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On the Trail - Bishop Grosseteste University
Issue 18
May - September 2017
On the Trail
A Knight to Remember for BGU
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Key Events Calendar
The Best of BGU
Column: Becky Geeson
BGU in Lincoln Knights Trail
Column: Revd.Peter Green
From Italy to India and Beyond
The Battle of Lincoln Lecture
BGU - Top for Employability
BGU supporting Lincoln City FC
Health and Social Care at BGU
The Private Lives of the Tudors
Navi as Michael Jackson | 19th May
Interview Techniques
The Venue Cinema
Lincoln Film Society
BG Futures Programmes Launch
Sex and the Tudors
Lincoln Teenage Market
A New Space for CELT
Why Study a Masters Degree
HA & LTS Lectures 2017
Summer Sports Programme
LiNC Higher Aiming High
Longdales House B&B
Open Days
Where are we? Finding BGU
We are located in uphill Lincoln, on the corner where
Newport and Longdales Road meet. If you’re visiting
the campus by car, the entrance to our main car park
is located on Longdales Road (with the curved brick
walls and railings). If you’re walking to us you can
use either this entrance, or one of the two pedestrian
entrances on Newport. The main reception is now
located in the Robert Hardy Building next to the main
car park, all indicated by the signage system.
Contributors to this issue include...
Natalie Poole,
NCOP Project
Officer, NCOP
Nicki Walsh
Senior Lecturer,
Academic at BGU
Welcome to issue 18 of BG & You, your
free guide to what’s going on with, and at,
Bishop Grossseteste University (BGU).
Although many of our students are either
gearing up for Graduation or getting ready
to vacate for Summer, the BGU Campus
is still abuzz with events both academic
(Tudors fans will be pleased to hear
there’s at least one event going on around
this fascinating period of history) and a
tad more informal (The world’s greatest
Michael Jackson tribute act for example).
You can find out more on the following
We also realise it’s soon to be the Summer
Holidays, so we’ll be offering extra
screenings in our on-campus cinema. For
more information visit the website
There’s also the Summer Sports
Programme to keep schoolkids busy, find
out more further on in the magazine.
Although this time of year may not
seem like the time to consider applying;
‘Clearing’ begins in August - offering an
alternative application route to those who
may not have quite met their grades or
for those who are out of the ‘UCAS loop’.
There are also plenty of Open Days for the
students starting to consider their options.
From Foundation Degrees to MAs, there’s
plenty of opportunity to discover your
potential at BGU. To keep up to date with
our course portfolio, open lectures and
other events simply visit the BGU website
at www.bishopg.ac.uk.
Catherine Brown (Editor)
Key events at a glance
Monday 8 May
Wednesday 17 May
6.00pm, BGU
12.30pm, The Hardy Building, BGU
Historical Association:
BGU Annual History
Lucy Hughes-Hallett
- Reality & Legend
The Battle of Lincoln
Commemorating the Battle’s
800th anniversary
Friday 19 May
Thursday 1 June
7.30pm, The Venue, BGU
7.00pm, The Venue, BGU
Navi as Michael Jackson
“World’s Greatest MJ
Private Lives of the
As chosen by Michael
Tracy Borman presents
a revealing talk
Saturday 3 June
Monday 5 June
11.00am, BGU Campus
6.00pm, BGU
Open Day: All Courses
Historical Association:
Dr Jack Rhoden, BGU
‘The Whole World in his Hands:
The collection mania of the
Sixth Duke of Devonshire’
For more information on upcoming events visit www.bishopg.ac.uk
Thursday 8 June
Monday 12 June
7.00 for 7.30pm, BGU
9.00am until 3.00pm, BGU
Lincoln Theological
Society: Dr Jack
Interview Techniques
What was the Reformation? A
Possible Biblical Solution
A practical one day course to
help you stand out at interviews.
For pricing, booking, and more
information call 01522 583621
Wednesday 5 July
Thursday 6 July
11.00am, BGU Campus
7.00pm, The Venue, BGU
Open Day: All Courses
Sex and the Tudors
Wednesday 19 &
Thursday 20 July
7 - 11 & 14 - 18 August
from 9.30am, BGU
Summer Sports
Bishop Grosseteste
University Graduation
Congratulations to all our
students graduating this year in
magnificent Lincoln Cathedral!
Lesley Smith reveals various
Tudor exploits in this rip-roaring
Sport & Fitness Centre
A fun-packed programme of
sports and games
For cinema listings turn to page 27 or visit www.thevenuelincoln.co.uk
The Best
of BGU
Winter - Spring 2017
You can find our best BGU photos on our
Facebook page - why not follow us?
01522 527347
Bishop Grosseteste University
Longdales Road, Lincoln LN1 3DY
Becky Geeson
Becky Geeson is Academic Co-ordinator for Primary
Teaching Studies, School of Teacher Development
Training to teach at
BGU students will be thinking about their
future careers. While a BGU degree opens up
employment in a huge variety of fields, many BGU
graduates consider a career in teaching, probably
due to the University’s long-standing track record
of training great teachers.
Teaching is such a rewarding career; making
the difference to children’s lives every day is
challenging, exciting and interesting, but applying
for a PGCE is a big step! Taking part in a PreTeaching Course is a great way to help you decide
whether a career in teaching is for you.
Last year’s Pre-Teaching Course at BGU was
very successful. We worked with around 130
applicants for the primary and secondary PGCE
routes, many of whom went on to have successful
interviews and are looking forward to beginning
their PGCE year in September 2017. We supported
participants with focussed seminars considering
different routes into teaching, gave them a
chance to talk to recent graduates along with
providing tutorials to help them with their personal
statements. Sessions were led by academic staff
from the School of Teacher Development so that
participants had the opportunity to get to know
the lecturers who teach on the PGCE Primary and
Secondary programmes.
The two day course will be running on 26th and
27th of May, and again on 16th and 17th June for
those interested in applying for 2018 entry. This
year, we hope to also invite our School Direct
partners to join us so applicants have insight into
the many routes into teaching that BGU offers.
At the end of the course, participants are highly
likely to be given an interview for a place on one of
our PGCE routes. 
For more information or to book your place,
contact our Admissions team by calling (01522)
583658 or emailing enquiries@bishopg.ac.uk
Lincoln Skyline and BGU Silhouette to
Appear in Lincoln Knight’s Trail 2017
Bev Tomblin, PR & Communications Assistant (BGU)
In the summer of 2017, The Lincoln
Knights’ Trail commemorates the 800th
anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln and
the sealing of the Charter of the Forest
in 1217. The event is presented by
Lincoln Business Improvement Group
(Lincoln BIG) and will see 35 ‘life-size’
decorated Knights displayed as an art
trail across the city from 20th May until
3rd September. At the end of the event,
all the Knights will be auctioned to raise
money for The Nomad Trust in Lincoln.
