Manuale LYRA COMPACT INTERCAMB. rev 02 6 lingue

Manuale LYRA COMPACT INTERCAMB. rev 02 6 lingue
COMPACT 400 (with and without slowdown)
COMPACT 800 (with and without slowdown)
400 Kg
Filling oil Cap
Oil level indicator
Water draining hole
Draining screw
Screw for braking regulation stop
800 Kg
SB (w.e.l.)
800 AC
Underground hydraulic operators
Release Cover
Release Extention
Braking regulation screw
(where provided)
Exit hole for electric cables
By-pass regulation
2 meters
(With electric lock)
4 meters
Max leaf width
The Compact 400/800 Interchangeable consists of a hydraulic pump
and a hydraulic jack, both of which coupled in a supporting box
treated with cataphoresis.
The pump unit casing, which is used as an oil tank, contains the electric
motor, fluid pump, distributor and hydraulic oil.
It is also provided with an adjustable slowing-down device in the two
stop phases of the leaf (versions with slow-down only).
The wheeling unit is composed by a double piston connected to a rack
which engages with the pinion of the leaf dragging shaft.
Gates up to 2 meters long can be securely locked using the operators
internal hydraulic locking system, thus ensuring perfect keeping in
closing and in opening.
For gate in excess of stated value: A hydraulic non locking operator
should be used in conjunction with a separate electrical locking device
to ensure keeping in closing.
For rotation angles not included between 90°-100 and 130°-140°
respectively, slowing down is either in closing or in opening.
In case of power failure: The operator's internal hydraulic locking can be
released using a special key and the gate used manually.
Max leaf weight
International registered trademark n. 804888
(With electric lock)
Sistemi Elettronici
di Apertura Porte e Cancelli
(With electric lock)
Motor Power
Absorbed current
Motor rotation speed
Cycles hour (with a 20°C temp.)
Max Pressure of the
0.50 lt pump in use
Max Pressure of the
0,75 lt pump in use
Operating temperature
Thermal protection intervention
Max torque
Starting capacitor
Protection class
Maximum weight of the gate
Braking regulation
Compact 400 Compact 800 Compact 800
230V (±5%)
50/60 Hz
220 W
1,1 A
1400 rpm
50/60 Hz
300 W
2,45 A
1635 rpm
50 bar
40 bar
-20°C +55°C
56 da Nm
13 Kg
13,8 Kg
400 Kg
800 Kg
On control unit or on operator*
Power supply
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
39 5 -
44 0 *
* 180° version
You must do some checks on the gate to see if fitting a
A. (Make sure that) the fixed and moving parts of the gate are
strong and non-deformable;
B. the weight of each gate leaf must not exceed 400 Kg
(Compact 400 Interchangeable), 800 Kg (Compact 800
Interchangeable) ;
C. the hinges and general structure must be in good condition
and the gate must move smoothly throughout its travel;
D. the upper hinge alone is sufficient to install the unit; those
which are unnecessary can be eliminated (the lower and that in
the middle if exists);
E. as the limit switches are not provided within the actuator, it is
necessary to install mechanical limit switches stops to be fixed to
the ground in closing and in opening (Fig. 3).
* In case of operator with hydraulic slow down
cod. 67410797
REV 02 - 10/2015
Sistemi Elettronici
di Apertura Porte e Cancelli
International registered trademark n. 804888
Fig. 3
Fig. 5
connection box
Sheath for electric
cables passage
Flexible pipe
for water draining
Limit switch stop
in closing
Limit switch stop
in opening
2.3. Before concreting the carrying box, use a level to make it
perfectly horizontal to the ground (Fig. 6) and perpendicular to
the axis of the gate (Fig. 7).
The axis of the upper hinge of the gate must correspond exactly
to the axis of the carrying box shaft.
Follow the distance of 50 mm closely between the carrying box
cover and the base of the gate (Fig. 2) remembering that the Ushaped iron will be inserted on it (see the paragraph 3).
2.1. The hole which contains the carrying box must have the
approximate dimensions mentioned in Fig. 4.
Fig. 6
For a correct placing, it is obbligatory to follow closely the quote
of 60 mm which corresponds to the minimum distance of the
rotation axis from the pillar.
Fig. 4
Fig. 7
dimensions (mm)
2.4. Put the jointed splined shaft into the upper hole of the
carrying box and fix it with the provided screw (Fig. 8)
* Compact 400 180°/Compact 800 180° box versions
2.2. Inside the excavated pit you have to plan:
− rain water drainage;
− a water waste pipe in flexible plastic of about 40 mm of
diameter to put inside the provided hole of the box before it is
concreted (Fig. 5). It must be brought until the drain of the
sewer line;
− a sheath for the passage of electrical cables of about 20 mm
of diameter which must be brought to the proximity of the
electric connection box (Fig. 5).
cod. 67410797
REV 02 - 10/2015
Fig. 8
Sistemi Elettronici
di Apertura Porte e Cancelli
International registered trademark n. 804888
It is important not to weld the gate leaf directly to the shoe.
Before installing the gate make sure that the concrete has
hardened into the foundation hole.
