PD6730 - ARCO Engineering
Vantageview Dual-Line 5-Digit Pulse Input Rate/Totalizers
Button Programming
flow rate/total
Pulse, Open Collector, NPN, PNP, TTL, Switch Contact,
Sine Wave (Coil), Square Wave, Opto-Isolated Inputs
• NEMA 4X, IP65 Plastic Enclosure for Safe Areas
• 5-Digit 0.7" (17.8 mm) Top Display for Rate or Total
• 7 Alphanumeric Character 0.4" (10.2 mm) Lower Display for Rate,
Total, Grand Total, Units, and Tag
• 13-Digit Totalizer with Total Overflow Feature
• SafeTouch® Through-Window Button Programming
• Isolated 4-20 mA Output for Rate, Total, or Grand Total
• Two Isolated Open Collector Pulse Outputs, Up to 5 kHz
• Battery, DC, or Output Loop-Powered Models
• Gate Function for Rate Display of Slow Pulse Rates
• K-Factor, Scaling, or Live Input Calibration with 32-Point Linearization
• Automatic Rate, Total, and Grand Total Unit Conversions
• Password Protection
• Backlight Standard on All Models
• On-Board Data Logging
• Modbus® Communications RS-485 Option
• Flanges for Wall or Pipe Mounting
• Operates from -40 to 75°C
Precision Digital Corporation
PD6730 Vantageview Pulse Input Rate/Totalizers
PD6730 Pulse Input Rate/Totalizer
Mounts directly to flowmeter
Rate/Totalizer Displays
Enter or
Acknowledge Button
Three ¾" NPT
Conduit Holes
Menu Button
0.7" (17.8 mm)
Total/Grand Total,
Battery, and Sleep
Mode Icons
0.4" (10.2 mm)
Total Indicator
Alarm Indicator
Engineering Units,
Total, Rate, & More
Password Protection
Max/Min or Up Arrow
Reset or Right Arrow
Mounting Flanges
(Up to 2½" Pipe)
Mechanical Buttons
(4 Places)
¾" NPT Flowmeter
Tag or Tamper Seal
Flow Rate Indicator
Backlight Standard
2 Plastic Conduit
Plugs Included
Through-Window Button Programming
Rate & Total
Easy to Setup
Input Programming Example
marked button area. When the cover is removed, four mechanical
buttons located next to the sensors are used.
The Vantageview PD6730 is a plastic field mounted rate/totalizer To save power, and prevent unintended triggers, SafeTouch buttons
designed for rugged and demanding applications in wet or dirty enter a power saving mode after three minutes of inactivity. This
environments. Other meter designs have lost sight of the fact that mode is indicated by a pause symbol ( ). To enable the SafeTouch
the primary thing operators do with meters such as these is look buttons, press the MENU button for up to five seconds. The display
at them. Operators want a meter with a display that provides the will read AWAKE, and the SafeTouch buttons will be fully enabled.
important information about their process, can be seen under various lighting conditions, from wide angles, and from a distance. The
Modern, Sleek and Practical Enclosure
PD6730 delivers all these and more, with high performance and a
sleek, modern look that managers can be proud to install in their The first thing customers notice about a product is its enclosure and
facility. Spend a few minutes reviewing the features described in the the Vantageview really shines here. The injection-molded, protective NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure is easy to install and mount. The
graphic above and you will see how!
built-in mounting flanges make for convenient wall or pipe mounting
and there is even a slot on the back of the enclosure for centering
on the pipe. There are three ¾” NPT conduit holes for wiring, and
Key Features
the enclosure allows for easy installation of tamper seals.
Informative & Easy to Read Display
Perfect & Secure Fit Every Time
The high contrast, backlit LCD is easy to read from far away and
under various lighting conditions. The upper display is 0.7" high and
shows 5 digits of flow rate or total. The lower display is 0.4" high
and shows either flow rate, total, grand total or a tag with 7 alphanumeric characters. Best of all, the display is mounted right up against
the window so it can be seen from a wide viewing angle.