A pair of talented artists from
Birmingham are putting Lincoln on
Further information
The Lincoln Knights’ Trail is a Wild in Art event
brought together by Lincoln BIG in partnership
with Visit Lincoln and Education Business
Partnership (EBP), in support of local homeless
charity the Nomad Trust.
Following a call for artists back in September
2016, over 200 innovative designs were
submitted. A shortlist of 70 was drawn up
and the artists given the opportunity to paint
their design onto a miniature knight sculpture.
the map by featuring the city’s iconic
skyline on the knight sculpture being
sponsored by Bishop Grosseteste
University. Kieron Reilly and Lynsey
Brecknell have called BGU’s statue
‘Knight and Day’, and it is one of 35
knights which will make up this year’s
Lincoln Knights’ Trail. BGU’s knight will
be stationed near Newport Arch - not
far from the University’s campus.
“Our design ‘Knight and Day’ shows
off Lincoln’s beautifully unique skyline
in silhouette form against a bold
sunset, including our sponsor Bishop
The 35 sponsors then selected their favourite
Following the trail the knights will be sold
at auction at Lincoln Cathedral on 30th
September. Two-thirds of the money raised will
go to The Nomad Trust and one-third will help
to create a new Art and Innovation Fund for
The knights were designed and created by
Wild in Art’s Creative Director Chris Wilkinson in
the style of a chess piece.
Grosseteste University,” said Lynsey.
“Following the success of the Lincoln
Barons’ Charter Trail in 2015 we’re
sure that the Lincoln Knights are going
to be loved by the locals and visitors
from across the country, and we are
proud to be a part of such an exciting
Kieron and Lynsey have very different
artistic backgrounds: Lynsey has
developed a career in theatre as a
scenic artist and set builder while
Kieron has a background in animation
and now focuses on model making
and design. They have collaborated on
many public art trails in the past and
are looking forward to showcasing their
design alongside the other sculptures
on the Lincoln Knight’s Trail.
“[Our] knight is looking fantastic,”
said Reverend Canon Professor Peter
Neil, the Vice Chancellor of Bishop
Grosseteste University.
“We chose this design because we
found it eye-catching and attractive,
and also because it features the
Lincoln skyline. The artists have
adapted this to include the [Joyce]
Skinner building on our campus in
the silhouette, along with colours
in the sky which fade up to BGU
purple at the very top.
“We think it looks wonderful and
we’re looking forward to seeing it
take its place as part of the Lincoln
Knight’s Trail this summer.”
After the launch on 27th March
each knight is being hosted by its
sponsor to promote the trail, which
will start on 20th May – 800 years to
the day since the Battle of Lincoln.
Sports Centre
also available
*except Zumba, which is only £2 per week for members
For further information visit the centre, the website, or call us on
www.bishopg.ac.uk/sportcentre 10
(01522) 583680
*Cinema ticket applies to one standard screening at The Venue, not to be used for Stage on Screen,
Sunday Classics with meal, Lincoln Film Society, or any other ‘special’ screening.
From Italy to India...
... and Beyond with BGU!
Revd. Dr. Peter Green is Dean of Chapel at
BGU. He also contributes to the University’s
teaching and research activities.
Are you nervous
about our Church
days. Unsurprisingly, there are those
who think that our heritage as a Church
foundation means that we have a hidden
agenda that’s all about nudging members
of BGU into some kind of faith commitment
– although those who know us well know
this isn’t true. So what are the elements of
a University like ours that are meant to be
part of the legacy of the Anglican tradition in
Higher Education?
1. A concept of education that’s
concerned with forming character as well as
making our graduates employable. As John
Cleese said in his Rectorial Address when
he was elected Rector of St. Andrews: ‘Don’t
let getting a degree get in the way of your
education!’ This is something cherished by
Church schools.
2. Encouraging debate and freedom of
thought. Church of England Universities have
never been especially hot on trying to rein in
diverse opinion – after all, Richard Dawkins
is employed by a Church foundation Higher
Educational establishment!
3. Encouraging a spirit of service to
the community. Church Universities often
expect their students to engage with the
wider community as an integral part of their
4. A Chaplaincy that is there for all
members of our community irrespective
of their religious affiliation – after all, that’s
actually how Church of England parishes
and schools are meant to operate.
So, after all that, does our Church heritage
still scare you?. 
Italy - Mark Plater, Senior Lecturer in
Theology (BGU)
Glorious sunshine showed Rome at its’ best
during the Theology department’s week-long visit
in March/April this year. Seventeen BA year two
and three students joined three MA students
for six days of visits to churches, museums,
catacombs and other ancient sites. Savouring
Italian food and ice cream, and exploring piazzas
and fountains scattered throughout the city, they
walked and talked and made new friends from
within the family of BGU. Working with members
of All Saints Church (Anglican) and the Church
of Ognissanti (Catholic), students helped to feed
homeless men and women, while others offered
their support for the Roma football team, and
a select few visited the local Russian Orthodox
Church for a Sunday morning service. The
Elisabettine sisters who run the hostel where they
stayed were a delight, and, although language
was sometimes a limitation, there was no lack
of warmth and affection felt and expressed from
both sides as we left. One student described the
visit as, “One of the most interesting experiences
of my life”, while another commented, “Seeing
the Pope was a once in a lifetime experience”.
Thanks to all who helped to plan and support this
excellent enhancement experience.
“One of the most interesting
experiences of my life”
India - Helen Waters-Marsh, Student
Engagement Facilitator (BGU) & Julia
Lindley-Baker, Academic Co-ordinator in
Special Educational Needs & Inclusion,
School of Social Science (BGU)
From BGU to Tamil Nadu and back
again – a journey of learning, discovery
and friendship for our Special Education
Needs and Inclusion Students
As University field trips go – this has to
be one of the best around. Eleven students
studying Special Educational Needs and
Inclusion (SENI) and four members of staff
from Bishop Grosseteste University spent ten
days in India learning how trainee teachers
are educated in Tamil Nadu and visiting
special education schools.
At BGU, in addition to developing expertise
in specific subject areas, students are also
encouraged to develop a global outlook,
strong academic practice, and the skills,
qualities and attitudes needed for success
in their future work and life. These are
described as the BGU Graduate Attributes.
“There is little doubt that opportunities
like this broaden our students’ horizons
and foster a level of cultural understanding
that will serve our students throughout their
careers.” Said Dr Claire Thomson, Head of
Centre for Enhancement in Teaching and
Learning (CELT) at BGU.
As part of the trip, BGU students had the
chance to visit teacher-training colleges
and engage with both undergraduate and
post-graduate students enrolled on teacher
education programmes. Through their
interactions, both sets of students were
able to discuss teaching methods and the
educational systems in their own countries
Rio - Dr Chris Atkin, Head of Educational Development & Research, (BGU)
- and share information about their own
The visit also involved visiting a number
of special schools, including a school
for the blind, a school for the deaf and
a school for students with learning
disabilities. The BGU students led activities
in each of these settings tailored to the
students’ needs and greatly enjoyed the
opportunity to put the skills they have
learnt on placement in the UK into practice
overseas as well as having the opportunity
to gain real world experience, to back up
their theoretical learning.