3.8. Be careful not to place the leaf outside the axis (Fig. 12 and
13), but make sure the shaft corresponds to the hinge rotation
axis remembering that the minimum distance from the pillar is 60
mm (Fig. 14).
3.1. Assemble the gate shoe which consists of a U-shaped iron
piece with a length of about 250 mm, which has an inside part like
the thickness of the leaf.
3.2. Place the bush on the U-shaped iron referring to the rotation
axis of the leaf hinge (Fig. 9);
u-shaped iron
leaf rotation axis
Fig. 12
Fig. 9
3.3. solder the bush carefully to the iron to closely follow the
perpendicularity with the rotation axis (Fig. 10)
NOTICE: The soldering waste must not fall on the operator, try to
protect it or solder away from it.
Fig. 10
3.4. close off one end of the U-shaped by welding from the
post\pier side a suitable piece of plate.
Fig. 13
3.5. Liberally grease the splined pinion on the box.
3.6. Put the U-shaped iron into the shaft of the carrying box.
3.7. Place the gate leaves on the U-shaped iron (Fig. 11) and
connect them to the hinges in the upper part.
60 mm min.
Fig. 11
cod. 67410797
Fig. 14
REV 02 - 10/2015
Sistemi Elettronici
di Apertura Porte e Cancelli
International registered trademark n. 804888
4.1. Before putting the operator into the carrying box, install the
release extention.
4.2. It is important to identify the right operator and the left
operator, in any case the release system must be always placed
inside the place of residence.
Make reference to Fig. 15.
Fig. 15
outside part
4.4. Carry out the electrical
connections to the control
unit as described in the
instructions supplied with
SEA control unit.
After ending all the
operations in the
installation of the above
mentioned carrying box, of
the gate and the operator,
try to do some moves
Fig. 17
slowly by hand verifying
That there are not irregular frictions and that the movement is
uniform for the whole range.
Notice: to do this last operation, release the operator as
described in the next paragraph.
inside part
4.3. Put the operator inside the carrying box by hand (Fig. 16)
and couple the pinion of the operator with the pinion of the box
using the jointed splined bush (Fig. 17).
Grease the splined joint with the special greaser until the
grease comes out from both sides.
5.1. To release act as follows:
- Use the supplied key top surface to open the release cap which
protects the extention previously installed (Fig. 18)
- Put the key into the release extention and turn the handle of
about 180° anti-clockwise (Fig. 19)
- Take the key off and close the hole with the release cap.
5.2. To stop again act as follows:
- Use the supplied key top surface to open the release cap
- Put the key into the release extention and turn the handle
clockwise until it stops.
- Take the key off and close the hole with the release cap.
5.3. External release:
- Being an emergency manoeuvre, the external release has the
only function to release, to relock the operator it is always
necessary to use the internal release.
Fig. 18
Fig. 16
cod. 67410797
REV 02 - 10/2015
Fig. 19
Sistemi Elettronici
di Apertura Porte e Cancelli
International registered trademark n. 804888
The pushing force or anti-crushing force must be valued by hand
or better with a dynamometer and in both the ways of rotation.
To regulate such force act as follow:
act on the by-pass valves with the provided key, given to the
authorised installers, clockwise to increase the force, anticlockwise to decrease it (Fig. 20).
The adjustment is carried out
with the gate moving and will
not change the speed of the
Notice: The maximum
regulation is of 15Kgf
following the UNI EN 12453
The motor run time is the last
adjustment to make. It
should be set 2 to 4 seconds
higher than it takes to the
gate to reach its stop. (this
last regulation must be done
on the electronic control
Fig. 20
8. CABLE LAYOUT (Fig. 22)
Fig. 22
7. BRAKING REGULATION (where present)
7.1. It is possible to regulate the leaf slowdown in opening and in
closing, through the braking adjusting screw (Fig. 21).
1) Warning notice
2) Compact operator
3) Left photocell
4) Right photocell
5) Key switch
6) Antenna
7) Flashing warning lamp
8) Electronic control unit
9) Receiver
10) 16A-30mA differential switch
11) Electric lock (SB version only)
The points pointed by arrows in Fig. 23 are potentially
dangerous. The installer must take a thorough risk examination
to prevent crushing, conveying, cutting, grappling, trapping so
as to guarantee a safe installation for people, things and animals
(Re. Laws in force in the country where installation has been
Fig. 23
7.2. To regulate slowdown operate as follow:
- Loosen the blocking screw of braking regulation
- Act on the adjusting screw clockwise to have a higher braking
and a speed decrease;
- Act on the adjusting screw anti-clockwise to have a lower
braking and a speed increase;
- After the regulation fix the blocking screw of braking
For rotation angles not included between 90°-100 and 130°140° respectively, slowing down is either in closing or in
Braking regulation screw
Blocking screw for
braking regulation
cod. 67410797
Fig. 21
As for misunderstandings that may arise refer to your area distributor or call
our help desk. These instructions are part of the device and must be kept in
a well known place. The installer shall follow the provided instructions
thoroughly. SEA products must only be used to automate doors, gates and
wings. Any initiative taken without SEA explicit authorization will preserve
the manufacturer from whatsoever responsibility. The installer shall
provide warning notices on not assessable further risks. SEA in its
relentless aim to improve the products, is allowed to make whatsoever
adjustment without giving notice. This doesn’t oblige Sea to up-grade the
past production. SEA can not be deemed responsible for any damage or
accident caused by product breaking, being damages or accidents due to a
failure to comply with the instructions herein. The guarantee will be void
and the manufacturer responsibility (according to Machine Law) will be
nullified if SEA original spare parts are not being used.