The internal rails ensure the PD6730 assembles together perfectly,
quickly and securely; and everything lines up for optimal viewing every time. There are no standoffs to worry about breaking or getting
out of alignment. Two spring-loaded, self-retaining thumbscrews
make the assembly a snap, while pressing the LCD as close to the
window as possible to improve wide angle viewing.
SafeTouch® Through-Window Buttons
Free MeterView EX Software
The PD6730 is equipped with four sensors that operate as throughwindow buttons so that it can be programmed and operated without
removing the cover (and exposing the electronics) in a hazardous
area. These buttons can be disabled for security by selecting the OFF
setting on the THRU-GLASS BUTTONS switch located on the back
of the electronics module, inside the enclosure.
To actuate a button, press one finger to the glass directly over the
Configure, monitor, or datalog any Vantageview PD6730 Modbus
Scanner using the PC-based MeterView EX software. MeterView
EX is available as a free download at www.predig.com/meterviewex
(serial communications adapter required). MeterView EX is an
extremely useful tool that eliminates a lot of button pushing and
minimizes any confusion when setting up a PD6730.
PD6730 Vantageview Pulse Input Rate/Totalizers
Wide Viewing Angle
Alternating Rate, Total, Unit, & Tag Displays
Customers can’t always look at the display from straight on, so the
window and display module have been optimized to provide a wide
viewing angle of approximately +/- 40°; nearly twice that of the competition! Remember, the PD6730 is designed to be seen.
The meter can be configured so that the lower display automatically toggles between several displays, such as the total or grand
total value, total or grand total units, and a custom assigned tag
name. Rate and rate units, total units, or a custom tag may also be
selected to toggle. The toggled values will display every 10 seconds
for 1-5 seconds; as programmed.
Total on Bottom
Total Units on Bottom
Bottom Display Alternating Total and Total Units
Total On Top Line Display
Totalizer Capabilities
A 5-digit total may be displayed on the top display, with various
bottom displays including rate, grand total, units and tags.
Display Total or Grand Total
The upper display shows the flow rate or 5-digit total. The bottom
display can display 5-digit rate, 13-digit total or grand total, or a
7-character alphanumeric unit or tag. It is easy to switch between
displaying the rate, total, or grand total. Press DISPLAY to change
the lower display. The LCD will display a T when showing total, and
a GT when showing the grand total.
13-Digit Total/Grand Total Overflow
The total and grand total may each display up to 13 digits on the
Total on Top Display, Total Units on Bottom
lower, 7-digit display. To do this, the display enters overflow mode.
For example, the top 5-digit display may display total, and the botThe total and grand total will toggle between two displays as shown
tom display used for the full 7-digit or 13-digit grand total.
Meter Configuration
Automatic K-Factor Unit Conversions
Most flowmeter manufacturers provide k-factor and k-factor units for the device. Enter the defined k-factor and units
(i.e. pulses/gal), and the meter can automatically convert the rate,
6 Most Significant Digits
7 Least Significant Digits
total, and grand total displays to any of 12 predefined units with four
Displaying Grand Total of 2,015,497,892,002
different rate time base selections and four different total multipliers.
This allows you to display the units you want without the need to do
The T or GT indicator on the display will flash to indicate overflow, math or enter additional conversion factors! Custom units can be
and the 6 most significant digits (first 6 numbers of the total) are entered which require a user defined conversion factor. The availindicated with the overflow symbol as shown above.
able predefined units are shown below.
Total & Grand Total Reset
The total and grand total may be reset via the SafeTouch RESET
button, mechanical button (cover off), an external contact closure
(total only), or automatically via user-selectable preset value and time
delay (1–99,999 sec). Manual reset may be disabled or protected
by a password. Total and grand total are reset independently.
Non-Resettable Grand Total Mode
Cubic yards
Cubic feet
Imperial gallons
Cubic Inches
Meters cubed
Liquid Barrels
Beer barrels
The rate time base is selectable in seconds, minutes, hours, or days.