“It was a once in a lifetime experience
that will remain with us all forever” said
Claire McGovern, a second year SENI
Leader of the visit, Dr Julia Lindley-Baker
said: “The University has established very
positive relationships with the Southern
India Diocese, who welcome and support
our student study visits. Students continue
to benefit from the warm hospitality we
receive which facilitates opportunities
to experience, understand and embrace
cultural differences”.
To give something back to their hosts in
India the students took over a number of
gifts for the institutions they visited and
presents for the children in the special
schools, including gifts for the girls living
in a church-supported orphanage. Special
Education Needs and Inclusion student
Laura Hakner had, through a range of
charitable events organised within her
village in East Yorkshire, raised over £800
to be given to a range of deserving causes.
It wasn’t all work, work, work however.
The students were thoroughly entertained
during their visit and enjoyed traditional
and modern dance demonstrations, mime
performances, and of course, delicious
meals and refreshments – they even got
to meet the Bishop of Tirunelveli Rt. Rev.
J.J. Christdoss. It wasn’t all one-sided
either with our students doing their best
to entertain their hosts with dance moves
of their own; leading a conga line of over
500 students in the Sarah Tucker College
in Tirunelveli as part of a programme of
The momentum has not diminished
since the students return to the UK
either; one student is running a Students
Creating Change project - as part of
our acclaimed student engagement
programme – to raise enough money
to fund a student in India through their
three-year BA Education programme.
If you would like to contribute to this
campaign, please contact Helen WatersMarsh, Student Engagement Facilitator at
Helen was fortunate enough to
accompany the students on their trip
to India thanks to the support of the
Centre for Enhancement in Teaching and
Learning (CELT centre) – which now sits
at the heart of the BGU campus. CELT
is committed to enhancing learning,
teaching and the student experience and
supports staff and students in terms of
learning development, digital learning and
student engagement projects.
If you would like to know more about the areas listed within this article please visit our
website using the following links. For more information about the Centre for Enhancement in
Learning and Teaching visit: www.bishopg.ac.uk/celt
For more information about the Special Educational Needs and Inclusion course available to
study at BGU, visit: www.bishopg.ac.uk/seni
Dr Steve Puttick signing the visitors sheet at the top of Sugar loaf in Rio as part of
our BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council) project in
equatorial Brazil.
The Battle of Lincoln
BGU Annual History Lecture 2017
Wednesday 17th May 2017 | 12.30pm Robert Hardy Building
The Annual History Lecture
This event was originally established to
mark the work of a historian at BGU, Dr Jim
Johnston. He came to BGU in 1971, later
becoming Vice-Principal.
Dr Sean McGlynn, FRHistS
Sean is the author of critically acclaimed
books on medieval warfare and a
forthcoming biography of King John. His book
Blood Cries Afar: The Magna Carta War and
the Invasion of England, 1215-17, was the
first to investigate the major French invasion
of England that resulted in the Battle of
The Battle of Lincoln, May 1217
May 2017 sees the 800th anniversary of
this major battle, deemed by historians
as being one of the most important
military engagements fought in medieval
England. Sean will explain the remarkable
circumstances that led to the battle and offer
a detailed description of the dramatic events
that occurred on the day.
Tickets are priced per person as follows:
£10 to include a buffet lunch & afternoon tea
£3 to include afternoon tea
(attendance to the lecture only is free of charge)
If you would like tickets for this event please
contact Events Administrator Daisy Wedge
on daisy.wedge@bishopg.ac.uk or 01522
585635. Please telephone to pay by card or
visit us to pay by cash.
BGU supports Lincoln City Football
David Robson, Communications Officer (BGU)
BGU - Top for Employability
We are extremely proud of our
student employability success.
Not only are we in the top 3
UK universities for student
employability, we’ve also been top
for employability and further study
one year after graduation for 8 of
the past 10 years. We are proud to
say that there is no other Higher
Education provider in the country
that has had such a sustained
success. The statistics appear in the
Destinations of Leavers from Higher
Education (DLHE) survey published
by the Higher Education Statistics
Agency. This is great news for our
students who can study at BGU
knowing that their education is in
safe hands!
Bishop Grosseteste University’s
(BGU) ongoing sponsorship of
Lincoln City Football Club has proven
beneficial to both the university
and the club this season. The
partnership has provided fantastic
opportunities to our students,
allowed us to support the club’s
management by providing new
technology and has even seen the
FA Cup trophy make an appearance
on campus!
Lincoln City are enjoying a
memorable season. Managed by
Danny and his assistant, brother
Nicky Cowley, the Imps beat Ipswich,
Brighton and Burnley on their way
to becoming the first non-league
team in 103 years to reach the FA
Cup quarter-finals. There they faced
Premier League giants Arsenal at
the Emirates Stadium where, after
a spirited first half display from City,
they eventually succumbed to a 5-0
defeat. They were also one game
away from Wembley in the FA Trophy,
in which they reached the semifinals, and at the time of writing
are top of the National League as
they look to gain promotion to the
Football League.
Throughout the Imps’ fantastic
season there has been a familiar
splash of purple among the famous
red and white stripes as the BGU
logo sits proudly on the home shirt.
The BGU logo was never more
visible than during the FA Cup
third round replay against Ipswich.
Purple advertising boards behind
the two managers were noticeable
during the BBC1 television coverage
and Nathan Arnold even had the
decency to score the winning goal
while our message was displaying
on the digital advertising boards
around the pitch!
The partnership between BGU
and Lincoln City, however, is about
much more than advertising, and
it is something that means a lot to
Danny Cowley.
He said, “we are really thankful for
the partnership, the university was
so close that we wanted to create a
true partnership.
“The partnership was already
formed [when we arrived at the
club] so we built on that, there’s
some great people coming out
of the university, some young
hardworking people who we can
build relationships with that can
help this club moving forward.”
One brilliant example of the
partnership in action came in
December 2016, when BGU sports
students had the unique opportunity
to be coached by the City manager
with a session led and delivered by
Danny Cowley.
Rafe Elliott, Academic Co-ordinator
for the BSc (Hons) Sport, Coaching
and Physical Education degree
at BGU, said the session “... was
both insightful and inspiring and
was based around key coaching
principles; this helped to reinforce
some of the learning objectives
of the module the students were
Chelsey Grayson, a first year
student, thought that “... the session
gave us really good insight into the
daily life of a coach and also all the
planning and commitment that goes
into it. It was good to see a coach in
action and it will help a lot with my
studies and assignments.”
Our students were not the only
ones who enjoyed the session.
Danny Cowley himself welcomed the
He said, “Coming from a teaching
background like we have it’s been
great to be able to keep our hand
in. Also it’s a great opportunity for
us to give something back, which is
important for us.
“It’s a profession that’s very close
to our hearts and the opportunity
to go back and speak to young,
aspiring teachers and tell them what
a great profession it is has been
something that we’ve obviously
Outside of the classroom our
cheerleading squad, the BGU
Lions have also had fantastic
opportunities thanks to the
partnership with Lincoln City FC.