The electrical installation shall be carried out by a professional technician
who will release documentation as requested by the laws in force. This is a
quotation from the GENERAL DIRECTIONS that the installer must read
carefully before installing. Packaging materials such as plastic bags, foam
polystyrene, nails etc must be kept out of children’s reach as dangers may
REV 02 - 10/2015
Sistemi Elettronici
di Apertura Porte e Cancelli
International registered trademark n. 804888
For a correct and safe installation it is strongly recommended to
install a Safety Gate, which allows the fulfilment of the force
diagram included in the norm EN 12453 and consequently the
test and start of the whole installation.
SEA declares under its responsibility that the products
Compact 400 Interchangeable,
Compact 800 Interchangeable
meet the essential requisites provided for by the following
European Directive and following changes:
89/392/CEE (Machine Directive)
89/336/CEE (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive)
73/23/CEE (Low Tension Directive)
All electrical work should conform to current regulations. A 16 A
0,030 A differential switch must be incorporated into the source
of the operators main electrical supply and the entire system
properly earth bonded. Always run mains carrying cables in
separate ducts to low voltage control cables to prevent mains
Compact 400 Interchangeable and Compact 800
rInterchangeable undergrounded operators have been
designed to be used only for the automation of swing gates.
To obtain spare parts contact:
SEA S.p.A. -Zona Ind.le, 64020 S. ATTO Teramo Italia
Don’t waste product packing materials and/or circuits.
When being transported this product must be properly
packaged and handled with care.
Check the oil level
(Trasparent cap n.7 in Fig. 1)
Change the oil
2 years
Verify the functionality of the by-pass valves
(check the force in opening and closing)
Check the release function
Verify the slowdown regulation (where present)
Verify the wear condition of the splined shaft
and of the splined bush
Check the correct drain of the rainwater
Check the integrity of the connection cables
Grease the splined joint
The decommission and maintenance of this unit must only be
carried out by specialised and authorised personnel.
SEA reserves the right to do changes or variations that may be
necessary to its products with no obligation to notice.
All the above described operations must be made exclusively by
an authorized installer.
cod. 67410797
REV 02 - 10/2015
EFFICACIA DELLE PRESENTI CONDIZIONI GENERALI DI VENDITA: Le presenti condizioni generali di vendita si applicano a tutti gli ordini indirizzati a SEA S.p.A. Tutte le vendite fatte da
SEA ai clienti sono regolate secondo le presenti condizioni di vendita che costituiscono parte integrante del contratto di vendita ed annullano ogni clausola contraria o pattuizioni particolari
presenti nell’ ordine o in altro documento proveniente dall’ acquirente (cliente)
AVVERTENZE GENERALI Gli impianti di automazioni porte e cancelli vanno realizzati esclusivamente con componenti SEA, salvo accordi specifici. L’inosservanza delle norme di sicurezza
vigenti (Norm. EUROPEE EN 12453 - EN 12445 e altro) e di buona tecnica esclude la SEA da ogni responsabilità. La SEA non risponde del mancato rispetto della corretta e sicura installazione
secondo le norme.
1) PROPOSTA D’ORDINE La proposta d’ordine si intenderà accettata solo dopo la sua approvazione da parte della SEA. Conseguenza della sua sottoscrizione, l’acquirente sarà vincolato alla
stipula di un contratto d’acquisto, secondo quanto contenuto nella stessa proposta d’ordine e nelle presenti condizioni di vendita. Viceversa, la mancata comunicazione
all’acquirentedell’aprovazione della proposta d’ordine, non comporta la sua automatica accettazione da parte della SEA
2) VALIDITÀ OFFERTA Le offerte proposte dalla SEA o dalla sua struttura commerciale periferica, avranno una validità di 30 giorni solari, salvo diversa comunicazione in merito.
3) PREZZI I prezzi della proposta d’ordine sono quelli del listino in vigore alla data della redazione della stessa. Gli sconti applicati dalla struttura commerciale periferica della SEA si
intenderanno validi solo dopo la loro accettazione da parte della SEA. I prezzi si intendono per merce resa franco ns. stabilimento in Teramo, esclusi IVA ed imballaggi speciali. La SEA si riserva
il diritto di modificare in qualsiasi momento il listino, dando opportuno preavviso alla rete di vendita. Le condizioni speciali riservate agli acquisti con formula agevolata Qx, Qx1, Qx2, Qx3 sono
riservate ai distributori ufficiali dietro accettazione scritta da parte della direzione SEA.
4) PAGAMENTI Le forme di pagamento ammesse sono quelle comunicate o accettate di volta in volta dalla SEA. Il tasso di interesse sul ritardo da pagamento è del 1,5% mensile e comunque
non oltre il tasso massimo legalmente consentito.