The total and grand total may have a x1, x100 (h), x1000 (k), or
x1,000,000 (M) multiplier to prevent rollover. For example, a total
unit of gallons, and a multiple of x1,000,000 (1x10^6) will display
total in mega-gallons (MGAL). Totals are automatically recalculated
when changing between predefined units.
The grand total may be configured to be a non-resettable grand
total. This is a permanent setting. Configuring the grand total as a
non-resettable grand total locks out all setup parameters that could
be used to reset or change the setup of the grand total; including
input selection, rate scaling, and conversion factors.
PD6730 Vantageview Pulse Input Rate/Totalizers
Custom Display Conversion Factors
Open Collector Outputs
Displaying rate and total in desired units is fast, requiring no math
or conversion factors, regardless of the k-factor defined by the flowmeter manufacturer. The PD6730 automatically performs all unit
The PD6730 has two open collector outputs standard. Open collector pulse outputs Out 1 and Out 2 are individually programmable
for rate, total, or grand total alarms; rate, total, or grand total pulse
outputs; retransmitting of pulse inputs; quadrature paired output; or
constant timed pulse output.
Configuration Steps
Example 1
Example 2
Enter flowmeter k-factor
and k-factor units. This is
defined by the flowmeter
45 Pulses/Gal
12 Pulses/Liter
Wide Input Signal Selection
Select display rate unit
and time base from available preset options.
The PD6730 is designed to handle a wide variety of inputs, including: pulse, open collector, NPN, PNP, TTL, or switch contact up to a
64 kHz rate. It can readily discern inputs with pulse widths as small
as 5 µs. Inputs are conveniently set up on the display module by
simply moving a switch to the desired option. The voltage input offers up to 500 V of isolation.
Select total units and
optional multiplier.
Gate Function for Slow or Unsteady Pulses
The gate function allows for a rate display of slow or unsteady pulse
rates. Using the programmable gate, the meter is able to display
pulse rates as slow as 1 pulse every 9,999 seconds (0.0001 Hz). The
gate function can also be used to obtain a steady display reading
with a fluctuating input signal. There are two settings for the Gate,
low gate and high gate.
Programming the meter in Example 1 above accepts a flowmeter
signal defined in pulses/gallon and displays rate in Liters/second
and total in Megaliters. No calculations were required, just a few
settings with clearly labeled menu selections!
Example 1 Meter Displays:
Settings Password Protection
Rate & Total
Flow Rate Units
A 5-digit password prevents unauthorized changes to the programmed parameter settings. The lock symbol is displayed to show
that settings are protected. If the meter is password protected, the
meter will display the message PASS LOCKED when the MENU
button is pressed.
Total Units
Custom Scaling and Live Input Calibration
In lieu of K-Factor setup, the meter can be scaled to any span relative to the input pulse rate span (i.e. if you knew the pulse input
span for gallons but wanted to display the rate and total in liters).
No external signal is required. Live input calibration can also be
performed. This is done at any two points along the scale. Using
this method, an operator can set a “best fit straight line” for nonlinear input spans.
Multi-Point Linearization
Alarm Indication
Up to 32 linearization points can be selected under the Scale function. The multi-point linearization can be used to linearize the display for non-linear signals such as non-linear flows, and for endpoint correction on flow meters. These points are established via
direct entry (SCALE) or with an external calibration signal (CAL).
The PD6730 has LCD indicators to alert the operator when an
alarm condition is in effect.
Customizable Menu Structure
The top-level programming menus are fully customizable. The
menus available by default when pressing the MENU button are
Setup and Advanced. These menus may be removed, or additional
parameters added, to customize the programming menu for easier
operation and enhanced programming security.
Save Backup & Backup Restore
The backup restore feature is used to save and restore programmed
settings. This is useful to restore meters whose programming has
been altered in unknown ways, or to quickly restore known good
settings if mistakes are made during reprogramming. The load feature will not affect the current password settings, or allow the editing
of permanently locked parameters due to the enabling of the nonresettable grand total feature.
Additional Features
Pulse to 4-20 mA Retransmission
Use the analog output to retransmit the pulse input signal in
the commonly used 4-20 mA form. This feature is available
on the PD6730’s -APA, -BMA, -BTA, -CTB, and -DTB models.