They have performed in front of
crowds of around 10,000 fans at
Sincil Bank, not to mention live
on BBC1 in the third round of the
FA Cup. But it hasn’t stopped at
the performance opportunities
– financial support from the club
also allowed the Lions to attend a
national competition in which they
placed second.
Louiscia Mcleod, President of
the BGU Cheerleading Society,
explained that performing at Sincil
Bank has been “... an incredible
experience. The fans are so lively
and supportive. The atmosphere
really just makes the whole night!”
BGU have also provided support
to the club, particularly in the
form of new technology, which has
helped Lincoln City during their
fantastic season.
Assistant manager Nicky
Cowley said, “[BGU] were great in
providing us both with laptops and
we use an app called Hudl which
all our players have too. It’s used
to go over our previous match.
“The laptops which BGU
have provided have given us
the opportunity to look at [in]
thorough detail not only our own
performance but that of teams we
are due to play against.”
Another perk of our sponsorship
of the club came in March when
the FA Cup trophy paid a very
special visit to BGU ahead of
Lincoln City’s quarter-final against
Arsenal. BGU staff and students
queued up to get a glimpse of
the famous trophy and pose for
a photo. It was a surreal and
memorable day for all involved!
Health and Social Care at BGU: Caring
for our County Community
Nicki Walsh, Senior Lecturer School of Social Sciences (BGU)
From the sides of buses to social
media, health and social care in
general are a big topic of conversation
these days. Especially locally, with
recent reports that suggest a need
for enhancement of local provision
where providers are doing all they can
with limited capacity and on dwindling
budgets. In addition There is the yet-tobe-seen impact of Brexit, with article
50 now signed, considerations need
to be made as to whether this will this
have an impact on the workforce? Or an
impact on patient numbers?
Some of the specific issues facing
Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas
include an ageing population (this being
a both nationwide and global concern)
as the percentage of people living past
65 increases while birth rates fall. As
well as the particular intricacies of
Lincolnshire being a very rural county
where people may live in near-isolation,
affecting both their access to local
healthcare provision and their general
wellbeing. Therefore health and social
care needs to focus on enabling people
to live well in their own environment
as long as possible and is about
supporting them in the right way at the
right time by a workforce who have the
right skills to facilitate this.
Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU)
is offering the (relatively new) Health
& Social Care portfolio of courses.
Enabling students to gaining experience
in the sector with the BA (Hons) Health
& Social Care undergraduate degree,
as well as providing educational
opportunities for those currently
working in the sector wishing to develop
with our Foundation degree in Health
& Social Care Supervision. In addition,
there are Masters level opportunities
for advanced practitioners, supervisors
and managers with extensive practise
experience wanting to enhance their
leadership and looking to innovate
within the sector with an MA in Health
& Social Care Leadership.
As healthcare is ever-changing, with
new developments in medical science
and new challenges around every
corner, our courses will equip students
with up-to-date knowledge from the
sector. The existing Health & Social
Care team has employed additional
members who bring experience at
both undergraduate and postgraduate
levels but who also bring an applied
healthcare dimension through former
clinical and research roles. These roles,
while of great benefit to students, will
also strengthen the ‘research’ aspect
of the department, adding to BGU’s
overall reputation for high quality
research – having been awarded the
highest possible four star rating by the
Research Excellence Framework (REF)
in 2014.
Therefore, it is paramount that
education is high quality and meets
the local need to support effective
provision, which must in turn address
the learning needs of all individuals
who provide health and social care.
BGU will work in partnership with local
health and social care providers as
well as other educational providers to
drive this agenda forward in a dynamic
way that meets these distinctive
If you are interested in Health and Social Care education at BGU, visit our
website at www.bishopg.ac.uk/healthsoccare or get in touch with us by emailing
An audience with Tracy Borman
The Private
Lives of the
Thursday 1st June 2017
The Venue, Bishop Grosseteste University
Tracy Borman is a best-selling author and
historian, specialising in the Tudor period.
Her books include Elizabeth’s Women, which
was Book of the Week on Radio 4, Thomas
Cromwell: the untold story of Henry VIII’s
most faithful servant, which was a Sunday
Times bestseller, and most recently The
Private Lives of the Tudors.
This includes such gems as Henry VIII’s visit to
Lincoln in 1541 with his fifth wife Catherine
Howard, who proceeded to cheat on him
whilst staying in the city!
Tickets £6.50 available online at
7.30pm Thursday 1 June 2017
The Venue, Bishop Grosseteste University
For further details please contact the
University Events Office on 01522 585635 or
email events@bishopg.ac.uk
All funds raised at this event will go to the BGU Foundation
Fund - enhancing the student experience and making a
difference to other people’s lives.
Charity No 527276
Short Courses at Bishop Grosseteste University open to all
7.30pm Friday 19th May 2017
Navi is universally recognised as the
world’s no. 1 Michael Jackson tribute.
He is the only MJ tribute to have worked
for Michael Jackson himself over a
period of 17 years (1992-2009). Navi
was used in promotion of albums and
concerts as well as a decoy for Michael
in public appearances. He is the only
tribute to have been given a standing
ovation by Michael Jackson himself.
Navi has worked as an MJ tribute for
over 25 years in a career that has seen
him perform in over 300 cities in 58
different countries. He has performed
at Michael Jackson’s birthday parties
in Los Angeles and New York, visited
MJ’s Neverland Ranch and been invited
twice to appear on the Oprah Winfrey
Show. He closed the show at the
Bahrain Formula 1 show to well over
20,000 people and has been featured
in numerous TV programmes and
newspapers including CNN, CBS, ITV,
BBC, Dubai One, MTV, The Sun, and
The Daily Telegraph, amongst others.
With a winning combination of his
authentic vocals, energetic dance
moves and striking resemblance, Navi
is bringing the ultimate Michael Jackson
tribute show to Lincoln. This will have
you believing that the magic of Michael
Jackson lives on!
Tickets are £15 and can be ordered online
at www.thevenuelincoln.co.uk
For further details please contact
Daisy Wedge on 01522 585635 or
email daisy.wedge@bishopg.ac.uk
1 Day. 9:00am - 3:00pm
Start date:
Monday 12th June 2017
(or £50 for BGU students and
This practical one day course will give participants the skills to really stand out
during an interview, whether it be for work, further education or another venture.
Participants will learn valuable interview techniques throughout the day before
completing a practice interview to demonstrate their skills.
All funds raised at this event will go to the BGU Foundation
Fund- enhancing the student experience and making a
difference to other people’s lives.
Charity No 527276
For more information or to book your place, contact Gemma on
- gemma.fogg@bishopg.ac.uk or (01522) 583621
Sports Centre
per yessions
per yeaarl public
£16.00 per month » concessions
£17.50 per month » general public
All membership packages include access
to the gym and most classes (pg. 50)
Concessions: Over 60s, BG Generations,
and students from other colleges/
universities - proof of ID is required.