5) CONSEGNA La consegna avverrà indicativamente ma non tassativamente entro 30 giorni lavorativi dalla data di ricezione dell’ordine, salvo diverse comunicazioni in merito. Il trasporto
degli articoli venduti sarà effettuato a spese ed a rischio dell’acquirente. La SEA si libera dall’obbligo della consegna rimettendo la merce al vettore, sia esso scelto dalla SEA oppure
dall’acquirente. Eventuali smarrimenti e/o danneggiamenti della merce dovuti al trasporto, sono a carico dell’acquirente.
6) RECLAMI Eventuali reclami e/o contestazioni dovranno pervenire alla SEA entro 8 giorni solari dalla ricezione della merce, supportati da idonei documenti provanti la loro veridicità.
7) FORNITURA L’ordine in oggetto viene assunto da SEA senza alcun impegno e subordinatamente alle possibilità di approvvigionamento delle materie prime occorrenti alla produzione;
eventuali mancate esecuzioni totali o parziali non possono dar luogo a reclami e riserve per danni. La fornitura SEA è strettamente limitata alla sola merce di sua produzione, esclusi il
montaggio, l’installazione ed il collaudo. La SEA declina pertanto ogni responsabilità per danni che dovessero derivare, anche a terzi, dall’inosservanza delle norme di sicurezza e della buona
regola d’arte nelle fasi dell’installazione e dell’impiego dei prodotti venduti.
8) GARANZIA La garanzia minima è di 12 mesi e può essere estesa, come di seguito, in caso di riconsegna del certificato di garanzia.
SILVER: Le parti meccaniche degli operatori rientranti in tale categoria sono garantite per 24 mesi dalla data di fabbricazione riportata sull’operatore.
GOLD: Le parti meccaniche degli operatori rientranti in tale categoria sono garantite per 36 mesi dalla data di fabbricazione riportata sull’operatore.
PLATINUM: Le parti meccaniche degli operatori rientranti in tale categoria sono garantite per 36 mesi dalla data di fabbricazione riportata sull’operatore. La garanzia di base (36 mesi) sarà
estesa per ulteriori 24 mesi (fino ad un totale di 60 mesi) qualora venga acquistato il certificato di garanzie che dovrà essere compilato e rispedito alla SEA S.p.A. entro 60 giorni dall’acquisto.
L’elettronica e le centrali di comando sono garantite per 24 mesi dalla data di fabbricazione. Nell’eventualità di difettosità del prodotto, la SEA si impegna alla sua sostituzione gratuita oppure
alla sua riparazione, previa restituzione al proprio centro di riparazione. La definizione di stato di garanzia è ad insindacabile giudizio della SEA. I pezzi sostitutivi restano di proprietà della SEA.
In modo vincolante, il materiale dell’acquirente ritenuto in garanzia deve essere spedito al centro di riparazione della SEA in porto franco e sarà rispedito dalla SEA in porto assegnato. La
garanzia non si estende alla manodopera eventualmente accorsa. I difetti riconosciuti non produrranno alcuna responsabilità e/o richiesta di danni, di qualsiasi natura essi siano, da parte
dell’acquirente nei riguardi della SEA. La garanzia non è in ogni caso riconosciuta qualora sia stata apportata alla merce qualsivoglia modifica, oppure vi sia stato un uso improprio, oppure si sia
in presenza di una qualsivoglia sua manomissione o di un montaggio non corretto, oppure se sia stata rimossa l’etichetta apposta dal produttore comprensiva del marchio SEA registrato n°
804888. La garanzia non è inoltre valida nel caso la merce SEA sia stata in parte o in toto accoppiata a componenti meccanici e/o elettronici non originali, ed in particolare in assenza di una
specifica autorizzazione in merito, ed inoltre nel caso in cui l’acquirente non sia in regola con i pagamenti. La garanzia non comprende danni derivati dal trasporto, materiale di consumo, avarie
dovute al mancato rispetto delle specifiche prestazionali dei prodotti indicate nel listino. Non è riconosciuto alcun indennizzo durante il tempo di riparazione e/o sostituzione della merce in
garanzia. La SEA declina ogni responsabilità per danni a cose o persone derivanti dall’inosservanza delle norme di sicurezza e della non conforme installazione o dall’impiego errato dei
prodotti venduti. La riparazione dei prodotti in garanzia e fuori garanzia è subordinata al rispetto delle procedure comunicate da SEA.
9) RISERVATO DOMINIO Sulla merce venduta è valida la clausola del riservato dominio, della quale la SEA deciderà autonomamente se avvalersi o meno, in virtù della quale l’acquirente
acquisisce la proprietà della merce, solo dopo che il suo pagamento sia stato completamente effettuato.
10) FORO COMPETENTE Per qualsiasi controversia avente per oggetto l’applicazione di questo contratto, viene eletto competente il Foro di Teramo. La lingua valida nell’ interpretazione di
cataloghi, manuali di installazione, condizioni di vendita o altro è quella italiana. La SEA si riserva la facoltà di apportare modifiche tecniche atte a migliorare i propri prodotti, presenti o meno in
questo Listino, in qualsiasi momento senza preavviso. La SEA declina ogni responsabilità derivante da possibili inesattezze contenute nel presente listino, derivanti da errori di stampa e/o
trascrizione. Il presente Listino annulla e sostituisce quelli precedenti. L’acquirente ai sensi della legge 196/2003 (codice privacy) acconsente all’inserimento dei propri dati personali derivanti
dal presente contratto negli archivi informatici e cartacei della SEA S.p.A. al loro trattamento per motivi commerciali ed amministrativi.
