Boutique Salon Control 235

Boutique Salon Control 235
Boutique Salon Control 235
Model 2199U
Boutique Salon Control 235
This highly performing straightener really delivers on salon performance.
With 12 digital temperature settings with memory function for easy,
consistent styling. Reaches 235°C high heat with ultimate Advanced
Ceramics™ for salon professional heat-up and recovery.
35°C salon temperature performance
eady to use in 15 seconds
• Ultimate Advanced Ceramics™ for salon professional heat-up and
emory function for easy, consistent styling
igital temperature control
2 variable heat settings
5% longer ceramic coated plates with nano-technology
urved housing design to create curly or wavy styles
ulti-voltage for worldwide use
m salon type swivel cord
n/off button
uto shut off
eat protection wrap
year guarantee
his appliance should only be used as described within
this instruction booklet. Please retain for reference.
WARNING! Polythene bags over a product may be
dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this
wrapper away from babies and children. These bags are
not toys.
WARNING! Do not use this appliance near water
contained in basins, bathtubs or other vessels.
o not use the appliance in the bathroom.
o not immerse the appliance in water or other liquids.
lways inspect the appliance before use for noticeable
signs of damage. Do not use if damaged, or if the
appliance has been dropped. In the event of damage,
contact the Conair Customer Care Line (refer to ‘UK
After Sales Service’ section for further information).
o not use the appliance if the lead is damaged. In the
event of lead damage, discontinue use immediately.
If the lead is damaged it must be replaced by the
manufacturer. Return the appliance to the Customer
Care Centre (refer to ‘UK After Sales Service’ section
for further information). No repair must be attempted
by the consumer.
o not leave the appliance unattended when switched
on or plugged in.
o not place the appliance on any heat sensitive
surface whilst in operation.
ake care to avoid the hot surface of the appliance
coming into direct contact with the skin, in particular
the eyes, ears, face and neck.
• In the event of the appliance left switched on, the
appliance will automatically shut off after 72 minutes.
If you wish to continue using the appliance after this
time, simply press the ‘I/0’ button to turn the power on.
• This appliance should not be used by adults whose
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
whose lack of experience and knowledge, might cause
a hazard, unless they have been correctly instructed to
understand the safe use and hazards involved and are
adequately supervised.
• Careful adult supervision is required when this appliance
is used on or near children. Do not use on very young
• This appliance should not be used, cleaned or
maintained by children. Keep out of the reach of
• Always ensure that this appliance is kept out of the
reach of children at all times, particularly during use
and whilst cooling.
• After use, do not coil the lead around the appliance as
this may cause damage. Instead, coil loosely by the
side of the appliance.
• This appliance complies with the requirements of
Directives 2004/108/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
and 2006/95/EC (Electrical Safety of Domestic
IMPORTANT! The Boutique Salon Control 235 straightener has a high
performance Advanced Ceramics™ heater and is designed to reach
very high temperatures. If the maximum setting is too hot for the hair
type then select a lower temperature setting. Always start with a lower
heat setting, working up to a higher setting.
CAUTION! This is a high heat appliance. Care must be taken to avoid
the hot surfaces including the housing around the outside of the plates
coming into direct contact with the skin, in particular the eyes, ears,
face and neck.
Straightener Storage
The straightener comes in a soft bag which can be used as a storage
pouch. This bag is not heat resistant so any heated appliance placed in
the bag should be completely cool before storing away. Alternatively,
once the straightener has completely cooled down, wrap the
straightener in the heat protection wrap before placing into the pouch
and storing away.
• Ensure hair is dry and combed through.
• Press the ‘I/0’ button once to switch the appliance on.
• Once the straightener has been turned on the digital display will heat
up to 180°C in seconds, once it’s reached this temperature the digital
display will stop flashing.
• Use the temperature buttons (+/-) to select the preferred temperature.
The temperature increases in 5°C increments for specific temperature
control (between 180°C to 235°C).
• Once you have selected the preferred temperature the chosen
setting will flash 3 times and then start heating up to the temperature
• After use, press the ‘I/0’ button to switch off and unplug the appliance.
• Allow the appliance to cool down before storing away. For extra
protection wrap the appliance in the heat wrap before storing away.
Temperature Memory feature
The memory feature allows you to select your preferred temperature
setting and store it for consistent results during each use.
• To programme your preferred temperature, ensure the appliance
is switched on. Select the temperature you require by using the
temperature buttons (+/-) and by viewing the digital display.
• The memory function will store the selected temperature setting for
all uses.
• When switching the straightener back on for the next use, simply
press the memory button (M) and your stored temperature will be
automatically selected.
• Once the preferred temperature is displayed on the digital display,
hold down the memory button (M) for 3 seconds. The temperature
on the digital display will flash 3 times to confirm the temperature has
been stored.
Please Note: To reset the stored temperature at any time, simply
select a different temperature and hold down the memory button for
3 seconds, wait for it to flash 3 times and the new temperature will be
•Ensure hair is dry and combed through.
•Divide hair into sections and place the section between the straightener
plates, close to the roots.
•Hold the hair firmly between the straightening plates and slide down
the length of hair, from root to tip.
• Repeat as necessary, continuing through the hair sections.
• Allow hair to cool before combing through.
Creating Curls and Movement
•Separate a section of hair. The smaller the section the more defined
the curl. The larger the section the looser the curl or wave.
•Take the hair section and place between the straightener plates,
roughly 3 inches from the roots. (See Fig. 1).
•Turn the straightener 180° back on itself so that the hair is wrapped
once around the outside of the straightener. (See Fig. 2).
•Slowly glide the straightener along the length of hair from root to tip in
a downward motion. (See Fig. 3).
•Release the straightener from the hair.
•To ensure the curl sits neatly in place, hold the end of the section you
have curled and twist it in the direction of the curl. (See Fig. 4).
Auto Shut Off
This appliance has an automatic shut off feature for added safety. If
the appliance is switched on for more than 72 minutes continuously,
then it will automatically switch off. If you wish to continue using the
appliance after this time, simply press the ‘I/0’ button to turn the power
This BaByliss appliance is guaranteed for consumer use for 5
years. This guarantee covers defects under normal use from date of
purchase and ceases to be valid in the event of alteration or repairs by
unauthorised persons. If the appliance does not perform satisfactorily
due to defects in materials or manufacture, it will be repaired or replaced
through Conair UK After Sales Service. The Conair Group Ltd reserves
the right to amend terms and specifications without prior notice.
This guarantee in no way affects your statutory rights.
For further advice on using the appliance, contact the Conair Customer
Care Line on 0870 5 133191 (09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday) or email
your enquiry to
If you should need to return your appliance to us please send it to the
following address:
Customer Care Centre
Conair Logistics
Unit 4
Revolution Park
Buckshaw Avenue
Buckshaw Village
Please enclose your name and address, together with a copy of proof
of purchase and details of the fault.
symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this
product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it should be
handed to an appropriate collection point for the recycling of Electrical
and Electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of
correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for
the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused
by inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed
information about the recycling of this product, please contact your
local council office or your household waste disposal service.
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the
following code:
• The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal
which is marked with the letter N.
• The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the
terminal which is marked with the letter L.
• Neither core should be connected to the earth terminal of a three pin
plug marked with the letter E or .
This appliance comes fitted with a British Standard 13 amp type plug
and a 5 amp fuse. It is important to always use a 5 amp fuse, should
its replacement be required. If any other type of plug is used, a 5 amp
fuse must be fitted at the distribution board.
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