For further information visit the centre, the website,
call us on
*minimum term
www.bishopg.ac.uk/sportcentre 26
(01522) 583680
* Cinema ticket applies to one standard screening at The Venue, not to be used for Stage on Screen,
Sunday Classics with meal, Lincoln Film Society, or any other ‘special’ screening.
Our listings for The Venue are put together with recent releases in
mind and we can’t always confirm these ahead of time, so for the
most up-to-date information please visit www.thevenuelincoln.co.uk
Current Ticket prices* Adult: £6.00 | Concession: £4.50
Family Ticket (Two adults & two children/one adult & three
children): £16.00
Stage on Screen Adult: £16.00 | Concession: £14.00
Sunday Classics with Meal in Refectory before screening
Adult: £10.00 Concession: £8.50 | Film only Adult: £6.00 |
Concession: £4.50
*Prices reviewed annually in July
for your film ticket, popcorn, AND a
Coming soon...
The live action remake of the animated classic
starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens
among others. It’s a tale as old as time...
The live action remake of the animated classic
(Haha!) starring Scarlett Johanssen, based on
the Anime but with a few Hollywood twists.
‘Starlord’ returns, and if the first film was
anything to go by this is not one to be missed.
We are Groot!
soft drink - what’s not to love?
This offer is for students only
bring any valid student card to
qualify (doesn’t have to be BGU)
Coming soon: Get Out, Free Fire, Beauty and
the Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, & more
8 June:
22 June:
24 May:
10 June:
20 July:
Friday Nights from June
As the Lincoln Film Society finish their yearly programme, The Venue finds
itself with another night for screenings. We’ll be showing a combination of
independent, foreign language, and blockbuster films.
For the most up-to-date listings visit www.thevenuelincoln.co.uk
Screenings coming soon to Friday nights include ‘Toni Erdmann’ which at
it’s Cannes premier received the highest-ever combined star rating from
critics at the film festival, ‘Ghost in the Shell’, the intriguigingly named
‘Mindhorn’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2.’
Some of the most well known and best loved classic films brought to
you on a Sunday afternoon, with the optional added bonus of enjoying a
delicious roast dinner from Refectory just opposite The Venue cinema.
One flew over the cuckoo’s nest (15)
2.30pm 7th May
Calamity Jane (U) 2.30pm 21st May
Manhattan (15) 2.30pm 4th June
Vertigo (PG) 2.30pm 25th June
All tickets can be purchased
through the website:
in Refectory or The Venue
Film and meal deal ticket
Lunch at Refectory before screening
Adult: £10.00 Concession: £8.50
Film only ticket
Adult: £6.00 Concession: £4.50
Look out for extra family
films screening this Summer
Family tickets: only £16
for 2 adults & 2 children
or 1 adult & 3 children
An introduction by Richard Hall, Chair of Lincoln Film Society
Lincoln Film Society is based at The Venue
- a true community cinema - and we’re
delighted to welcome anyone interested in
world and independent film. Attendances
at our films are surging when statistics
around the country show that nationally,
the opposite is true, so we’re not just alive
and kicking - we’re arguably in the rudest
of health.
Why is this? you may ask. For one thing,
it’s the atmosphere on film nights. We
believe film is a social experience and pride
ourselves on a safe, friendly, stimulating
environment, where members and guests
alike can come along to meet one another,
have a chat and a drink and enjoy a really
good night out.
Our audience is not risk-averse. They
see themselves as travellers in the world
of adventurous film and appreciate the
opportunity to watch unique, sometimes
very dramatic and frequently critically
acclaimed, award-winning cinema, which
simply isn’t available elsewhere in Lincoln.
It’s also great value for money - pay for
membership and entry to films is free.
Members can watch a diverse, bespoke
programme for as little as £1.30 a time,
while guest membership tickets are only £5
per film.
What makes a Film Society film, and
persuades people to keep returning?
After consulting them, members made
same point to us time and and again they welcome the chance to make new
discoveries, such as the delicate family
tales from Japan; thrills from Latin America
and the Middle East; darkly funny films from
Scandinavia, especially Norway, Denmark
and more recently, Iceland - besides those
from the traditional film powerhouses of
Europe and the USA.
Our programmers regularly attend UK
film festivals and the Independent Cinema
Office preview days, to sample what’s
coming out. We look for films that represent
a range of genres, including documentaries
and restored classics. We use a very simple
principle to select our films: they must not
have appeared in Lincoln or have had very
limited showings.
Why not get involved? New members can
join between May 1 - 31st each season. To
learn more, email filminlincoln@gmail.com
or go to www.lincolnfilmsociety.com where
you’ll find more details, including our new
programme starting in September.
Events &
& Celebrations
01522 585636
The Venue
Bishop Grosseteste University
7.30pm Thursday 6th July 2017
BG Futures Launch Specialist Industry Educator
Programme and Specialist Skills Advisor Programme
Allison Webb, Head of Careers, Employability and Enterprise, (BGU)
BG Futures, a Bishop Grosseteste
University Department, has launched
two new projects in Lincolnshire, and
local businesses can reap the benefits.
The programmes were developed
by the Greater Lincolnshire Local
Enterprise Partnership and funded
via the Skills Funding Agency and
European Social Fund.
The Specialist Skills Advisor
Programme supports participants to
look at their current and future skills
and training needs, and provides
advice and support from specialist
advisers in the businesses area of
expertise. The programme is impartial
with its complete focus on the needs of
the business.
Allison Webb, Head of Careers,
Employability and Enterprise said:
“The Skills Advisor Programme was
designed recognising that businesses
can struggle to access the training that
they need because it is either too far
away or because they lack sufficient
numbers of trainees for it to be viable.
It can also be hard for employers to
understand the training and skills
system, particularly with the jargon
used and changing offers, such as
Apprenticeship reforms.”
“Greater Lincolnshire forecasts
show that future job vacancies will
require practical and technical skills
at a higher level than those currently
held by the local labour market. There
is also an ageing workforce and
employers need to ensure skills are
not lost as people retire.”
Those who take part in the
programme receive a free detailed
report which helps to identify what
the business needs to grow and looks
at potential solutions to meet these
The second project, The Specialist
Industry Educator Programme, aims
to increase the number of employers
with teaching skills in the area,
helping to make courses and training
more relevant for businesses. These
employers can then, in turn, support
colleges and training organisations
to enhance course delivery and the
curriculum. Employers who sign up
receive short teaching courses free of
charge and may have the opportunity
to deliver Masterclasses and/or offer
industry visits.
Businesses interested in hearing more about either programmes should contact
us by emailing allison.webb@bishopg.ac.uk or call the Skills Advice Helpline on
01522 563865. Further information is also available at www.bishopg.ac.uk/skills
Sex and The Tudors
Performed by Lesley Smith
Following the success of An Evening with
Queen Elizabeth I, we are delighted to welcome
Lesley Smith back to BGU, this time to give
her talk on Sex and the Tudors. This talk given
by Lesley is a rip-roaring tumble through the
sexual exploits of the Tudors. Not just Henry
VIII had a good time, so did a lot of other
people according to records! Contraception,
prostitution, and gay sex features in this factual,
engaging and highly entertaining lecture. Please
note the performance is not suitable for those
under 16 years of age, for those who shock
easily or have a nervous disposition.
