Actelis Networks ML1300 - Precision Traffic and Safety Systems

Actelis Networks ML1300 - Precision Traffic and Safety Systems
Actelis Networks
Actelis Networks
Carrier Ethernet Over Copper™
Carrier Ethernet over Copper™
The ML1300 is an Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)
aggregation switch, delivering symmetrical
Ethernet services to remote subscribers over
multiple voice-grade copper pairs within the
customer service area. The ML1300 allows
service providers and enterprises to use the
existing copper infrastructure to deliver up to
100 Mbps of Ethernet service per customer.
It achieves unprecedented rate, reach and
reliability on any grade of available copper and
installs within minutes, enabling immediate
deployment of broadband services. The ML1300
is interoperable with any standard Ethernet
switch or router. Aligned with Metro Ethernet
Forum (MEF) recommendations, Actelis
Networks® systems seamlessly integrate into
carrier Ethernet networks.
Small form factor ports accept standard
100Base-FX, 1000Base-FX, 1000Base-T
and T3/E3 modules, providing redundant
uplinks to Ethernet and SONET/SDH
Implementing the standard IEEE 802.3ah2004 EFM long-reach Ethernet-overCopper specification, the ML1300 bonds
up to 8 copper pairs together to create
a 2Base-TL aggregated link. Powered
by Actelis Networks® award-winning
EFMplus™ technology, the rate, reach
and reliability are increased significantly
using advanced Dynamic Spectrum
Management (DSM) and Dynamic
Spectral Shaping (DSS) techniques.
• Rapid Service Deployment
Architecturally, the ML1300 platform serves as a
central office aggregator in a Point-to-Multipoint
topology, connecting to multiple ML600 Ethernet
Access Devices (EADs). Each ML600 EAD or
ML130 can be connected to the ML1300 via a
High Speed Link (HSL) comprised of 1-8, or 132, bonded copper pairs, respectively. A number
of ML1300 shelves can be stacked in a star or
ring topology, providing higher port density per
The ML1300 supports current and
evolving Ethernet Quality of Service (QoS)
and Type of Service (ToS) requirements,
and has the highest available packet
throughput efficiency.
The ML1300 provides 802.1q VLANaware wire-speed bridging, double
tagging (VLAN stacking) for end-user
VLAN transparency, L2 (Ethernet priority)
and L3 (ToS/DiffServ) classification with
eight hybrid scheduled traffic classes,
RSTP/STP, bandwidth monitoring, HSL
rate limiting and Link Aggregation (LAG)
on all Ethernet ports.
• Metro Ethernet Extension
The ML1300 can be managed In-Band
and Out-of-Band by Actelis’ MetaASSIST™
View graphical craft application and via our
multiplatform Element Management System,
MetaASSIST EMS. The management
protocols include standard TL1 command
line interface and SNMP using standard
MIBs for seamless integration with third-party
Network Management Systems.
• DSLAM Backhaul
The ML1300 provides two Service Dispatcher
Unit (SDU) slots and four Multi-port Line Unit
(MLU) slots, allowing incremental service
growth, equipment redundancy and flexible
modem allocation (any modem to any HSL)
using pluggable cards. A variety of SDU and
MLU cards exist, supporting different numbers
of Ethernet and up to 128 modems ports, either
using the MLU-16N line unit (116 G.SHDSL.bis
modems per card) or using the MLU-32EF line
unit 32 .SSHDSL.bis modems per card).
The ML1300, equipped with MLU-32EF cards,
may also use up to 4 repeaters in a span across
up to 64 pairs per system using XR239 EFM
Repeaters to increase the loop length and by
using up to 8 concatenated remote powering
units, PFU-8 or PFU-8E. Note: 4 repeaters per
span requires double-sided feeding when using
the PFU-8E as the remote powering unit.
• IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First
Mile (EFM) 2Base-TL Solution
• MEF Certified Ethernet Capabilities
• Superior Rate, Reach & Reliability
• Low Delay and Jitter for Voice and
Video Transmission
• Worldwide Spectral Compliancy
• Environmentally Hardened
• Transparent LAN Service
• Fast Internet Access
• Private Campus Network
• WiFi and Cellular Backhaul (Radio
Access Network)
• MDU/MTU Backhaul
Markets Served
• RBOCs, PTTs, Alternative
Carriers and IOCs
• Federal, State and Municipalities
• Education, Health Care, Utilities,
Private Campuses
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