Diritti di proprietà industriale: il cliente, con l’acquisto, accetta le presenti condizioni di vendita e riconosce in capo a SEA la titolarità esclusiva del marchio internazionale SEA registrato n.
804888 apposto sulle etichette dei prodotti e/o sui manuali e/o su ogni altra documentazione, e si impegna ad utilizzare il medesimo nella propria attività di rivendita e/o installazione secondo
modalità che non ne riducano in alcun modo i diritti, a non rimuovere, sostituire o alterare marchi o altri segni distintivi di qualsiasi genere apposti ai prodotti.
E’ vietata ogni forma di riproduzione o utilizzo del marchio SEA e di ogni altro segno distintivo presente sui prodotti, salvo autorizzazione scritta di SEA S.p.A..
Agli effetti dell’articolo 1341 del C.C. si approvano specificatamente per iscritto le clausole di cui ai numeri:
EFFICACY OF THE FOLLOWING TERMS OF SALE: the following general terms of sale shall be applied to all orders sent to SEA S.p.A. All sales made by SEA to all costumers are made under the
prescription of this terms of sales which are integral part of sale contract and cancel and substitute all apposed clauses or specific negotiations present in order document received from the buyer.
GENERAL NOTICE The systems must be assembled exclusively with SEA components, unless specific agreements apply. Non-compliance with the applicable safety standards (European
Standards EM12453 – EM 12445) and with good installation practice releases SEA from any responsibilities. SEA shall not be held responsible for any failure to execute a correct and safe
installation under the above mentioned standards.
1) PROPOSED ORDER The proposed order shall be accepted only prior SEA approval of it. By signing the proposed order, the Buyer shall be bound to enter a purchase agreement, according to
the specifications stated in the proposed order.
On the other hand, failure to notify the Buyer of said approval must not be construed as automatic acceptance on the part of SEA.
2) PERIOD OF THE OFFER The offer proposed by SEA or by its branch sales department shall be valid for 30 solar days, unless otherwise notified.
3) PRICING The prices in the proposed order are quoted from the Price List which is valid on the date the order was issued. The discounts granted by the branch sales department of SEA shall apply
only prior to acceptance on the part of SEA. The prices are for merchandise delivered ex-works from the SEA establishment in Teramo, not including VAT and special packaging. SEA reserves the
right to change at any time this price list, providing timely notice to the sales network. The special sales conditions with extra discount on quantity basis (Qx, Qx1, Qx2, Qx3 formula) is reserved to
official distributors under SEA management written agreement.
4) PAYMENTS The accepted forms of payment are each time notified or approved by SEA. The interest rate on delay in payment shall be 1.5% every month but anyway shall not be higher than the
max. interest rate legally permitted.
5) DELIVERY Delivery shall take place, approximately and not peremptorily, within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the order, unless otherwise notified. Transport of the goods sold shall
be at Buyer’s cost and risk. SEA shall not bear the costs of delivery giving the goods to the carrier, as chosen either by SEA or by the Buyer. Any loss and/or damage of the goods during transport, are
at Buyer’s cost.
6) COMPLAINTS Any complaints and/or claims shall be sent to SEA within 8 solar days from receipt of the goods, proved by adequate supporting documents as to their truthfulness.
7) SUPPLY The concerning order will be accepted by SEA without any engagement and subordinately to the possibility to get it’s supplies of raw material which is necessary for the production;
Eventual completely or partially unsuccessful executions cannot be reason for complains or reservations for damage. SEA supply is strictly limited to the goods of its manufacturing, not including
assembly, installation and testing. SEA, therefore, disclaims any responsibility for damage deriving, also to third parties, from non-compliance of safety standards and good practice during
installation and use of the purchased products.
8) WARRANTY The standard warranty period is 12 months. This warranty time can be extended by means of expedition of the warranty coupon as follows:
SILVER: The mechanical components of the operators belonging to this line are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of manufacturing written on the operator.
GOLD: The mechanical components of the operators belonging to this line are guaranteed for 36 months from the date of manufacturing written on the operator.
PLATINUM: The mechanical components of the operators belonging to this line are guaranteed for 36 months from the date of manufacturing written on the operator. The base warranty (36
months) will be extended for further 24 months (up to a total of 60 months) when it is acquired the certificate of warranty which will be filled in and sent to SEA S.p.A. The electronic devices and the
systems of command are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of manufacturing. In case of defective product, SEA undertakes to replace free of charge or to repair the goods provided that they
are returned to SEA repair centre. The definition of warranty status is by unquestionable assessment of SEA. The replaced parts shall remain propriety of SEA. Binding upon the parties, the material
held in warranty by the Buyer, must be sent back to SEA repair centre with fees prepaid, and shall be dispatched by SEA with carriage forward. The warranty shall not cover any required labour
The recognized defects, whatever their nature, shall not produce any responsibility and/or damage claim on the part of the Buyer against SEA. The guarantee is in no case recognized if changes are
made to the goods, or in the case of improper use, or in the case of tampering or improper assembly, or if the label affixed by the manufacturer has been removed including the SEA registered
trademark No. 804888. Furthermore, the warranty shall not apply if SEA products are partly or completely coupled with non-original mechanical and/or electronic components, and in particular,
without a specific relevant authorization, and if the Buyer is not making regular payments. The warranty shall not cover damage caused by transport, expendable material, faults due to nonconformity with performance specifications of the products shown in the price list. No indemnification is granted during repairing and/or replacing of the goods in warranty. SEA disclaims any
responsibility for damage to objects and persons deriving from non-compliance with safety standards, installation instructions or use of sold goods. The repair of products under warranty and out of
warranty is subject to compliance with the procedures notified by SEA.