Lesley Smith is Curator of Tutbury Castle
in Staffordshire. Lesley is an English
Reformationist with a particular interest
in medical history. She has lectured across
the world making on average 300 public
performances each year and has 28 academic
publication in her name. Lesley has appeared in
over 150 television programmes in the last ten
years and regularly gives radio interviews.
Tickets: £7.50 and include a glass of Prosecco on
arrival (or a glass of orange juice)
To book tickets book online at
or contact Daisy Wedge on 01522 585635
or email events@bishopg.ac.uk
Prosecco sponsored by BG Lincoln Ltd
All funds raised at this event will go to the BGU Foundation
Fund - enhancing the student experience and making a
difference to other people’s lives.
Charity No 527276
The CELT Centre mid-build
A New Space for CELT
Kate Smith, Centre Coordinator for CELT (BGU)
It’s not every day that the Emirates FA
cup pops in for a visit!
But that is exactly what happened
when the new Centre for Enhancement
in Learning and Teaching (CELT) was
officially opened, on Thursday 9th
March, by the University’s Deputy Vice
Chancellor Professor Jayne Mitchell.
The surprise visit was only announced
the day before but having the FA cup as
a guest at the CELT launch ensured the
event went off with a bang!
The official opening introduced the
brand new centre from which the CELT
team will work with staff and students
to enhance learning and teaching.
CELT works across the University and
will continue to drive forward innovative,
research-informed approaches to
learning, teaching and assessment.
The University is committed to ensuring
that its staff continue to be outstanding
and inspirational higher education
practitioners, who work to create
capable graduates rich in knowledge,
who reach their full potential as
professionals and who can contribute to
society as global citizens.
Professor Jayne Mitchell, Deputy
Vice Chancellor of BGU, commented:
“Excellent learning, teaching and
student engagement is at the heart of
BGU and it is truly fitting that we have
such a wonderful facility right in the
heart of the campus.”
Dr Claire Thomson, Head of Centre
for Enhancement in Learning and
Teaching, said:
“As a team we are committed to
working with students and staff to
enhance learning and teaching at BGU.
CELT provides a great environment in a
fantastic location. It will offer dedicated
spaces at the very centre of a university
that has the excellence of learning,
Dr Claire Thomson at the CELT Launch
teaching and the student experience at
the heart of all it does.”
The CELT team is comprised of Digital
Learning, Learning Development and
Student Engagement. The energetic
and innovative team will work to
continually improve the student
BGU is strategically investing in its
Campus, with a number of works taking
place across the University grounds
to support the University’s growth by
creating new teaching spaces and
versatile rooms. The new space for
CELT is a stunning addition to the BGU
campus to ensure continual delivery of
a top quality student experience.
The copper reception desk
Key roles of CELT can be summarised as:
• Supporting Student Engagement
• Implementing the Learning Teaching and Assessment Strategy (2015 - 19)
• Providing a programme of professional development and training for staff
• Developing pedagogic research and scholarship
• Encouraging reflective, research-informed practice
One of the first events to be held by
CELT was The League of Extraordinary
Graduates Conference. The event was
characteristic of how the institution
works in collaboration on projects with
its students. One of the organisers
Kate Smith said ‘We were delighted
with the number of students who
attended the conference this year and
especially pleased with feedback from
the delegates’ This was a joint effort
between CELT and the BGU Careers
service (BG Futures)
and was focussed on
looking at where the
University was in terms
of embedding the
Graduate Attributes
and gave delegates
the opportunity to
hear from inspirational employers
(Karen Lowthrop MBE, Neil Everett CEO
Software Europe and National Leader
of Education Jon Brown).
Dr Andrew Jackson is Head of the School
of Humanities at Bishop Grosseteste. (This
column originally appeared in The Lincolnite on
6th March 2017.)
Imps vs. Gunners over a
Century Ago
The brand new student focussed CELT Centre
The next Lincoln Teenage Market
will take place on 1st July 2017*
at Cornhill on Lincoln High Street
If you are aged 9 - 22 years old and
have products or services to sell to
the public, this is a great opportunity
to meet them face-to-face and make
people aware of your wares offline!
29th March 2017 1.00pm until 4.30pm
Hardy Teaching Rooms 1 & 2
With keynote speaker, this event focusses on embedding,
growing and measuring the impact of Graduate Attributes
This event is free to attend - so if
you’re not a young entrepreneur,
come along and join us to support
local businesses, pick up some
bargains, or even get your face
*This date may change, please visit the
teenage market website for the most upto-date information
The event was very successful with
100% of delegates reporting a better
understanding of Graduate Attributes.
Graduates from Bishop Grosseteste
University are among the most
employable in the country and the
University’s Graduate Attribute scheme
has a recognised positive impact on
students’ future employability.
CELT will continue working
collaboratively with staff and students
by running innovative projects, targeted
events and institutional conferences.
More information regarding the work
CELT does across the University,
including a full report on the League of
Extraordinary Graduates, can be found
on the Bishop Grosseteste University
website www.bishop.ac.uk/celt
Also note, entrepreneurs under 13 years
of age will need a chaperone over 18
years old.
102 years ago, Lincoln City met Arsenal for
the last time. At least this is probably what
most punters would have predicted over the
long years since, that is, until quite recently.
I have, in my role as a historian at Bishop
Grosseteste University in Lincoln, been
searching through the accounts and reports
of the time.
On March 6th, 1915 the two teams faced
each other at the Lincoln ground at Sincil
Bank. They had met the previous October at
Highbury, and Lincoln had done very well to
hold the higher ranked Arsenal to a 1-1 draw.
On that March day in the following Spring
however, Lincoln pulled off a surprise victory
over the mightier visitors – 1- 0.
Soon afterwards the demands of the
First World War suspended league and
cup football. The conflict was not over
by Christmas 1914, as hoped for, and
professional teams were becoming weaker
and depleted.
When football seasons began again in
1919, Arsenal were moved up to the first
Arsenal will be far from being the
underdogs when Lincoln join them again, 102
years on, and at the vast Emirates Stadium.
However, from one historian’s perspective
at least, is the pressure rather on Arsenal to
put an older record book straight? 
(Now we know of course the outcome of
Lincoln vs. Arsenal was rather different in
2017, but BGU are still proud to support the
team in their endeavours.)
Masters Courses in the School of Humanities
at Bishop Grosseteste University
Dr Claudia Capancioni, Academic Coordinator for English; Dr Craig Spence,
Academic Coordinator for History; and Dr Jack Cunningham, Academic
Coordinator for Theology (all BGU)
MA in English Literature.
MA in Social and Cultural History.
