail or
save it to a USB Stick or an FTP server.
The Scan2Net® User Interface enables:
0 Simple network integration of the scanner
0 Operation of any Scan2Net® device
0 Real time display of scanned images
0 Easy installation of software updates
0 Installation of software options
Simple, intuitive operation
It begins with the easy integration of the device in the
network, no driver installation, no add-on cards. An IP
address can be quickly assigned. Scan2Net devices
are readily available for every user in your network!
Clear Menu Structure
The menu, divided into five major functional areas, will
quickly lead you to the desired result. Select the
format and document structure, choose an output and
color mode, press the start button and scan.
All parameters are configurable using only a few
clear menu selections. Operation of the device
becomes routine for first-time users in a very short
Minimum requirements for Scan2Net :
0 TCP/IP Network or PC with network connection
0 Standard web browser
Scanning and image processing in a single step
The new software Scan2Edit gives users the flexibility
of scanning directly into their preferred image
enhancement or graphics software applications. Click
through the tabbed parameter pages to set all
scanning parameters and preferences. It's just as
simple to select the preferred application to which you
will scan. Dynamically, the scanning parameter
options change in the Scan2Edit application,
depending on which Scan2Net scanner is being
Scan2Edit enables the operator to scan source
materials directly into their preferred graphics
application (such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw,
Omnipage, etc.) and to modify the scanned image
without rescanning by changing selected scan
parameters. This reduces postprocessing to a
Program selection dialog box in Scan2Edit
Batch Scan
Scan Wizard
Production software for large quantities of source documents
Batch Scan Wizard gives the operator the benefit of
simple and easy to configure templates. Using the
ScanPad tool, a previously scanned document can be
modified and the resulting image quality improved
without having to rescan. The ScanTool enables
operators to predefine specific areas of a document to
extract and scan. In addition, user-definable hot keys
can be configured to execute commonly used functions
and workflows with the press of a single key. When the
desired scan result is achieved, the operator selects the
function Finalize to save the image to their predefined
location and format.
Production software Batch Scan Wizard
Technical Data
Document formats
Autoformat Size Recognition
US ANSI formats (legal ... US E)
User-defined formats
Up to 48 x 18000 inches
Scan Width
Up to 48 inches (1220 mm)
Document Width
Up to 50 inches (1270 mm)
Document Thickness
Up to 3 mm
Optical Resolution
1200 x 600 dpi
Scan/Transport Speed
1200 x1200 dpi 0,7 inch/s (1,1 m/minute)
(24 Bit Color)
600 x 600 dpi 1,4 inch/s (2,2 m/minute)
300 x 300 dpi 5,6 inch/s (8,6 m/minute)
150 x 150 dpi 8,3 inch/s (12,6 m/minute)
Scan Length (at 42 inches width 29 m in 24bit color depth,
and 150 dpi resolution)
400 m bitonal
Color Depth
36bit color, 12bit grayscale
Scan Output
24bit color, 8bit grayscale, bitonal, photo mode
File Formats
JPEG, PNM, TIFF decompressed, TIFF G4 (CCITT), PDF (optional)
Light Source
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Electrical Connection
Power Consumption
Environment Details
Relativ Humidity
Noise Levels
Software Options
1 GBit Fast Ethernet with TCP/IP based Scan2Net® Interface
4 x CCD Camera, 91200 Pixel, dust-free, hermetically sealed housing
White LEDs, no UV-/IR-emission
42 x 55 x 22 inches (1070 x 1399 x 555 mm)
approx. 160 lbs. (72 kg)
100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
6 W (Stand-by) / 115 W (Ready to scan) / 210 W (Scanning)
+5 bis +40 °C
20 bis 80 % (non-condensed)
35 dbA (Operation) / 25 dbA (Stand-by)
PDF Generator, Batch Scan Wizard, Scan2Edit, Scan2USB, Scan2VGA
Digital color balance, Automatic black value correction, Automatic white balance
Online ICC profiling, Web based firmware updates
The device is fully RoHS and ENERGY STAR® compliant.
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