9) RESERVED DOMAIN A clause of reserved domain applies to the sold goods; SEA shall decide autonomously whether to make use of it or not, whereby the Buyer purchases propriety of the
goods only after full payment of the latter.
10) COMPETENT COURT OF LAW In case of disputes arising from the application of the agreement, the competent court of law is the tribunal of Teramo. SEA reserves the faculty to make technical
changes to improve its own products, which are not in this price list at any moment and without notice. SEA declines any responsibility due to possible mistakes contained inside the present price list
caused by printing and/or copying. The present price list cancels and substitutes the previous ones. The Buyer, according to the law No. 196/2003 (privacy code) consents to put his personal data,
deriving from the present contract, in SEA archives and electronic files, and he also gives his consent to their treatment for commercial and administrative purposes.
Industrial ownership rights: once the Buyer has recognized that SEA has the exclusive legal ownership of the registered SEA brand num.804888 affixed on product labels and / or on manuals and
/ or on any other documentation, he will commit himself to use it in a way which does not reduce the value of these rights, he won’t also remove, replace or modify brands or any other particularity
from the products. Any kind of replication or use of SEA brand is forbidden as well as of any particularity on the products, unless preventive and expressed authorization by SEA.
In accomplishment with art. 1341 of the Italian Civil Law it will be approved expressively clauses under numbers:
cod. 67410797
REV 02 - 10/2015
Sistemi Elettronici
di Apertura Porte e Cancelli
International registered trademark n. 804888
1. Leggere attentamente le Istruzioni di Montaggio e le Avvertenze Generali prima di iniziare l’installazione del prodotto. Conservare la documentazione per
consultazioni future
2. Non disperdere nell’ ambiente i materiali di imballaggio del prodotto e/o circuiti
3. Questo prodotto è stato progettato e costruito esclusivamente per l’utilizzo indicato in questa documentazione. Qualsiasi altro utilizzo non espressamente indicato
potrebbe pregiudicare l’integrità del prodotto e/o rappresentare fonte di pericolo. L’uso improprio è anche causa di cessazione della garanzia. La SEA S.p.A. declina
qualsiasi responsabilità derivata dall’uso improprio o diverso da quello per cui l’automatismo è destinato.
4. I prodotti SEA sono conformi alle Direttive: Macchine (2006/42/CE e successive modifiche), Bassa Tensione (2006/95/CE e successive modifiche), Compatibilità
Elettromagnetica (2004/108/CE e successive modifiche). L’installazione deve essere effettuata nell’osservanza delle norme EN 12453 e EN 12445.
5. Non installare l’apparecchio in atmosfera esplosiva.
6. SEA S.p.A. non è responsabile dell’inosservanza della Buona Tecnica nella costruzione delle chiusure da motorizzare, nonché delle deformazioni che dovessero
verificarsi durante l’ uso.
7. Prima di effettuare qualsiasi intervento sull’impianto, togliere l’alimentazione elettrica e scollegare le batterie. Verificare che l’impianto di terra sia realizzato a
regola d’arte e collegarvi le parti metalliche della chiusura.
8. Per ogni impianto SEA S.p.A. consiglia l’utilizzo di almeno una segnalazione luminosa nonché di un cartello di segnalazione fissato adeguatamente sulla struttura
9. SEA S.p.A. declina ogni responsabilità ai fini della sicurezza e del buon funzionamento della automazione, in caso vengano utilizzati componenti di altri produttori.
10. Per la manutenzione utilizzare esclusivamente parti originali SEA.
11. Non eseguire alcuna modifica sui componenti dell’automazione.
12. L’installatore deve fornire tutte le informazioni relative al funzionamento manuale del sistema in caso di emergenza e consegnare all’Utente utilizzatore
dell’impianto il libretto d’avvertenze allegato al prodotto.
13. Non permettere ai bambini o persone di sostare nelle vicinanze del prodotto durante il funzionamento. L’applicazione non può essere utilizzata da bambini, da
persone con ridotte capacità fisiche, mentali, sensoriali o da persone prive di esperienza o del necessario addestramento. Tenere inoltre fuori dalla portata dei
bambini radiocomandi o qualsiasi altro datore di impulso, per evitare che l’automazione possa essere azionata involontariamente.