‘Our MA is designed for those
who want to advance their talents
as readers & researchers of
literature, as critical and reflective
scholars, and as communicators
and presenters of knowledge at MA
level, and beyond.’
Dr Claudia Capancioni, Academic
Coordinator for English
‘In this Masters programme students
get the opportunity to work closely
with research active academics on a
range of exciting and thought-provoking
topics. While at the same time they can
enhance their personal skills and abilities
to improve their future employment
Dr Craig Spence, Academic Coordinator
for History
Course Overview
This taught MA offers an
opportunity to deepen your passion
for English literature through
research-led modules that engage
with new and emerging disciplinary
frameworks and debates.
It covers an exciting range of
theories, forms, and genres
stretching from the Enlightenment
to the present day, combining
up-to-date scholarly investigation
with the promotion of advanced
communication and research skills
for a multiplicity of professional
Based upon modules delivered
through a flexible timetable, this
course is suitable for part-time and
full-time study. Supported by a team
of academic specialists, this MA
creates a space for you to enhance
your academic capabilities and
enthusiasm for English literature.
Course Overview
This taught MA offers a wide-ranging
introduction to higher level study in social
and cultural history. Covering a number
of critical areas of historical work the
programme will help you to develop
and enhance your skills as a research
historian. This is an opportunity to
deepen your passion for the past through
fascinating modules that engage with new
and emerging research, approaches and
The course provides a well-structured
introduction to the methods and theories
associated with social and cultural history.
Specific modules also provide
opportunities to engage in a
more focused study of historical
topics from the medieval to
the modern. Research skills
are embedded in the core
MA in Theology and Religious Studies.
MA in Community Archaeology
‘This course will take you on a journey
from the religious worlds of the great
Western traditions to the mystical
world of the ancient East. It will cover
the burning contemporary issues that
surround Religious Studies today and
delve into life’s great questions.
Dr Jack Cunningham, Academic
Coordinator for Theology
This course gives you the
opportunity to take part in
community-based projects, focussed
case studies and applied research.
You will consider community
archaeology in a range of local and
national contexts. Your studies
will encourage you to engage with
and study a variety of archaeology
projects and organisations.
Course Overview
This taught MA offers a wide-ranging
introduction to higher level study in
Theology and Religious Studies. Covering
a number of critical areas of work the
programme will help you to develop
and enhance your skills as a research
student in Theology and RS. This is an
opportunity to deepen your passion for
the subject through fascinating modules
that engage with new and emerging
research, approaches and debates.
The course provides a well-structured
introduction to the methods and
theories associated with Theology and
Religious Studies. Specific modules
also provide opportunities to engage
in a more focused study of theological
topics from the ancient world to the
contemporary issues of our age.
Research skills are embedded in
the core modules and the final mode
of assessment is a Masters’ level
MA in Heritage Education
This is at the cutting edge of
heritage education and gives you the
opportunity to take part in creative
projects, focussed case studies, and
applied research. You will consider
heritage education and learning in
its various forms and in a wide range
of local, national and international
contexts. This course will encourage
you to work on various sites and
alongside specialists and will help
you develop the knowledge, skills
and networks that will assist you in
your future career. 
Visit www.bishopg.ac.uk/masters to
see our full range of Masters courses,
including MA in Education, MA in
Education with TESOL and MA in
Health & Social Care Leadership.
4.00 – 7.00pm
Postgraduate Open Evening
To book your place, visit
Lectures open to the public | AGMs may be different, please check ahead
Historical Association
Lectures at BGU
8 May 2017
Cleopatra - Reality & Legend
Lucy Hughes-Hallett
5 June 2017
AGM & ‘The Whole World in his Hands:
The collection mania of the Sixth Duke
of Devonshire’
Dr Jack Rhoden, BGU
Entry to meetings is free for HA members and students,
non-members £3 per meeting. Associate membership of the
branch is £18 per year. For any further information please
contact Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall, branch secretary on 01522 583736 or email claire.hubbard-hall@bishopg.ac.uk
All meetings take place at 6pm (light refreshments offered
from 5.30pm), at Bishop Grosseteste University, Longdales
Road, Lincoln LN1 3DY unless otherwise stated.
Sports Centre
Monday 7th - Friday 11th August
& Monday 14th - Friday 18th August 2017
A varied programme for children aged 8 to 14 years old.
Lincoln Theological Society 2017
All lectures take place in The Robert Hardy Lecture Theatre,
Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, LN1 3DY.
Thursday 8 June 7.00 for 7.30pm
What was the Reformation? A Possible Biblical Solution!*
An open lecture by Dr Jack Cunningham
Places are limited so we recommend booking early
Booking deadline is Friday 21st July 2017
per day
per week
*Marking the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation which affected all Western churches.
Thursday 5 October 7.00 for 7.30pm
Changes in Liturgy, Preaching, Building and Governance from The Reformation to
the Civil War as Exemplified in St Paul’s Cathedral
Professor Peter McCullough
Tickets cost £5.00 and cover entry to the lecture and a glass of wine or juice. They can be
purchased from Lincoln Cathedral shop, Unicorn books, or on the door.
For more information you can email: email@lincolntheologicalsociety.net
or visit the website: www.lincolntheologicalsociety.net
visit www.bishopg.ac.uk/sportcentre
call (01522) 583686 or pop in and see us
Book before 30th June to receive
a FREE child’s cinema ticket*
(Please note this offer only applies when booking in advance for one full week)
*Tickets for standard screenings, does not include stage on screen and Lincoln Film Society
Short Courses at Bishop Grosseteste University open to all
LiNCHigher Aiming High
Natalie Poole, NCOP Project Officer, NCOP
LiNCHigher is a brand new widening
participation project based at BGU.
Under the banner of the National
Collaborative Outreach Programme
(NCOP), and funded by the Higher
Education Funding Council, the team
of seven have been working hard since
January to raise the aspirations of young
people across Lincolnshire. With the
central project team based in Lincoln,
Area Engagement Officers are also
based in Boston and Skegness, to allow
greater reach for working. It is a unique
initiative, driven by the experience and
knowledge of its consortium partners,
as well as the research and evaluation
that will result from intensive outreach
work. With several education providers
behind the team, and partners such
as Lincolnshire County Council, it is
hoped that this collaborative effort will
truly break down barriers that so often
prevent young people from aspiring to
Higher Education.
Key strands of the project include
building partnerships with schools,
engaging young people in key areas of
the county, and informing parents and
guardians about Higher Education. The
team will be working in clusters where
traditionally there are low numbers of
entrants into Higher Education. Through
interactive and sustained intervention,
the team hopes to offer impartial
information, advice and guidance to
members of the communities. In turn,
it is hoped that a new generation of
learners are excited and inspired by the
possibility that Higher Education may
play a part in their future, whatever
educational path they choose.
Initial interventions include a Mentoring
Scheme to be run collaboratively with
Brightside, a London-based charity
with a wealth of experience in the field.