The 4-20 mA output can be scaled to represent all, or part, of the
actual input span.
PD6730 Vantageview Pulse Input Rate/Totalizers
Installation Direct Mounting
There are PD6730 models that can be powered by battery, DC with
battery backup, DC only, the output-loop, or the output loop with
battery backup. Under nominal battery operating conditions, the
battery life is approximately 5 years. As an unused backup, the life
is the shelf-life of the battery (up to 20 years). When powering the
PD6730-CTB or -DTB by the output loop, the output load impedance must not exceed 30 VDC excitation (See Specifications for
The PD6730 is designed to easily mount directly to a flowmeter.
The example below shows it mounted to a turbine flowmeter. This
particular Vantageview model (BM0) is battery-powered. Even
though battery-powered, it does have a backlight; but to conserve
battery power, it only turns on while SafeTouch® buttons are in use.
Battery Backup
Any Vantageview model with a battery may use the battery as a
battery backup. As a battery backup, the primary power source is
supplied by either DC power or the output loop; depending on the
model. The battery is installed during battery backup operation. If
there is a power failure of the primary power source, the battery will
instantly take over powering the meter. There will be no interruption
in the display, and no information will be lost.
Battery Status Indication
A battery indicator on the LCD alerts the user to the power status of
the PD6730. If powered on with a battery, the battery indicator appears and will flash when a battery replacement is necessary. When
the battery is being used as a battery backup, the battery symbol
will appear if the primary power source fails, and the meter is being
powered by the battery.
Power Smart Backlight
The meter backlight saves power and extends battery life by
automatically detecting the power source and entering a power-save
mode when battery powered. When the backlight is enabled and
powered by a DC source or the output loop, the backlight remains on.
When battery power is detected, the backlight automatically adjusts
to be on momentarily, activating whenever a button activation is
detected, and turning off after a short time when no button activation
is detected.
Installation Flexibility
The PD6730’s rotatable display, along with three available conduit
connections, provide for numerous installation options. The display can be rotated in 90° increments. Rotate it 90° for horizontal mounting. Wiring can be routed to the most convenient conduit
connection(s). Two ¾” NPT plastic conduit plugs, with 1.29” wrenching flats and a screwdriver slot, are included.
Designed for Long Battery Life
The PD6730 is designed with power savings in mind to help extend
battery life. Power saving features include a low power "sleep"
mode for the SafeTouch buttons and momentary battery-powered
backlight,. These power saving features extend battery life to up to
7.5 years. Low power drain from the battery when being used as a
battery backup extends the recommended replacement interval to 10
years. See Specifications for additional battery life details.
Easy Wiring & Service
Field wiring is made to easily accessible screw terminal blocks at
the base of the enclosure and there is plenty of room inside the
enclosure to do the wiring. The terminal blocks are clearly marked
to ensure proper wiring. The meter module connects to a detachable ribbon cable so that it can be easily removed for service, while
keeping all the field wiring intact.
PD6730 Vantageview Pulse Input Rate/Totalizers
Data Logging
The PD6730 is capable of data logging up to 1024 records, each
containing date, time, rate, total, grand total, and log number.
To access the wiring connections, remove the enclosure cover and
unscrew the two captive screws that fasten the display module.
Disconnect the ribbon cable and remove the display module. Power
and signal connections are made to terminal blocks at the base of
the enclosure. Grounding connections are made to the two ground
screws provided on the base – one internal and one external.
Real Time Logging
A real time clock records the date and time for each data log entry.
The data may be recorded using the Log Time feature up to 4 times
per day at a specific times entered by the user. When the log is full,
it will roll over and continue to log, deleting the oldest data. The data
may also be recorded using the Log Interval feature, recording the
data every programmed time interval, from 1 minute to 24 hours.
When the Interval log is full, recording will stop, keeping all data
until logging is started again.