14. Il transito tra le ante deve avvenire solo a cancello completamente aperto.
15. Tutti gli interventi di manutenzione, riparazione o verifiche periodiche devono essere eseguiti da personale professionalmente qualificato. L’utente deve
astenersi da qualsiasi tentativo di riparazione o d’intervento e deve rivolgersi esclusivamente a personale qualificato SEA. L’utente può eseguire solo la manovra
16. La lunghezza massima dei cavi di alimentazione fra centrale e motori non deve essere superiore a 10 m. Utilizzare cavi con sezione 2.5 mm . Utilizzare cablaggi
con cavi in doppio isolamento (cavi con guaina) nelle immediate vicinanze dei morsetti specie per il cavo di alimentazione (230V). Inoltre è necessario mantenere
adeguatamente lontani (almeno 2.5 mm in aria) i conduttori in bassa tensione (230V) dai conduttori in bassissima tensione di sicurezza (SELV) oppure utilizzare
un’adeguata guaina che fornisca un isolamento supplementare avente uno spessore di almeno 1 mm.
1. Read carefully these Instructions before beginning to install the product. Store these instructions for future reference
2. Don’t waste product packaging materials and /or circuits.
3. This product was designed and built strictly for the use indicated in this documentation. Any other use, not expressly indicated here, could compromise the good
condition/operation of the product and/or be a source of danger. SEA S.p.A. declines all liability caused by improper use or different use in respect to the intended
4. The mechanical parts must be comply with Directives: Machine Regulation 2006/42/CE and following adjustments), Low Tension (2006/95/CE), electromgnetic
Consistency (2004/108/CE) Installation must be done respecting Directives: EN12453 and En12445.
5. Do not install the equipment in an explosive atmosphere.
6. SEA S.p.A. is not responsible for failure to observe Good Techniques in the construction of the locking elements to motorize, or for any deformation that may occur
during use.
7. Before attempting any job on the system, cut out electrical power and disconnect the batteries. Be sure that the earthing system is perfectly constructed, and
connect it metal parts of the lock.
8. Use of the indicator-light is recommended for every system, as well as a warning sign well-fixed to the frame structure.
9. SEA S.p.A. declines all liability as concerns the automated system’s security and efficiency, if components used, are not produced by SEA S.p.A..
10. For maintenance, strictly use original parts by SEA.
11. Do not modify in any way the components of the automated system.
12. The installer shall supply all information concerning system’s manual functioning in case of emergency, and shall hand over to the user the warnings handbook
supplied with the product.
13. Do not allow children or adults to stay near the product while it is operating. The application cannot be used by children, by people with reduced physical, mental
or sensorial capacity, or by people without experience or necessary training. Keep remote controls or other pulse generators away from children, to prevent
involuntary activation of the system.
14. Transit through the leaves is allowed only when the gate is fully open.
15. The User must not attempt to repair or to take direct action on the system and must solely contact qualified SEA personnel or SEA service centers. User can apply
only the manual function of emergency.
16. The power cables maximum length between the central engine and motors should not be greater than 10 m. Use cables with 2,5 mm2 section. Use double
insulation cable (cable sheath) to the immediate vicinity of the terminals, in particular for the 230V cable. Keep an adequate distance (at least 2.5 mm in air), between
the conductors in low voltage (230V) and the conductors in low voltage safety (SELV) or use an appropriate sheath that provides extra insulation having a thickness
of 1 mm.
1. Lire attentivement les instructions avant d’installer le produit. Conserver les instructions en cas de besoin.
2. Ne pas dispenser dans l’ environnement le materiel d’ emballage du produit et/ou des circuits.
3. Ce produit a été conçu et construit exclusivement pour l'usage indiqué dans cette documentation. Toute autre utilisation non expressément indiquée pourrait
compromettre l'intégrité du produit et / ou être une source de danger. L’utilisation inappropriée est également cause d’annulation de la garantie. SEA S.p.A.
N'assume aucune responsabilité pour une utilisation inappropriée ou une utilisation autre que celle pour laquelle l'automatisme est destiné.
4. Les composants doivent répondre aux prescriptions des Normes: Machines (2006/42/CE et successifs changements); Basse Tension (2006/95/CE et successifs
changements); EMC (2004/108/CE et successifs changements). L’installation doit être effectuée conformément aux Normes EN 12453 et EN 12445.
5. Ne pas installer l’appareil dans une atmosphère explosive.
6. SEA S.p.A. n’est pas responsable du non-respect de la Bonne Technique de construction des fermetures à motoriser, ni des déformations qui pourraient intervenir
lors de l’utilisation.
7. Couper l’alimentation électrique et déconnecter la batterie avant toute intervention sur l’installation. Vérifier que la mise à terre est réalisée selon les règles de l’art
et y connecter les pièces métalliques de la fermeture.
8. On recommande que toute installation soit doté au moins d’une signalisation lumineuse, d’un panneau de signalisation fixé, de manière appropriée, sur la
structure de la fermeture.
9. SEA S.p.A. décline toute responsabilité quant à la sécurité et au bon fonctionnement de l’automatisme si les composants utilisés dans l’installation
n’appartiennent pas à la production SEA.
cod. 67410797
REV 02 - 10/2015
Sistemi Elettronici
di Apertura Porte e Cancelli
International registered trademark n. 804888
10. Utiliser exclusivement, pour l’entretien, des pièces SEA originales.
11. Ne jamais modifier les composants d’automatisme.
12. L’installateur doit fournir toutes les informations relatives au fonctionnement manuel du système en cas d’urgence et remettre à l’Usager qui utilise l’installation
les “Instructions pour l’Usager” fournies avec le produit.
