Esotec MD 102 Soft Dome Tweeter Esotec MD 102

Esotec MD 102 Soft Dome Tweeter Esotec MD 102
Soft Dome Tweeter Esotec MD 102
Esotec MD 102
The Dynaudio Esotec mobile loudspeakers follow in the longstanding
tradition of the company’s renowned home audio driver designs.
The new Esotec MD 102 tweeter is a soft-dome design as characteristic
of Dynaudio. The fine soft dome features a special coating to facilitate an
extended high frequency response free of distortion. The compact, shallow
depth MD 102 tweeter features a 28 mm (1.1 inch) diameter surface area that
is approximately 60% greater than that of conventional car audio tweeters.
The optimized dome geometry provides greatly improved dispersion characteristics, enabling the MD 102 tweeter to offer exceptional performance
even when mounted off of the listening axis. The dome coating serves to
eliminate any high frequency break-ups, while providing improved damping.
To eliminate high frequency distortions caused by reflections from inside the
structure, the MD 102 tweeter rear chamber is also sealed and acoustically
damped to eliminate high frequency distortion, which could be caused by
back-wave reflections, while ferrofluid cooling adds damping and additional
power handling.
The extremely smooth and incredibly detailed high frequency reproduction
characteristic of the Dynaudio sound is ensured by the all-new Esotec softdome tweeter, which features the latest Dynaudio technological innovations.
For the most authentic high-frequency reproduction – powerful Neodymium –
one of the most efficient but also most expensive magnetic materials for
loudspeaker construction is used in the tweeter magnet systems.
The soft-dome tweeter design topology allows unrestricted dynamics and a
linear frequency response with extremely low distortion. The MD 102 features an aluminum voice coil, another Dynaudio hallmark, which has been
updated and improved via an increased coil height with additional windings
to allow an increased range of linear excursion within the magnetic field.
Furthermore, as a result of the low moving mass of the new voice coil, a
higher maximum output level and increased dynamics are achieved, while
the frequency range has been expanded, thus allowing a better integration
with the upper midrange frequencies to deliver a more natural sound with
an open and detailed, and incredibly transparent reproduction of the high
Thiele Small Parameters
Nominal impedance
DC resistance
Voice coil inductance
Resonance frequency
Mechanical Q factor
Electrical Q factor
Total Q factor
Mechanical resistance
Moving mass (incl. air load)
Suspension compliance
Effective dome diameter
Effective piston area
Equivalent volume
Force factor
Recommended frequency range
Magnet and Voice Coil Properties
Voice coil diameter
Voice coil height
Linear excursion, peak to peak
Max. excursion, peak to peak
Power Handling
Nominal long term IEC
Transient (10 ms)
Mechanical Properties
Net weight
Overall dimension
Impedance compensation circuit
5.6 Ω
- mH
1300 Hz
- kg/s
- mm/N
- mm
7.7 cm²
- Tm
2200–30000 Hz
28 mm
1.7 mm
- mm
- mm
100 W
500 W
Red line: on-axis response
Green line: 30° horizontal
Blue line: 60° horizontal
Coated textile dome eliminates
any high frequency break-ups
Measurement conditions:
Level: 2.83 V
Distance: 1 m
Measured in a large baffle
Powerful neodymium
magnet system
Protective grille
Open and detailed high
frequency reproduction
0.126 kg
ø 62.2 x 43 mm
(with and without impedance
correction circuit)
Red line: impedance, free air
Green line: impedance,
free air with compensation.
Measurement conditions:
Level: 3.16 V, 50 ohm
Driver in free air
Damped cavity beneath
the dome
Ferrofluid adds damping and
increases power handling
Aluminium voice coil wire
results in a low moving mass
Shallow mounting depth
Strong 6.4 mm terminals
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