Easy On-Screen Access
The data log entries are easily viewable on the meter LCD. Data
points may be navigated by viewing the log number, date and time,
rate, total, or grand total amounts. A known log may be jumped to
immediately, avoiding a lengthy search for data. With through-glass
buttons and a customizable menu, the data log can be accessed
quickly and without the need for external control stations or serial
communications, for easy viewing in the field.
DC power positive terminal
DC power return/negative, reset contact closure common
Contact closure reset pull-up to 1.8 VDC
Signal input positive terminal
Signal input negative terminal
Open collector output 1 positive terminal
Open collector output 1 negative terminal
Open collector output 2 positive terminal
Open collector output 2 negative terminal
4-20 mA transmitter DC power positive terminal
4-20 mA transmitter regulated current output terminal
Units: Inch (mm)
The PD6730 has two Modbus connectivity options; non-isolated
RS-485 and isolated RS-485. Both include a three position header
for 2-wire (and ground) RS-485 communication.
0.33 8.3
Modbus RTU Serial Communications
With the purchase of an RS-485 serial communications option,
Vantageview meters can communicate with any Modbus master
device using the ever-popular Modbus communications protocol.
Below are just some of the actions you can perform using Modbus.
• Read rate, total, grand total, max, and min display values.
• Read the on-board 1024 record data log.
• Access all parameters remotely for programming or verification.
Watch a quick introduction to the Vantageview Series, see a
demonstration of SafeTouch buttons, and learn the advantages of
Precision Digital products. These and other product and instructional
videos are available at www.predig.com/videos.
Ø 3.34
PD6730 Vantageview Pulse Input Rate/Totalizers
Enclosure: NEMA 4X, IP65 plastic field enclosure. Color: grey. Material:
Polycarbonate with UV Stabilizer. Three ¾” NPT threaded conduit
openings. Two ¾” NPT plastic conduit plugs, with 1.29” wrenching flats and
a screwdriver slot, are included.
Mounting: May be mounted directly to conduit. Two slotted flanges for wall
mounting or NPS 1½" to 2½" or DN 40 to 65 mm pipe mounting.
Overall Dimensions: 5.67” x 5.25” x 4.18” (W x H x D)
(144 mm x 133 mm x 106 mm)
Weight: 1.65 lbs (26.4 oz, 0.75 kg)
Warranty: 3 years parts and labor
Except where noted all specifications apply to operation at +25°C.
Display: Top: Five digits (0 to 99,999), 0.7" (17.8 mm) high, 7-segment,
automatic lead zero blanking. Bottom: Seven characters, 0.4" (10.2 mm)
high, 14-segment automatic lead zero blanking. Symbols: Total, grand
total, battery power/low battery, high & low alarm, password lock, and
SafeTouch button sleep mode/disable.
Display Assignment: Top Display: Rate or total; Bottom Display:
Combinations of rate, total, grand total, units, and custom tag.
Backlight: White LED, 10 sec auto-off when battery powered.
Backlight deactivated below temperatures ≈ -20°C
Display Update Rate: Ambient > -20°C: 1 Update/Second.
Ambient < -20°C: 1 Update/10 Seconds.
Note: Update is dependent on gate settings.
Display Orientation: Display may be mounted at 90° increments up to
270° from default orientation
Overrange: Display flashes 99,999
Programming Method: Four SafeTouch® through-window buttons when
cover is installed. Four internal pushbuttons when cover is removed.
Recalibration: Calibrated at the factory to read frequency in Hz. No
recalibration required.
Max/Min Display: Max/Min readings reached by the process are stored
until reset by the user or until power to the meter is cycled.
Password Menu Options: Three programmable password selections can
be used for the following: restrict modification of settings, prevent resetting
the total or grand total without the password, or permanently lock out the
ability to change or reset the grand total or any grand total related settings
(making a non-resettable grand total).
Pass: Restricts modifications of programmed settings to require re-entering
the password to make changes.
Pass T: Restricts the reset of total to require re-entering the password.
Disables the manual mode reset contact.
Pass GT: Restricts the reset of grand total to require re-entering the password. May enable a non-resettable grand total and permanent lockout of
grand total-related settings with a specific password.