13. Interdire aux enfants ou aux tiers de stationner près du produit durant le fonctionnement. Ne pas permettre aux enfants, aux personnes ayant des capacités
physiques, mentales et sensorielles limitées ou dépourvues de l’expérience ou de la formation nécessaires d’utiliser l’application en question. Eloigner de la portée
des enfants les radiocommandes ou tout autre générateur d’impulsions, pour éviter tout actionnement involontaire de l’automatisme.
14. Le transit entre les vantaux ne doit avoir lieu que lorsque le portail est complètement ouvert.
15. L’utilisateur doit s’abstenir de toute tentative de réparation ou d’intervention et doigt s’adresser uniquement et exclusivement au personnel qualifié SEA ou aux
centres d’assistance SEA. L’utilisateur doigt garder la documentation de la réparation. L’utilisateur peut exécuter seulement la manoeuvre manuel.
16. La longueur maximum des câbles d’alimentation entre la carte et les moteurs ne devrait pas être supérieure à 10 m. Utilisez des câbles avec une section de 2,5
mm . Utilisez des câblage avec cable à double isolation (avec gaine) jusqu’à proximité immédiate des terminaux, en particulier pour le câble d’alimentation (230V). Il
est également nécessaire de maintenir une distance suffisante (au moins 2,5 mm dans l’air), entre les conducteurs en basse tension (230V) et les conducteurs de
très basse tension de sécurité (SELV) ou utiliser une gaine ayant une épaisseur d’au moin 1 mm, qui fournisse une isolation supplémentaire.
1 Leer las instrucciones de instalación antes de comenzar la instalación. Mantenga las instrucciones para consultas futura
2. No disperdiciar en el ambiente los materiales de embalaje del producto o del circuito
3. Este producto fue diseñado y construido exclusivamente para el uso especificado en esta documentación. Cualquier otro uso no expresamente indicado puede
afectar la integridad del producto y ser una fuente de peligro. El uso inadecuado es también causa de anulación de la garantía. SEA S.p.A. se exime de toda
responsabilidad causadas por uso inapropiado o diferente de aquel para el que el sistema automatizado fue producido.
4. Los productos cumplen con la Directiva: Maquinas (2006/42/CE y siguientes modificaciones), Baja Tension (2006/95/CE, y siguientes modificaciones),
Compatibilidad Electromagnética (2004/108/CE modificada). La instalación debe ser llevada a cabo de conformidad a las normas EN 12453 y EN 12445.
5. No instalar el dispositivo en una atmósfera explosiva.
6. SEA S.p.A. no es responsable del incumplimiento de la mano de obra en la construcción de la cacela a automatizar y tampoco de las deformaciones que puedan
producirse durante el uso.
7. Antes de realizar cualquier operación apagar la fuente de alimentación y desconectar las baterías. Comprobar que el sistema de puesta a tierra sea diseñado de
una manera profesional y conectar las partes metálicas del cierre.
8. Para cada instalación se recomienda utilizar como mínimo una luz parpadeante y una señal de alarma conectada a la estructura del marco.
9. SEA S.p.A. no acepta responsabilidad por la seguridad y el buen funcionamiento de la automatización en caso de utilización de componentes no producidos por
10. Para el mantenimiento utilizar únicamente piezas originales SEA S.p.A..
11. No modificar los componentes del sistema automatizado.
12. El instalador debe proporcionar toda la información relativa al funcionamiento manual del sistema en caso de emergencia y darle al usuario el folleto de adjunto
al producto.
13. No permita que niños o adultos permanecen cerca del producto durante la la operación. La aplicación no puede ser utilizada por niños, personas con movilidad
reducida de tipo fìsico, mental, sensorial o igual por personas sin experiencia o formación necesaria. Tener los radiomandos fuera del alcance de niños asì como
cualquier otro generador de impulsos radio para evitar que el automación pueda ser accionada accidentalmente.
14. El tránsito a través de las hojas sólo se permite cuando la puerta está completamente abierta.
15. Todo el mantenimiento, reparación o controles deberán ser realizados por personal cualificado. Evitar cualquier intente a reparar o ajustar. En caso de necesitad
comunicarse con un personal SEA calificado. Sólo se puede realizar la operación manual.
16. La longitud máxima de los cables de alimentación entre motor y central no debe ser superior a 10 metros. Utilizar cables con 2,5 mm2. Utilizar cables con doble
aislamiento (cables con váina) hasta muy cerca de los bornes, especialmente por el cable de alimentación (230V). Además es necesario mantener adecuadamente
distanciados (por lo menos 2,5 mm en aire) los conductores de baja tensión (230V) y los conductores de baja tensión de seguridad (SELV) o utilizar una váina
adecuada que proporcione aislamiento adicional con un espesor mínimo de 1 mm.
cod. 67410797
REV 02 - 10/2015
Sistemi Elettronici
di Apertura Porte e Cancelli
International registered trademark n. 804888
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