Additionally, the team is organising a
Summer School for Year 10 students, to
be held on the BGU campus.
To find out more about the LiNCHigher
Project, get in touch with the team:
Email: linchigher@bishopg.ac.uk
Phone: 01522 563830
Twitter: @linchigher
This practical course for
beginners will cover:
• Style and structure
• Accuracy and clarity
• Headline writing and
other signposting
• Completing the page
• Working on the web
2 Days. 9:30am - 4:00pm
Start date:
Tuesday 27th June 2017
(Save £20 when you book
this course with ‘Journalism Introduction to Writing’ together,
pay £220 instead of £240)
Offering a comprehensive introduction to editing, this interactive course
will cover style and structure, rewriting, accuracy and clarity, proof reading,
copy fitting and how to present information effectively. It will address copy
presentation and working with other members of the editorial team, and will look
at the main considerations to create impactful web stories.
It will cover the other elements that make up a story – headlines, introductions,
etc – and the way that words work with images and other parts of the completed
page. Exercises and course notes will be included. No previous experience is
For more information or to book your place, contact Gemma on
- gemma.fogg@bishopg.ac.uk or (01522) 583621
Poppy is studying for a degree in BA Hons English
Literature at BGU
Placements a Plus
Placements provide an enriching learning
experience for students to apply the skills and
knowledge they have gained from their course and,
in doing so, gain valuable real-world experience to
boost their careers.
work placement at Frampton [Marsh], so you may
see me around the reserve over the next month
(Lucky you!) as I am going to be working alongside
‘Chris the visitor guy’. Currently, I am halfway
through my English Literature degree at BGU in
Lincoln. As part of one of my modules I get to carry
out a placement, so here I am!
I have always been pretty involved with the RSPB.
Since 2005, I attended the local Boston Wildlife
Explorers group. As soon as I was old enough, I
became a Junior Leader. And now that I am even
older I am a fully fledged Leader (Assistant Leader
if we’re being specific)! It is from here that I got
involved with Frampton.
I have worked at Frampton quite a lot and often
volunteer on family fun days. I have even done a
work placement here before, although that was
quite a few years ago now! I spent a couple of
weeks helping the wardens look after Frampton and
Freiston. So I am working in a new area this time
round. I will get the chance to talk to visitors, write
some new blog posts... and even do some office
work too I suppose.
One of the bonuses of getting a work placement
as part of my course is that I get to apply knowledge
and skills I’ve gained from University in the ‘real
world’. I’ve especially found that my course has
enabled me to develop my confidence. As I’m
assessed through a variety of mediums, I’ve had the
opportunity to put myself into situations I wouldn’t
normally volunteer for. Particularly through group
and individual presentation, I’ve managed to come
out of my shell and develop skills in public speaking.
This has meant that where I once may have
struggled with talking to groups of people, I’m now
easily able to do so.
I think that having the ability to transfer skills I’ve
learnt at University to a work situation is brilliant.
It’s not something you’d normally anticipate doing
as part of an English degree. But I’m incredibly
thankful for the module, as it has helped to prepare
me for pursuing a career in the future. ” 
The Asylum Lincoln:
Steampunk Festival
25th - 28th August | Lincoln
Lincoln will be transformed as the biggest
and longest running Steampunk festival
returns to the city for the 8th year.
Watch the cobbled streets of historic
Lincoln taken over by the Victorian
Steampunk Society’s annual festival - from
top hats and flying goggles, to corsets and
flamboyant feathers – join in with Lincoln’s
pseudo-Victorian fantasy.
The annual event celebrates a steam
powered world in the late 19th century and
attracts visitors from all over the world.
Over the August Bank Holiday weekend, the
biggest Steampunk festival in Europe will
host a full convention-style day programme
with a fringe style programme of art,
literature, music, fashion, comedy and
simple good fun, including many events on
the BGU campus!
Bazaar Eclectica will arrive in Castle Square
to bring a Steampunk market to the city, free
to the public, and other events throughout
the weekend are open for all to enjoy with
a festival wristband including stalls and
activities in Lincoln Castle.
There’s no need to dress up to join in the
fun and you can be sure of a warm welcome
throughout the whole festival from the
friendly Steampunk community.
Find out more at www.asylumsteampunk.co.uk
Longdales House is a refurbished Victorian house
located on the edge of the Bishop Grosseteste
University campus, just ten minutes’ walk from the
heart of historic uphill Lincoln, and 15 minutes’ walk
from Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle.
Longdales Guest House, Bishop Grosseteste University,
Longdales Road, Lincoln, LN1 3DY
01522 583709 | longdales@bishopg.ac.uk | longdaleshouse.co.uk
Sports Centre
» Sports hall hire from £10
» Indoor court hire from £4
» Outdoor pitch hire from £7.50
» Monday
» Tuesday
» Wednesday
» Thursday
» Friday
4.45pm – 5.30pm
High Intensity Interval Training
5.30pm – 6.00pm
Abs Blast
6.00pm – 7.00pm
1.00pm – 1.30pm
Abs Blast
8.00pm – 9.00pm
12.30pm – 1.15pm
6.45pm – 7.45pm
Legs, Bums & Tums
1.00pm – 2.00pm
6.45pm – 7.30pm
4.30pm – 5.30pm
(all prices ex. VAT)
Stickers, self-cling, mesh banners, magnetic
signage, vinyl lettering, labels and much more
(except Abs Blast at £2.00
and Circuits at £3.00)
Pay-per-session Gym prices:
**Fri 4pm – close & all weekend
Concessions: Over 60s, BG Generations, and students from other colleges/universities - proof of ID is required.
For further information pop into the centre, visit the website,or call us on
www.bishopg.ac.uk/sportcentre We also supply a range of bespoke clothing
like t-shirts, hoodies, and promotional
materials such as mugs, jigsaws, mouse
mats, phone covers, and canvas prints.
email: bgprinting@bishopg.ac.uk
For all your wide format printing, pop-up
exhibition systems, banners, prints and
display graphics
Printed pop-up exhibition stands from
£65 and Graphic only from £39
*except Zumba which is £2 for members
»Peak £4.50 »Off-peak** £4
4m long banner £70
3m long banner £55
2m long banner £40
5.45pm – 6.45pm
»BGU Students £3.00 »Public £4.00 »Concessions £3.50
email: bgprinting@bishopg.ac.uk
Boot Camp
Class prices:
Interested in studying at
BGU? Come along to an
Open Day to find out more.
See page 16 for details
(01522) 583680
Hoping to host a conference over the
Summer? Our picturesque campus
becomes much quieter over the Summer
months (except for Graduation time
of course) and could be the perfect
uphill Lincoln location for you and your
delegates. Get in touch to find out more
01522 585636
Saturday 3 June 11.00am – 3.00pm
Wednesday 5 July 11.00am – 3.00pm
Friday 18 August 10.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday 24 September 11:00am
– 3:00pm
Sunday 15 October 11:00am – 3:00pm
Wednesday 15 November 2:00pm –6:00pm
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