Alarm Indication: Flashing display plus HI/LO indicators for rate alarms,
SET for total alarms
Non-Volatile Memory: All programmed settings and total are stored in nonvolatile memory for a minimum of ten years if power is lost.
Power Options: 9-30 VDC, 2.2 W max; 4-20 mA Output Powered, 30
VDC max; battery power; 9-30 VDC power with battery backup; 4-20 mA
Output Powered with Battery Backup.
Battery: 3.6 V Primary Lithium (Li-SOCl2), non-rechargeable
Model PDABAT36C. Expected service life & recommended replacement
interval is dependant on the operating conditions.
Operating Condition
No open collector outputs, SafeTouch buttons off, minimal backlight
Recommended Replacement: 5.5 years
Service Life: 7.5 years
<100 Hz open collector outputs, minimal SafeTouch button and backlight
Service Life: 5.5 years
Recommended Replacement: 4 years
<2 kHz open collector outputs, minimal SafeTouch button and backlight
Service Life: 2.5 years
Recommended Replacement: 2 years
5 kHz open collector outputs, minimal SafeTouch button and backlight
Service Life: 1.3 years
Recommended Replacement: 1 year
Backup power only
Service Life: N/A
Recommended Replacement: 10 years
Isolation: All models: 500 V opto-isolated input-to-power/output with
isolated input enabled.
PD6730-APA: 500 V input/power-to-output
PD6730-BMA: 500 V input/power-to-output
PD6730-BTA: 500 V input-to-output.
Rate Input
Pulse Input: Field selectable; Sourcing or sinking pulse or square wave
0-5 V, 0-12 V, or 0-24 V; TTL; NPN or PNP transistor; Open collector
100 kΩ pull-up to 3 V; Switch contact 100 kΩ pull-up to 3 V; PNP transistor
100 kΩ pull-down to ground (COM); Active input 100 kΩ to battery level, 10
kΩ to power. Maximum Frequency: 64 kHz. Minimum Pulse Width: 5 µs.
Thresholds selectable as normal or hi.
Threshold Setting Low (V) High (V)
Opto-Isolated Input: Sourcing or sinking pulse or square wave 0-5 V, 0-12
V, or 0-24 V; Logic High: 2-24 V, Logic Low: < 1 V.
Maximum Frequency: 20 kHz
Minimum Pulse Width: 20 µs.
Input Current: 1 mA @ 5 V, 2.5 mA @ 12 V, 5 mA @ 24 V
Low Voltage Mag Pickup Input: Sensitivity: 20 mVp-p to 24 Vp-p.
Maximum Frequency: 6 kHz
Minimum Input Frequency: 0.0001 Hz. Minimum frequency is dependent
on high gate setting (rate display).
Input Impedance: Pulse input: Greater than 75 kΩ @ 1 kHz.
Open collector/switch input: 100 kΩ pull-up to 3 V.
Input K-Factor Units: Gallons, liters, imperial gallons, cubic meters,
barrels, bushels, cubic yards, cubic feet, cubic inches, liquid barrels, beer
barrels, hectoliters, or custom.
K-Factor: Field programmable K-Factor used to define custom input units. May
be programmed from 0.000001 to 9,999,999 pulses/unit.
Accuracy: ±0.03% of calibrated span ±1 count
Temperature Drift: Rate display is not affected by changes in temperature.
Low-Flow Cutoff: 0-99,999 (0 disables cutoff function)
Decimal Point: Up to four decimal places or none: 4.4444, 33.333,
222.22, 1111.1, or 00000
Calibration: May be calibrated using K-Factor, scale without signal
source, or by applying an external calibration signal.
Calibration Range: Input 1 signal must be ≥ 1 Hz; input 2 signal may be
set anywhere above input 1 setting.
Minimum input span is 1 Hz.
An Error message will appear if the input 1 and input 2 signals are too
close together.
Input Contact Debounce Filter: Programmable. Input signal frequency
speed selections of Hi (no filter), Med (250 Hz max input, 2 ms pulse
width), and Low. (100 Hz max input, 5 ms minimum pulse width).
Time Base: Second, minute, hour, or day
Gate: Low gate: 1-99 seconds; High gate: 2-9,999 seconds
Display Assignment: The Top display is assigned to rate or total. The
Bottom display is programmable to display total; total and units; total and
tag; total, total units, and rate units; grand total; grand total and grand total
units; grand total and tag; grand total, grand total units, and rate units; rate
units; rate; rate and total units; rate and rate units; rate and tag; rate units;
total units; a custom tag; or be off (blank).
Rate Display Units: Gallons, liters, imperial gallons, cubic meters, barrels,
bushels, cubic yards, cubic feet, cubic inches, liquid barrels, beer barrels,
hectoliters, or custom.
Rate Display Time Base: Display rate may be calculated in terms of units
per second, minute, hour, or day.
Total/Grand Total Display Units: Gallons, liters, imperial gallons, cubic
meters, barrels, bushels, cubic yards, cubic feet, cubic inches, liquid
barrels, beer barrels, hectoliters, or custom. Setting is independent for
Note: Requires separate output supply
Data Logging: Up to 1024 records, recorded 4/day at specific times or at
defined time intervals. Record contains date, time, rate, total, grand total,
and log number.
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 75°C
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 75°C.
Relative Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Connections: Screw terminals accept 12 to 22 AWG wire
PD6730 Vantageview Pulse Input Rate/Totalizers
Total/Grand Total Display Unit Multiplier: x1, x100 (h), x1000 (k), or
x1,000,000 (M) multiplier (and prefix) applied to total or grand total display
units. Setting is independent for each.
Total/Grand Total Decimal Points: Up to six decimal places or none:
6.666666, 55.55555, 444.4444, 3333.333, 22222.22, 111111.1 or 0000000.
Total and grand total decimal points are independently programmed, and
are independent of rate decimal point.
Totalizers: Calculates total and grand total based on rate and field
programmable multiplier to display total in engineering units. Time base
must be selected according to the time units in which the rate is displayed.
The total and grand total utilize the same time base, with different
conversion factors and resets.
Totalizer Reset: Via SafeTouch® RESET button, mechanical button (cover
off), external contact closure (total only), automatically via user selectable
preset value and time delay (1 – 99,999 sec). Manual reset may be
disabled or protected by password for the total and grand total. Total and
grand total reset independently.
Total Overflow & Rollover: The total can display up to
9,999,999,999,999. Up to 9,999,999 can be displayed on the lower display
normally. An overflow display will toggle between the first six digits and last
seven digits (999999 <> 9999999) for a 13-digit total. The total will rollover
beyond thirteen digits. The T indicator on the display will flash to indicate
total overflow, and the six most significant digits (first six numbers of the
total) are indicated with the flashing overflow symbol.
Grand Total Overflow & Rollover: The grand total can display up to
9,999,999,999,999. Up to 9,999,999 can be displayed on the lower display
normally. An overflow display will toggle between the first six digits and last
seven digits (999999 <> 9999999) for a 13-digit total. The grand total will
rollover beyond thirteen digits. The GT indicator on the display will flash
to indicate grand total overflow, and the six most significant digits (first six
numbers of the grand total) are indicated with the flashing overflow symbol.
External Reset Contact: External total reset connections are made
between RST and COM. Logic High: 1.4 V, 3.3V max; Logic Low: < 0.8 V.
32 ms debounce.
4-20 mA Transmitter Output
Output Source: Rate/process, total, grand total, or disabled.
Scaling Range: 4.000 to 20.000 mA for any display range.
Calibration: Factory calibrated: 0.0 to 1000.0 = 4-20 mA output
Underrange: 3.8 mA
Overrange: Display Overrange: 20.5 mA, Output Overrange: 20.5 mA
Accuracy: ± 0.05% span ± 0.004 mA
Temperature Drift: 0.8 µA/°C max from -40 to 75°C ambient
External Loop Power Supply: 30 VDC maximum
Output Loop Resistance: 24 VDC, 10-750 Ω; 30 VDC 100-1100 Ω
Pulse Output Maximum Frequency: 5 kHz; 50% duty cycle.
If the maximum would be exceeded, the meter will display pUlse OVERRNG.
Pulse Rate Retransmit Output: The output will generate 100 to 130 us
pulses at the falling edge of every input pulse.
Maximum retransmit frequency: 5 kHz.
Quadrature Output: Output set to quadrature will lag the other pulse
output by 90° (1/4 duty cycle) at output frequency. Minimum 1 Hz
Timer Output: Programmable on and off time, repeating cycle. Minimum
period 0.1 second, maximum 100,000 seconds. Minimum pulse time 0.01
second, maximum 10,000 seconds.
Serial Communications
Protocol: 2-Wire RS-485 with Modbus® RTU.
Meter Address/Slave ID: 1 - 247
Baud Rate: 1,200; 2,400; 4,800; 9,600; 19,200; 38,400; 57,600; or
115,200 bps
Transmit Time Delay: Programmable between 0 and 199 ms
Parity/Stop Bit: Even, odd, none with 1 stop bit, or none with 2 stop bits
Byte-to-Byte Timeout: Max of 1.5 character times or 750 μs
Note: Refer to Modbus Register Tables at www.predig.com for details.
Ordering Information
Vantageview PD6730 • Pulse Input Rate/Totalizer
9-30 VDC Powered, Constant Backlight, 2 Pulse Outputs
9-30 VDC Powered, Constant Backlight, Isolated 4-20
Output, 2 Pulse Outputs
Battery Powered*, or DC-Powered with Battery Backup,
Back-light**, 2 Pulse Outputs
Battery (or 9-30 VDC) Powered*, or DC Powered with
Battery Backup, Backlight**, Isolated 4-20 mA Output, 2
Pulse Outputs
Battery Powered*, or DC Powered with Battery Backup,
Loop Out-put Powered Backlight, Isolated 4-20 Output, 2
Pulse Outputs
4-20 mA Output-Powered, Loop-Powered Backlight, NonIsolated 4-20 mA Output, 2 Pulse Outputs
4-20 mA Output-Powered with Battery Backup, Loop
Output Pow-ered Backlight**, Non-Isolated 4-20 mA
Output, 2 Pulse Outputs
-M Option
2-wire RS-485 with Modbus protocol.*** Replace ending -0
in part number above with -M (Example: PD6730-APA-M).
Not available on -CTB or -DTB models.
-I Option
Isolated 2-wire RS-485 with Modbus protocol.***
Replace ending -0 in part number above with -I (Example:
PD6730-APA-I). Not available on -CTB or -DTB models.
Note: loop-powered backlight subtracts 150 Ω from maximum resistance figures above.
Open Collector Outputs
Output Assignment: Two open collector pulse outputs Out 1 and Out 2.
Individually programmable for rate, total, or grand total alarms; rate, total,
or grand total pulse outputs; or retransmitting of pulse inputs; constant
timed pulse output; quadrature outputs (requires Out 1 and Out 2); or off.
Rating: Isolated open collector, off: 24 VDC max; on: <1V @ 150 mA max.
Alarm Outputs: Assign to rate for high or low alarm trip point.
Assign to total or grand total for total or grand total summation alarms.
Alarm Deadband: 0-100% FS, user selectable
Alarm Acknowledge: ENTER button resets output and LCD indication.
Pulse Output K-Factor (Count): K-factor (couNT) programmable from
0.000001 to 9999999. Rate pulses are generated as a scaled output of
the rate input with one output pulse per K-factor (count) number of input
pulses. Total and grand total pulses are generated for every total or grand
total increment selected. (e.g. K factor value of 100 will generate one pulse
every time the total is incriminated by 100 units)
Rate retransmission pulses one to one for input pulses, up to maximum
output speed. K-factor is not used for retransmitting outputs.
* When DC-powered, battery will provide backup power when DC power is lost.
** Backlight is constant when DC powered and momentary when battery powered.
***Communication disabled when actively powered by battery.
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